Gears of War Fancast

Gears of War Fancast

In Celebration of Next Week's release of the final installment of Cliffy B's Trilogy, this is my fancast of a live action adaption...

First off I'm gonna say that I am extremely jealous of everyone who gets to play Gears 3 on Launch day next Tuesday because just today, exactly a week before the game releases, my 360 decides to Red Ring :( So I'm gonna hold off on reading any articles on the game to prevent any spoilers from being leaked before I get to play it.

Marcus Fenix - Dominic Purcell

Previous Work:
Prison Break
Blade Trinity

I have to admit he's abit of a pretty boy to play Marcus but thats nothing Hollywood makeup cant fix. Besides he seems to be a fan favorite for the role.

Dom Santiago - Jon Bernthal

Previous Works:
The Walking Dead

I know Frankie G is the spitting image of Dom but I wanted to be original so I picked Jon. He's fantastic as Shane and being 2nd in command to Rick in TWD is very similar to Dom and Marcus' friendship.

Damon Baird - Chris Evans

Previous Works:
Captain America:The First Avenger
Street Kings

Blonde, Tall and after seeing him in Cap, he's proven he can act even though he's known for being a wise ass, which Baird Is.

Augutus Cole - Lester Speight

He IS the Cole Train!

Anya Stroud - Yvonne Strahovski

Previous Works:
Mass Effect

She's not a bad actress and she can be emotional and commanding when needed and can effectively kick ass while looking hot as hell.

Carmine Brothers - Topher Grace

Previous Works:
That '70s Show
Spider Man 3

Being in full helmet and gear in every game, The Carmine brothers dont exactly need a A-List actor for the role.

Adam Fenix - Stanley Tucci

Previous Works:
Captain America: The First Avenger
The Lovely Bones
Easy A

Fantastic Actor and was one of the best cast roles in TFA despite being a minor character.

Locust Queen Myrrah - Joan Allen

Previous Works:
The Bourne Trilogy
The Notebook

After playing Director Pamela Landy and the Warden in Deathrace she can do the whole tough women in control act.

And Thats it, I decided just to cast the most important characters but any suggestions on Tai, Chairman Prescott, Col. Hoffman, etc. will be interesting to look at.

So on September 20th next week, as Marcus would say:

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STARKILLER21 - 9/14/2011, 12:15 AM
Nice fancast man but you forgot Kim and General Raam whatever how you spell his name but really good fancast
Jon for Dom is fantastic something new and Dominic Purcell is still perfect for Marcus.
Do a Gears3 when u get it well beat it first then do it

Still awesome cast keep it up
VanCityKid - 9/14/2011, 12:25 AM
@STARKILLER21 Thanks man but I cant do a Gears 3 fancast anytime soon because even tho its not out wil next week, I will wont be able to play it anytime soon cuz my 360 Red Ringed.
Lewis25 - 9/14/2011, 8:30 AM
Marcus= Ed Quinn

Dom= Franky G

Baird= Neal Mcdonough

Cole= Lester Speight

Hoffman= Tommy lee Jones

Locust Queen= Tilda Swinton
VanCityKid - 9/14/2011, 1:20 PM
@Lewis25 if youre gonna completely disregard my fancast and not even say whether you thought it was good or bad or whatever, go make your own.
JackDexx - 9/14/2011, 7:36 PM
lol forman. this is good, but for gears to be a good movie it would need a total over haul for the story. all the gears stories have sucked, but i don't go for story i go to chainsaw some bitches. MARIA MARIA
VanCityKid - 9/14/2011, 8:49 PM
@jackdexx after you commenting and being a complete moron on several MGS fancasts, you're opinion on Gears having no story and playing "just to chainsaw bitches" means jack shit to me.
Godkiller89 - 9/15/2011, 12:22 AM
Any thing wid topher grace would fail terribly. as we seen wid VENOM for god sakes.
VanCityKid - 9/15/2011, 12:52 AM
@InstantClassic89 He was the Main character and did Seven,SEVEN full Seasons of That 70s Show and his leaving was one of the main reasons the show got cancelled after the 8th season.

And if you would actually stop looking from a fanboys perspective for once and have actually seen him in other movies,(Predators, Take Me Home Tonight, Valentines Day), In good Company, Tad Hamilton) he's not that bad an actor. It wasnt only his fault that Spider 3 failed
kriswone - 9/15/2011, 7:57 AM
this will do.
Lewis25 - 9/15/2011, 8:18 AM
@Vancitykid sorry I was in a hurry when I was writing that comment.
Most of your picks are good I just don't like Purcell, he is too short.
VanCityKid - 9/15/2011, 9:20 AM
@Lewis25 he's 6'2 that's pretty damn tall to me, (I'm a midget) and Marcus is supposed to be 6'1
JackDexx - 9/15/2011, 1:08 PM

No he's good, venom was just terrible miscast. that along with bad writing would ruin anything.


aww. kid, you really gonna do me like that?
first i wasn't being a complete moron just because i disagree with you. grow up.
second gears does have bad stories. no competent person is like, "wow i didn't see that coming. this is a spectacular narrative."
Lewis25 - 9/15/2011, 4:14 PM
@vancitykid I didn't realize he was 6'2 he always looks so short in eveything I've seen him in.
VanCityKid - 9/15/2011, 7:40 PM
@Lewis25 So did I, he looks like the short bulky type but I looked it up.

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