Jonah Hex FANCAST(By the SoulEater)

Jonah Hex FANCAST(By the SoulEater)

My take on what would make for a good Jonah Hex movie to make up for the travesty that was the Brolin/Megan Fox version

First of all, no magic, no supernatural blab!

 photo Hex1023825-picture_3_zps0c304ac2.png

This is to be a gritty epic Western movie, with the most comicbook like it would get being like Guy Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes, and thats a maybe slightly.

A little history one this particular Jonah Hex to contrast the previous movies.

Jonah is an ex confederate veteran. He ran away from his swearing abusive father after his mother died, and later went on to be raised by Apache after killing a Puma to save their chief.
He rose in the ranks of the confederacy throughout most of the war as a tracker, and allegedly a double agent along with Joshua Turnbull. It was rumored that he was the one who killed Stonewall Jackson.

 photo Hex_History_Civil_War_Lees_Last_Charge_at_Gettysburg_SF_still_624x352_zps1422f9d2.jpg

He later married an Apache woman who scouted for the North, Tallbird, and had two children with her.

One fateful night, some ex confederate mercenaries lead by none other than Joshua Turnbull needed refuge after looting a place; and took it by force in Hex's home. He came home to find them in his home with his wife and children attempting to subdue his wife. He fought killing two of them but was left to die in his house which was set to burn along with his family. He awoke to a face on fire from an over turned stove, and his family already dead from smoke intake. He was able to get himself from under the charred rubble but his wife and child were long gone.

When no one wanted to look into the deaths of a few "Red's and thier mixed young." Jonah took matters into his own hands and tracked and caught all but one of them, and scalped them.

The last one, Joshua Turnbull, was said to have died in a quarry after a mining accident, and Jonah went onto be the most feared bounty hunter in the four corners of the west. Particularly taking jobs for people who have no voice and get no justice, be it race color or otherwise.

 photo hex_157634-146339-jonah-hex_zps3e381424.jpg

The movie itself would start off with Jonah taking in the Gotham Butcher in a meat factory of Chicago, just to show off his bad assity.

The scene would demonstrate his sniper skills, and quickdraw.

It would also show his proficiency in hand to hand, fighting dirty, and even using the steers that are in the waiting stalls to trample his opponents by releasing them from their stalls.

At one point when fighting the butcher, he grabs some decorative long horns off the wall and fights him until the knife is knocked out of his hand and then pins him to the wall with them.

Because Jonah ain't no fool, he reveals to the authorities at their arrival that the factory owner paid the Gotham Butcher to kill the two partners who owned the factory with him, as well as their families admidst the other random hostages to make it look like a random killing of his.

After his detective work's been shown, the crooked Factory Owner draws a concealed weapon on Jonah now that he's busted.

Jonah being a quicker draw will plug him in the arm and knee because he's determined for him to hang for what he did; putting the lives of women and Lil' ones in jeopardy.

With that out of the way we establish how good he is, and what essentially he is.

 photo Hex826404-561a002_zps1167ea0a.jpg

Here is some theme music to set the mood for this sort of western.

Here are some theme music to set the mood for this sort of western.

The full story comes into play when he hears that Joshua Turnbull is not only alive but has recently moved up in the crime world, so much so that he has been made a member of the Royal Flush Gang. A Elitist Crime Syndicate from Europe that's made its way into the U.S. via RailRoad contracts and putting so much money into it.

The pay off is that the law look the other way for gaining control of various towns and territories they buy out or move out to establish their crime ring and ultimately crime MONOPOLY in that realm so that all law work or law breaking either way can be controlled by them.

Chinese child slavery being one of their enterprises, no one really pays notice or raises a brow, or can prove that they're doing so.

Until Jonah Hex looks into the death of a whore of a certain town under the Royal Flush Gang's heel. She was killed off cause she knew something and was going to tell it to the man who'd paid her to get the information: US Marshall named Lofton.

Lofton's the underdog Marshal who Hex is likened to because of his darndest belief that he should help everyone, not just everyone who looks like you, and that people...are people good or bad.

The plan that the Flush Gang are about to hatch could possibly lead up to a way to help the confederacy start a whole new funded war.

Jonah goes to the town to find the only confidant who the dead whore told anything to while she was alive, named Cassie-May. (She will be a blend of Cassie(Jonah's fiance) and Adrian Sterling.)

Meaning she will be a partner with Lofton, using her specific set of skills of burglary, torture, and....other talents to get information for him.

While she pretends to be easy, she is actually an experienced fighter, and assassin, sort of the Black widow to his nick fury.

The opposition for them is turned up a few notches when with the pull that Royal Flush have in places of authority, they place Jonah and Cassie-May under arrest and are branded fugitives of the law.

Now Jonah and Cassie-May's adversaries include every other cut throat and bounty hunter in the west besides wanting their reward.

Jonah of course will look at this as "They done gave me a way to get rid of my competition with a clear conscience, much obliged."

The focus off the movie would be Jonah yet again being put in a position where it looks like he'll get nothing for doing the right thing, but his resolve to never stop despite it.

Now for the cast.

For Jonah, I choose Michael C. Hall.

Give him a grovellier voice, and just go hardcore western bad ass and let him loose, you'll have a merciless Jonah Hex you won't soon forget.


For his love interest in this movie, Cassie-May Wainwright, I choose Olivia Wilde.

Olivia Wilde Cassie

She'll be trained in knife fighting and sniping (From her Cherokee/Sioux daddy) and how men work and how to get what you want from em from her Dutch Mama. She'll prove to be an invaluable asset and eventual love for Jonah.

For Detective Marshall Lofton, I choose J.K. Simmons.

At first I thought Bryan Cranston but then thinking back, J.K. would bring a different kind of feel to the role which I always felt was more like Tenzin from Legend of Korra...who Simmons voices and owns at.

Detective Lofton

For Bat Lash, the gambling boy who Jonah will save before he's hung for "Defying the Royal Flush Gang's rule of this beloved city..." and helps Jonah and Lofton, I choose Justin Hartley

Bat  Lash

For Jonah's late wife: Tallbird, I choose Moon Bloodgood.

She will appear in flashbacks. The one woman who Jonah loved in his life (Before meeting Cassie-May), a Souix woman, and "one ya never forget." as he would say.
Her and his children we killed as a result of witnessing the Turnbull brothers lynching.


For the Royal Flush Gang themselves


I choose Ian McShane as KING: Edger Dupart, leading many underground crime rings in Europe from Paris to Ireland, and now here.


I think we can all agree that the man from Deadwood could deliver.

Natalie Dormer as QUEEN: Elisa Dupart, Vixon and cunning crime heiress like her father, a famous french criminal. She is the Mafia queen of the Royal Flush Gang since her mothers passing for betraying the Gang. She understands the risks and sits pretty with her new position.


Timothy Olyphont as Joshua Turnball JACK: Joshua is the one responsible for the death of Hex's Wife and children, they unfortunately were witness to a crime committed by him and his brothers. Jonah found and killed supposedly all of them at a cliff, but Joshua is somehow alive and in one of the biggest crime families this side of South Dakota. His eyes are set on the Queen of the Royal Flush Gang and to one day be King.


I choose Léa Seydoux from Mission Impossible 4 for Z.C.Branke/TEN: ZC is a "favorite" of King's...and Queen's. She's a cold faced assassin with a lovely face. She's gotten more information..and blood then before she turned 19 then most spies do. She killed her nanny when she was 9, feeling nothing, and uncle who was thought of have tried to abuse her. KING/Edger saw her work being thrown in and escaping from various asylums and took her under his wing to be his private weapon.



I think that Léa Seydoux can play a psychotic yet exotic lady of 10 very well.

And Vinnie Jones as ACE/Byron Booth: A former heavy weight London champ fighter and robber in London, a thief since his youth, and unafraid to blood his knuckles over anyone. Those who go toe to toe with him rarely walk away, or even limp away. He began to run his own crime ring in lower London until he caught the notice of the Royal Flush Gang.


SO with that said and done, you owe me your soul, watcha think?
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FlixMentallo21 - 9/20/2012, 9:17 PM
Wow, I reckon you have here a nice idea for a DC western film--and cool effect with the tints in the pics you have here.

When you have a minute, check out my latest fancast: "DC Showcase: Doctor Fate". (Which reminds me, you ever see the DC Showcase: Jonah Hex animated short? It was an extra on the Batman: Under the Red Hood DVD.)
TheSoulEater - 9/20/2012, 11:29 PM
@Giannis thank you!
Theunderdog - 9/21/2012, 6:03 AM
I also don't that much about Jonah Hex but I can't see C hall as Jonah I loved Olivia as lead better than megan and Natalie

By the way check out mt Guardian of the galaxy fancast
Preston - 9/21/2012, 9:06 AM
They should have shot the Jonah Hex movie on a shoestring budget and modeled it after Spaghetti Westerns (Italo-westerns) of the mid-1960's. The Dollars Trilogy/ Man with No Name Trilogy would have been the way to go. They are considered some of the best, if not the best, in the western genera.

If not, Tombstone (1993) is an example of a western movie with a modest budget that kicks-ass.

Instead, they tried to imitate Wild Wild West (1999)/ Pirates of the Caribbean with a budget of 47 million. Everything in Jonah Hex was a disaster, from the voice-over in the opening credits to the end credits. It's just another failed attempt by WB to make a Superhero movie, and just another reason for Marvelites to laugh at DC fans.

I doubt that we'll see a Jonah Hex movie anytime soon. The movie was a box office disaster.

However, getting to your Fancast. I think that Micheal C. Hall (you can also make the case for Michael Fassbender) has the look from the comic.


However, he'll need to channel Clint Eastwood (and be believable in the role). The role is similar to Roland Deschain in many ways. Clint Eastwood is too old for Jonah Hex. However, Hugh Jackman that many say look like a young Clint can easily play the tough, gritty, silent, HEX.

TheSoulEater - 9/21/2012, 12:13 PM

I have a few reasons why I did not go with Hugh Jackman and Michael. Michael Fassbender was actually going to be my choice for KING in this fancast but he was already Turnbull in the Jonah Hex movie, and i wanted to make a point to not use people from the previous movie.

Hugh, while an amazing enough actor and even cowboy, lacks can I say it? Less then a hero quality that Michael C. Hall can give, to where one is better at making you think "This guy might not be a good guy.." because of how dark he can go. Hugh can go plenty dark but he has to much of a "dashing" streak to him, even in his more gritty roles.

Clint Eastwood is naturally the route you'd want to go with Jonah Hex and how all of us who've read about him imagine him acting, and that more or less is what C hall would bring to the table, but also have a bit more feral rage in it when he uses his tomahawk.

Tombstone is a definite tone I'd like to have for this movie although I had OPEN RANGE and BROKEN trail in mind when i came up with the plot.
DDD - 9/21/2012, 1:59 PM
Nice ideas,
Nice cast!

Perfect little DC WESTERN, SOULEATER@!

I prefer the supernatural take but this normal western
take would be great too!

OLYPHANT might make a great HEX too.
But I see him more fittingly for the supernatural take.
Theunderdog - 9/21/2012, 2:10 PM
My Pick for Jonah one was my pick for wolverine Frank John Hughes stand for 5 8 he has strong masculine look and strong actor too

AlexDeLarge87 - 9/21/2012, 2:22 PM
Interesting idea. However i like more the original story where the Indian Chief curses him and burns his face with hot axe. It was called the mark of the demon or something.

John Hillcoat (The Proposition, The Road, Lawless) would be cool director choice. Josh Holloway or Thomas Jane would be my choice as Hex. Hall feels more creepy than badass.

AlexDeLarge87 - 9/21/2012, 2:25 PM
The movie would be great if it tells about Hex´s life in the sameway the first Conan The Barbarian movie told about Conan´s life.
AlexDeLarge87 - 9/21/2012, 2:27 PM
It should be more closer to deep brutal western than western actioner.
TheSoulEater - 9/21/2012, 6:23 PM

Yes, the Indian chief gave him the mark of the demon and cursed him because he killed a native from their tribe in self defense, and the chief was biased and wouldn't listen.

I went with this version so it would be more fluid moving with the story.
789 - 9/22/2012, 5:57 AM
Nice cast, I don't know much about characters, but I like it.

Check up my FAN CAST:Ghost Rider by 789
AlexDeLarge87 - 9/22/2012, 1:03 PM
TheSoulEater@ Yeah i understand that and basically i dont have anything against that approach. Would be cool if made right.

But the mark of the demon story just strikes me more. Maybe its the thing that there has been too many those stories where the family is killed and the main character goes on revenge mission. Of course it gives the character a motive which drives him forward but would like to see something little bit different sometimes. The original story if i remember right kinda saw the character as the cursed outcast who doesnt have place in life and who just drifts from place to place chasing wanted criminals to feed himself. I think his stories were very close to Conan The Barbarian. He gets infolved in someone else problems like Conan. All that info i would tell about him would come in flashbacks and maybe in the beginning of the film. That would be my approach. Other Approach like i previously said would be in the vein of that Conan movie. We would see Jonah growing up and become the famous and fearsome Bounty Hunter known by every criminal.

But this isnt bad either. You obviously spend alot of time making this and i think its overall very interesting approach. From 1 to 10 i give it 9+ :)
TheSoulEater - 9/22/2012, 2:38 PM

Thank you sir! And i see your point as well man

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