Launch a Batman Live Action TV Series

Launch a Batman Live Action TV Series

You be the casting director!

The Batman franchise needs to have a long and succefull home on TV. Wheather it's a network like NBC, a basic cable channel like TNT or a premium channel like HBO, now is the time to make it happen. It needs great writing and an all-star cast to make it legit. Here is what I have so far for a cast but please help me fill in the holes!

Let's start the debate here. I have a feeling this selection won't be that popular, but I like it.

This will be a complete 180 degree turn from his lead character on House, MD.

Dude can't escape cop roles.

This project has to last longer than The Cape.

This project should do for Costner what 30 Rock did for Alec Baldwin. Career rejuvenation.

This should be a popular choice.

I am a 32 year old married man with a kid. Young male actors isn't my forte. Need help here....

Not sure how big she is here in the U.S., but she's a pretty big deal in her home country of England.

His role as T-Bag in Prison Break isn't that far off from the Joker.

RIP, Brittany Murphy. You would have been perfect for this role.

His role on Dark Blue was the perfect setup for Two Face.

Easy one.

The Pretender was a great show.

I left a good one for you guys.

Awesome in Prison Break. Yes, I really liked that show....

Dr Fraiser Crane, meet Dr Hugo Strange.

Is Bruce Willis too big of a film star to go to TV right now?

Mad Men can't last forever, can it?

Toughie. Not sure how to keep this character realistic.

To hard to resist. Again, not sure how realistic we can make this character.

My last cast member from Prison Break. I promise. Unless you guys got some suggestions.....

Shouldn't be too hard to cast.

Don't forget shows like CSI: Miami, Chuck and others have been canceled. There's many great jobless actors out there.

Please add more characters. Thomas and Marha Watne need to be cast as well as other minor villans.
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TheManWithBigEars - 6/26/2012, 1:09 PM

Seriously, Jerry O'Connel as Batman? No thank u
Vafrous - 6/27/2012, 12:31 AM
I could actually picture McDermott as Batman.
Minus John Cena and a few others, this cast is quite decent. By the way, your Scarecrow pick doesn't look like that anymore, he's aged really badly... I think I saw him on Blue Bloods or something.
Vafrous - 6/27/2012, 12:32 AM
For Nightwing, I recommend Ian Sommerhalder
123Avengers123 - 6/27/2012, 4:01 AM
Nightwing-Ian Somerhalder

Harley Quinn-Christina Ricci

Catwoman-Gemma Artenton

Croc-Kevin Grevioux

Mr.Freeze-Patrick Stewart

Mad Hatter-Martin Short

Deadshot-Scott Adkins
aaronversch - 6/27/2012, 4:55 AM
If Gemma will play Catwoman, who plays Barbara Gordon/Batgirl?
aaronversch - 6/27/2012, 5:01 AM
I am also thinking of Batman being a bit younger. The show should start when he becomes Batman. Most people believe Bruce is around 25 or 30. I will come up with a new 6 picture, movie franchise cast list and brief screenplays with Sam Worthington as Batman. But I am still thinking who is young enough and accomplished enough to be the TV version of Batman. A full fledged movie star wouldn't take a break from doing movies to do a TV show so it will have to be a TV star. But I have thought about Dylan as Batman, too.
AutobotCommander84 - 6/27/2012, 5:15 AM
I was thinking that with a format like TV, you could easily expand his origin .
Kakarot - 6/27/2012, 5:24 AM
O'Connel as Batman is just a horrible choice. The same goes for Miller as Riddler since he is a horrible actor. Some decent picks here, really like Kate Mara as Talia because she's fantastic, but mostly it's not great. Too many "?" too, just no point including them if you haven't chosen someone for the part.
aaronversch - 6/27/2012, 7:25 AM
I wanted people to help me with the ?'s. Since this site is about having people cast their own choices. Who would you have for Batman?
aaronversch - 6/27/2012, 7:31 AM
I agree. The tough thing will TV is it's hard to plan ahead. You never know how many more seasons you have so it's tough to develop characters. For instance, I am not sure if Barbara/Batgirl will have a chance to turn into Oracle or if Robin will turn into Nightwing.
I would love the whole first season basically what I cover in the part 1 for Batman Origins...
kremersturf - 12/19/2012, 10:41 AM
i think WB/CW would do this project, good job on arrow...they could do a "Batman: Rougues Gallery", For the Main role as Bruce Wayne/Batman Alex O'Loughlin would fit the bill plus he's already a crime fighter on Hawaii Five O, plus he's a martial artist. put in Garett Backstrom as Robin he is already a gymnast and does his own stunts teach him hand to hand combat and there you go give him black hair , Nathan Fillion as Harvey Dent, i could see him playing a DA and he knows how to be two-faced already, I think Kurt Russell would make a great Commissioner Gordon, seen him already do it in Dark Blue, just give him a mustache. Alfred Pennyworth could be played by Timothy Dalton..with his british accent he has the acting chops for it, former James Bond Chris Penn could pull off Bullock he already plays a smartass police officer in other movies, Crispin Glover as The Joker, plays crazy characters already, he has the talent for that role... Neil Patrick Harris as The Riddler, Barney Stinson need i say more!!...Julia Stiles as Viki Vale, good actress to play that role well. Christina Hendricks as Pamela Isley/Poison Ivy...she was made for it..and let's not forget a Black Mask , how about Adrian Padsar , also how about your muscle....Bane, i think Joe Magniello fits that one real good, and Kevin Deverioux as Killer Croc, he has that creepy look to him already... let me know what you think.

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