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A plot and detailed fan cast for the warrior Princess, Diana Prince. Also check out my World's Finest which is linked to this and a built up towards The Justice League, stay tuned...


Test Pilot Steve Trevor crash lands on Paradise Island, Themyscira. Badly injured he is nursed back to health by Diana Prince who later escorts him back to his world but discovers that it is under attack by Ares. Diana, know going by the guise of Wonder Woman, sets out on a mission for peace.

Lynn Collins - Diana Prince / Wonder Woman

Diana Prince: Born on Paradise Island to a race of Amazon Warriors; Diana is a princess, an ambassador and a warrior. Using her powers granted by the Gods of Olympus upon her birth, Wonder Woman came to America to fight for peace, justice and truth.

Lynn Collins: Collins has the perfect physique for Wonder Woman, all she really needs to do is gain a bit of muscle. She was great in her short stint on True Blood, and even a bit of stand out in X-Men Origins: Wolverine but if you watch her in John Carter then you'll really be able to picture her as the Amazon Princess.

After proving herself through a series of challenges, Diana is sent on a mission to the Man's World for peace after test pilot Steve Trevor crash lands on her home Island, Themyscira.

Bradley Cooper - Steve Trevor

Steve Trevor: A pilot from the Air Force and the classic love interest of Wonder Woman. Now an U.S. Government Agent and works with Diana Prince also known as Wonder Woman

Bradley Cooper: Cooper started out doing mainly comedies i.e, The Hangover & Wedding Crashers but has since proven himself to be a great actor all round. Loved what his performance in Limitless and from what I've heard he's great in Silver Linings Playbook.

Steve Trevor crash lands on Paradise Island, Themyscira after a training exercise goes horribly wrong. Badly injured, Diana Prince nurses him back to health and takes him back to his world. It is later revelaed that Ares was behind the attack on Trevor, and is now terrorising the Man's World causing chaos and wreaking havoc.

Lynda Carter - Hippolyta

Hippolyta: Queen Hippolyta is the ruler of the Amazons and mother of Diana.

Lynda Carter: C'mon guys, you can't NOT have her in this role. It pays great homage to her. I feel that is the only reasoning needed.

Hippolyta is Diana's mother and is a huge guiding influence while she is growing up. Initially she is against the idea of Diana accompanying Steve Trevor back to the Man's World but after holding a competition among all the Amazons to see who is most suitable for the job it is clear that Diana must go..

Vincent Regan - Zeus

Zeus: Zeus is the father of Wonder Woman through Hippolyta and the ruler of Mount Olympus.

Vincent Regan: Regan's performance in Troy and 300 show that he is great actor, and after seeing him in those roles it seems really fitting he play Zeus. He just has this wise and godly look to me.

Zeus is the father of Diana and the ruler of Mount Olympus. However, he fathered many other children including the God of War, Ares.

Daniel Craig - Ares

Ares: Ares is the God of War. Ares is also the arch-nemesis of Wonder Woman and is the most disliked out of all the gods for his passion for hatred and anger.

Daniel Craig: Craig is great as 007 but I've yet to see him play a bad guy. He has piercing eyes which is trait needed for Ares' and is in great physical condition. The only complaint would be his short framed but that can easily be fixed by camera tricks.

Ares, The God of War sets his sights on the Man's World and begins causing chaos and wreaking havoc in hopes of increasing his power to overthrow Zeus from Mount Olympus.

Alice Eve - Mala

Mala: An Amazon and best friend of Wonder Woman.

Alice Eve: Eve is great actress. While Men in Black ||| wasn't the best movie she was a great part of it. Like Collins', all she would need to do for the role is bulk up a little.

Mala is Diana's best friend and comes runner's up in the competition to see who will escort Steve Trevor back to the Man's World.

Harry Lloyd - Hermes

Hermes: Hermes, in Greek mythology, is the god of messengers and is youngest of the Olympian Gods. Known for his speed and flight and was the herald of the gods.

Harry Lloyd: Lloyd did such an amazing job on Game of Thrones. He just new exactly how to play a character you love to hate. While that doesn't exactly fit in with the personality of Hermes', he showed he's a great actor and I'm sure the Messenger of the Gods would be a role he could really sink his teeth into.

Hermes, the Messenger of the Gods, assists in transporting Steve and Diana back to the Man's World.

Thandie Newton - Etta Candy

Etta Candy: Etta Candy is Steve Trevor's secretary, she is also a supporter of Wonder Woman.

Thandie Newton: Newton was great in The Pursuit of Happiness. This wouldn't be a big role for her but an important one none the less, she fits the bill.

Etta, Steve's assistant, is one of Wonder Woman's first supporters upon her arrival and assists her and Steve in stopping Ares' plans of chaos and havoc.

Arthur Curry / Aquaman

Arthur Curry: Aquaman is the king of the seven seas and ruler of Atlantis. He is one of the founders of the Justice League of America.

Aquaman makes a brief appearance assisting Wonder Woman in stopping Ares.
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CavEl - 1/14/2013, 2:20 AM
Lynn Collins is not Wonder Woman.

If you look at whomever you cast as Diana and you think you can easily one hit KO her...she's not Diana. Diana has to look like she can take a punch and then punch back, Lynn Collins does not look like it. Plus, she's a terrible actress.
MrMurdock - 1/14/2013, 2:37 AM
See PatriotsSuperguy, that's the thing about actors & actresses, they physically change their appearance to fit the role. If you actually READ the article instead of just skimming through it and looking at the pretty pictures you might have realised that in the description I state how she would have a to bulk up for the role..

Who would have in the role if Lynn Collins is 'a terrible actress'?
MrBlueSky - 1/14/2013, 2:54 AM
Awesome cast, dude!! My favorites have to be your picks for Ares and Steve Trevor. Its great to see Cooper in a role thats not Guy Gardner or the Flash for the millionth time.

I hope to see more from you. Good job and thumbs up!
MrMurdock - 1/14/2013, 3:12 AM
MrBlueSky Thank you! & same to you man! I'll have to check out more of your stuff, it's always quality man.

I know right, I can't see him as The Flash (which is my next article, so keep an eye out!) or Gardner but he's a great actor and Steve would be a great role for him and he'd still be part of the universe!
LEEE777 - 1/14/2013, 4:50 AM
Awesome @ MM ^5

Lynn would be a great WW, she was the only decent thing in BORIGINS!

Was good in JOHN CARTER too!

Lynda's a given, fingers crossed.

EVE all of 'em cept Cooper are great, I mean I can deff see Coop in that role but I got's my heart set (for years) him playing my all time fav DC character GUY GARDNER (lol)

Though he could do a Ryan Reynolds an play tons of comic book characters ;p

ZEUS is my fav, put him in Hawkworld once but omg he's darn perfect for ZEUS!!!!!

Awesome read and I hope they do a movie of this the size of THOR... That CW thing makes me shiver, ARROW might be good but c'mon I can't see them going there, it'll end up like or worst that the last 3 seasons of Smallville and make NBC's WW Pilot look like an all time great :p

Big thumbs up MM awesome work as always!

bigshow2312 - 1/14/2013, 6:54 AM
Awesome... just awesome...
FlixMentallo21 - 1/14/2013, 11:59 AM
Interesting cast all around, even if it's the umpteenth time the '87 "Gods and Mortals" story has been used as the story basis.

When you have a minute, check out my latest fancast: "Danger Girl: Dangerous Vacation".
MrMurdock - 1/14/2013, 4:19 PM
LEEE777 Thanks man! Haven't seen you round here for a while. Where you been man?!

Yes! Look to Thor for inspiration on how to big scale live action Wonder Woman movie!

Haven't seen any of ARROW yet but I've heard it's alright.. still prefer if they hadn't done it though, just the whole TV and movie sequel follow on things annoy me haha.

bigshow2312 Thanks man! Love your casts too, they're so creative!

FlixMentallo21 Uhh, a good interesting? Haha I know, it's just a great origin story. Trust me, the sequel's will be a lot more interestig ;)

If I get the chance I shall.
MrCameron - 1/14/2013, 6:41 PM
Wow, awesome cast.
DumbledoreCalrissian - 1/14/2013, 6:57 PM
Great cast i also had Bradley cooper for Steve. Love your Lynn Collins pick
MrMurdock - 1/15/2013, 2:25 AM
DaRaginScotsman thanks man!

DumbledoreCalrissian ah well, great minds think alike :) thanks man.

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