My Comic book Crossover Fan Fic Movie Casting by LC

My Comic book Crossover Fan Fic Movie Casting by LC

My second casting i have ever done, something for everyone boys and girls. We have Captain America to Vampirella, hope you all enjoy it, be nice or else lol.

This is only my second go at comic book casting, so i'm not fabulous at doing them yet, but i hope i have surprised you at my castings. I love them and theres something for the boys too, so give be a break lol or i'll break you lmao.

The pictures took me forever and i am not the most patient person so enjoy.


Justin Hartley is Flash Gordon =

The comic strip follows the adventures of Flash Gordon, a handsome polo player and Yale graduate, and his companions Dale Arden and Dr. Hans Zarkov. The story begins with Earth bombarded by fiery meteors. Dr. Zarkov believes the meteors are from outer space and invents a rocket ship to locate their place of origin. Half mad, he kidnaps Flash and Dale, whose plane has crashed in the area, and the three travel to the planet Mongo, where they discover the meteors are weapons devised by Ming the Merciless, evil ruler of Mongo.

I have picked Justin for Flash Gordon because he's hot and a good actor. He is perfect in Smallville and in my bed lol. He is very blonde tall and handsome he could easily be Flash Gordon.

Jensen Ackles is Captain America =

Steve Rogers was born on July 4, 1917 in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, New York City, to Irish immigrants Sarah and Joseph Rogers. Joseph Rogers died when Steve was only a child and his mother, Sarah, died of pneumonia while Steve was a teen. By early 1940, before America's entry into World War II, Rogers is a tall but scrawny fine arts student specializing in illustration. Disturbed by the rise of the Third Reich, Rogers attempts to enlist, only to be rejected due to his poor constitution. U.S. Army General Chester Phillips, looking for test subjects, offers Rogers the chance to serve his country by taking part in a top-secret defense project — Operation: Rebirth. He becomes Captain America.

Jensen is the finest piece of ass i have ever seen on TV and i think he would be a excellent Captain America, even though my other half hates him. He is great on Supernatural and i have seen him act really well on the show called Dark Angel. Forget the rest he is the best.

Craig Horner is Wolverine =

As shown in the 2001-2002 miniseries Origin, Wolverine was born as James Howlett in late 19th century Alberta, Canada to rich plantation owners. He gets into the weapon X project and turns into Wolverine.

Craig is a fab actor and i think even though i love Huge Jackman for Wolverine i think its time for a change and i pick him. He stars in Legend of the Seeker which i really enjoy watching every week. He is a really good fighter on screen and he is about 5'8'' i believe and also i believe we need a smaller actor to play Wolverine. As far as i know nobody has thought up Craig Horner as Wolverine so i pick Craig.

Eric Johnson is Green Arrow =

Green Arrow (Oliver Jonas "Ollie" Queen) is a fictional character, published by DC Comics. Created by Mort Weisinger and George Papp, he first appeared in More Fun Comics #73 in 1941. His secret identity is Oliver "Ollie" Queen, billionaire and former mayor of fictional Star City.

By night he is the Green Arrow. I have picked Eric for the role as Justin Hartley is the best TV Green Arrow and Eric would be the best Movie version and i believe nobody has picked him for this, i am trying my best to keep my cast original, so Eric as Green Arrow and he's a great fighter and actor.

Dermot Mulroney is Doctor Strange =

Stephen Strange is a world-renowned but selfish neurosurgeon, until a car accident damaged his hands, preventing him from conducting surgery. Depressed and scouring the world for a cure to his condition, Strange locates a hermit called the Ancient One in the Himalayas. After Strange selflessly attempts to thwart the Ancient One's traitorous disciple, Baron Mordo (who would become one of Stange's most enduring antagonists), he is taught the mystic arts.

Stephen i have found from the movie: Point of No Return, and he is an excellent actor, not too well known but that is what we need for Dr Strange not a well known actor like Liam Neeson or Johnny Depp. He has the age for the role too as Point of No Return was made in 1993. He has done a lot of things since then, more movies and TV roles like Zodiac etc. I really think Stephen fits for Stephen, check his acting out.

Ice Cube is Luke Cage =

Luke Cage, born Carl Lucas and also called Power Man, is a fictional superhero appearing in comic books published by Marvel Comics. Created by writer Archie Goodwin and artist John Romita, Sr., he first appeared in Luke Cage, Hero for Hire #1 (June 1972). He obtained his powers in a terrible accident leaving him with near impervious skin and vast superhuman strength.

Ice Cube is a tough actor and a great action star like in XXX 2. He can play funny too, for a bit of good humor in Cage would be great for some one liners. I think its pretty original for a pick.


Wentworth Miller is Super Patriot =

Super-Patriot are two supervillains in the universe of Marvel Comics and a hero. The first was an enemy of Nick Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D.. John Walker, who later became Captain America then later U.S. Agent, used the name Super-Patriot to rival Captain America then tapped by the Commission on Superhuman Activities to replace Steve Rogers as Captain America.

Wentworth Miller always get good roles and i think he would be great playing bad. I love him in Prison Break and he is a really good actor and cute. To be honest i haven't heard much about this villain, but Lee said he would be great in this villain role and he fights Captain America and i would love to see him and Ackles fight with each other, it would be fantastic to see on the big screen so i pick him hubba hubba.

Johnny Depp is Riddler =

The Riddler (Edward Nigma, Nygma, or Nashton) is a fictional character, a comic book character and supervillain published by DC Comics, and an enemy of Batman. Created by Bill Finger and Dick Sprang, the character first appeared in Detective Comics #140 (1948). The character has appeared in many Batman media. In live action, he was portrayed by Frank Gorshin and John Astin in the 1960s television series, as well as by Jim Carrey in the film Batman Forever.

I pick Johnny Depp because he would be good for the role and i think, well i have seen a lot of you guys like him for the role too and i think the same, Depp is very talented and could play this part blindfolded.

Bruce Willis is Mr Freeze =

Mr Freeze is a scientist who must wear a cryogenic suit in order to survive, and bases his crimes around a "cold" or "ice" theme, complete with a "cold gun" that freezes its targets solid. In the most common variation of his origin story, he is a former cryogenics expert who suffered an industrial accident while attempting to treat his terminally ill wife, Nora.

Bruce Willis would be good because i said so lol and all his films are wicked, i enjoy all the films he has been in. I've never seen him cast as Freeze so at least i get points for originality.

Now the women for you boys:

Bridget Fonda is Sin =

Seeking an heir, the Red Skull fathered a daughter with a washerwoman. The woman died in childbirth, and the Red Skull almost killed the child, angry that it was a girl. One of his followers, Susan Scarbo, convinced him not to, telling him she would raise the girl herself as her nanny. The Skull agreed and left the girl (now named Synthia) to be raised by Scarbo, who indoctrinated her with the Skull's views as she grew up.

As Mother Superior, Sin possessed a range of superhuman powers including telepathy, telekinesis, teleportation and intangibility. After she was de-aged, she apparently lost these powers completely - unlike the other "Sisters of Sin", whose powers were diminished but not eliminated upon de-aging. The reason for this discrepancy is unclear, although it could be because she was aged to the wrong age. I pick Bridget Fonda because she plays a great kick ass actress and would be amazing as Sin, great with guns too.

Malin Akerman is Black Canary =

Following the retroactive continuity change in 1983, Black Canary became two distinct characters, mother and daughter, named Dinah Drake Lance and Dinah Laurel Lance. Dinah Lance would become the current Black Canary. Some references, notably those in James Robinson's Starman series, would attempt to distinguish the two Canaries further by referring to the first as 'Diana', but more recent accounts have confirmed 'Dinah' as the elder Canary's given name.

Malin is perfect for Black Canary in my eyes because she kick ass big time, i love it, shes a mean but sweet girl just like me, check out the movie called Watchmen.

Lucy Lawless is Vampirella =

The story begins with the inhabitants of Draculon dying slowly due to the drying up of its blood. The last few lie dying when a spaceship from Earth crashes on the planet. Vampirella, sent to investigate, is attacked; retaliating, she discovers that the astronauts have blood in their veins. In order for her race to survive, she manages to pilot the ship back to Earth where her adventures begin. Vampirella becomes a "good" vampire, and devotes her energy to ridding our world of the homegrown "evil" kind.

Lucy would make a great vampire superhero and she got the boobies for the boys and the looks and she is a bad ass actress that makes any males knees tremble. My favorite stuff shes been in was in my favorite show Xena Warrior Princess. She hasn't lost her looks and she can easily play Vampirella and bites out all the competition.

Karen Cliche is Wonder Woman =

Wonder Woman is a member of an all-female tribe of Amazons (based on the Amazons of Greek mythology) and was created by Marston as a "distinctly feminist role model whose mission was to bring the Amazon ideals of love, peace, and sexual equality to 'a world torn by the hatred of men.'" Her powers include super-strength, super-speed, super-stamina, super-agility, and flight. She is highly proficient in hand-to-hand combat and in the art of tactical warfare. She also possesses an animal-like cunning and a natural rapport with animals, which has in the past been presented as an actual ability to communicate with the animal kingdom. She uses her Lasso of Truth (which forces those bound by it to tell the truth), a pair of indestructible bracelets, and an invisible airplane, which was later replaced with an ability to fly unaided.

Wonder Woman is one of the first superheroes i ever known and like a lot. Karen plays a mean bitch and i love her as an actress, shes been in quite a few shows and movies, she fights mean and plays even meaner. We need a real woman to play a Warrior Princess and i pick Karen Cliche.

Well i hope you enjoyed this, i would say i enjoyed making it but it took to long to do and i don't when or if i will do another one again, so thanks for reading i'm going for a nice cold Baileys with ice.
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lc - 3/21/2010, 9:09 PM
and before ye lads start on about the pic of ackles its his head on there on another mans body lmao.but i jst tho that its pay back for all the TITS!! lol
THEHAWK - 3/22/2010, 12:18 AM
Not bad, I like most of em except for your Wolverine pic.

Good job!

HAWK out
supermarioworldE - 3/22/2010, 12:25 AM
Well, I must admit that the Ackles pic is a bit disturbing! lol!

Well, on to the casting.

Justin Hartley as Flash Gordon is brilliant!

The thought of Jensen Ackles as Cap never really seemed great to me, but at least he's 1000 times better than the assholes currently auditioning for the part.

Not too familiar with Dermot Mulroney, but he kinda does resemble strange.

Ice Cube is a bit too outa shape and short for the part. Nothing about him screams Luke Cage to me

I'm not too big of a fan of Malin Akerman. She seemed to be the weakest link in the cast of Watchmen, and I just found her annoying throughout. At the very least, she does has the look for the part.

Pretty good casting. Willis as Freeze caught me off Guard, as well as Lawless as Vampirella. Very bold choices. I like it!

DDD - 3/22/2010, 12:33 AM
Wow, LC! "BOLD" is the operative word here! lol

I always wanted Ackles for Cap America but
that really looks out now!

Hartley would be great for Flash Gordon!

I'd pay good money to see Lucy Lawless in that
Vampirella costume!!!! ;D ;D ;D
BLADE44 - 3/22/2010, 12:48 AM
Really LIKE the SUPER PATRIOT pick

Hartley as FLASH GORDON is a winner

ACKLES FOR CAP or Hawkeye another winner

LUCY LAWLESS anything CBM related as long
as the role fits her age...winner

Not sure about the WONDER WOMAN pick she has to be
spot on looks,acting,and everything in between

Not really feeling the Wolverine pick either he seems
a little thin and young he just doesnt have that seasoned
rugged look Wolvie should have.

THOR? Only thing CAGE and Ice Cube have in common
are that they're both black.

CUBE an action star? That's funny they tried to
make him one in that awful XXX state of the union
crap. He's a short fat dough boy type and he needs
to stay far away from CBM's unless he's playing
cop number2 eating crispy cream doughnuts,
security guard sleeping on duty,homeboy
drinking a 40&SMOKING A BUD or something of that nature.
I guess we'll be casting him for BLACK PANTHER
next or the high flying FALCON.

Besides the CUBE/CAGE pick along with a few others
most are pretty solid picks
and seem to be well thought out.
Ryden - 3/22/2010, 2:27 AM
Don't like your Cap, Wolverine or Green Arrow...the rest are great :)
lc - 3/22/2010, 5:05 AM
@Hawk thank you for your comment :)
yeah i couldnt really think of anyone good for
ice cube lol.

supermarioworldE thanks for ya comment again i wasnt too sure about ice cube pick lol.

DDD lol thanks i bet you would

blade ok i get what your saying about ice cube (note to self never pick him again) lmao
awsome thanks lol ;)

thank you ryden :)
lc - 3/22/2010, 5:19 AM
[email protected] well just had to get ya bk for all those boobies hahahahah

so what do ye alot like for the CAGE PICk then?
i was rushed on that one so forgive lol
LEEE777 - 3/22/2010, 6:37 AM
TEA @ Lmao man, i know heh heh!

LC @ Um cough cough cough NO COMMENT on Ackles LOL!

............ But awesome FLASH GORDON pick, i like that a lot, yeah i know i've seen these already but i gotta comment on each of your choices lol.

I actually really luv your pick of WOLVERINE (I'm surprised no ones thought of him before), as you know i watch that show too and SEEKERS pretty good, got a lot better, love it and can deff see that dude playing LOGAN (as well as DDD's pick and of course JACKMAN, though hopefully after WOLVERINE 2 and maybe X4 we'll get another guy playing him, yours would be cool with me!)

I can see FLASH boy as a young movie version GREEN ARROW but i really like JON HAMM for the part too much!
But he's pretty good, Holloway is too!

DOC STRANGES a real original pick, i like a lot, even looks like him!! I love DEPP for the role but as you have DEPP for RIDDLER he can't be both lol! Oh and KUDOS on DEPP for RIDDLER, ya know i love that choice lol! ; )

i CAN SEE WHY YOU PICKED ice cube for CAGE a tad small but i'm sure HOLLYWOOD could make him look a lot bigger on screen, just like they do STALLONE! Anyway, quite a bold pick there! I'm a CREWS man myself! ; D

SUPER PATIOT'S PERFECT!!! Heh heh, by the way he later turns into US AGENT wink wink! ; D

WILLIS is very original and quite fresh for FREEZE, he could probably pull that off easy!


I got no probs with AKERMAN being CANARY, i think she'd own the part!

LAWLESS for VAMPIRELLA pretty cool!!

CLICHE as WW, well i'm for JODI O'KEEFE or LUCY GRIFFITHS but she could probaby do a good WW, though shes my BIG BARDA, but i like!

All in all great stuff babyxx, gotta say you have out done yourself....

Just HELL NO to ackles (but take over EVANS lol) and um nice pics up there of him lol! ; D

Great work!

P.s. glad you worked out the picture thing!

And P.s.s. Lmao on that middle DR STRANGE pic lol! You bad woman! : D
LEEE777 - 3/22/2010, 6:45 AM

; D
lc - 3/22/2010, 7:57 AM
awww thanks babe,yeah i love the pick for wolverine i think he could play him good but other ppl are stuck in there way,but not everyone likes it but hey ho am just happy everyone took the time to come in and leave there comment and they WERE NICE :) xxxxxxx
DDD - 3/22/2010, 8:05 AM
Leee@ I have never seen Hammer even remotely
connected to Cap America! He was supposed to
play Batman once! He would tower over Chris
Hemsworth! Now how would that look for THE AVENGERS?

Have you secretly become his manager and getting
10% for reppin' him! lol

Just bustin' yer chops, bud! LMAO!
You have given me a ton of Hell about Ackles!
Had to return the favor, Leee-man!
;D ;D :I LMSAO (Laughing my stupid ass off!)
DDD - 3/22/2010, 8:10 AM
LC@ Greg Horner is awesome on "Seeker"!
He would be a great Wolvie! He is really
ripped-up to play Richard Cypher! He's
not that tall of a guy, heck I think
Bridget is taller than him so he would
be good for the short Logan!
DDD - 3/22/2010, 8:17 AM
BTW, I like Henry Simmons for Luke Cage!
6'4" and built like a bruiser! And he's
handsome unlike a lot of other folks
have chosen for Cage. Some really homely
guys have been picked lately! And I know
homely! I is one!
lc - 3/22/2010, 8:51 AM
thank you DDD or should i say thanks homely u da man lol ;) now ffs up a thumbs up this once scents NOW your my homely lol
LEEE777 - 3/22/2010, 9:06 AM
LC @ "you da man,," Hey,,,, thats what i say lol xxx!! : D

LMFAO Laura, that GIF you have in your header with the boobies will get all them guys flocking in, boy wont they have a SURPRISE when they fall in and see all the half naked men lol! ; D

You should go into more fan fic and they will go into yours! ; )

DDD @ Lol man, Hammers already in London with costume on! ; D

And again, THOR can have platform boots! :P

P.S. shhhhh that a secret between me 'n' Hammer heh heh!

Hey i know soz about all tha ackles bashing lol! ; p

lc - 3/22/2010, 9:34 AM
@leee isnt it funny how i go in to there fan fic and yet half of them wont come on here oh well let them off i know i did hard work on this.half naked men well am only getting the boys back for all the boobies and lets be fair i have put boobies on here too xxxxxx and DDD is my homely now lee lmao.
JoshWilding - 3/22/2010, 9:34 AM
Great cast lc! :) I like all of your choices although the half naked Jensen Ackles picture made me die a little inside, lol! I dont need to see that much of the guy i used to want to play Cap! ;D Really good Black Canary and Green Arrow choices as well - they're my two favourites!
DogsOfWar - 3/22/2010, 9:46 AM
lc-Some interesting picks up there! That is a lot of beefcake up there. I don't know why you would do that. The male fancasters would NEVER put such blatant pics of women up there! LOL

Now, is this a movie with all these characters or is it just random castings?

I like your Flash, Cap, Super Patriot & GA picks. They are spot on and the actors would do justice to the roles

IDK with Mulroney as Strange. He never comes across as that eloquent an actor so I think it would be tough for him to pull off the role.

As others have said, Ice Cube is NOT Luke Cage

I have never seen Seeker before but that kid looks too young to play Wolverine, imo.

The rest of your villains and your female picks are excelletnt.

Lawless could do Vampirella some justice.

Nice job, congrats

Round 2 is up and ready. Check out Superhero March Madness: Elite Eight and cast your votes! Click the link or go to the Features tab
peterparker420 - 3/22/2010, 9:48 AM
WOW! pretty good cast!! LOL Now I know how you feel when you see all the half naked women we put! I am going to have thanks! LOL

But I do LOVE you're choice for WW! she is SEXY!
good cast! I hope you do more..IF LEEE lets you! LOL

LEEE- you are one lucky man!
LEEE777 - 3/22/2010, 9:51 AM
Lc @ Cool LOL! ; D

JOSH @ LMAO man, yeah some of them half naked pics of the guys and especially ackles, sorta turned me off eating my breakfast lol, a little too much man flesh going on!

Heh heh! : D

ANIL @ Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr LOL!
LEEE777 - 3/22/2010, 9:55 AM
PP @ Lol man, there is a lot of man flesh up there, i know dude, an i'm also gonna have a few nightmares too pmsl!! : D

And thanks dude, shes a real cutie, but her back hand hurts lol! : P

DOGS @ He's not that young man (JAN 24 1983), he just looks it, you should deff check out SEEKER bud, you will love it, especially season two! ; )

Rite i'm off lol.
lc - 3/22/2010, 10:24 AM
thanks josh :)
awwww thanks dogs but as LEE has said he only looks like his young

.peterparker if lee lets me oh pls i tell him what to do lmao but aww thanks about time someone understands where am coming from now lol nigthmares how many did i have with all those tits lmao.

thanks again for all them comments means alot to me :)
LEEE777 - 3/22/2010, 10:42 AM
LC @ Puleeeezzeeee you tell me what to do LOL?! ; D

Oh and ya mizzed ANIL up there look ^^^^^^

Rite bbl!!!!!
RorMachine - 3/22/2010, 10:49 AM
lol @the Jensen cock handling! I like Mulroney as Strange, thats an interesting one. Akernmann as Canary , Lawlwess as Vampirella, Hartley as Falsh Gordon...Not sure about the rest...

And I like the pic of The Boys you snuck in as a Doc Strange pic..naughty naughty;)
lc - 3/22/2010, 11:04 AM
@tea helllooooooooooooooooooooooo x

@ror thanks lol me naughty oh you aint seen nothing yet lmao i migth do one for ye boys sometime then you know how naugthy i can be lmao x
LEEE777 - 3/22/2010, 12:11 PM
lc - 3/22/2010, 1:00 PM
lol tea do you think i should do one for the boys then lol

anvil thanks for your comment :)
BLADE44 - 3/22/2010, 1:00 PM
lc: not a problem...I'll be on the lookout
for your next fancast.
TANKGIRL - 3/22/2010, 2:15 PM
so hot
TANKGIRL - 3/22/2010, 2:17 PM
spically the boys
Betty - 3/22/2010, 3:30 PM
lc-- Great job lc! I like most and hate some. I love your reasons why.
lc - 3/22/2010, 3:59 PM
thanks blade :)
thanks you tank :)
lol thanks betty :)

thanks ozy and no shock that you dont like ackles lol ;)
flames809 - 3/22/2010, 4:51 PM
great cast and like you luke cage pick which u get alot of point for
lc - 3/22/2010, 7:40 PM
lmfao tea thanks hahahaahah.flames thanks :)
flames809 - 3/23/2010, 5:48 PM
lc- ur welcome
soperman - 3/23/2010, 6:13 PM
soo the riddler was created by Bill Finger and Dick Sprang lmao
lc - 3/24/2010, 7:22 AM
thanks gtrman,as i said before not everyone is going to like my pick but hey i cant pls everyone lol thanks for you comment tho.

Thanks for commenting hunni ; )
starbuddy - 9/22/2010, 5:29 AM
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jovanca - 10/17/2010, 1:13 AM
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