My DCCU: The Man of Tomorrow Trailer Script

My DCCU: The Man of Tomorrow Trailer Script

The script or the the trailer to the first movie in my DC Cinematic Universe, The Man of Tomorrow!

Theatrical Trailer

-Opens with a shot of Krypton, then a shot of Kandor. The home of the Els
-A voice over of Jor-El says "We used to be co-workers, partners...friends" while it shows Jor-El and Dru-Zod working together in a lab and then side by side in the army.
-Screen goes black
-You hear Jor-El say "That all changed..."
-on the screen it shows Zod, Non and Ursa at the front of a army of krpytonian rebels.
-Shows shots of war.
-Shows a burning city
-Shows Zod and Jor-El fighting with blades.
-"WE COULD'VE RULED ALL OF KRYPTON TOGETHER" Zod shouts at Jor-El as he gets pulled into the phantom zone.
-Screen goes black
-the words "2 years later" pop up on the screen
-Shows building collapsing
-Robots destroying everything in their path
-A quaking Krypton
-Shows Jor-El running to his house
-"Goodbye...Kal-El..." you hear Lara-El say as you see a ship flying into space.
-You see Johnathan Kent in his truck with Martha Kent.
-Johnathan Kent his humming to the radio with is playing All I Need by Jack Wagner
-Suddenly a ship lands into the corn field next to them causing the truck to flip over
-Screen goes black
-The screen fades in to the sight of a little 2 year old boy as if it were someone waking up.
-Johnathan and Martha Kent get out of the car to find a destroyed cornfield , a spaceship and a little baby boy.
-"Dad, where do these abilities come from?" asks Clark Kent
-Clark flies
-Clark Runs threw a corn field
-Clark lifts a car
-"'re...not from around here..." Johnathan says
-"Where am i from?" Clark asks
-Shows a burning krypton
-"WHAT AM I!" Clark shouts
-"That's for you to decide Clark" Johnathan says
-You see Clark in a cab arriving in Metropolis
-"Who are you?" Lois Lane asks Clark
-"You're newest co-worker" Clark responds
-"Yeah well stay back, i'm the head journalist here" Lois says
-"HELP!" screams a women from a burning building
-Clark runs in the building and saves 10 people
-Clarks clothes are almost burned completely off, but Clark isn't burnt or scarred.
-Clark flies home to find his families farm on fire. The fire is shaped like a diamond with a Z inside of it.

-aerial view of Johnathan Kent's funeral
-"I want answers" Clark says to Martha
-Clark walks into the basemnt with Martha
-Martha lifts a cloth off of a small ship.
-She touches it and the window retracts back.
-She pulls out a clear diamond.
-Clark touches the diamond
-"Follow you destiny" a voice says
-The diamond shoots up the steps
-Clark follows the diamond
-the diamond launches itself into the sky and flies north
-Clark follows it to the north pole.
-The diamond goes over a hill
-Clark goes over the hill to find the fortress of solitude
-Clark is scene inside in front of a hologram of Jor-El
-"Hello son" Jor-El says
-Clark looks inside the hall of armor at krpytonian battle suits and armor past down through his family
-"I wanna use my special abilities for something good not something selfish or bad" a voice over of Clark says.
-A clip of Non shows up on the screen
-Then Ursa
-Clark is talking to Jor-El in the fortress of solitude
-"Who are the pople that have attacked me?" Clark asks
-"Non and ursa." Lieutentants of eneral Dru-Zod" Jor-El responds
-Zod lands in metropolis
-"Where" Non says
-"Is" Ursa says
-"Kal-El" Zod finally says
-"Right here" clark syas while flying towards zod
-Clark and Zod fight why'll the following dialouge goes on
"What do you want from me?" Clark asks Zod
"People of our race came to this world centuries ago as Gods. People of earth refer to them as the mythological Greek and Egyptian and Roman gods. Together we can be gods Kal-El" Zod says
"If i'm a god...then you're the devil" Clark says as Zod and Clark charge for eachother
-The screen goes black


Teaser Trailer

-News caster says "A new metahuman shows up in metropolis"
-Another news caster says "A man in red and blue is flying around our great city"
-A man being interviewed says "He's a menace to our society!"
-A woman being interviewed says "He's stopping crime, why such hate?"
-A little boy being interviewed says "He's not bad he's a superhero!"
-A teenaged girl being interviewed "He's hot!"
-"He's big news in Metropolis right now and i want him on headlines!" Perry White says
-"Yeah, but boss where are we gonna get stuff that everyone hasn't already said?" Lois Lane asks
-"I can get an interview with him" Clark Kent says
-"How is that" Lois Lane asks
-"I have my ways" Clark says
-"Okay well, even if Mr. Has his ways over here gets the interview, what do we call him?" Lois asks
-Clark flies over the city.
-He hears a cry for help.
-Clark flies to an alley where a man is mugging a woman.
-He picks up the man by his collar.
-The man asks him “Who are you?”
-Clark punches the man into the wall at the end of the alley.
-Clark Responds with “I’m…Superman"


TV Spot

-Jor-El is shown
-Lara-El is shown
-Baby Kal-El is shown
-Teenaged Clark Kent is shown
-"Voice over of Zod says "All of you..."
-Clark Kent as an adult is shown
-Lois Lane is shown
-Jimmy Olsen is shown
-Perry White is shown
-Johnathan Kent is shown
-Martha Kent is shown
-Non is Shown
-Ursa is shown
-The screen goes black
-A shot of Zod fades in
-The screen goes black
-You hear "...shall kneel..."

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