My dream Fantastic Four

My dream Fantastic Four

With Alice Eve Beging rummored for the part of Mrs. Fantastic I thought who would make the perfect Fantastic Four...

Mrs. Fantastic- Alice Eve: If Jessica Alba can play her I’m sure Alice Eve can. Besides it might be nice to see her kick some ass plus she’s really hot!

The Thing- Jason Statham: He’s one of the best action stars today plus the Thing needs to be much tougher then he was in the previous films.

Human Torch- Chris Pine: I personally have never read the comics but if the Torch is anything like he was in the movies Chris Pine would be perfect. You all watched him in Star Trek and he did a good job on that movie.

Mr. Fantastic- Casey Affleck: He needs to be a leader not a pussy like in the previous movie. The only problem is that we all know how his brother was as Daredevil.

So now who do you think would be perfect for these roles.

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NERO - 8/19/2010, 1:23 AM
Statham? I don't see it.
marvel72 - 8/19/2010, 1:33 AM
i don't think casey affleck for reed richards is that good a choice,maybe the joker or the riddler.

chris pine would make a great human torch.

jason statham for ben grimm maybe,it would have to be a cgi thing though

alice eve,fantastic boobs.
she would be a good choice for the invisible woman,but a better choice for ms.marvel or the enchantress.

so half your choices are cool,the other not so.

oh yeah,christoph waltz for dr.doom.

Orphix - 8/19/2010, 1:37 AM
For the Thing you just need the perfect voice and someone happy to where the silly motion capture suit. They said they would CGI it when they reboot.

Maybe Ray Winstone if he can do the accent? I ain't a big fan of Statham in general.
tazmaniak - 8/19/2010, 1:50 AM
I'm guessing this isn't an origin cast, judging by how old Chris Pine is.This was also a problem with the movies.Jessica Alba and Chris Evans are the same age and she barely looked older than him.Sue is several years older than Johnny and he should be younger in a movie.He's not even that old in the comics.

Sue is supposed to be attractive, but not like a supermodel.She's supposed to be a very pretty woman, who serves as peacekeeper and mother-hen to the other characters.She's not supposed to be sexed up.

Also, am I the only person that thinks Alice Eve's mouth ruins her looks?As soon as she smiles or talks, she looks like the Joker.

LEEE777 - 8/19/2010, 3:38 AM
batmanmovie @ LOL, I can see you've never read the comics dude!

ALIVE EVE wants INVISIBLE WOMAN??? When did that happen LOL?

I like it but I prefer = MS MARVEL or even ENCHANTRESS for EVE!


P.S. Dude, its not much of a casting up there ^^^^

Just four picks, no villains nothing?

And January Jones = Hell no her being in that crappy a$$ bandit FIRST CLASS bit of crap! : P

secretasianboy - 8/19/2010, 6:29 AM
i don't like your mr fantastic but i do like eve as sue
Ryden - 8/19/2010, 8:46 AM
Her name's invisible woman not Mrs Fantastic...
Rhys - 8/19/2010, 9:11 AM
"If Jessica Alba can play her I’m sure Alice Eve can"

Thats the thing, Alba COULDN'T play her. And Eve is no Sue Storm, she is much better suited for Enchantress or Emma Frost.

Iffy about Statham, the Thing should be CGI with Jeffrey Dean Morgan voicing!!

Chris Pine is OK, but in the reboot I wanna see Johnny as 18 0r 19, like he should be!

Personally, I think Gruffudd had potential to be the PERFECT Richards, but the script writers just screwed that character up! Affleck, eh, he might not be bad, but he doesn't seem very Reed Richards-y to me...
JasonBlue - 8/19/2010, 9:53 AM
I see it!
A different approach, one that may work.
Although Alice Eve's acting is ehhh....
HotHead - 8/19/2010, 10:46 AM
alice eve is the enchantress!!!! besides is here acting really all that great??? how do we know shes not another media whore. because of this she way beeter for the role of a villian. as for sue storm or any other role offerd by fox or sony.
HotHead - 8/19/2010, 10:51 AM
more and more ive got a feeling that eve is becoming a british meagon fox. after all you guys wont her in a movie so you can see her tits thats a bad sighn that her acting ability is 0 especially since shes hardly been in anything. still she was made to play amora alongside tom hiddleson. but just as a reminder be carfull what you wish for.
Cranburn - 8/19/2010, 5:47 PM
Here's who I would like to see...

Ali Larter - Sue Storm

Patrick Wilson - Reed Richard

James Galdofini - CGI Thing

Garrett Hedlund - Johnny Storm (with blonde hair!)
BrotherStarkofMABMindz - 9/10/2010, 10:25 PM
Good job but I would replace Affleck with Adrein Brody, but you've really never read the comics huh? because Reed doesn't have a brother

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