My Idea for Electro in Amazing Spiderman 2 (Fan Fic)

My Idea for Electro in Amazing Spiderman 2 (Fan Fic)

I don't mind Jamie Foxx as Electro..but if Electro is the main villain..i want him to be alot more threatening than the Amazing Spiderman version..i would love to see the symboite version of Electro on the big screen.

To be honest i don't mind Jamie Foxx as Electro..but I've got to say..if they do make Electro a main villain..they need to make Electro actually a treating villain..i don't think the Amazing Spiderman Version of Electro would work in a Realistic envoirment. I would love to see a the Symboite version of Electro in Amazing Spiderman 2.Here is my idea.


Bio: Maxwell Dillon was a scientist and a old friend of Curt Connors.Working in Oscorp,he inspected a huge Oscorp owned power plant. Suddenly while he was inspecting one of the areas of the power plant."Spiderman"(Mysterio in Disguise. He did this to frame Spidey)knocked out all the scientist and smash Maxwell's face in the electrical parts.Burning his face.Quickly Norman came and took all the scientists in the hospital. Except from Maxwell,thinking that it was time to test out the secret formula than Peter Parker's father created.Injected with the formula,he turned into a horrible monster,Maxwell was able to control the symboite. Norman told Maxwell that the one responsible for the damage to his face was Spiderman. Learning about the suit's electrical powers.Maxwell decided to try to kill Spiderman because of revenge.
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Not to sound like an ass but I don't think this will work. Why would Norman have a symbiote? Why is Mysterio trying to frame spiderman? How does Dillion know Connors? (and why was that not mentioned in the first movie? if you saw they worked together.) Why would the symbiote just give him electric powers? I'm sorry just not likely to happen.

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