A Justice League Movie cant be done Justice

Why a Justice League movie cant be done properly...

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By bubs - 6/26/2012
As a life long comic fan (Geek and Proud) I have waited to see all my heroes on the big screen. I, like most of you loved The Avengers. It's a toss up between The Dark Knight and The Avengers as my favorite superhero movie. And as a person who prefers DC over Marvel imagine my excitement when I heard a Justice League movie was in the works..

But as I thought about it... It can't possibly be done justice! It just can't. Here are the reasons...

In my eyes, a proper Justice League movie needs to be The Avengers times 10! Justice League will be harder to pull off because with the exception of Batman all of them have superpowers. With The Avengers you only have The Hulk, Thor and Iron Man (and I say that cause of the suit) to worry about effects-wise.

Think about this...
  • Superman (Freeze breath, Heat vision, Super strength, flight, superspeed. When you really think about it, why does he need the justice league)
  • Wonder Wonder (Basically superman with no speed, heat vision or freeze breath)
  • Flash (the guy can reverse time and change history)
  • Green Lantern (depending on the lantern..the guy has the most powerful weapon in the universe and it took damn near 300 mil to do the solo movie)
  • Martian Manhunter (alien shape-shifter with Superman like abilities)
  • Then Batsy and all his gadgets and goodies

That's not even counting the villain which has to be Darksied and an Apokolips invasion. Because that's the only reason why heroes of this magnitude would have to come together. As much as I loved the Avengers, I never felt the world was in danger, just New York.

To do this movie the right way which is a universe extinction level event, it would be the most expensive movie ever made! Up to 400-500 million dollars. I have no doubt it would make it back because if the Avengers can do a billion then Justice League would double.

But who would want to invest that much money, and who would want to helm that behemoth of a movie? And as much as I love Nolan, I don't want him anywhere near this.

Another reason why this movie can't be done is because DC doesn't have the stones to go all out on the Justice League like Marvel did with The Avengers. I'm a DC guy but Marvel beat them to the punch on this thing. A world's finest would be just as good but as long as Nolan has DC's balls in his hand well never see that either or a shared universe.

Last reason... Paul Dini and Andrea Romano are not in charge! I have no faith in Johns! Dini gave us all the great animated films and Romano gave the actors behind them. DC won't give them a chance to do for the movies what they the for the animation.

In conclusion as much I want to see this, it will never be, because it won't be done justice as long as WB/DC won't let it be what it needs to be.
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RidiculousFanBoyDemands - 6/26/2012, 11:19 PM
I heard Ryan Reynolds is playing every character of the Justice League in the up coming movie. It's going to be done a la the Nutty Professor.
Minotauro - 6/26/2012, 11:21 PM
The world needs to know who the first "team" was in comic book history. And that's the Justice League.
lunesta - 6/26/2012, 11:24 PM
i think the question here is who the [frick] is going to direct this movie
RidiculousFanBoyDemands - 6/26/2012, 11:36 PM
Ryan Reynolds will direct it as well.
Durf - 6/26/2012, 11:39 PM
I think the best, and probably the most important, point you made was DC/WB's lack of balls. They just don't seem willing to step out there and take a risk to make good movies. I want them to, but for some reason they won't. Hopefully the MCU and The Avengers has lit a fire under their collective asses!

Good article by the way!
Knightrider - 6/27/2012, 12:15 AM
As much as I agree it will be trickey to do, it can be done. It just needs to be done on a massive scale, which, one could argue because the Avengers is a bit more 'Grounded' then doing epic space battles is a lot tougher to introduce.

With GL they have a chance to have a mammoth enemy of galactic proportions, I would be thinking more Sinestro Corps war or even have Flash could cause a rift between another dimension an we could get the injustice league.

The fact is, even with Avengers, tweaks will and have to be made to make the film work, which could be the team they use - I think Cyborg will be used over Manhunter - and using Flash for example you could say that for him to reach time travel speeds is potentially fatal to him, thus it is something he won't risk u less a last resort. Oh and I think new Wonder Woman can't fly.

The trailer for the DC Universe Online game proved to me that it can be done.
Knightrider - 6/27/2012, 12:24 AM
I agree need Dini, or Timm to be the Fiege for DC. I don't think it is a question of 'if' it is now 'when' in terms of JL.

Avengers has proved something very important, which is money is there to be made, maybe WB/DC may not of had the guts before, but no longer a risk as long as they put a little bit of effort in.

So as someone who would love to see a JL, I thank Avengers and Marvel for getting to ball rolling, on cinematic universes.
CorndogBurglar - 6/27/2012, 3:32 AM
Remem er, no one thought Avengers could be done either. The difference is Marvel respecta their properties. WB does not. Otherwise we would already have more than one good franchise from them already.
6of13 - 6/27/2012, 4:39 AM
When you look at Marvel Studios, they can prioritize their Marvel movies. Even though they are owned by Disney, they were created specifically to make Marvel comic book movies. WB, on the other hand, have no need to prioritize DC movies since they obviously have plenty of other films and franchises.
GreenHalJordan - 6/27/2012, 5:38 AM
We need an all villain movie to get a back story on the villains. They cause a world wide panic and almost take the heroes out one at a time, this then leads into the Justice League Movie where the heroes come together to defeat them.
I think if WB would get their head out of their asses and realize the attention this is getting from the community and understand how big this can (and most likely will) be, then we could actually establish a DC cinematic universe. If anyone thinks Marvel's universe is great, imagine what a DC world would be like. In the end both sides win and we can all be happy because at the end of the day: its the fans who are rewarded and done justice.
Coldblood6 - 6/27/2012, 5:58 AM
As a MARVEL and MCU fan I do have to address one line in this article and that is "if THE AVENGERS could do a billion the Justice League could double".


The success of THE AVENGERS is unprecendented. This movie '4 quadranted' to an unbelievable degree. Middle aged women were going back to see it and taking their parents. I know of 6 year old kids, DC fans in their 20's and 60 year old women who are calling this the greatest movie they have ever seen.

How a movie with absolutely no romantic component appealed to women of all ages so much is unbelievable.

The success of THE AVENGERS is not simply a matter of we put multiple superheroes in one movie. There are multiple factors which caused such mass market appeal. One of the most important ones is the character relatability and the character interaction dynamics.

Do you DC fans really not realise as yet that beyond Batman, DC characters lack that relatability and the Justice League lacks that character interaction dynamics present in MARVEL???

There are things that make the MARVEL UNIVERSE and the MCU great that DC sorely lacks.

Sorry guys, accept it and move on.

ralfinader - 6/27/2012, 7:25 AM
"When you look at Marvel Studios, they can prioritize their Marvel movies. Even though they are owned by Disney, they were created specifically to make Marvel comic book movies. WB, on the other hand, have no need to prioritize DC movies since they obviously have plenty of other films and franchises."

They do have a need to prioritize and seperate their DC movies from the business as usual format. They all ready have a more than a billion dollar industry in Batman alone, the money they could make if they copied the Disney/Marvel structure would give WB so much money, they could afford to put Ryan Reynolds in more movies.
Tainted87 - 6/27/2012, 8:56 AM
Starting off with Darkseid would be a real mistake. People seem to grab the idea that because Johns/Lee made Darkseid the New 52's first Justice League villain, that it would make perfect sense in a movie. Wrong.

Darkseid is the ultimate. He can be killed in the comics, banished to some far away place that he has no hope of getting out of... but he always returns. That's the comics. In movies, resurrection is not a thing to play with, as it cheapens characters. You don't START off with Darkseid, because what comes after him?

Getting kind of tired of these articles. Warner Bros is not like Marvel - they don't specialize in CBMs. They don't really care all that much if a Justice League ever comes around because they can make a fortune off of Batman and Superman. You'll see a Justice League when Batman and Superman get stale, but so far, the two haven't even met yet.
bubs - 6/27/2012, 12:01 PM

I love comics first and formost...i choose dc because thats where my favorite hero is...Batman. You are already coming off as biased when u say Im a Marvel & MCU fan.. I love both.

"Do you DC fans really not realise as yet that beyond Batman, DC characters lack that relatability and the Justice League lacks that character interaction dynamics present in MARVEL???"

Its not about relatability...if u ask anyone who has the most known heroes and biggest heroes outside of us geeks? It's DC hands down..I love Marvels heroes but outside Spiderman, Wolverine, and Iron Man..No hero on Marvel's roster is on the level of Bats, Supes, Flash, maybe not even wonder woman. As i stated I firmly belive a World's Finest would beat the Avengers or make just as much.. A JL movie would be the most expensive ever made but it would be the highest grossing ever!!! No comic geek no matter ur so called alligance can deny that a JL movie would break all records.. hell the if TDKR does avengers numbers do u really think A JL movie wont do more than that?
bubs - 6/27/2012, 12:29 PM

who would want too is the question? this movie would be too big for anyone to imagine....the only person i can think of would be Ron Howard, Guy Ritchie, or Josh Trank a chance
Tainted87 - 6/27/2012, 12:34 PM
I think the movie should be animated in the style of the Incredibles - it would save money and you wouldn't have to worry about actors' physicality, while also introducing a BROAD audience to the characters. Let a sequel be live-action.
Coldblood6 - 6/27/2012, 12:37 PM
@ bubs

You're making statements without basis.

Before this century Superman, Batman, and SPIDERMAN, and maybe HULK were the only A-list superheroes in terms of awareness and popularity with the GA. Now that list includes WOLVERINE, IRON MAN, CAPTAIN AMERICA, and THOR. Flash and Wonder Woman are not A-listers. Flash could not even carry a tv series beyond 1 season and barely anybody outside of comicbook fans know anything about WW.

The success of THE AVENGERS had very little to do with GA awareness.

What you believe is irrelevant. I do deny that a JL movie would break all records. It will do very well and will definitely get a spectacular opening weekend but to 'four quadrant' like THE AVENGERS requires something special. Just throwing well known superheroes into a movie together will not make a record breaking grosser. The quality and content of the film will. It needs something special to make teenage girls go on the internet and do reviews proclaiming THE AVENGERS 'the PERFECT movie!'. Such a movie requires interesting relatable characters and interesting character dynamics. Just look at WB willingness to make movies based on DC characters over the last decade to see how they view them.

This is not bias; it's just facts that some people do not like to hear.
DarkGrifter - 6/27/2012, 4:47 PM

“Do you DC fans really not realise as yet that beyond Batman, DC characters lack that relatability and the Justice League lacks that character interaction dynamics present in MARVEL???”

First of all referring to people as “you DC fans” and then going on to make such a bold statement about the Justice League makes you come off as arrogant and extremely patronising. Second of all, you claim the Justice League lacks good character interaction, but if you read a Justice League comic then you’d know that they have great chemistry between them. They each have great personalities that can be entertaining and interesting; but they really shine when they’re put together. Maybe you should stop being biased and learn to appreciate both companies and their respective titles. Now stop making stupid statements and assumptions.
Coldblood6 - 6/29/2012, 11:32 AM
@ DarkGrifter

Firstly I am arrogant and do tend to be patronising, but this is because I have found that what it takes other people months to years to figure out and/or understand, it takes me mere seconds.

GL failure was tied into the lack of relatability of the character. There was nothing of relatable substance for the GA built into the mythos from the ground up. Thus when screenwriters now had to write a good script they struggled and came up with that mess. This doesn't even take into account the silly (and uncool) name and inherent cheesiness of the mythos.

If they were to do a Flash movie they would have the same problems. There is nothing of relatable substance built into the mythos from the ground up; it's just a guy gets hit by lightning and chemicals and now can move fast and he becomes a superhero.

Batman has relatable substance built in; childhood trauma due to a fatal crime leads to lifelong obsession with fighting crime.

MARVEL has always tried to input something of relatable substance into the majority of their characters.

Again, the success of THE AVENGERS was not simply due to putting a bunch of recognizable superheroes in one movie.
DrDoom - 6/29/2012, 3:31 PM
I would love to see a Justice League movie, but DC has shown no indication that they're willing to be patient and build up their cinematic universe. The reason The Avengers was successful was being Marvel was willing to take a multi-year gamble in creating several movies to establish the characters for the big crossover film. DC's movies have been disjointed and only focused on select characters. They need to get a team of creative powerhouse producers and build a universe with several characters (not just Superman and Batman) before a Justice League movie could possibly work.

Also, while Darkseid is great and all, using him in the first Justice League film could potentially send the franchise careening off balance, because there is no greater threat in DC. An initial Justice League movie should focus on a smaller threat, such as Lex Luthor merged with Brainiac.
commo - 7/4/2012, 11:51 AM
In my opinion, DC characters work very well together. So if anything they deserve a movie even more than the Avengers. Marvel characters, on the otherhand have their best storytelling in their solo stories. The Justice League is a band of the strongest, the fastest, the smartest heroes on earth, each one complementing the whole. The Avengers is a mishmash of powerful characters. (The only problem is batman: when they are facing intergalactic menaces, why cant he be depicted as wearing a super suit made from all the $$$ he has instead of unarmored man ridiculously swinging around tossing a batarang here and there.)

On the other hand, the Marvel characters are more interesting on their own. From Spiderman to Iron Man to Punisher to Ghost Rider, these stories tell of the human plight as Marvel kept reminding us in the Golden and Silver Age and not about full time caped defenders lunging out to save the day. DC characters? Hawkman? Aquaman? These comics always come and go because there was not enough readership to sustain publication. But everyone knows who they are. They work very well as a group
angeldust1 - 7/7/2012, 9:47 PM
A Justice League movie would do well, if set up the same way as Avengers, as well as Avengers even (I love characters from both worlds, Batman and Iron Man for this lady). But it depends on who directs it, writes it, and acts in it. Don't bash Nolan, he's done a great job so far, give it to him. But Justice League is a big thing to tackle, it's going to cost some cash either way. Okay, you take away flight from Wonder Woman and some of Flash's super speed, it's going to cut some costs. You can even hold back a few characters and slowly add them in as Justice League would need multiple movies as well.

But DC has one issue that they would have to fix first, their characters may be known but they're not as much beyond comics as they think. You'd need those stories, those explanations of why they are being gathered, how they were brought together. At the end of the Avenger movies you see the various heroes being contacted and recruited. I didn't see all the Avenger movies, I was leery about how they were done (I didn't see Thor or Hulk), and I'm sure I'd be the same way with DC characters but I'd love to see the others get their own individual movies (not just Batman but Superman and Wonder Woman, don't bring up Green Lantern I was not a fan).

Don't knock DC, it wouldn't be a bad movie, it just has to be done properly.
DarkGrifter - 7/8/2012, 7:49 AM
Hal Jordan's character had been changed a considerable amount in the movie, they tried to make him too similar to Tony Stark. Read some Green Lantern comics then you'd know where I was coming from.

Alot of superheroes are born from accidents like the Flash's lightening bolt. Peter Parker was bitten by a spider, Bruce Banner was exposed to Gamma radiation. Their all similar scenarios that involve some kind of accident.

"I have found that what it takes other people months to years to figure out and/or understand, it takes me mere seconds."
I read this and laughed.
BarackSamson - 7/8/2012, 1:14 PM

"In my opinion, DC characters work very well together. So if anything they deserve a movie even more than the Avengers."

So do Marvel characters. Can we just agree on both teams deserving a movie without slinging comments like that at Marvel or DC fanboys?

"Marvel characters, on the otherhand have their best storytelling in their solo stories."

Good story telling in a solo or team up installment is dependent on the writer more than any inherent strength in a property's character. As it stands now DC's solo film stories are doing better than any attempt at a team movie, or else we would already have a justice league film. If you're speaking of comics, I'd have to disagree. I'm usually more invested in the solo stories of batman, superman and GL than I am their justice league stories. Which is weird because it's the opposite for me with the teen titans or the outsiders.

"The Justice League is a band of the strongest, the fastest, the smartest heroes on earth, each one complementing the whole. The Avengers is a mishmash of powerful characters."

I had to take a moment to let that comment sink in. At first glance it just looks like a fanboy attack. I don't want to picture you in that light so I'll assume it's a well thought out observation. I'll break the two sentences down and address each accordingly.

"The Justice League is a band of the strongest, the fastest, the smartest heroes on earth, each one complementing the whole."

So are the avengers.

Smartest: Three of their members (Iron Man, Bruce Banner and I'm throwing in Ant-Man because he was a founding member in the comics and chances are he'll show up by the next film) are three of the top nine geniuses on marvel earth.

Strongest: Thor and Hulk. Thanos, as seen during the credits, is the most dangerous villain in the marvel universe. He expressed a burning desire to never fight the hulk. Ever. As for Thor? He's a god. In the comic crossover with DC he hit superman with his hammer and, after getting back up, Superman stated he had never been hit that hard in his life.

Fastest: I'm assuming you're going by the movie avengers so I'll give you that one. In the comics however, they have Quicksilver. He's marvel's resident speedster.

Every one of these characters brings something to the table and they do complement each other as a whole. Their knowledge and powersets have been combined on more than one occasion to stop any and all threats to their existence. I was under the impression the movie did a great job of illustrating their ability to work together towards a common goal. I must have missed something.

"The Avengers is a mishmash of powerful characters."

What exactly are the justice league then? In their initial confrontation they were solo heroes out to save the world from a threat that eventually banded together to save the world. Powerful characters mashed together against a greater threat. The big difference I see between the two teams is this: the avengers are a family and the justice league are a squadron. How often do you see the justice league just hanging out and enjoying themselves outside of superhero activity? Usually it's just two: GL and Green Arrow. The avengers don't just get together for a crisis, they hang out. They have barbecues, poker games, movie nights, video game nights and shopping sprees. They bring their kids to hang out with the other heroes' kids. The avengers turned their team into a place where their members could feel at home in the midst of a hectic and dangerous life. The justice league has always been about business. Yes a few jokes are thrown around here and there but it always feels like these people are just there to do work.

@DarkGrifter "Hal Jordan's character had been changed a considerable amount in the movie, they tried to make him too similar to Tony Stark"

How did they do that exactly?

@Minotauro "The world needs to know who the first "team" was in comic book history. And that's the Justice League."

Chronologically wouldn't it be the Justice Society?
BarackSamson - 7/8/2012, 1:19 PM

"Hawkman? Aquaman? These comics always come and go because there was not enough readership to sustain publication. But everyone knows who they are. They work very well as a group"

Does everyone really know who they are? To the the comic community yes. The GA only knows of aquaman because he's been turned into the laughingstock of the DC universe. And I doubt any of them know who hawkman is.
coalesce - 7/8/2012, 4:40 PM
On one hand, a Justice League movie with the main characters without having a proper set-up of introducing the lesser-known characters to non-comic book readers in their own separate movies would be a tall order to fill.

On the other hand, when the first Star Wars movie came out, no one knew who Luke or Han or anyone else was, but that didn't seem to lessen the movie's appeal, now did it? Just to state the obvious (and echo everyone else here), it all depends on who's handling the movie (writer, director, producer) and how much support and non-interference they get from the movie studio.
DarkGrifter - 7/9/2012, 10:02 AM
Well for starters, his origin is quite similar to Tony Starks in the sense that he is given a chance at redemption through super heroism, not that this isn't cool, it just seems too cliched after Iron Man. Also the Hal Jordan we were given in the movie is far too cocky and arrogant (again following the Tony Stark archetype) whilst in the comics he is fearless and selfless, almost to a fault; also in the comics he's self assured but not completely arrogant. In my opinion Hal Jordan just comes off as too much of a jerk and lacks the likability he has in the comics and it seems the directors tried too hard to make him into a Stark-esque character for the sake of marketability.
BarackSamson - 7/11/2012, 7:21 PM
Very good points. I wasn't a fan of the fish out of water route they took with his character in the movie. I could be wrong (my GL knowledge is rather limited) but what I got from his comic incarnation was that even when faced with something like that he never lost his faith in his abilities. The movie Hal doubted himself way too much and choked fairly often. He seemed like a mixture of Hal Jordan and Kyle Rayner.
lntrn8 - 7/14/2012, 3:58 PM
agree with EVERYTHING you wrote
ninzen - 7/27/2012, 9:04 AM
Before I say anything about a Justice League movie I want to first say I support both DC and Marvel. I have swayed back and forth over the years as to which company I have liked more and it's usually been whichever company has been doing the better stuff at the time.

There is one main reason the Avengers worked so well. It's because the audience could relate to the characters.

Captain America struggles with staying true to his roots while trying to adapt to a new situation. Thor has family issues. The Hulk has anger issues. Iron Man is who a lot of us strive to be (rich, famous, connected, good with the opposite sex), but we see he has character flaws that show us life "at the top" is just the same as it is for the rest of us. Even Black Widow was relatable in her sense of duty and loyalty to rescue Hawkeye. Heck, even the bad guy, Loki, was relatable. He wanted to be respected for his own merits and was tired of living in Thor's shadow.

Each of those characters had to interact with each other and learn to overcome their own biases and weaknesses in order to function as a team. We were able to see them grow throughout the course of the movie, and how much they had grown from their own individual movies.

With that said, I think a Justice League movie will be more difficult to pull off, and not just because of the special effects budget necessary to do it right. The reason is DC's characters are much less relatable.

Superman and Batman are the exceptions. Is it any wonder they are the two of the three most recognized super heroes to the general public (along with Spiderman). It's because the general public relates to them.

Superman is the story of the special orphan. He tries to learn and honor where he's from, while at the same time trying to fit in and make other people not feel inferior to him due to his extraordinary abilities.

Batman is the wounded orphan with a sense of trying to take control of his world to prevent chaos from returning.

What do you have when you look at the other members of the Justice League?

Wonder Woman: Potentially similar family issues to Thor? Otherwise, what kind of conflict is she dealing with?

The Flash: What does he represent? What is the conflict with him? This is a tough one for me, especially since The Flash is one of my favorite DC characters.

Green Lantern: If it's Hal you can have his sense of duty (which they failed to do in the movie). Kyle might work, but only if they approached it from him feeling unworthy to be a part of the team. Guy would be great, because you could see him puffing his chest out and putting up the false front of machismo and then get to see how much he really cares at some point. John could be a good choice, depending on how he is written.

Martian Manhunter: Unfortunately, his story is too much like Superman. You don't need two characters with the same dynamic.

Aquaman: Could go the route of being an environmentalist, or of a king with a heavy burden. However, I think with him being the butt of many jokes it would take a tremendous actor and an equally tremendous script to make him not a laughing stock and to be taken seriously.

Cyborg: Just like with the Flash. What's the conflict? What is he struggling with?

Hawkman: What's his issue or conflict?

Please understand, I'm not bashing DC. I hope a Justice League movie is made and I hope it is excellent! However, I'm worried about how they are going to approach it. If they bomb on this I doubt you'll see any DC character movies other than Superman and Batman for a very long time.
M4A3E8 - 8/2/2012, 4:48 PM
I would like an entire movie that is computer generated like the introduction to DC Universe Online. That was a reasonable facsimile of the JLA, and it was great.
newdisc416 - 8/2/2012, 9:34 PM
they need to make the justice league a two or three volume
movie like the the harry potter film
FlixMentallo21 - 8/3/2012, 10:17 AM
Darkseid??? What's wrong with the Appellaxians or Starro the Conqueror?
bobbyblummy - 8/5/2012, 8:43 PM
This is for the person who "wrote" this "article"

Where did you learn how to spell and create a sentence? This is shameful and you should have someone proofread your thoughts before they are posted.

Beside the fact that you are wrong in every aspect about a Justice League movie being made you should not be allowed to post another article until you repeat the sixth grade.

God help us all if newspapers really do go out of business and the only thing left is hacks like you butchering the English language.....shameful and shame on you.
xvenex - 8/17/2012, 5:11 PM
First of all, I now that everyone is allowed to have his opinion about anything, however, it's sad to see how a DC fan it's such a pessimist about the JL project.

Like I said, I'm also a DC fan and I too recognize that in movies Marvel beats the crap out of DC (right know). Even I do think that a JL movie to be released in 2015 is (waaay!) to soon and without the bases on solo movies like Marvel did, JL movie probably will end up to be not so good as we all DC fans and the world would love to see. Nevertheless, you have to keep faith in that maybe this time the script will be so awesome that it will blow our minds out!... Faith that maybe Man of Steel will be amazing and as the doorway to a DC Film Universe it'll stablish the bases for a good JL Movie. Hell, even Lobo would do that.

What I'm trying to say is that we all agree that DC has no path like Marvel and that the "masterminds" behind their movies at this point hasn't been in the propper league, except Chris Nolan of course!

This is not the fault of their god-like heroes, this is not the fault of Superman and his majestic powers or the other heroes...this is the fault of the so called creative minds behind them that can't do for movies what they do for the comics.

So, as DC fan you need to have faith! What do yo know, perhaps they ended up postponing the JL movie for about 3 or 4 years and in between they do solo movies we all want to see: The Flash, a new GL, WW and Aquaman (yeah, Aquaman).
PercivalConstantine - 8/20/2012, 11:44 PM
I was interested in reading this article, but...what were you thinking, Comic Book Movie? Are you so hard up for writers that you rely on someone who basically just posts an incoherent rant on your site? Not only that, but you don't even bother editing it? As a teacher of English in Japan, I've seen better writing from junior high school students.
DoodPool - 8/30/2012, 3:39 PM
I Disagree, i don't think any movie should be made of anything in general.
maxxgone - 8/30/2012, 9:52 PM
the more im thinking about the wachowski's helming this, the more i'm thinking it's a perfect fit. i think they'd absolutely dominate. maybe - MAYBE - even do as good as wheedon.

the key difference being wheedon knows marv3el inside out & knows what needs to be done to respect the characters. but andy & lana ain't no joke neither.
DPeterParker - 9/2/2012, 1:17 AM
i think a justice league movie can be done, but WB would need a hell of a team to pull it off. I say Bruce Timm and Andrea because they live, shit and bleed the justice league.
thatcoldblackcloud - 9/2/2012, 5:31 PM
I agree, but then i think about Transformers 3 and a little hope sparks in my mind...
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