Ant Man Movie Plot/Script Part 1

Ant Man Movie Plot/Script Part 1

Ant Man kicks off Phase 3 one inch at a time. ENJOY

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By MrJusticeAvenger123 - 11/7/2012
Hey its MrJusticeAvenger123 here and I’m back with Ant-Man starting phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Lets start with my fan cast.

Henry Pym-Patrick Wilson

Janet Van Dyne-Keira Knightly

Van Dyne-Tom Wilkinson

Sylvester Swazi(KGB agent)-Jean Reno

Baron Strucker-John Malcokvich (Since Ant-Man doesn’t have a lot of well known enemies, I’m using Baron as the Leader of the KGB. I know it doesn’t follow the comics very well, but I think it can work)

Nick Fury-Samuel Jackson

Maria Hill-Cobie Smolders

Ultron-Voice Tom Kane

Now since that’s out of the way, lets get to the movie. ENJOY!

The movie begins as two men walking in an underground shaft carrying a large container

Men 1: “We have to hurry and get the hell out of here”
Men 2: “I know, The boss is going to be angry if were late”
Behind the two men are 2 shadows
Man 1 looks behind him scared The shadows disappear
Man 1: “I think some one is following us”
Man 2: “Man shut the hell up, your just paranoid”
Man 1: “What ever, lets just hurry up”
The shadows appear again
The shadows are discovered to be Maria Hill and Sharon Carter
Maria: “Hello boys”
The two men look behind them frightened
They drop the container
Maria: “I think you want to be gentle with that container, it might break”
Man 2: “Screw you”
The man pulls out his gun but it is kicked out his hand by Sharon
Sharon: “How about we do this the easy way when you don’t pull out a gun”
The two men try to run but are both shot in there leg
They fall to the ground
Maria ties the two men up to a pole with hand cuffs and takes the key with her
Man 2: “Come on we didn’t do anything bad, were just doing are job”
Maria: “So are we”
Maria and Sharon approach the container
Sharon: “What do you think is in the container”?
Maria: “I don’t know, but nick fury says we need it”
They both pick up the container and walk the opposite direction
The Title of the movie appears on screen
We cut to New York city at a college
Inside of the college is a man with a red shirt on with a lab coat on walking in the halls

It is Henry Pym
Henry walks to a door and knocks
A man opens it
It is van, Janet’s father
Van: “Henry, its nice to see you”
Henry: “Its nice to see you two, I heard you needed me”
Van: “Oh right, How would you feel coming over to dinner at my place tonight”
Henry: “What for”?
Van: “I have some good news to tell you”
Henry: “Yeah sure I’ll be there”
Van: “Great, be there at 8”
Henry: “Sure thing Mr. Dyne”
Van: “Please, call me Van”
Henry: “Sure thing van”
Van smiles and leaves the room
We cut to later that night at a house that seems to be at the edge of a cliff
Inside the cliff is Henry
We cut to a room in the house holding a large robot
Henry is putting a camera on a tripod and turns it on
We switch to the camera point of view
Henry: “Day 173, my robot ULTRON is still behaving and each and every day I feel his brain and knowledge grows”
Henry grabs a remote and presses a button
Henry grabs his camera and points it a Ultron
Ultron eyes light up

Ultron: “Ultron activated, How may I be at your service today sir”
Henry: “Your okay for now, how are you feeling today”
Ultron: “Like a million bucks”
Henry laughs
Henry: “He certainly didn’t get that humor from me”
Henry puts the camera back on the tripod and turns the camera and Ultron off
We go back to the main movie camera point of view
Henry looks at his clock
Henry: “Damn look at the time, better get going”
Henry gets out of his house and walks down a hill to his car and drives off
Back at Van house he is getting ready for dinner
Van shouts upstairs
Van: “Janet, can you please dress nicely and inappropriate”
Janet shouts back
Janet: “Whatever, stop trying to be so impressive, be your self sometimes”
Van shakes his head and walks back in the kitchen and puts 3 plates on the table
His doorbell rings
Van opens the door and Henry is there
Van: “Right on time, thanks for coming”
Henry: “Thanks for inviting me”
Van: “No problem, the kitchen is right down the hall”
Henry walks through the hall and sits down in the kitchen
Henry: “Very beautiful kitchen you have”
Van: “Thank you very much”
Henry: ’So what did you make for dinner”
Van: “Lasagna, hope you like it”
Henry: “I love it”
Van puts the food on the table
Henry: “Would you like me to say prayer”?
Van: “That will be lovely”
Henry begins to say his prayer but is interrupted by large stomping coming from the stairs
Henry: “Who is that”?
Van: “That’s my daughter”
Van said that like he was disappointed
A woman walks into the room
It is Janet
She is dressed with blue jean cut pants, sandals on, and a yellow tank top on

Van looks mad
Van: “I thought I said dress appropriate”
Janet: “Your acting like I’m naked, calm down”
Janet looks at Henry and you can tell it was love at first sight for her
Janet: “You must be Henry, My dad talks about you all the time. He says you’re the son he never had”
Henry: “That’s very nice, he is like the dad I never had”
Later that night when dinner is done
Van: “I almost forgot, Henry I have important news”
Henry: “What is it”?
Van: “A agency called Shield contacted me, they are impressed by our work and they want us to come study something for them”
Van: “They don’t quite know yet, that’s what they need us for, to figure it out”
Henry: “It sounds great but I hate shield”
Van: “Why”?
Henry: “Shield is an agency looking to start war with every thing and every one. I’m a guy who looks to stop war. Look at the avengers for example. New York was a battle ground”
Van: “I agree, but I think this can be great for both of us”
Henry: “I agree, where do we go”
Van hands him a piece of paper
Van: “Be there at 10”
Henry: “I will”
Henry gets up and walks towards the door
Henry: “It was great being here, and nice meeting you Janet”
Janet: “Nice meeting you too”
Henry walks towards his car and drives off

That was it for part 1, Part 2 will come later. Hope you enjoyed and as always leave a comment.
Coming up for the next parts of this movie

Henry tests out the particles and gets in a unwelcome fight with ants
KGB Attacks shield and Sharon, and Hill gets captured and gets confronted by Baron
Ultron starts to get more smarter and eventually learning to control itself
Janet and Henry start a relationship
KGB captures Henry Pym Particles and comes up with a devastating plan with it
Something devastating happens to Janet family
Henry creates a helmet that controls ants
Janet uses the Pym Particles on her self, but she gets more than she bargained for

That’s it, leave a comment and some feed back :)
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MrJusticeAvenger123 - 11/7/2012, 6:56 PM
@MrSteiners I agree, he is a very good candidate for Reed. But it's just something I like about him being ant man so I chose him
SomTingWong - 11/7/2012, 7:18 PM
NICE! you need to make your career out of this man.
also you should get a user pic maybe something like this:

dracula - 11/7/2012, 7:28 PM
i like it but baron von strucker should be saved for a nick fury film and it would be better if ulysses klaw was the villain
MrJusticeAvenger123 - 11/8/2012, 7:27 AM
@avengers72 thanks man for the feedback. Really appreciate it.

@dracula that's a great idea. But it's too late to change it now

FirstAvenger - 11/8/2012, 8:40 AM
You are really good at this, you should send marvel a Black Panther script. Lol
MrJusticeAvenger123 - 11/8/2012, 10:10 AM
@thefirstavenger I wish I could haha but thanks for the feedback
GuardianDevil - 11/8/2012, 7:37 PM
seriouly, bro you could make a living at this... great script, casting is great too, i disagree with Pat Wilson though, ANOTHER JOB WELL DONE!!
MrJusticeAvenger123 - 11/8/2012, 10:16 PM
@Fenix really appreciate it

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