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Comic Book Movie

After the success of the Peggy Carter short, Marvel has been working on giving Hayley Atwell her own show. Assuming the Agent Carter TV series does get picked up, here are some characters I would really like to see make appearances.
This awesome series of 1940s-inspired posters from Ant Lucia focuses on the heroines and villainesses of DC. Click on to see the likes of Wonder Woman, Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, Hawkgirl and many more; and to find out how you can order a print for yourselves.
Many Spider-Man fans believe that Sony Pictures hasn't always done the best job when it comes to adapting their comic book properties, so I've decided to take a look at what Sony's previous successes are and how they can improve in the future. I also add in a few of my own movie ideas, just for good measure.
Amon Warmann has put together his annual mashup of the biggest movies we have to look forward to over the coming months. After the jump you can see footage from the likes of X-Men: DOFP, TASM 2, Guardians Of The Galaxy, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and many more.
Who doesn't want to see the likes of the X-men, Spider-Man, The Avengers etc in the same movie? Well, this may just be the closest we get! Take a look at my poster for a Live-Action 'Ultimate Alliance' movie.
Come and check out the Online Alternate Universe in Silver Surfer #1! The OAU is a re-imagining of some of our favourite comic book characters for the enjoyment of all! See Norrin Radd take his first steps in an interstellar quest that will take him across the universe.
Wonder Woman has had a successful TV show, one that got cancelled before the pilot, one that was in the works and various failed attempts at a movie. She deserves a successful film. Many different ideas have been thrown around and now you're about to hear mine.
We've had some great classic cars, such as the Ghostbuster's 'Ecto-1', Speed Racer's 'Mach 5', 'The Mystery Machine' from Scooby-Doo, and much more. but what if these fun cars were actually Transformers? Come check out artist Darren Rawlings' collection!
Fan company Bat in the Sun has been creating a series of fan videos, in which superheroes, villains, or just about any sci-fi character will face each other in a duel to the death. The latest video features Halo's very own Master Chief, as he comes head-to-head with Captain America.
Take a look at this very impressive an Made trailer for a sequel we've all been waiting for and wanting. Plus sign the DREDD 2 petition if you haven't already. More past the jump.