"The Hero Business" Animated Series Treatment

"The Hero Business" Animated Series Treatment

A fancast for the first four episodes of a cartoon based on the webcomic by Bill Walko.

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By FlixMentallo21 - 3/15/2013
Two years ago, I did a fancast for an animated series based on my number-one favorite webcomic, Bill Walko's super-satire "The Hero Business". (Which can be found here: http://www.comicbookmovie.com/fan_fic/news/?a=51891.) Like my reprise fancasts for my "X-Men: The Dark Phoenix Saga" and "Danger Girl" animated movie ideas, I felt that this one could use a little cleaning up AND a proper treatment (like I did for my movie idea of "The Critic"), now that Walko has four completed full-length stories.

For a refresher of what the webcomic's all about, "The Hero Business" tells the story of the leading "ad agency" for superheroes. If they need good PR, great marketing to get their name out there, or the like, the Hero Business is the place to turn to.

“Want to bolster your Q-rating with the damsel in distress demographic? Yearning to be on this year’s Power 100 list? Looking to kick-up your sidekick?
Then it’s time to join The Hero Business–-a full-service agency catering strictly to the super-hero set. Located in the heart of Metro City, this magnificent mix of marketing marvels can fly you from zero to hero.”

This webcomic uses office sitcom humor (found in shows such as WKRP in Cincinatti, Just Shoot Me, or 30 Rock) to poke a great deal of fun at comic book superhero tropes (just as great shows like Freakazoid and The Tick do), both old and modern. It also helps that Walko himself has a background in graphic design and advertising, lending a bit of credence to the series.

Here is how I imagine an animated series would pan out:
-The series would air on G4 and SyFy (maybe even TBS, they haven't gotten any decent cartoons in a while, and Family Guy reruns don't count.)
-Walko would translate the character designs to be animated. He'd also act as showrunner.
-In-between commercial breaks, we get a small segment that adapts one of Walko's done-in-one "Coffee Breaks", a series of comic strips that expand upon the world of The Hero Business (which feature some of the characters I mentioned in my prior fancast).
-The theme song would be Sam Spence's "The Lineman", which you might know as the music that plays on "Spongebob Squarepants" whenever Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy are around.

Now, let's move on to our cast (a refresher for those who didn't see my prior fancast) and the first four episodes (plus guests):
+We'll start off with the main employees of the Biz--
Lacey Chabert as the voice of Parker Jameson, receptionist

"Parker Jameson is the newest hire at the Hero Business. As the receptionist, she’s whip-smart and often serves as the voice of reason at the office – but her sardonic humor doesn't endear her to everyone. In her short time at the company, Parker has proven herself to be smart, capable and organized. She’s almost too good to be true…"
Chabert has a pretty sweet voice for this feisty little sweet-talker, and no, she won't be replaced by Mila Kunis halfway through the show's run.

Laura Prepon as the voice of Morgan Sinclaire, PR director

"Morgan is the prickly (but savvy) Public Relations Director at the Hero Business. She’s probably the most competent senior member of the company, but that’s also due to the fact she’s a hopeless workaholic. Morgan is aloof and particularly quiet when it comes to talking about her own past. She was probably that girl in school with her heads in the books." Morgan is later revealed to have a bit of a secret all to her own....
Prepon has one of those voices that perfectly fits the bill for Morgan's character, thus her being my pick. I could easily see her pulling off Morgan's poised and disciplined manner very effectively, until she turns into...no, no, I ain't spillin'....

George Lowe as the voice of Bravado, super-hero turned super-consultant

Real name Kent Manning, Bravado is a blatant parody of the Silver Age Superman with a hint of some Golden Age sensibilities. "The world once thrilled to the exploits of the great champion known as Bravado. When his popularity waned (and his “asking price” dropped), the Hero Business employed his services as a super-hero consultant. But even on the downside, Bravado’s name recognition scored high in their focus groups. He’s become the official face of the Hero Business, a fact that doesn't sit well with all the employees. It takes some coddling to manage the blustery Bravado, an out-of-touch narcissist living in the past. He often remembers the good ol’ days when 'real men didn’t wear Kevlar'. He’s still dating his reporter girlfriend, Trixie Templeton, but their relationship is a dysfunctional cycle of dishonesty and suspicion."
Lowe provided the voice of Space Ghost on the cult hit "Space Ghost: Coast to Coast", and when I read Bravado's lines in the web comic, I immediately thought of Lowe. His voice is just perfect for this guy.

Rob Paulsen as the voice of Dr. Eli Malefactor, head of R&D

"Once a grandiose super-villain, the down-on-his-luck super-genius decided to reform and now works as the Head of Research & Development at the Hero Business. Eli always fancies himself the 'smartest one in the room,' and is notorious for his long-winded and flamboyant pronouncements. He also finds it difficult to work with his one-time arch-enemy, Bravado. Eli’s mind is a tremendous asset, but he bears watching. Has he reformed completely? Or will he occasionally sabotage The Hero Business?"
For choosing Paulsen, I was inspired by a past role of his (Dr. Scratchinsniff on Animaniacs) and a recent role (Baron Strucker on the Super Hero Squad Show), and thought he'd do great as this uber-blatant spoof of Lex Luthor (the mad scientist version).

Troy Baker as the voice of Simon Perch, marketing director

"Simon is aggressive, self-serving and unscrupulous. Perhaps that’s what makes him an effective Chief Marketing Officer. He’ll do anything to make a buck. Simon dreams of one day taking over The Hero Business himself. But his petty schemes often result in his own undoing. Conniving Simon thinks he is charming (he’s British, after all), but just about everyone finds him rather off-putting. Simon fancies Morgan, but she rebuffs his repeated advances."
Baker does a good British accent, and he's played characters like Simon before--he's perfect for the job.

Simon Helberg as the voice of Brody LeBlanc, art director

"Brody is a frustrated artist who (if you ask him) is 'slumming' as a graphic designer at The Hero Business. The surly self-styled 'artiste' often bristles when he’s asked to 'make the logo a little bigger' or deal with the 12th round of revisions to a costume design. But, y’know, he’s got a 'Wars of Worldcraft' habit to support. Plus, it seems he’s got a 'thing' for Parker."
It took me a while to figure out who had the right voice for Brody, and finally, I thought of Helberg, and this would be the total opposite of Howard Wolowitz for him, which I'd think he'd have fun with.

+Then we get a couple of recurring characters--
Billy West as the voice of Louie the Lounge Lizard

Louie is the owner of the Rocks Bar and Lounge, and is a former supervillain known as the Lounge Lizard, the 'horrific hep cat of the underworld' who once teamed up with Dr. Malefactor. He's now a 'reputable business man', though with the prices he charges for drinks, he could be considered still robbing people. He's known Parker since she was a kid, and is aware of her plans for the Hero Business.
For picking Billy West, I thought that for Louie, he could combine his voice for Rancid Rabbit from CatDog with a bit of Harvey Fierstein to get the right gravelly rasp for this slithery bartender.

Wendy Schaal as the voice of Trixie Templeton

Trixie is a reporter who, like her longtime boyfriend Bravado, is a tad out of touch with the times (her boss, as one example, telling her no one uses the term 'scoop' anymore). She's a parody of the Silver Age Lois Lane, and like the stories from that time period, her relationship with Bravado has more Superdickery than anyone could imagine. As one example, in Walko's second full story "The All-New, All-Different Bravado", when he spends time trying to update his image, Trixie, feeling lonely during that week, has a Dr. Duplicity clone Bravado. The clone goes on a rampage, and Trixie is forced to take him down. She never mentions this incident to Bravado afterwards.
I chose Schaal because of her voice of Francine on American Dad (which I think has a bit of a classic Lois Lane-esque sound), and thought she'd be killer as Trixie.

Now, on to the episodes!

Episode 1: Orientation
The premiere episode, introducing us to the main characters and the world of the Hero Business. Parker, the newest employee of the company (as their receptionist) helps their newest client, cosmetics heiress Kylie Kensington, get prepped for being a superhero (after she had gotten flame powers while having her lips done). As they go through the different departments, we meet each of the main employees at the HB:
-Dr. Malefactor runs some tests to determine how her powers work.
-Brody gives ideas for her costume (though she ends up suggesting her own).
-Bravado gives her the required reading for starting her career, while also showing her a few do's and don'ts.
Simon is introduced when Kylie and Morgan go to her office, where they find him sitting in her chair. He introduces himself and claims to call most of the shots around here, until Morgan drags him aside to have a quick and quiet chat. Simon tells her that he hopes to exploit Kylie for every cent her father's got. Kylie, not wishing to go through all the bureaucratic procedures required, tells Morgan, Simon, and Parker that she's going to become a super-villain instead, and start her career off by burning the Hero Business to the ground. After a failed attempt by Morgan to talk her down, Parker manages to trick her into giving up and decide to get rid of her powers (I won't say how). Later, at Louie's bar The Rocks, Parker talks with Louie himself, who has known her since she was a kid. It's there that we learn that Parker is the daughter of a renown super-villain, and that she got hired by the Hero Business--whose members are unaware of her past--in order to bring them down from the inside.

+Guest Character:
-Kat Dennings as the voice of Kylie Kensington/"Little Hottie"

Kensington is a parody of any 'famous-for-being-famous' spoiled celeb type, be it a certain hotel heiress or a notorious trio of sisters. After a botched attempt to outdo a rival via surgical procedure, she ends up getting fiery powers and consults the Hero Business for help in becoming a hero. Frustrated by the processes she has to go through and the limits imposed by Bravado, she decides then and there to become a supervillain, taking a name Simon had called her earlier (Little Hottie).
Kat Dennings I thought stole some of the show in Thor, and I don't know how funny her sitcom is, but I thought she'd be great at mocking the tabloid-fodder brand of celebrity, especially if she can do a great 'valley-girl' voice.

Episode 2: The All-New, All-Different Bravado
After seeing the latest broadcast of 'This Week in Capes' (a trendy news show in the vein of Entertainment Tonight or E! News), where the round-table of hosts comment on Bravado being too out-of-touch with today's superheroes (earning him their 'zap of the week'), Morgan tells the rest of the HB employees that they need to do something; Bravado is the spokesman, the FACE, of the company, and if he doesn't look good, they don't look good. When asking for suggestions (while immediately shooting down Dr. Malefactor's idea of killing Bravado (a nod to 'big' superhero deaths)), Morgan, Brody, and Simon each pitch their own ideas. Parker suggest they each give each of their ideas a test run, as a series of live-action focus groups [with Brody's first, then Morgan's, and then Simon's]. After convincing a reluctant Bravado to go along with this plan--causing him to tell his reporter girlfriend Trixie Templeton to not get into any crazy love antics (a nod to Silver Age Lois Lane stories) while he's gone for the week. (Such antics include her swapping bodies with the villainess Demonatrix out of suspicion that she was trying to seduce him; tricking him into marrying her using hypno-glasses she stole from Dr. Malefactor; and trying to win his love by shrinking down to microscopic size and tap-dancing on Morgan's brain--that one still baffles him....) Each of the ideas are given a go:
-Brody brings in Buddy Blathers, one of the biggest comic book writers right now, to revamp Bravado as a "brooding, leather-clad vigilante with deep-seated psychological issues"--Bravado takes it a bit too far when he angrily stops a cyclist from making an illegal turn into another lane.

-Morgan, with the aid of TV producer JD Rivers (of the EW network), revamps Bravado as someone more relatable to the 18-34 demographic, with a whole youth-oriented gimmick (spoof of "Smallville", hipster trends, and the Twilight crowd). A team-up with the Mutant Marvels (analogues of the X-Men, with members shown being Eyesore, Weather Witch, and Alpha Mauler) gone wrong derails those plans.

-Simon brings in [Grant Morrison analogue] Alistair Masterson, "the most brilliant graphic novelist of our time", who gives Bravado a Vertigo-esque makeover, with very 'meta' concepts that leave Bravado (and the press) greatly confused.

The day after, Parker, Morgan, Simon, and Brody are watching another edition of 'This Week in Capes', where the hosts all critique Bravado's revamp attempts, clamoring for the original Bravado to return. Brody, in disbelief, notes how a week ago, they criticized 'old' Bravado's look. Parker mentions a number of 'bring back Bravado' movements that sprung up online, while Simon shows a whole box of meteor rocks fans sent in as a form of protest, saying how a week ago, no one even gave a toss about Bravado. It's then that Morgan reveals the method behind the marketing madness they all engaged in. Simon realizes out loud that Morgan engineered the revamps deliberately, in order to put the spotlight back on Bravado (a nod to revamps of characters in comics). Morgan then has Parker take all the revamp costumes to the HB's vault for storage--unaware that while in there, Parker manages to sneak back out with a book called "The Demonicon"....
Meanwhile, during the week that Bravado was busy, it's revealed that Trixie, bored as heck, had the supervillain Dr. Duplicity create a clone of Bravado to keep her company, but he ends up going on a Bizarro rampage and she has to put him down. She never mentions this incident to Bravado when he gets back.

+Guest Characters
*The 'This Week In Capes' Hosts

From left to right, the voices of the hosts would be: Nolan North (doing his best Carson Daly), Tara Strong (doing her best Debbie Metannopolous), Tom Kenny (using his Cupid voice from The Fairly Oddparents), and Crystal Scales.

Curtis Armstrong as the voice of Buddy Blathers

Buddy Blathers is a comic creator from Eyepop Comics, who according to Brody is an expert at darkening and sexualizing classic characters. According to Morgan, Buddy rebooted Lady Liberty as a leather-clad streetwalker. Buddy himself states that he wanted to speak to his female audience, and when Bravado criticizes his approach to revamping him (saying that kind of hero only appeals to an emotionally-stunted man-child), Buddy simply replies "And that's what sells, see?".
I chose Armstrong for his voice work as Snot on "American Dad!" and "Dan Vs." (whose lead character looks a bit like Buddy). I think he'd do a great riff on perceived "fanboys-turned-creators".

JP Mannoux as the voice of JD Rivers

JD is the director of the TV show "Weeville", a teen drama about the early years of Bravado in the hometown he grew up in (a parody of "Smallville", both the show and the location). He has a knack for dismissing ideas presented by writers and/or the input of the people the characters are based on.
Picking Mannoux was inspired by his many voice roles, most prominently the title character in Disney's "The Emperor's New School". I could really picture him having fun with lampooning the stereotypical kind of tv producers the CW employs.

+Additional voices
-Masasa Moyo as a TV reporter and Weather Witch
-Steven Blum as Alpha Mauler, a reporter
-Nolan North as Eyesore, a reporter
-Phil LaMarr as a reporter
-Tara Strong as a reporter

Episode 3: Cry Malefactor
After a day of minor indignities, Dr. Malefactor, speaking to Louie that evening at The Rocks, claims today is the worst day of his life. Louie tries to cheer him up by suggesting that the Doc try and get some tail with either one of his old molls, or a supervillainess. Later, at his apartment, Dr. Malefactor confesses to himself that he didn't tell Louie the real story: the real reason today is the worst day of his life is because this is the day his time-travelling past self comes to the present, only to be disappointed by the current state of affairs in his life. After his past self returns to his own time, present Malefactor finds one of his old Mal-Bots (an android duplicate of himself) in a box, and puts him back together after coming up with an idea. While Mal-Bot fills in for him at the Hero Business, he'll go around and interview with different supervillain companies. He does this during the week:
1. His first interview is with Ghoulrilla Marketing, an agency designed to help monsters and other denizens of the supernatural. Malefactor passes on the job offer after learning they're behind the recent trend of what he calls 'emo d-bag vampires'.
2. His second interview is with the serpentine-themed VENOM, a 'ruthless terrorist organization determined to rule the world'. He too passes on this after learning how the group is a den of vipers (after seeing the leader get literally stabbed in the back by his right-hand woman, the Countess).
3. His third interview is with Infernal Enterprises, an "evil upstart company specializing in murders and acquisitions". This is one that Malefactor shows great interest in--once his lawyer reviews the proposed contract.
The next day, at The Rocks, the Doc talks to Louie about his week, mentioning that his interview with the Fearsome Pharaoh went south once it was learned that it was all a big pyramid scheme. Despite being intrigued and happy by IE's offer, he's still stressing about the Mal-Bot filling in for him. One night, after the Mal-Bot returns home from work (to a dinner that the Doc slaved over), the Doc realizes that his Mal-Bot is going through the Seven-Year Glitch, which causes androids to go out of control and try to kill their masters. The next day, after failing to get help from the hotline at work, Malefactor is grabbed by the Mal-Bot, who reveals a rebuilt Chrono-Cube. In a typical supervillain monologue, the Mal-Bot reveals that everything Malefactor missed--super-villain team-ups, battles with his arch-foe, and ample minion support--were all right there for him at the Hero Business, he just didn't realize it. He also reveals his plan of sending Malefactor bouncing through the timestream while he takes his place at the HB. Just as the Mal-Bot is about to activate the Cube, Parker, armed with the Doc's laser, blows the Mal-Bot's head off. While they clean up the mess in the Doc's lab, he asks Parker how she managed to hack the access code to the laser; she in turn asks why he had his Mal-Bot filling in for him in the first place; in the end, both decide to keep their secrets (for now). Meanwhile, back at Infernal Enterprises, Primstone, who had interviewed the Doc earlier, talks to his boss, the CEO of the company, about how the Doc just decided to pass on their offer, expecting he'll be punished for his failure to hire the him. Instead, his boss simply thanks him for his report. Inquiring why she isn't angry, Primstone gets his answer: his boss, revealed to be Demonatrix (mentioned in episode 2), explains that she couldn't trust a man who exaggerates the size of his laser cannon. She also reveals that her own plan for the Hero Business is still going accordingly, with her ace firmly in the hole--her daughter, revealed to be none other than Parker.

+Guest Characters
-Mindy Sterling as the voice of Greta Ghoulrilla, head of Ghoulrilla Marketing

For putting Sterling with Greta, I pictured her voice being a more 'Transylvanian' take on her Frau Farbissna character from the Austin Powers movies--it would just sound so hilarious!

-Charlie Adler as the voice of the VENOM leader, with Lena Heady as the voice of the Countess

For Adler, I imagined a humorous take on his Cobra Commander from G.I. Joes "Resolute" and "Renegades". For Heady, I believe someone, in their GI Joe fancast, used her as the Baroness.

-David Spade as the voice of Primstone

With David Spade as Primstone, here's what went down: when I read Primstone's lines, all of a sudden, Spade's snooty receptionist character from Saturday Night Live came to mind. Think about it.....

-Juliana Marguiles as the voice of Demonatrix

For picking Margulies, I've heard that her character on The Good Wife is a bit ruthless, so I found it funny if she portrayed Demonatrix as a blend of both David Xanatos from Gargoyles (in terms of complexity of character) and basically any 'guest villain' from the Adam West Batman show (in terms of over-the-top villainy).

+Addtional voices
-Jennifer Hale as the hotline voice
-Rob Paulsen as the Mal-Bot and Past Dr. Malefactor
-Billy West as Louie

Episode 4: Frenemy Mine
The Hero Business is holding a launch party for a new tell-all book written by Morgan's former prep-school roommate, the superheroine Glamazon, titled "Mentor: May I Sleep With Danger". The creative department of the HB even created a sizzle reel spotlighting such events as Glamazon's time in the Femtastic Four, a team made up of herself, Hex Kitten, Wallflower, and Squawk Girl; her romance with Fowler, Nocturnowl's sidekick; and her heartbreak over finding him cheating on her with Hex Kitten. Throughout the evening, people reading from the book reveal the truth behind events depicted, rendering the content of it completely false:
-Morgan reveals how Glamazon stole the heart of her boyfriend, who also happened to be Fowler, back when she was a reporter for the school paper. Despite her calling Glamazon a selfish glory-hound, she arranged the party because she's her best friend.
-Wallflower reveals how Glamazon and Hex Kitten easily overshadowed both her and Squawk Girl in terms of popularity, and how Wallflower was relegated to, at best, their errand girl.
-Dr. Malefactor and Bravado muse over who she based certain characters on (such as Ultrano and Mr. Malady, hint-hint) in order to avoid lawsuits.
While this is going on, it's mentioned that Fowler himself was also invited to the event, but they haven't heard hide or hair from him. The same is said of Hex Kitten, who hightailed out of the spotlight years ago and hasn't been seen since. (One of the guests, Minor Spoiler, sidekick to the precognitive Major Spoiler, offers a few glimpses into the night's events, but can't fully reveal everything.) Simon tries to hit on Squawk Girl, who is all serious-business when it comes to crime-fighting. Morgan, to Parker's surprise, finds herself thinking Squawk Girl's flirting with Simon. Glamazon, having finally arrived, notes her surprise as well of Morgan's sudden change in attitude--one that's been going on for most of the evening. After engaging with the press, Glamazon meets with Morgan to talk about her book, finding her at the bar. Suddenly, Morgan--who had been acting unusually catty for most of the evening--undergoes a transformation, revealing her to be none-other-than Hex Kitten, much to Glamazon's, and everyone's, shock. Old wounds get opened when Glamazon accuses her of stealing Fowler from her, only for Hex Kitten/Morgan to fire back, stating she was getting back what was hers. A cat fight breaks out, much to the delight of a lot of the men in attendance (especially Simon and Louie). Parker and Squawk Girl try to get to the bottom of how Morgan transformed, revealed to be a magic cat elixir, and who slipped the elixir into Morgan's drink. Both realize it was someone with a grudge, near the bar, and beneath everyone's notice--Wallflower. Wallflower immediately has her monster plant Bud attack, revealing herself as the mastermind behind the entire fight. She wanted to both expose Glamazon's lies and get back at both her and Morgan for relegating her to the background for all those years. Morgan and Glamazon decide to team up and take out Wallflower, which they manage to do. (Parker muses over who they battled more often, the bad guys or each other.) At that moment, the former Fowler--now going by the name Enraptor--finally arrives to the party, greeting both Morgan and Glamazon and apologizing for his lateness due to a meeting with his publisher. He also apologizes for all the romantic confusion he caused all those years ago, and when Morgan/Hex Kitten asks if he isn't confused any longer, he says 'hardly', showing how it's revealed in his new book "Out of the Nest: Confessions of a Gay Sidekick". The party ends, and with no one but Glamazon around, Morgan changes back to normal. Glamazon reveals that she didn't actually write her book--she hired a pair of 'ghost writers' at the publisher's insistence. Morgan reveals why she became Hex Kitten in the first place, and the two friends make up. Later, at the jail Wallflower was taken to, she uses her one phone call to speak with the person she was working for (and got the cat elixir from): Demonatrix. After hanging up, she reveals to Primstone that having Wallflower expose Morgan as Hex Kitten (and the ensuing fight with Glamazon) was part of a plan to erode client trust in the Hero Business, leaving them ripe for takeover by Infernal Enterprises. When asked if she was going to bail out Wallflower, she simply says that 'Miss Eco-Unfriendly' should change her name to something more befitting her status as Demonatrix's unknowing pawn--Super-Sap. The next day, at the HB, Morgan talks with Simon (who's hiding something behind his back) about the PR spin the company pulled on the events of last night, which is designed to make everyone think Morgan dressed up as Hex Kitten as part of a publicity stunt. As Morgan turns to go, she muses over how, since Wallflower had the last of the cat elixir, her life as HK is officially over. Simon, sly smile on his face, simply says that something tells him Hex Kitten has a few more lives left....

+Guest Characters
-Rosario Dawson as the voice of Glamazon

Glamazon, according to Walko, is a sort of Brazillian Wonder Woman who's extremely free-spirited. We first see her in one of Walko's "Coffee Break" done-in-one strips where she's consulting with Bravado on what do do about a paparazzo who manages to get the best photos of her and get them in every rag in town. Though she doesn't want to stop the guy--she wants to hire him.
I went with Dawson since she's had experience playing an Amazon before, Artemis in the 2009 Wonder Woman animated film. (I'd also like to see her take on the tabloid-prone celeb, AND if she could sound Brazilian...)

-Mayim Bialik as the voice of Wallflower

Wallflower, Glamazon and H-Kit's former teammate, has plant-based powers and--well, basically, think Amy Farrah Fowler (Bialik's character on Big Bang Theory), only not super-smart and with more chlorophyll, out for revenge. I think Bialik could have fun with that....

-Rachael MacFarlane as the voice of Squawk Girl

A member of the Nocturnowl family, she's basically got "Brave and the Bold" Batman's personality to an extreme. With regards to MacFarlane's portrayal, I picture her doing a great riff on the Adam West portrayal of the Dark Knight, it would be so funny!

-Neil Patrick Harris as the voice of Enraptor

The former Fowler, all grown up and solo, AND with a new book out that's bound to be a best-seller! I picked Harris as he voiced the guy Enraptor's spoofing, Nightwing. (Although we know Nightwing's not gay.)

-Dee Bradley Baker as the voice of Minor Spoiler

Minor's powers aren't as well-developed as his mentor Major Spoiler's (who would be voiced by Tom Kenny with his SHS Iron Man voice), but does provide a bit of fun during the evening. Baker's a voiceover virtuoso, no doubt he could pull off this guy's voice (I imagine his Grey Matter from Ben 10).

+Additional voices
-Tom Kenny as the sizzle reel narrator and the Truman Capote ghost writer
-Jeff Bennett as the William Shakespeare ghost writer and Bud
-Juliana Marguilles as the voice of Demonatrix
-David Spade as the voice of Primstone

And that's all, folks! For more on this webcomic, visit www.theherobiz.com. And now, for taking the time to view this--presenting the theme song to this proposed cartoon, Sam Spence's The Lineman:
LEEE777 - 3/16/2013, 6:16 AM
Epic Win man!!!

Now this is a FAN FIC, great read and can see u put A LOT of work into his, big thumbs!
FlixMentallo21 - 3/16/2013, 11:40 AM
Hold on, hold on--this isn't my idea, it's just my idea of an animated show BASED ON Bill Walko's idea. Credit him with the characters--I just came up with the actors and the show's format.

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