Poll:Witchblade Sara Pezzini (TopCow/Image) vs Buffy The Vampire Slayer (Darkhorse)

Poll:Witchblade Sara Pezzini (TopCow/Image) vs Buffy The Vampire Slayer (Darkhorse)

The choice is up to you.

Powers and Abilities

Since the Witchblade is male, it requires a female host. The Witchblade is the only one who decides who is worthy of bonding with it. However, even if it has chosen the host, if the wielder becomes unworthy of the Witchblade, it will cut off their right arm. The Witchblade can revive the dead and also relive the previous experiences of its current wielder. While it is inactive, the Witchblade would look like a heavy jewel encrusted bracelet. It is worn on the right wrist. While active, it wraps itself around the host’s body while tearing up their clothing. It becomes a body armor and weapon at the same time. The amount of armor that comes out of the Witchblade to protect the host will always depend on the level of threat. For example, if the host is fighting a mere mortal, there will be less armor wrapped around the host. But if the host is fighting enemies at the level of demons, it will form more armor to protect its host. The Witchblade can form many different types of weapons. It can form swords, shields, and wings. The Witchblade can also shoot energy blasts and other projectiles. Also it has the ability to shoot a whip-like chain that enables the user to climb. It is one of the 13 artifacts.

Powers and Abilities

Mystical protection — After becoming leader to the activated Slayers, Xander comments that Buffy has some degree of mystical protection over her now, at least while she sleeps. To that end, her protection means even daggers split apart so as not to pierce her skin.
Mystical link with Willow — Buffy's connection to Willow is now so strong, that even when unconscious, Willow's consciousness can at will channel an amount of her power through Buffy.

Temporary powers

Buffy has had possession of other abilities for brief periods of time:
Telepathy — In high school, Buffy received an aspect of a demon that she killed, and gained the ability to hear the thoughts of others (although not vampires, which leave no reflection in the mind). She became unable to control all of the thoughts in her head, so Angel killed a second demon of this type and fed her a potion containing the demon's heart, stopping the ability altogether.

Enjoining spell — In order to defeat Adam, Buffy became the focus of a complex spell that drew on the pure source of the Slayer's power and briefly gave her the combined abilities of Xander, Willow, and Giles. She became faster, stronger and had magical abilities. For example, she telekinetically stopped Adam's bullets in the air and turned a missile into a dove. She was able to punch through Adam's armored hide and rip out his radioactive uranium power core without ill effects. Immediately after Buffy defeated the nearly invincible Adam, the spell faded.

Invisibility — Shortly after her resurrection, Buffy was accidentally rendered invisible by the Trio. At first, she enjoyed her new ability, before she learned that her life was in danger. Willow reverses the effects when she gets a hold of the Trio's gun.

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Denn1s - 2/16/2012, 12:51 PM
sara is hotter and more powerful... team withcblade

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