"PunisherMAX: Bullseye" A Marvel Universe Original Animated Film

"PunisherMAX: Bullseye" A Marvel Universe Original Animated Film

A Fancast for a animated adaption of the story arc by Jason Aaron and Steve Dillon.

Took a bit, but here's yet another Marvel Animation Universe Film fancast, this time one for Jason Aaron and Steve Dillon's "PunisherMAX" story arc "Bullseye". Why another Punisher one? Cause i happen to be a fan of character. This would be the most darkest and grittier one of the MAUF due to it being based off of something from the MAX imprint, which would mean this would end up being released UNRATED along with a edited PG-13 version of the movie. The art style and story would be a perfect adaption of the arc, which in the movie begins at the end bit of the "Kingpin" arc, with Kingpin being told about Bullseye and end at the beginning of the "Frank" arc with Punisher in the prison jail. The cover art for the Blu-Ray and DVD would be either done by Steve Dillon or Dave Johnson.

All right, let's do this sh*t.

Clancy Brown as the voice of Frank Castle/The Punisher

Reason i went for Clancy than Thomas Jane here is cause i picture Clancy Brown's voice more suitable for Aaron's Punisher universe than Ennis' universe, which would be voiced by Jane. But hey, still would be awesome to hear Punisher talk with Clancy's voice.

Bill Hader as the voice of Shelton Penderglass/Bullseye

Swear i hear one "Oh no, he's casting a comedian" comment. XD Anyway, Hader would be actually great as Bullseye as he's played and voiced creepy sounding people before, like on SNL and he could do crazy good here. So i stand by my choice here.

John Ryhs-Davies as the voice of Wilson Fisk/The Kingpin

Well i can say there's no need to explain this choice, plus he's played Kingpin before in "The Trial Of The Incredible Hulk", so he'd be reprising the role!

Edward Asner as the voice of Dr. William Bayer

I blame him doing voicework in "Up" and "The Boondocks" for this choice, plus Ed Anser just kicks ass. Only in it for three scenes, but it works out.

Hank Azaria as the voice of Sgt. Dulohery

Sorry about the giant images. I simply went with this casting as... Well, it's Hank Azaria, come on! Plus he'd do perfect as Dulohery.

April Stewart as the voice of Vanessa Fisk

If you watched some of the newer South Park episodes, you'd know April does almost half of the female character's voices in the show and know she does a damn good job. That's why i cast her as Vanessa Fisk here.
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Axelbratoski - 12/9/2011, 11:10 AM
Mmmmm... what about Clancy as Kingpin?
hobohaymaker13 - 12/9/2011, 11:28 AM
I actually did think of that... But then i seen "Trial Of..." in my brother's DVD collection and am like "I know who i wanna choose!"... Plus i picked Clancy as Punisher before Kingpin... Sorry.
FlixMentallo21 - 12/9/2011, 3:19 PM
You did good adding Ed Asner, since he's had Marvel animation experience. On the 90's Spider-Man cartoon, he was the voice of J. Jonah Jameson, and on The Spectacular Spider-Man, he voiced Uncle Ben.

BTW, is this the same Bullseye who's been tormenting Daredevil for years?
hobohaymaker13 - 12/9/2011, 5:56 PM
Thanks dude, thought Ed would be perfect anyway.

And HELL NO, this Bullseye makes the regular Bullseye look like a Disney Princess in the tormenting/crazy department. In order to think like Frank, he kidnapped a woman and her son and daughter to reenact that day in Central Park... Let's just say it took FOUR families to see it didn't work.
FlixMentallo21 - 12/9/2011, 10:26 PM
Wow, now THAT is torture. What's your next Punisher fancast? And I hope at some point down the line, you try your hand at the '86 miniseries--that was his first solo title, after all...
hobohaymaker13 - 12/10/2011, 11:24 AM

Trust me when i say i would, but i don't have that one, i would, but sorry. But i may try out my hand on a DC comics one. Shall wait and see kiddies! :Cue evil laugh:

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