Spiderman 3: What should have been

Spiderman 3: What should have been

With "The Amazing Spiderman" right around the corner, I was thinking back to Spiderman 3 and what a disappointment it was. It had potential to be so great, or at least on par with the previous films. I'm pumped from the new take, but still have problems with 3 that I can't forget. So I listed something's I would have changed. (There are some major changes and new plots would have to be worked out, but it's just a rough idea.) Let me hear your ideas.

1) Intro scene should have had shuttle crashing with Spiderman saving John Jameson and crew while getting attached to symbiote

2) More Spiderman- less Peter. First fight scene should have shown him change into costume while fighting Harry

3) In first fight, it is believed that Harry dies in a pumpkin bomb, but suit is turned golden orange (hence Hobgoblin)

4) Missing Spider sense (and explanation why Venom didn’t trigger it)

5) More emphasis on symbiote turning Spiderman violent, aggressive, thrill junkie

6) More emphasis on Sandman stealing money for medicine, and Harry using this to blackmail Sandman for final fight scene

7) Spiderman and symbiote dual personalities/styles should have been countered by Harry and Norman dual personalities (shown by Harry always seeing/talking to Norman is reflections like in 90s cartoon)

8) Harry kills Gwen in the end, which Brock blames Spiderman for, thus motivation for hate on Spiderman and Peter

9) Spiderman ditched the suit after he kills Harry because he realized what he has done and Harry was just as “crazy”/conflicted by the goblin gas/Norman as Peter was because of the black suit

10) Final scene should have been symbiote leaving Peter and attaching to Brock in the church
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AC1 - 12/13/2011, 1:52 PM
Why does the pumpkin bomb turn Harry's costume orange? Apart from that, not bad, but I'm looking forward to Amazing Spider-Man now.
blackspider57 - 12/13/2011, 1:56 PM
Sorry, not orange. More like he was wearing the original GG costume from 1, but it gets warped and colour gets stained from the fire of the explosion.

Many people had a problem with "New Goblin", so maybe a tie in of Hob Goblin (even if not true to the comics) would have pleased more people.
joeker - 12/13/2011, 2:31 PM
shouldnt of had sandman in at all, i like sandman ineteresting character but just concentrated on venom & only had harry as back drop to leave open for a forth or at best as you said a fight at the beginning and thats it & could of spent the rest of the film dealing with it, no Gwen too far gone in the series to just randomly drop her & agreed with more spiderman less peter parker & no aunt may just MJ
Vadakin - 12/13/2011, 5:42 PM
They should have just used the basics of the animated series version of Venom. Imagine opening the film with Spidey saving a space shuttle piloted by Jameson Jr, and being covered in the symbiote. Would have been an awesome opening.

I wouldn't have had the ending be the symbiote leaving Peter but I would have had it happen i the same night. Let Peter go through all his bad stuff, rip the costume off and then leave, not knowing that Eddie is there. The symbiote would fall on Eddie who would be knocked out. The finale would then have blue and red suited Spidey taking down the villain (Harry or Sandman or whoever), saving MJ and/or Gwen. The film ends with the traditional swinging through the city, this time at night...credits.

Then...fade back in on the church...Eddie wakes up...he transforms into Venom and the credits start up again.

Then the next film would be straight out of the animated series with Eddie stalking Spider-Man, making his life a living hell. Showing up at his house for tea with Aunt May. Attempting to expose him to the worlds media. Peter is trying to get his life back on track and deal with Eddie, who is being consumed by the symbiote. None of this anti-hero crap. Make Venom like....well, make him like Khan from Star Trek II. He can't let go of his anger and will see it through to the end.
Mrcool210 - 12/14/2011, 9:37 AM
wasnt peters spider sense missing in the film anyways? he should have been anble to dodge harry when harry came after him
blackspider57 - 12/14/2011, 10:20 AM
Yes, I should have put "missing Spider sense?". It definitely should have been in the film. Such as when Harry Scooped him from his scooter.

But I was also indicating that they should have at least explained in some way to the audience that Venom does not trigger the Spider sense (when Venom smashes Spiderman through the cab MJ is strung up in, or when he zip lines down and grabs Spiderman by the face unexceptionably).
Name - 12/14/2011, 12:28 PM
Its easy with hindsight, even The Dark knight doesnt impress everyone.
ThaMessenger07 - 12/14/2011, 3:18 PM
nice, I would have never thought of it that way. My version completely alters the film yours is the proper adjustment. Good job!
jjmeylar - 12/14/2011, 6:21 PM
I'd have had Harry capture John Jameson and make it look like Spidey had a part in it. This would give J. J. J. a reason to hire a private investigator ((Mac Gargan)) to try to figure out WHO Spidey is. Mac would have trouble keeping up and so Jameson pays for him to undergo a process that turns him into the Scorpion. In the end: I'd have a three-way fight between Harry ((who is dressed only SLIGHTLY differently from his father)), Peter, and Gargan.

It would make Harry more sinister. I mean: breaking up a romance? THAT was his big plan? THAT is how he was going to ruin the man who he thought killed his father? NO WAY! He would want to turn the entire city against him in a way that nobody had ever done before! He'd want to desecrate the image of Spider-Man and leave Peter Parker crying in a corner with nowhere to run. He'd KILL Aunt May. He'd KILL Mary Jane. He'd take away EVERYTHING that Peter loved. He'd probably even attack the university that Peter goes to.
Christuffer - 12/15/2011, 12:45 AM
Two words:
More Venom
darkknightmare2012 - 12/16/2011, 1:17 PM
@ name
shut your damn mouth .. no one talks about dark kinght like that !
TheHydraTakeover - 5/6/2012, 3:55 PM
John Jameson should've been Venom. They built up his character in Spider-Man 2, Peter stole his fiance(MJ) and left him standing at the alter. That made him perfect for venom! He has a hatred for Peter Parker.

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