Star Wars movie idea

Star Wars movie idea

An old Star Wars movie idea I can now share thanks to developing news

Ever since I saw the Clone Wars miniseries back in 2003, I've had a cool idea that has just been made better over the years. For the first few mini episodes of that series, there was a really cool character named Fordo. He's the guy that wears red armor. Anyway, I've always loved that character and have wanted him to have more glory than just a couple of minutes in a long forgotten cartoon. I thought I may finally have a chance to see him in the new Clone Wars TV Show, but he has not been featured and I don't think he will be. Long story short my idea is the following:

Right before Sidious executed Order 66, a Jedi master leading a squad of clone troopers has a premonition about it and changes his clone trooper's radio frequencies to an unknown channel. Thus, this special group of clone ARC troopers (led by Fordo) never became traitors. Over the years, this Jedi, Fordo, and the rest of the ARC troopers have tried to evade the Galactic Empire (with Darth Vader, Sidious, Stormtroopers, etc) but by the time of the end of Return of the Jedi, Fordo and two other clone troopers (to be named) are the only survivors. My movie idea would be to place these 3 clone troopers at the fore front with some supporting cast included. This Star Wars would take place 2 years after Return of the Jedi, with us getting to see a post-Darth Vader universe. If you like this general idea, I can post some potential "rough" concept art, more character information, story outline, etc. If you think this idea is great or terrible, just tell me. Please comment!

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comicNERD1031 - 10/30/2012, 6:00 PM
cool idea, i often wonder why more of the "Jedi" didn't see order 66 coming.

I would love to see a movie about Boba growing up without his dad in a completely new universe than what his father expected. And how he becomes the best Bounty Hunter in the galaxy.
BB52 - 10/30/2012, 6:36 PM
I was going to do something like that, but I figured that another prequel wouldn't be the right way to go for the triumphant return of Star Wars. I'd much rather see the story go forward.
GuardianDevil - 10/31/2012, 12:44 AM
Cool stuff, you should post some more storyline, concept art etc. But I'm not sure a movie though, maybe a novel or a video game, either way i would like to see more.
Oxbow - 11/11/2012, 9:22 PM
make this a comic would work well and be cheaper to mame than a movie. I hope you post more about this! ^ ^

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