Idea for the story of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 3.

Here is an idea that I put together for the story for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 3 to complete the trilogy and make everything canon for Episode 4, enjoy!

The Rogue Shadow heads to a hyperspace point where some of the Rebel Fleet is meeting before going to Dantooine. As they arrive and prepare to dock with the main rebel cruiser, Boba Fett and the evil clone, shown in the darkside ending, fly in Slave 1 and attack the Rogue Shadow which is stuck floating in space. The pair have also contacted the Imperial Fleet and given them the Rebel fleet’s coordinates. The Imperial Fleet arrives and decimates the Rebel capital ships, while Fett and the evil clone board the Rogue Shadow and rescue Vader. While rescuing Vader, the evil clone kills Kota and Juno and destroys Proxy while only wounding Starkiller and leaving him for dead.

Starkiller is later found in the heavily damaged Rogue Shadow floating in space and is brought to Dantooine and nursed back to health. He is greatly grieved over the deaths of Juno and Kota and swears revenge on the evil clone, vowing to pursue him across the galaxy and kill him. He postpones this and helps the Rebels in their fight against the Empire, as well as constructing a double bladed lightsaber.

The Rebels learn that the Mon Calamari known as Ackbar, who will later be an Admiral in the Rebel Fleet, and Madine, a future General in the Alliance, have infiltrated the Imperial Palace with a squad of Rebel soldiers to gain information on Imperial secrets, including the Death Star, but was captured and will be executed on Coruscant. The Rebels realize the importance of Ackbar and stage a daring rescue attempt. The Rebel Fleet orbits Coruscant, while troops and ground speeders attack The Imperial Palace. Starkiller helps to lead the assault and fights many imperials. While on Coruscant, Starkiller searches for the evil clone but cannot locate him and Starkiller is angered when he is forced to stop his search to help evacuate Ackbar and the rest of the Rebels off of the planet. However, Starkiller finds Vader, who is shocked to see that Starkiller survived the attack on the Rogue Shadow and duels with him. He sees that the dark side is growing in him and tries to manipulate Starkiller into joining forces with him stating that they must destroy the evil clone, as he claims the evil clone was not ordered to kill Juno or Kota and has gone insane. What Starkiller doesn’t know is that the evil clone felt remorse over what he did and decided to turn his back on the dark side, stealing an imperial shuttle after landing on Coruscant and become a recluse on a remote planet somewhere in the galaxy. However, Starkiller flees the duel to help escort the Rebel squad protecting Ackbar and Madine that has been cornered by the Imperials in the Imperial Senate building on the way to the evacuation point. Starkiller becomes vicious when attacking Imperials and kills anyone who gets in his way, slowly falling into the dark side.

After the battle, Ackbar tells the Rebels that the Death Star plans are on Danuta, but it is more heavily protected than Coruscant, so they will need more ships and weapons before attacking. An assault is lead on the shipyards on Turkana to acquire these items and Starkiller once again assists in the invasion. He is very reckless and risks the lives of citizens on Turkana by unnecessarily blowing up the shipyard on Turkana, which is not far from Turkanan villages. It is at this time that the force ghost of Rahm Kota visits Starkiller and warns him to turn back from the dark side and not let his hate consume him and realize that there is good in him that can be used to free the galaxy from the Empire. Starkiller is then haunted by visions of the evil clone killing Juno and Kota. The Rebel leaders then go to another secret rebel base on Polis Massa to pick up Bail Organa, Mon Mothma, and Garm Bel Iblis. However, Imperials come to the base and Starkiller must help the Rebel fleet evacuate safely and help ground forces hold off the Imperials.

After escaping the Imperials, Starkiller, Kyle Katarn, and others go to Danuta to acquire the Death Star plans, but only find half of the plans. After the success of acquiring half of the Death Star plans, the Rebels decide to destroy an important Imperial base on Tatooine that oversees the Outer Rim territories, as well as building Imperial vehicles and ships. Before the Rebels reach the base to attack, they send Starkiller and a squad to gather information on the base. Starkiller’s gunship gets caught in a sandstorm and crashes by the Dune Sea and the Jundland Wastes.

Starkiller is the only one to survive and is rescued by Owen Lars and a young Luke Skywalker who find him, while examining moisture evaporators and bring him back to the farm to nurse him back to health and to give him food and water. Starkiller is thankful for their kindness and sets off to find the Imperial Base. Along the way, Starkiller brutally murders Tusken Raiders for food and water after his scarce supplies run out. Rahm Kota’s spirit once again comes to Starkiller and tells him to seek out Obi-Wan Kenobi to help train him in the ways of a true jedi. Starkiller finds Kenobi, who seeks to help turn Starkiller from the darkside and starts to train him in the ways of a Jedi. Starkiller is once again haunted by visions of the evil clone and sees the future of the Rebels being slaughtered in the attack on the Imperial Base. He stops his training short and leaves, asking Kenobi to come with him. Obi-Wan states that he has a more important duty to attend to (looking after Luke) and wishes Starkiller farewell, while warning him to stay away from the dark side, as it will destroy him.

Starkiller returns to the Rebels and helps in the attack on the Imperial base. Afterwards, Starkiller goes to Alderaan to state that he is leaving the rebellion to pursue the evil clone. Bail Organa, Leia, Mon Mothma, Garm Bel Iblis, and the others try to sway Starkiller from this decision, but he has made up his mind. Starkiller decides to go to Nar Shaddaa, which is a planet full of smugglers and bounty hunters to see if he can find any information on the whereabouts of the evil clone.

Starkiller tortures many smugglers and bounty hunters and finally receives the information that the evil clone is hiding out on Mustafar. Boba Fett finds out that Starkiller has gone to Mustafar from the smugglers and gives the information to Darth Vader, who also travels to Mustafar. On Mustafar, Starkiller finds the evil clone, but the evil clone, has left the empire and the dark side, and has been living as a recluse and training himself to become a Jedi. However, Starkiller has embraced the dark side and brutally attacks the evil clone. There is a tremendous fight and both are extremely skilled in the ways of the Force and the use of the lightsaber. Light sabers lock, lightning is shot back and forth, and the clones push each other with the Force frequently, while destroying the environments around them. Starkiller then defeats the other clone, who is now a jedi, and has the opportunity to strike him down.

Non Canon/Canon (Good Side Ending)- Starkiller is about to strike the other clone down, but the other clone begs for forgiveness and pleads with Starkiller to turn from the darkside as he has. The ghost of Rahm Kota also intervenes and begs him not to strike the other clone down. But before he strikes the blow, Kento Marek, the father of Starkiller appears, as well and tells his son that he loves him despite what he has become and pleads with him not to kill the other clone. Starkiller is touched by his father’s words and realizes that he has become a monster. He decides to not strike down the other clone and both leave the planet before Vader arrives, who later is called to intercept the Tantive IV after reaching Mustafar, and both work together to help destroy the Empire, as well as celebrating with Luke, Leia, Han, Chewie, and Lando on Endor in Episode 6, while the ghosts of Rahm Kota, Obi Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, Kento Marek, and Yoda look on and they all express that there are proud of the clones. The ghost of the original Starkiller also appears and states that he is proud of his “brothers” as well and loves them dearly.

Non Canon/Canon (Dark Side Ending)-Starkiller strikes down the evil clone and embraces the dark side completely, swearing to be a Sith Lord. Darth Vader arrives on the planet to try and reclaim his apprentice, but Starkiller proclaims that he will supersede Vader and the Emperor both and rule the galaxy. The gamer then becomes Vader and another tremendous battle is fought. Vader then uses all of his power and skill, and shows that he is actually stronger than Starkiller at this point and utterly destroys Starkiller. Vader then leaves Mustafar and swears to never have another apprentice ever again. He later receives a transmission that the Tantive IV has received the complete Death Star plans from the rebels and is headed to Tatooine. He docks with his Star Destroyer and goes into hyperspace, later arriving in orbit of Tattooine and fires upon the Tantive IV.

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Osiris - 11/2/2010, 11:58 PM
1. you should put spoilers in this somewhere, some people have only beat the light side.

and 2. why is this in news and not fanfic.

good job other wise btw
Vafrous - 11/3/2010, 4:15 AM
I think that this is brilliant...
LEEE777 - 11/3/2010, 8:59 AM
Yeah peolpe might actually think its happening being in NEWS lol! ; p

Good work tho dude!

Thumbs up.
feramere - 11/4/2010, 3:57 PM
i have to say that this is pretty impressive. i thought of a story for the third game but this one is a lot more detailed. but one thing there should only be one ending because this has to be the last one, they have to end the series eventually and having two endings always leaves a cliff hanger. i like the one where Starkiller turns bad and Vader kills him. because its a great way to end the story of Starkiller. but the two endings could work. i don't really know but other then that great job. =)
feramere - 11/4/2010, 4:03 PM
oh yeah and before i forget i heard that they are making a DLC for tfu 2 that adds a few more levels and more costumes. it takes place after the good ending and shows that the bad apprentice is on the rouge shadow at the end and something happens i don't really know. but they said that this "DLC" is already on the game disk but you need a code to unlock that you need to buy. i think that making somebody buy something that you already spent money on is stupid (which i bought the collectors one that cost $80). but i thought the idea is pretty cool. =D i hope it comes out soon because i really want it.
anonymous - 11/4/2010, 6:15 PM
Thanks guys!
@ feramere, where did you here about that? That's very interesting, is the DLC just for PC or Xbox 360 and PS3 too? I agree though, it sucks you'd have to pay for the ending.
feramere - 11/24/2010, 7:41 PM
UPDATE: okay well i went on and the first thing that came up was a level on Endor for 1 dollar in December. =)

check it out
Dixonjt89 - 1/8/2011, 1:00 AM
i have two problems with this:

1) If you read the challenge notes, you would know that Starkiller actually is Starkiller...not a clone. It says that Vader found Starkiller after TFU and nursed him to health between TFU and TFU2...when he came to, that's when Vader tried to convince him and you(the audience) that he was a clone. Plus starkiller says this himself when he visits Vader in the light side ending, and states he can't be a clone because of free will. Also, Vader lies...*GASP* he told Starkiller that the cloning process had not been perfect because he was trying to brainwash him. So obviously he lied about saying he was a clone.

2) Thus meaning, eventually, Starkiller will die...and so will his clone. So i hate ur light side ending...but ur darkside ending would be very nice, I just don't think it will be a dark thing that he does that will get him killed...i think he'll ultimately sacrifice himself for juno at vader's hands AFTER he destroys his clone.
SpeedyJoo - 5/11/2011, 7:19 PM
I think its a very cool story there are a few technicalities as some of the other comments state but thats why they put erasers on pencils or delete buttons on keypads,
its a good story you just need to do a little more research to connect it with TFU2
snaxnb - 5/28/2011, 1:14 AM
i dont think you can kill off starkiller... he is stronger then vader and the emperor so there is no way you can do it without being lame. the clone should chase them down, starkiller is knocked out by a suprise attack by the clone, then kato sacrifices himself so juno can get starkiller to safety. blah blah blah a bunch of fun shit the clone break vader out., then starkiller tries find his clone to stop his murderous rampage and fight vader and the clone. but starkiller is told by kato to visit yoda on degoba, yoda tells him of luke and the princess and their destiny, and that it is not his destiny to kill vader but to become a jedi master and continue yodas teaching in the ways of the force, he goes anyways. he fights vader and the clone, but knows in the end killing will only lead him down the wrong path as yoda said, so he lowers his gaurd.and so does the clone out of respect which suprises and angers vader. vader then cuts the clones head off from behind for his weakness and starkiller injures vader out of anger but still restrains himself. he taells vader "your fait is not in my hands" and leaves him laying defenseless. to ensure that he doesnt encounter vader again he goes into exile with juno and builds his knowledge of the force and become a jedi master. then pans ahead to him emerging after the destruction of the empire to join luke in spreadin the light side of the force.
nick3ification - 6/7/2011, 1:11 AM
awesome effort with this story!
great idea with the double lightsaber. i would though, maybe make the death of juno and kota happen a touch later, it still is important to kill them though (i also thought the same thing). as someone else mentioned, luke skywalker has a friend called starkiller in the new hope, maybe juno has a baby which is hidden on tatooine as well (?). the idea of putting in akbar and other key figures was genious. maybe adding something like the evil clone pretending to be starkiller and infiltrating somewhere would be interesting. I do think that killing starkiller either way (evil or good ending) is important unless lucasart is going to make another game (which is unlikely).
TheDutchman - 6/30/2011, 11:43 AM
As already stated above the evil clone must die because he just is the evil himself. Also I think that Juno shouldnt die but be taken prisoner by Fett.
Then starkiller gets heald blah blah and during a rebel mission he sees Fett and attacks him.
Then he is taken to Juno but when he wants to kill Fett Juno tells him that he shouldnt because that will be another step closer to the dark side.
The evil clone on Mustafer sounds epic (final battle on Mustafar), but while fighting him Starkiller gets hit and can be struck down. Thats where Juno intervenes and gets murdered. Starkiller, now in rage by the death of Juno, finishes of the evil clone. But after that Starkiller feels that the dark side is still inside him and he knows that it will never fade.. Then the spirit of Kota arrives asking him to join him, Starkiller refuses because he wants to kill Vader and Darth Sidious for what they both have done to him.. Then Starkillers fathers' ghost arrives and asks him the same thing, he also tells him his true name: Galen Marek (really is true name, not one of my own fantasy's :P). Then Galen is told that if he is going after Vader and The Emperor he will be consumed by the Dark Side again and there will be no safing him after that.
Now Galen is going to join them but will first inform the Rebel Alliance about his plan and 'calls' them by using a computer with holo-technology thing:P.
They agree and give their eternal thanks for what he haves done for the Alliance. After that he wants to jump in the lava to end his life and suddenly Juno's spirit shows up. Surprised by the fact that only those connected to the force are allowed to live the eternal life as a ghost. Then Kota explains that she in fact was connected to the force but she never knew.. Now Galen is ready and Juno tells him, by his real name, that they now can live on forever in Peace.

after that maybe some connection to episode IV but wont be nessecary.
Alse I don't agree with the double bladed sabre because Galen's fighting style doesn't fit a double bladed sabre.
For the rest your story is great!:D
tfufanfanatic - 7/6/2011, 2:22 PM
here is my version of what would happen in tfu3

several months after the events of tfu2, the rebels have completed the interogation of vader and have found out that the empire is almost completed the construction of the death star, but they do not know where it is or what its weak points are, but they have also discovered that they're is top secret information hidden at the ship yards of danuta and the rebels will have to fight for it. athis time juno reveals to you that she is pregnant with his child. the rebels then prepare to excecute vader, but at the last moment slaveI and a bunch of star destroyers recover vader and force the rebels to flee, in the process the imperials capture juno and kill kota. starkiller is enraged by this and vows to recapture juno and to tople the empire. humiliated, the alliance decides that they must retaliate they're plan is to land starkiller and a group of elite rebel soldiers on corusant to assasinate the emperor. they excecute the operation but eventualy starkiller finds himself face to face with emperor, they dual but star killer evntually gains the upper hand and can strike him down, the emperor reveals that he is not actually a clone but the original and that vader wiped his memeory after so many failed atempts at cloning him. for a moment star killer relents and the emperor throws him out a window and into a freefall, but proxy flys in and rescues him at the last moment. star killer decides to get the info on the death star on his own, proxy flyshim there and fights his way throgh hoards of storm troopers he secures the info while in the process , obliterating the entire ship yard. he delivers the info to the closest rebel ship, the tantive IV, he also delivers a message saying that he's decided to seperate from the alliance. he then has a vision from kota that juno is on mustafar he thanks him and flys to musatfar to find the evil clone in his path. after an awesome battle and nearly the entire ore plant has been destroyed he throws the clone into the lava. he frees juno and says that he has had enough killing and war for and war for a life time, she admits the same and they jump into hyperspace vowing to protect there child and to never take another life ever again.

Bleachknight1 - 7/10/2011, 8:43 AM
I actually found this quite good, though I did find some things that need pointing out to everyone. Firstly, when you unlock the second to last cinematic by completing challenges, it shows DV showing Starkiller a body, he asks "Is this?" which DV replies with a yes. Even if DV is lying about that actually being the originals body, cloning Jedi has been proven possible, as shown in Star Wars Battlefront for the DS, where you play as a clone of a Jedi, note that they were created around the time of the beginning of the clone wars. Another thing I noticed was for the light side ending, I believe you should adjust it so it doesn't lap over with them celebrating with everyone at the battle of Endor, keep it canon as possible, other then that, really good!
50psp - 7/10/2011, 8:28 PM
Dude you read my mind of Starkiller helping stealing the Death Star plans. You should really be a movie writer, or a game creator, the double bladed lightsaber could really get gamers attention, it got mine. But this is what I would have done in your story version:
1. I wouldn't kill PROXY
2. The Rougue Shadow would have crashed, without being entirely destroyed, in a Planet nearby, so the clone can actually leave Starkiller for dead.
3. Light Side Ending: I would have got both Starkiller and clone helping steal the other half of the Death Star plans, but you know, I would have make them sacrifice themselves to save Leia. But, why would they sacrifice themselves or, in their case, how? If one Starkiller could beat the Emperor, imagine two.
4. Starkiller was never a clone in the force unleashed 2.
5. I would get Marris Brood as a boss again and then have Starkiller to finally kill her.
6. Dark Side Ending: Starkiller kills the clone and Vader, and goes after the Emperor. DLC: Starkiller kills him and rules the galaxy.

But dude, excellent story, i like it.
nick3ification - 7/13/2011, 6:06 AM
I agree, the double lightsaber would not suit Starkiller's style, but i did like the idea of how it changed from episode to episode representing his change. That, and i have become very fond of how he weilds the two lightsabers backwards. thats awesome!
Sorry, but cant agree with Juno being taken hostage yet again. She isn't a damsel in distress style character. In the first she was protrayed as a strong female role, and in the second it was convenient for her to be taken, maybe not again though.

This is how i think the story should go....

Straight after the events of TFU2, Starkiller and Juno fly off into space with Vader onboard their ship. Vader rests easy and puts up little resistance as he can feel the presence of Boba Fett and the Dark Clone in pursuit. Starkiller is on edge because he can feel something but is not sure what it is. They reach their destination, with no Empire resistance, and Starkiller grows increasingly anxious at the fact the Emperor has lost his leading agent and has done nothing about it.
The Rebels carefully unload Vader and begin the interrogation, but he answers to nobody but Starkiller. He admits that there are plans for the death star on Coruscant. Kota decides he will lead a team of Rebels to take the plans, but when the plan is finally decided Boba Fett and the Dark Apprentice brake in and take Vader. A massive battle ensues, in which many Rebel troopers are killed. Starkiller and Kota survive, but Juno is mortally wounded. Vader, the Dark Clone and Fett escape. Vader later tells Fett his job is done, pays him, and the Slave1 flies away, not to been seen for the rest of the game.
Kota decides that the Emperor could discover the Rebels plans to take the Death Star plans unless they act quickly. Starkiller is torn between Juno and the mission, but is assured by Kota that she will be alive when he returns with the plans. The group heads for Coruscant at the quickest pace they can.
When they arrive at Coruscant, they move into take the plans, which are in an important Empire building in the centre of the city. They stealthily take control of the building, and then take the plans. On exit, the group is confronted by a group of Starkiller clones. Kota and Starkiller take care of the clones with ease, but as they kill the last clone, they are confronted by Vader. Vader, with the aid of a group of elite Stormtroopers kill the entire Rebel group, except Starkiller and Kota. They take Starkiller and Kota hostage and take them to the Emperor.
At a meeting in front of the Emperor, Vader declares that both jedi will be put to death unless they turn to the dark side. Both say no, and before Vader can strike them down Starkiller uses his force repulse ability to brake both himself and Kota from custody. They quickly steal back there lightsabers and fight Vader and Sidious. Both take turns at fighting the other, in two on two team style fight. When Starkiller is thrown into fighting Vader tells him that it is too late to save Juno. He goes into a rage, and begins to bring down the building with a combination of force pull and push as well as force lightning. All 4 escape as the skyscraper collapses in on itself. But as Kota and Starkiller escape to a ship, they are once again found by Sidious and Vader, and Kota is struck down by Vader while protecting Starkiller. Starkiller manages to get Kota’s body and escape on a ship back to the Rebel alliance, now floating around space planning their next move.
Starkiller returns without the plans, and vows to strike his revenge on the Empire. The leading generals in the Rebellion give Starkiller the task of rescuing Captain Ackbar, who will one day take control of the Rebellion. Starkiller is once again hesistant to leave Juno, whose condition has deteriorated, but goes on the mission anyway.
He flies to Utapau to rescue Ackbar. He encounters heavy stormtrooper resistance but manages to rescue Ackbar. As the two plan to leave, the Dark Clone confronts Starkiller and the two engage in a duel. Starkiller takes the upperhand in the battle as he wields two lightsabers and not the one that the Dark Apprentice uses. The Dark Apprentice escapes after being wounded, and Starkillers battle with him makes Starkiller once again think about whether or not he is a clone.
Ackbar is safely returned to the Rebels on their base on Altyr 5 in the Altyr system. Starkiller is joyed to see Juno’s condition has increased, and she is once again walking and talking. Starkiller discovers that the Dark Clone is hiding on Mustufar, and he travels there to kill him, with Juno. As the two land on the planet, they are attacked by the Dark Clone, who stabs Juno. The Dark Clone and Starkiller have a lengthy fight, but Starkiller asserts his dominance once again and slays the clone. The clone hurtles into the planets lava stream, never to be seen again. Starkiller runs over to see Juno, but she has a large section missing from her stomach. Starkiller holds her hand and tries to tell her everything will be alright. Juno accepts her fate, and addresses Starkiller as Galen, his jedi name, and tells him she will always love him and that she is very proud of what he has achieved for the Rebels. Starkiller accepts that she is about to die and comforts her with his final words to her, also telling her of his love for her and that he would fight for her till the end. He cries as she passes away.
Starkiller is ordered back to the Rebel base but tells Ackbar that he will not be returning, and that he has one final mission to carry out. He takes the body of Juno and flies to Kamino. Ackbar expects this, and sends out PROXY to help.
Starkiller arrives on Kamino and begins to bring apart the clone factory. A group of imperfect Starkiller clones attack Starkiller but he finishes them all off, unhurt. As he does this, Vader and Sidious watch Starkiller, before engaging him one last time. Starkiller, filled with rage and the emotions he fills towards Juno, begins to take on both Vader and Sidious at the same time. Starkiller manages to control both his anger and love, and uses both to make him incredibly strong. He manages to fight both at the same time for a lengthy period, before he is forced into submission by Vader. As Sidious is about to strike him down, PROXY appears and jumps in the way, being cut down in the process. Starkiller jumps back into the fight, filled with even more rage over the death of his robot, but keeps balance in the force and continues fighting both the Sith lords. He manages to put damage on both of the Sith lords, and in this second stage of the battle, damage has begun to be taken on the planet. Starkiller knocks Sidious through a wooden crate, and puts Vader into submission. The player gets a choice:
1. The player can strike down Vader (Dark Ending). Starkiller screams about how Vader has ruined him, destroyed everything that ever meant anything to him and that he is about to take revenge for everything on behalf of the galaxy. As he lifts both lightsabers over Vaders head, but lightning comes from the side of the screen. Starkiller drops both lightsabers and drops to the ground. Sidious keeps electrocuting him until he is on the verge of passing out. Vader lifts his lightsaber, and brings it down on Starkillers head, the screen blacking out just as it reaches Starkillers temple. Vaders laugh is heard, before he apologises to Sidious for all that the his apprentice had done and all the trouble his cloning had caused. Sidious forgives Vader, and it is not discovered whether Starkiller is a clone or not.
2. The player is given the option start the destruction of Kamino (Light Ending). When Sidious is knocked aside, Starkiller electrocutes an important electrical pylon which supplies the entire cloning plant with electricity. This causes it to start to destruct on itself. Starkiller grabs Vader, and asks if he is a clone. Vader looks at him silently then says that now they are back at the place the Empire became the first people to clone a jedi, and you were it. Starkiller lets go of Vader, and as explosions go off in the background, Vader and Sidious make for their ship, disappearing. Starkiller gathers PROXY and takes his remains back to his ship, where he spreads them out next to Junos. He lies down between both of them, not attempting to flee. He gazes to the ceiling of his ship and sees the ghosts of his father and Kota, both nodding to him. He takes one last look at PROXY and Juno, his last two friends, then shuts his eyes. The camera suddenly zooms out to a view of the whole planet, which has a large side explode, before the whole planet explodes, destroying the cloning facility and the planet.
Lordtenebrous - 7/22/2011, 4:51 PM
The only problem i have so far ( i have not read the whole thing) and by me just skiming all the comments it sounds as if no one has cought it yet is the kyle katarn because at the point in cannon he is still a storm trooper...... any comments
nick3ification - 8/19/2011, 6:48 PM
sorry, but i just cant get into the post-return of the jedi characters and stories. as cool a character as kyle kataran is, i just wouldn't be able to see him in this game. those other stories that run parallel with the series wouldn't work with this story that is trying to run in between SW3 and 4.
i just don't like those sorta stories, this game should stay as true to the original 6 movies as it possibly can, to help out those who aren't familiar with the stories of the old and new republics outside the original 6 films.
ellesar22 - 8/22/2011, 5:26 PM
Most of it looked good, however there are a couple plot holes here and there.

Near the beginning you talked about an assault made by Ackbar AND Crix Madine. Firstly, Madine didn't join the alliance until AFTER the Battle of Yavin (it was just over a year after the battle when he defected). Secondly, although he had some ground-pounder missions when needed, it would be very unlikely that Ackbar would be leading a ground assault since his strengths laid with fleet command.

As far as plot formation goes, it seems very anti-climactic to kill numerous Force Unleashed "main" characters within the beginning of the story. It would make sense for Kota to be killed early on by Vader but not Juno. In fact, it would make LOT of sense for Juno to remain living at the story's conclusion. She offers a pure motivation for Galen. While Starkiller is no Jedi (his actions, and emotions tend to lean more towards a neutral persona), the designers appear to be trying to build him into a character that the audience can relate to. A man who struggles with the chaos around him, and simply tries to lead his own peaceful life.

In addition, while the idea of Boba Fett rescuing Vader in the midst of a space battle near the beginning of the story it poses a couple of problems. One, there will hardly be any room for the designers to build an opening level on for the battle. Galen is aboard the Rogue Shadow which leaves no room for any real level in the sense that the designers have been building the game. Also, Fett is going to board Galen's ship with Slave the middle of space? There's not room for Fett to create any sort of air locked passage way to connect the Slave I and the Shadow. Another issue is a problem that chafes with Star Wars canon and that is the idea that Lord Vader is "less powerful" than Galen Marek. It just doesn't fit canon. Darth Vader is the "chosen one." Although he is hampered by his inability to draw on the Force like he did when he wasn't contained within a walking infirmary, he still remains the most powerful Force-user in the Star Wars galaxy, regardless of the actions of Sith and Jedi that followed him or preceded him. He may not have been the most "experienced," the most "cunning" nor did he have the most "wisdom," but he most certainly was the most "powerful." Therefore, the idea that Starkiller could so easily beat the dark lord and "capture" him seems incredibly unlikely. It seems that one possible plot direction might be that the Darth Vader willingly let himself be captured in order to become bait. (Boba would follow the fleet to Dantooine and there communicate to the Imperials the location of the Rebels on Dantooine where they could launch an attack) In the midst of the assault, after breaking Vader out, there seems a good chance that Kota could be killed by him and Galen and Juno escape to link up with the rest of the Rebel command.

From there it seems the story could take almost any direction, however in order to hold canon it seems that there must be at least two possible outcomes to the Force Unleashed story: Galen Marek must die (most likely at the hands of Vader or the Emperor) or Galen must exile himself or go into hiding. He does not belong in the Star Wars timeline after the events of Star Wars: A New Hope.

Juno Eclipse could remain living throughout the timeline because her importance in the grand scheme of the Rebel Alliance is very small. If she and Marek do not run off into solitude she could very easily become a pilot for the Alliance, either as a fighter pilot or she could even become a smuggler for them.

I truly applaud your ideas, and they are very well thought out. The designers would do well to take the suggestions of fans such as yourself when the finally work on Force Unleashed III.
nick3ification - 8/30/2011, 5:51 AM
definitely agree with ellesar22's ideas and comments :)
AdmiralThrawn - 9/19/2011, 5:40 PM
I believe with snaxnb and ellesar22!I Also Firmly believe Juno should NOT die!
AdmiralThrawn - 9/19/2011, 5:41 PM
I mean "Agree"
AdmiralThrawn - 9/19/2011, 5:48 PM
kota should die tho!starkiller should live.
Leonardo4222 - 7/24/2012, 6:48 AM
Starkiller should die with he's clone on Good Ending becose he is too powerful charecter. And a Twi'lek Rianna Saren stole the plans at PSP game "Lethal Aliance". Otherwise this could be accually good game. Revenge storys are the most toching and usually the best.
PeterParker1991 - 12/31/2012, 7:57 PM
Nice. Hope a 3rd game is in the works. Sadly the 2nd wasn't so good
PeterParker1991 - 12/31/2012, 8:06 PM
It was good, though it definitely felt as if it were missing something...

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