Superman by BatmanKnight

Superman by BatmanKnight

This is my story for a reboot of the Superman franchise. Due to the fact that the rights are still up in the air, I tried to write a story that didn't have the words Krypton or Kryptonite but still referred to them. I know it is long, but I spent a lot of time working on it and I would love it if people read it. So Enjoy!!!

Hey guys. Yes this is a repost, but i first posted it like December and I'm about to release the sequel so I'm hoping people will check this out. Looking back this is probably my best(and definitely most read) story. Sorry to anyone who gets mad about me pushing their stuff down, but I also worked a lot on this story. So if you read this check out the articles below it. Thanks and enjoy.

A great hot sun shines down on the city of Metropolis. People in the city are walking to work or else braving the early morning traffic. Suddenly a car rips past the screen shooting cops trailing behind it. “Let's go Marty, we gotta lose’em,” says the man next to the driver. “I got them don’t worry,” says Marty. They continue to blindly shoot out the window disregarding the bystanders as they shoot behind them. Suddenly the roof of the car rips off. “What the hell,” asks Marty? “It’s got to be that guy,” says the man in the side seat. “What guy,” asks the driver without care? “They say there's some guy running around town saving people. They say he flies and runs super fast. And if you make him angry he shoots fire from his eyes,” says the man worried. “Man are you listening to yourself. You say there’s…what…Some superman--“Suddenly the car crashes into something in the middle of the street. It is unseen what it is but it appeared out of nowhere and took out the front of the car. The driver takes his bleeding head off of the steering wheel rubbing the blood from his face. He looks next to the door to see a red S in a yellow diamond. “What the…” The door rips off the car and is placed on the floor. Then in a flash both men are on the floor tied together.

Police surround the men and quickly get out from their cars. “Alright guys I want a perimeter, get the paramedics down here to pick up the wounded pedestrians. Get these men in the cars and don’t read them their rights unless asked,” says Dan Turpin, police commissioner. “Hope you guys liked the drive. Cause you won’t be in the driver’s seat of the car for a long time.”

“Let’s go Jimmy lets go,” says a woman walking to the crime scene with a younger man behind her. “Maybe we should wait Lois. I don’t think the cops want to see you again,” says the kid looking worried. “Jimmy you have to learn. If you want the big story you need to start getting people mad,” says Lois walking to the crime scene tape. “Hey Jake,” yells Lois to a cop. “Please ma’am I need you to stay behind the line,” says the cop. “Come on officer, if you want another hero mention in the paper you’ll let me through,” says Lois with a vindictive smile. “You have ten minutes. And the photographer stays here,” says the cop lifting the tape. “WAIT…LOIS,” yells Jimmy. “Your camera has zoom right,” says Lois walking towards the crime scene.

She walks up to the car and examines the door that was taken off its hinges. She passes her hand over it when suddenly the police commissioner grabs her by the arm. “Hey lady, you’re not supposed to be here this is police business,” says the commissioner. “Sorry Turpin, just trying to get the story before you cover up what really happened,” says Lois. “Look, either get off my scene or get taken off my scene,” says Turpin growing angry. Lois looks at the back of the car and sees a green liquid dripping out from the back of the trunk. Lois moves around Turpin and wipes her hand across the liquid. “What is this,” she says to herself. “Move aside Lane…Can someone get her out of here,” says Turpin using the keys to open the trunk. A large black case is sitting in the back of the trunk with the green liquid seeping out of the small slits on the top of the case. Turpin opens the case and finds four medium sized capsules with the green liquid inside. “Looks like I got my come back story,” says Lois smiling.

High above the crime scene a sky view is shown. The yellow and red S fills the screen and the camera rises to reveal the face of the savior. He sees a small object twinkle against the light and he pulls it from his skin. As he does he feels a small sting of pain. He looks down and sees the case of the green liquid still open. He quickly flies off leaving the scene.

The next day Lois walks assertively through The Daily Planet, the home of Metropolis’s greatest reporters. She walks through two large doors into the main office to see an old man sitting at his desk. “Perry, I got the story about the robbery yesterday. Seems the two guys were transferring liquid meteor rocks,” says Lois handing the article Perry. “Sounds good Lane. Too bad though, the new guy already beat you to it,” says Perry taking a bite of a pastry and looking at a different article. “New guy, what new guy,” asks Lois disgusted? “The nerdy guy with the big glasses: Kent or something. Good articles, but bad grammar. I guess that’s why we have editors right,” laughs Perry. “But Perry this was my story. This was my comeback story,” says Lois. “This is Metropolis Lane, you’ll have another chance I promise,” says Perry trying to get rid of Lois.

Lois storms out of the office and walks to her desk to find someone else sitting there. She pushes a pile of papers from the desk and looks at the guy with annoyance. “I’m sorry, the knife you put in my back made me clumsy,” says Lois sarcastically. “I’m sorry,” asks the man straightening his glasses? “You stole my story and now you steal my job, thank you,” says Lois. “Actually Lois, first he stole your job and then the article,” interjects Jimmy. “JIMMY, thank you,” says Lois. “I’m sorry Ms. Lane. I didn’t intend to steal your job. I got the job a few days ago; no one told me I was taking it from anyone. About the article, I’m just trying to keep my job like everyone else. My names Clark Kent,” says Clark extending his hand. Lois tries to let out and angry look, but due to the man’s soul filled apology she can’t seem to muster up the heat. “Next story is mine, you got that rookie. Mine.”

Perry comes out of the office and walks over to Lois and Clark. “Hey, I got a new story for you. Lex Luthor is unveiling his next big project and I want the story,” says Perry coming close to Lois and Clark. “I’m on it Perry, the story will be on your desk tonight,” says Lois picking up her jacket and purse, “Let’s go Jimmy.” “I want both of you on this,” says Perry. Lois looks from Clark back to Perry. “Sir I don’t think this needs to be a two person story,” says Clark. “I don’t think you should be back talking your new boss. I want both of you on this,” says Perry with a smile, “Kent needs training from an experienced reporter and you need monitoring from the last incident.” Lois lets out a sigh of annoyance. “Alright Perry,” says Lois, “Let’s go Kent.” Lois storms out of the building with Clark and Jimmy trailing behind.

At the Metropolis Police Department, Marty from the car chase is sitting handcuffed in a small interrogation room before Turpin enters. “You want something,” asks Turpin sitting down and laying his hat on the table. “I’d like some water,” says Marty. “Oh ok, drink your spit,” says Turpin, “You want to tell me why you had three large canisters full of liquid meteor rock in the back of your car?” “I don’t know I didn’t put it there. Someone hired me to drive the car to a warehouse in Suicide Slums. On my way there police got on my tail. I didn’t know why, but they just kept following,” says Marty looking worried. “Maybe you shouldn’t take candy from strangers,” says Turpin. “I didn’t know what it was,” says Marty almost crying, “I needed the money. I thought it was just drugs, something simple like that. Not meteor rock, nothing strange. Just drugs.” “Yeah...drugs...that would have made it all better….so let me get your story straight. Some guy calls you and says he needs you to drive a car to a warehouse. A guy you don’t know. A guy you don’t know if you can trust, but you go along with it because you need the money…you never got curious about the contents of the trunk,” asks Turpin confused. “He said my keys couldn’t open the trunk.” “Well they worked for me.” “I DON’T KNOW OK. I WISH I KNEW WHAT TO TELL YOU BUT I DON’T. PLEASE JUST LET ME GO,” cries Marty. Turpin stands up and walks out of the room slamming the metal door as he walks out. “So do you believe him Commissioner,” asks another officer. “Somebody called him and said he’d pay big buck to move some meteor juice…I don’t believe it for a second.”

Down the streets of Metropolis Lois speeds her red sport car through traffic. Clark grabs the arm rest for dear life as Lois continues driving. “I want you to get something straight Clark,” says Lois still keeping her eyes on the road, “not every story is going to be this way. I don’t need your help. I don’t want your help. So today we do this together, next time you fly solo. I don’t need anyone holding me back or taking my credit. These are the adventures of Lois Lane. Not the adventures of Lois and Clark.” “Lois, I understand. I don’t want to hold you back, I just want to be a good reporter and learn from the best,” says Clark. Lois lets out a small smile from being called the best but then reverts to the straight face. “So where you from Clark,” asks Lois, trying to change the subject. “I’m from Smallville, a city just outside of Metropolis. I used to live on a farm. I always thought I would take over the farm when I got older but then,” Clark stops for a second and looks down. “What” asks Lois, “the animals stage a revolt?” “My father died. A heart attack,” says Clark, “after that my mother just wouldn’t let me do it. She knew I could and so do I, but just the thought of seeing me go through the stress he went through. She just couldn’t let me,” says Clark. “Well believe it or not Smallville, I’m sorry,” says Lois. “What about you Lois. If you don’t mind me asking, what did you do on your last assignment that got you suspended?” “Touchy subject CK might want to take it back,” says Jimmy sprawled in the back seat. “I don’t think he asked you Jimmy,” says Lois, “I just pissed the wrong people off. That’s all.”

They arrive at a large warehouse flooded with people. A stage is in the back with a large object covered in a black tarp. They get out of the car and slowly maneuver through the crowed as Jimmy takes pictures. Lois flashes her press badge at a police officer and they are allowed to sit in the front. “See Clark. These are some of the advantages of reporter life,” says Lois.

They sit and wait for Lex Luthor to take the stage. Military men sit at the other side of the isle. A bald man takes the stage and walks to the podium. “Good morning all. As you probably know I am Lex Luthor,” laughs Lex with the rest of the crowd reciprocating the action. “I know you have not come here for me. You have come here to see what my next move is. For the past two years I have brought progress to Metropolis. I built the monorail train that goes over the city. The children’s hospital in what used to be Suicide Slums. I have tried immensely to help this city. Now I feel that I must help the world. Our troops over in the Middle East need our help. The number of casualties grows each day and they do not deserve to have their contributions paved in blood. So I bring you a way to help the number of the dead fall and the heroes of our country rise. I give you THE LEXCON SUPER SUITE,” yells Lex as the tarp drops.

A large metal suite is revealed. It’s black with grey and white trim and wiring on the body. On the sides are purple lights that illuminate the suite. On the hands and arms are small sealed compartments. The helmet is totally covered, with a purple glowing slit for sight. The Luthor Corp symbol is shown proud across the top. People clap and marvel at the weapon before them. “With the Lexcon Super Suite, I promise you. You will see the end to this and every other war to come. Any questions,” asks Luthor with a smile. “What can it do,” asks a man in the back raising his hand. “Great question,” says Luthor signaling for a group of soldier’s stage right to come on stage. “Its bullet proof,” says Lex as the men fire at the suite. “Its fire proof,” says Lex as a flamethrower is fired. “And it will increase the speed and power of the bearer. Inside is soldier Thomas Winkler to show you just what it can do.” The suite starts to walk towards the end of the stage and runs around the warehouse. Then it takes off into the air by using the jet pack that comes off the back. “Soon all of our soldiers will be able to do this. This program would not be possible without my great friend and soldier himself John Corbin,” says Lex as another man comes on stage dressed in an army uniform. “Thank you Mr. Luthor. This is a great day for me knowing that I will no longer have to think of my friends dying in war. Knowing that I will be able to go to battle and not worry if I will ever see my wife or daughter ever again,” says Corbin spreading his face of trust through the crowed. “Don’t you think this is a little extreme? My father always said that war is a place where you show your true men of courage and bravery. I’m all for making our soldiers the roughest and toughest men out there, but isn’t there any other way,” blurts Lois. “Lois Lane, I was told you would never…” “Don’t worry Mr. Luthor. I used to be a reporter myself and I know you need all the facts before you write a story…your father is a wise man, and I agree that in war we show our true colors. But these are still are courageous men out their fighting. Just walking across that battle field shows that we are brave,” Corbin motions towards the flying suite above him, “this just shows people we mean business.”

As Corbin finishes talking the suite starts to shoot down on the stage with the machine turrets from its hand. People let out sounds of fright as it does. “No need to worry people it’s just showing you what it can do,” says Lex. Suddenly the machine shoots a rocket at the stage that sends Lex and Corbin flying back. “WINKLER WHAT IS THIS,” demands Luthor speaking into a head piece that connects to the super suite. “Mr. Luthor I don’t know, the machine…it just started shooting I CANT CONTROL IT.” The machine continues to shoot and people run for their lives.

“Jimmy get pictures,” demands Lois. “Lois we got to get out of here before that thing shoots us…where’s Clark,” asks Jimmy looking around the crowd of frightened people. “Clark…CLARK,” yells Lois. Suddenly something breaks through the wall of the warehouse and darts at the Super Suite. The thing is revealed to be Superman. He grabs the super suite and rips off the breast plate to take out Winkler. He lets go of the suit and sets the man gently on the floor. Then Superman is thrown across the warehouse with immense force by the empty super suite. He gets up and receives a punch to the jaw but Superman is unfazed. He grab suit and begins to rip it apart. “What are you…WHAT ARE YOU DOING,” demands Luthor. Superman turns around to see Lex but continues destroying the suit. “YOU’RE RUINING EVERYTHING,” yells Luthor. Superman grabs the head of the suit and throws it to Lex who moves before getting hit. The machine powers down and everyone turns to look at Superman. He nods and lets out a genuine smile before flying off into the air and disappearing from site.

Lex bends down and picks up the helmet from the destroyed super suite and holds it to his head rubbing the Luthor Corp symbol with his thumb. “I’m sorry Mr. Luthor,” says a scientist holding Luthor’s shoulder. Lex swats the hand from his shoulder and traipse towards his limo and speeds off. “Looks like he’s not in a good mood. Right Lois,” asks Jimmy, “Lois?” Lois is still staring up in the air marveling at the thought of the god that just saved them from disaster.

John Corbin sits in his office tapping his fingers in agony against his desk, as if waiting for something. His clothes are still dirty and burnt from the super suite attack. Someone knocks at the door and Corbin allows him to come in. It’s a young soldier with glasses and a clipboard. “Mr. Corbin,” asks the soldier. “Yes James,” says Corbin still tapping his fingers against the desk. “We have a problem. Due to the super suite using itself to almost destroy innocent people, the army no longer wants it,” says James worried. “And that is a problem because,” asks Corbin already anticipating the answer. “Well General Eiling told me to tell you that this was your last chance. You put all of our investment into the machine and it was destroyed. The contract you signed says that the money doesn’t have to be repaid because you were investing in a bond. We lost $780, 000,” says James sweating at telling this to Corbin. “So what does this mean,” asks Corbin tapping harder on the table. “Eiling is firing you. Also your pay check for the year is being terminated to pay back the debt. I’m sorry Mr. Corbin.” John clenches his fist growing angry. “Leave James,” says Corbin. “I’m sorry John.” “GET OUT,” demands Corbin. James leaves and Corbin remains sitting angry in his chair. Then he gets to his feet picks up his chair and knocks it against the wall until the chair breaks.

Clark walks back into the Daily Planet straightening his glasses and fixing his jacket. He sits at his desk and lies back in his char until a paper is shoved in his face. “What’s this,” asks Clark to Lois? “This is the article about Luthor and his terminator,” replies Lois. Clark scans the article and looks back to Lois. “Great job Lois, it’s really good, but I thought this was our article,” says Clark. “Well it was before you left and missed the whole robot smack down.” “Sorry I had to… get my notepad,” replies Clark with a phony excuse. “Where was your notepad the North Pole? Come on Clark you didn’t hear the Super Suite raining its tiny missiles down on the crowd.” “I guess I missed that,” smiles Clark. “Well you missed the guy that stopped him.” “Who was it,” asks Clark? “I don’t know. Some man…but more than a man he was strong and faster than a speeding bullet and soared in the sky. He saved us,” says Lois relishing in the memory of her savior. “Lois don’t you think that’s a little crazy. I mean I believe you but it doesn’t sound possible that a man can fly,” says Clark. “I know what I saw Kent. He was amazing,” says Lois. Lois walks away and Clark watches her as she leaves. “It’s true CK I saw it too,” says Jimmy chiming in on the matter, “I got picture of it.” “What…you did,” says Clark becoming nervous. “Yeah, check’em out,” says Jimmy throwing newly developed photos to Clark. Clark picks them up but finds that they are just blurry images of a red and blue figure. “These are…great,” says Clark.

Back in the Metropolis Police Station Turpin is speaking to a woman when a police officer approaches him. “Mr. Turpin, I looked up the name Thomas Winkler and you know what I found,” asks the officer? “Just tell me,” replies Turpin. “Nothing. Thomas Winkler doesn’t exist. I ran the prints inside the suit and found it to be Jamal Ahmady,” says the officer. “Is that supposed to mean something to me?” “Jamal Ahmady is the son of an Iraqi terrorist from back in the 90’s. His previous target: Luthor Corp, back when Lionel Luthor was in command his father tried to take down a shipment of Luthor Corp rifles but was stopped by our army.” “So you think Jamal was trying to fulfill his father’s plan,” implies Turpin. “That’s what it looks like,” says the cop. “You got an address?” “Yeah I do.” “Then let’s go.”

At Luthor Corp, Lex is sitting in his office twiddling a small metal ball between his fingers. “Mr. Luthor there is a Mr. Cor—NO SIR YOU CAN’T GO IN THERE,” says a woman over a speaker phone as John Corbin rushes into the office. “Do you know what you’ve done,” demands Corbin. “Well apparently forgot to lock my door,” replies Luthor. “YOU THINK THIS IS FUNNY,” yells Corbin as he walks to Lex and points a pistol to his head. “Well the fact that you broke into my office and are now asking me questions that witch I don’t know and therefore would not have the answers to…is kind of funny,” chuckles Lex.

“You promised me that your super suite was ready. That there were no problems with it. THAT I COULD TRUST YOU,” exclaims Corbin. “John, you’ve been my only friend for many years. You know me; I always keep my word to my friends. The fact is the super suite was ready. It was perfectly able to function. I wouldn’t release anything with a problem would I,” asks Luthor. “What are you talking about,” asks Corbin. “The suit was perfect, everything was functioning as it should,” Lex presses a button on his speaker phone and Corbin aims the gun closer to Lex, “Ms. Graves can you come in here a moment.” Mercy Graves walks in and walks next to Luthor. “My beautiful assistant here Ms. Graves, was controlling the suit. She unleashed it on the crowd.” “Then I should kill her,” says Corbin moving his aim to Mercy. “Well that is foolish seeing as she was only doing as she was told…You know what, before you ask anymore dim-witted questions I’ll just explain everything. You see I never wanted to release that suit. I only created one. The whole plan was to have the suit destroy countless people. They would blame it all on me until they found just who Winkler was.”

Danny Turpin drives furiously towards the home of Jamal Ahmady. He swerves around cars and shrieks around turns until he arrives at a small house in the down town Metropolis. He gets out of the car and a patrol car of police officers take out their guns as they walk towards the house. “Jamal Ahmady we have a warrant for your arrest open the door or we’ll break it down,” says Turpin putting his shoulder against the door. Nothing is heard inside the house and Turpin turns back to the other officers who nod at him. Turpin feels his phone vibrate and finds that it says UNKNOWN. “Reeves, come here,” says Turpin to an officer, “knock it down.” Turpin walks to his car and answers the call. “Who is it asks,” asks Turpin to the phone. The cops break down the door and search the house. “I won’t tell you that, but I will allow you to thank me,” say the deep voice of the caller. “For what,” asks Turpin. Suddenly the house erupts into a violent flame that sends everything in the perimeter back. “Hello, HELLO,” yells Turpin but no one responds. He gets out of the car and gawks fearfully at the damage.

A car starts to come close to the house and Jamal Ahmady gets out from the car. “What the hell,” demands Jamal? Turpin rushes at the man and sends him to the ground. “Jamal Ahmady you are under arrest for the murder of four police officers,” says Turpin aiming his gun at Ahamady’s head.

“You get it so far Corbin? Or am I going too fast for you. They would arrest him and find that he was in fact a terrorist. They find they need more help than they ever imagined and I would release my true project,” smiles Luthor. Corbin slowly lowers the gun. “What other project,” asks Corbin out of breath. Luthor smiles his sinister smile at Corbin.

Perry brings a group of his greatest reporters in for a meeting. Lois sits towards the back next to Clark. Clark was allowed to the meeting because of his alliance with Lois. “Alright Clark, all you have to do here is keep quiet and try not to make it look like your totally clueless. You think that’s easy enough,” asks Lois. Perry walks into to the conference room and sits at the top of the table. “Alright everyone, you know I usually let you do what you want. But something has come up that I need all my greatest reporters on. The super powered man that saved the people at the Luthor Corp expo. I want to know everything about him. Who he is? What’s his name? Why is he here? Is he good or bad? The reporter that gets me that scoop will definitely earn themselves a Pulitzer,” says Perry. “But sir, how are we supposed to find him,” asks a black man near Perry. “Troupe if I knew I would assign it to one of you. Now get out here and find me the superman,” demands Perry.

Lex walks to a bookcase by the window and takes out a book pressing a button behind it. The bookcase moves to reveal an elevator. They go down it together and the door slowly opens to reveal a cave-like science lab. With multiple computers and lab tables. “This is the Luthor Corp research and development department. It mainly focuses on the strange and unknown,” says Mercy walking ahead of John and Lex. They walk to a table and find a man working at a table. “This is the RnD department’s only scientist. Maxwell Jensen, Maxwell this is John Corbin,” says Luthor extending his hand to Jensen. “It’s very nice to meet you Mr. Corbin. I take it you are here to see the newest project says Maxwell walking towards a large metal door.

He punches in a code to reveal a large container filled with a grey liquid. “What is it,” asks Corbin rubbing is hand against the 15 foot container. Corbin walks near the canister until Maxwell stops him. “Be careful the purple liquid that seeps out from the bottom is a discharge from the machine. It causes extreme trauma, says Maxwell.” “I call it Metallo,” says Lex trying to bring John’s focus back to the liquid, “Its meteor rock, combined with many other chemicals on the periodic table,” says Lex. “What’s it for,” asks Corbin? “The Lexcon Super Suit was created from it. That’s how it was indestructible. Using the parts from the old suit and more concentrated forms of Metallo I was able to create this,” says Lex reveling a suit much like the old one, but without compartments for weapons or jet packs. “I had to remove the weapons to make it truly powerful,” says Lex circling the suit. “So what’s the plan now? Sell it to the army,” asks Corbin? “Oh of course not, they don’t want anything to do with either of us now. Plus I have much better ideas for it now. You see the old suit was flawed because it was supposed to be built with more meteor rock that would have powered it up indefinitely more. But the men that I hired to transfer it weren’t good enough. But no worries the amount in this suit should still be able to power you up enough. I want you to put on this suit and bring me the man that ruined our plans today,” says Lex. “And what do I get in return,” asks John. “Well I am a man of infinite funds. Name your price,” replies Luthor. John stares at Luthor and then the suit, and then lets out a menacing look.

Lois and Clark go off walking down the street. Lois walks up ahead of Clark as he tries to maneuver around bunches of people walking the opposite direction. “Lois, how do you think we’ll find this guy,” asks Clark. “Well the guy keeps to the skies. Maybe we just have to keep looking up,” says Lois. “That’s kind of a stretch. If I was him I wouldn’t spend my time flying around the skies for people to see me.” “Yeah well if you were him then he wouldn’t be as interesting,” says Lois. Suddenly a car flies through the air heading in the direction of Lois and Clark. Clark grabs Lois and pulls her to the ground and they barely evade the car. “Wow Clark, you finally serve a use,” says Lois.

Clark and Lois get up to find the Metallo suit flying above them. “Will the red and blue savior please stand up,” yells Metallo down at the crowd. “Lois let’s get out of here,” says Clark. Lois ignores him and walks towards the monster. Clark runs down the alley and takes off his glasses and rips off his shirt and trench coat to reveal the Superman suit.

“You have ten minutes hero. Or I destroy everyone in this city,” says Metallo. “I’m here,” says Superman flying towards Metallo. “Oh good,” says Metallo. He darts at Superman and smashes him into a wall, and then he punches him twice in the face. Superman punches him back but does little damage. Metallo grabs him by the neck and throws him into another wall. Superman flies back into the air but Metallo catches him and throws him through a bridge. Superman falls to the water below and sees that Lois is about to fall from the bridge. He darts up at her as she falls and catches her in the air. He flies her up before getting slammed into a wall by Metallo and dropping Lois. “LOIS,” yells Superman. He punches Metallo in the face twice and flies back at Lois barely catching her. “My hero,” says Lois sarcastically. Superman sets her on a nearby roof and sees that Metallo is flying in their direction. “Good bye Ms. Lane,” says Superman flying off towards Metallo. He flies at Metallo and throws him into a power plant. He grabs Metallo again and pitches him into a group of power lines. Metallo starts to suffer from the electricity but gets back up. Superman grabs a wire and punches Metallo in the face. He punches him again and again until Metallo kicks him off. As Superman flies back the air the cable that Superman was holding tightens around Metallo’s neck and he gets pulled into a high voltage generator that explodes. The explosion erupt violently, Superman knows that Metallo could not have lived. Superman hears the police coming and flies away

Lex watches from a nearby limo until he signals Mercy to drive them away.

Hours later Clark arrives back at the Daily Planet. It’s late and everyone has left but Lois. “Hey Lois,” I thought you would be gone by now, I just came to pick up my jacket,” says Clark. “Just finishing an article,” says Lois, “did you see him Clark?” “Yeah I did, I guess you weren’t lying,” replies Clark. “He was incredible. He saved me twice. In the middle of a horrible battle he took the time to save me. He really is a hero,” says Lois. “I guess so,” replies Clark holding back a smile, “do you know what that thing was today Lois?” “It was Lex Luthor,” replies Lois, “I’m sure of it. Too bad I can’t get close to him anymore.” “I didn’t think anything could stop Lois Lane,” says Clark. “Yeah well I guess something can,” replies Lois. They remain silent for a moment until Clark speaks up “Lois I understand if you don’t want to tell me, but maybe it would help,” says Clark. Lois stops typing on her computer and turns towards Clark “About six months ago I got a lead on something Lex Luthor was doing. He closed down a whole division of his company. He fired hundreds of people and all he would say was it was for cut backs. I did a little digging and found that he was building something under his company. I got in there and who do you think found me,” asks Lois, “the big man himself. He said he would sue me, the Daily Planet, and everyone else that had connections with me unless I would throw out the story. He made it public and tabloids started to rave about how the Daily Planet was full of dirty reporters. I’ve never seen Perry so mad. Perry made me take a leave of absence for six months. And of course I have to promise to stay away from his highness. Now I have to try anything possible to get back in the game,” says Lois tearing up at the story. “I’m going to go get a coffee, you want anything,” asks Clark. “Yeah, thanks Clark,” says Lois. Clark walks out and we see a zoom in on Lois’s face.

“You’re an awfully hard person to find Ms. Lane,” says the voice of Lois’s hero from behind her. Lois gets up and sees Superman standing before her. “I could say the same thing about you,” replies Lois. “I heard a bounty was out for my story,” says Superman, “if anyone’s going to write it I would want it to be you.” “Why me,” asks Lois? “Because you’re different from other reporters. I feel that I can trust you,” says Superman. “Ok then, what’s your name,” asks Lois. “I guess I have a couple of names. I like the one that’s been circling around town. Superman, it sounds nice, much better than flying freak or Red Blue Haze,” chuckles Superman. “Where are you from,” asks Lois? Superman walks to the window and looks to the sky. “Somewhere far from here. Not much different, same principles same manners, just further away. I like this place though, it’s become a home to me over the years,” says Superman. “Why are you here,” asks Lois. Superman walks towards Lois and looks into her eyes. “I feel like I have come here to protect you and others like you,” says Superman. “Where do you live now,” asks Lois. Superman grabs Lois’s hand. “Let me show you,” requests Superman. They hover in the air for a moment before Superman lifts her into his arms and take off into the air. “This is my home, the city and the skies of Metropolis are my home. I have accepted it as my home over the years, and I hope after your article they can accept me as well.” “So what else can you do,” asks Lois holding to Superman’s neck for dear life. “I run in super speed, I can hear the voices of the people below us and the people across town, I can see through solid objects…” “Excuse me,” says Lois. “Don’t worry, I allow everyone their privacy,” says Superman smiling at the beautiful woman in his arms. Superman brings her back to the Planet and sets her down. “Hope this didn’t make you afraid of flying,” says Superman. “Not at all,” replies Lois still dazed. Lois takes out a cigarette and tries to light it but it keeps shaking from the adrenalin. “Let me help you with that,” says Superman concentrating on the cigarette and it ignites. She drops it from shock and looks back at Superman. “It’s not good to smoke anyways Ms. Lane,” says Superman, “I must go now.” Superman puts his foot on the window sill about to fly off when Lois grabs him. “One more question,” asks Lois, “can anything hurt you.” Superman stares out the window then returns to Lois. “Hopefully you’ll never know that Ms. Lane,” says Superman before flying out the window. She keeps staring out then returns to her desk quickly jotting down what Superman said. Then a coffee cup is put on her desk. “Sorry it took so long Lois,” says Clark.

The next morning people are grabbing the news paper that reads “Superman Among Us” People read it as they walk down the streets and show it to their friends. Clark walks down the street feeling like a celebrity even though no one pays attention to him. He walks to his desk and is handed the newspaper by Lois. “You read it yet Smallville, its really good,” says Lois smiling. “I’ve heard Lois. It looks good, I’m proud of you,” says Clark.

In a far off building Lex Luthor is also studying the article written by Ms. Lane. “Superman. Interesting name for an interesting man. Maybe I should have a little chat with him,” says Lex to Mercy Graves sitting in the corner of the room.

Clark is sitting at his desk watching Lois show the article to the other reporters and watching people congratulate her when he hears something. A voice far off in the distance says “Come to me now, or everyone in this pathetic city will die,” says the voice. Clark runs out off the office and seconds later arrives at the office of Lex Luthor.

“Oh Superman, finally we meet,” says Lex getting up from his chair to shake Superman’s hand, “I take it you got my message. I was just bluffing by the way I could never destroy every person in the city…well at least not yet.” “Why am I here Luthor,” asks Superman getting to the point. “Aw Superman I just wanted to meet the man that destroyed my project,” says Lex. “It was going to destroy everyone in that warehouse. I had to stop it,” says Superman. “I am not talking about that you fool. I speak of Metallo; he was a friend of mine. You destroyed him and my project in the process,” says Luthor. “Why did you make that,” asks Superman. “Well at first for the army. Then I saw an opportunity to use it on someone that truly deserved It,” says Lex. “I never did anything to you Luthor…at least not yet.” “If I waited for you to do something to me then I would have the lower hand,” Lex walks over to a small box on a shelf, “I think I know when you arrived Superman. It was the same day I was reborn.”

Flash back to twenty years ago
In the middle of a field in the dark of night two teenagers are laying beside each other. “I love you,” says a teenage Lex to a woman lying beside him. “I love you too Alex,” replies the woman. “Soon I will have to return to Metropolis and I may never see you again,” says the young man. “I will never forget you Lex,” replies the woman. “You can come with me. I have money, and with you I would truly find happiness. We could be together forever,” says Lex. “That’s crazy Alex, we couldn’t do that,” says the woman. The girl gets on top of him and embraces him. “I have something for you, it’s in my car I’ll go get it,” says Lex getting up, “stay here and close your eyes.” Lex walks to his convertible and opens up the glove compartment to find a small black box. He opens it and smiles at the ring. He looks up in the air and sees something on fire falling in the distance. And more flying rocks crash land on Smallville igniting fires. Lex looks above him and sees a rock falling towards him. He goes down to doge it and as it lands it explodes throwing Lex back several feet. Later he awakes from his coma in the middle of the field. He gets up and feels that some of his hair has fallen. He walks over to a crater in the floor where his love was laying and finds a large green and black rock sitting before him. There is no sign of the woman he was laying with.

“You see Superman. You must have come down with meteor rocks. They ended my youth, and you are here to destroy me now,” says Lex opening the box to find a large meteor rock fragment. Superman starts to stumbles back until he falls into a chair. “I saw how you were with that Lane girl, I would have done the same back then, but soon you will see that love only hold you back.” “Luthor…I’m not here to destroy you,” says Superman struggling to speak. Lex notices Superman’s condition and looks to see that his meteor rock fragment is glowing. “Well it seems I have found what kills the Superman,” says Lex walking towards Superman. Superman gets up from the chair and stumbles back. “Ple...ase…Luthor,” says Superman as Lex comes closer and Superman backs away. “What’s the problem,” asks Lex with a smile. Superman continues back until he crashes out of the window and falls 20 stories to the ground. Superman gets up and looks back up at Luthor before flying away. Lex smiles thinking of Superman’s death. He tosses the fragment in the air and catches it.

Luthor walks down to his RnD department and finds his doctor analyzing something on a table. “Mr. Luthor, I was analyzing the fallen body of Metallo, and you know what I found,” asks Maxwell, “I found that John’s body is completely destroyed, but his mind was preserved in the helmet. I think I can still bring him back.” Lex rubs his chin for a moment staring at the helmet of the Metallo suit. “Do it,” says Luthor smiling.

Clark runs into the Daily Planet to Lois. “Lois, there’s a problem,” say Clark. “What, the farm animals are sick,” says Lois walking away. “No Lois, I think Lex has a plan. He’s going to do something big,” says Clark. “Whatever it is can wait. I have stuff to do right now. I’ll let you have that story. I can’t talk to Luthor anyways remember.” “Lois this isn’t about a story. He knows Superman’s weakness. I think he might try to do something to him. And the people he loves,” says Clark, “Lois you got to get out of here.” “That’s really funny Smallville, but leave the comedy to the comics section ok,” say Lois walking away again.

John Corbin awakes on a gurney down in the cave. He looks around but finds no one. He continues walking around until Lex Luthor pops out from a corner. “Thank god you’re ok John. I thought you were dead,” says Lex worried. “What happened,” asks John. “After what happened in the power plant your body was destroyed but your mind remained intact. I was able to revive you, but your family…,” Lex pauses for a second and John grabs Lex by his shirt. “What happened to my family,” asks John worried. Superman found out your identity and was angry, murderous. He found your home and… he killed your family John,” utters Lex. John looks infuriated and punches through a medal table. Then he punches down a wall. “Don’t worry John; I have rebuilt you to be able to defeat Superman. Look at your strength. I installed a meteor rock power system in your chest that will be able to stop Superman and pump up your strengths 10 fold. You can get revenge on the man that killed your family,” says Lex. John begins to walk out and Lex speaks up. “If it were me though John, I would want him to feel the pain he made me feel. There is a reporter Lois Lane. I think he likes her,” says Lex solemnly. “Thanks Lex,” says John walking out.

Lex smiles and walks away, but Maxwell stops him. “Lex I have a development in the Metallo medal,” says Maxwell. “It doesn’t matter, soon Superman will be dead,” says Lex. “Wait, the purple discharge from the Metallo container…I poured a bit on a mouse and see what happens,” says Maxwell grabbing a bit of the liquid and pouring it on the mouse. The mouse starts to circle the cage and squeal in pain until it starts to shake and grow wrinkly until it dies. “I’m supposed to be impressed because,” asks Luthor? “The liquid…the parasite sucked the life of the mouse. If you use this on Superman I believe he will lose his power. Lex thinks for a moment and then speaks up again. “If a person was to be built from this liquid would they be able to suck the powers from Superman and then harness them for himself,” asks Lex. “I suppose but…Mr. Luthor I don’t think it would be wise to do to yourself. It could have some side effects,” says Maxwell. “I won’t use it on myself you fool,” says Lex suddenly Maxwell falls unconscious and Mercy is seen behind him with a syringe. Lex picks up the body and puts it into a mold that was used to create the Super Suit. He used the collected purple liquid and pours it in the mold and turns on the machine.

Superman flies through the sky looking for Lex. He hears a grave cry for help across the city and flies towards it. He gets to the roof of a building and finds a tape recorder and a cell phone. Superman opens it and answers a call. “Hello,” asks Superman? “Hello, how far would you go to save the person you love? That’s an old question, but one that holds water in this situation, but I’ll add a little more to the question. Would you kill to save the one you love?” “WHO IS THIS,” demands Superman. “You know she was kind of feisty, but we got her,” says the voice, “we’ll keep in touch.”

As the phone hangs up John is seen in a room with Lois chained in the corner. “He’ll stop you. I know he will. He’ll come for me and kill you,” says Lois. “He will come, but he will not be able to stop me,” says John looking out a window.

Superman flies through the air trying to find another clue when suddenly he is knocked out of the sky. Superman stands up but sees nothing. Then something grabs his shoulder and Superman feels the life being sucked from him. Superman falls and a purple man is revealed. “Call me Parasite,” says Parasite charging a flame blast in his eyes and shooting it at Superman who is sent flying into a building. Parasite speeds over to Superman and sends him through another building.

Lois and John feel the ground shake below them. “Looks like that’s my cue,” says John. “Please John, why are you doing this you were an army soldier;” says Lois, “you’re better than this.” “I was, until he ruined my life,” says John walking to the door. “How did he ruin your life? Cause he destroyed the machines that tried to take out the city.” “No BECAUSE HE KILLED MY FAMILY,” yells John. “Who told you that? Lex, that’s not true. Superman would never kill your family. He’s manipulating you to kill for him. That’s what he did to the men that tried to drive meteor rock to the city, and to the guy that wore his suit and got arrested for being a terrorist. They were both ex-workers for Lex. He’s doing the same to you, can’t you see,” says Lois. John holds his hand on the door knob and freezes for a second. “I guess I can’t,” John leaves and slams the door. “SUPERMAN,” yells Lois.

“Lois,” utters Superman. Parasite grabs him the arm and swings him into a building. “No one can save you Superman,” says Parasite. Superman gets up and charges at Parasite sending him back. Then Superman rushes to punch Parasite but is hit by a flying car. “You need to watch out Superman,” says John walking towards a fallen Superman. “John Corbin,” asks Superman on the floor? “No that was the old me,” says John ripping off his prosthetic skin, “call me Metallo.”

Metallo charges Superman and beats him in the face, then kicks him in the jaw. Superman gets up but Metallo knocks him back down. Then Parasite grabs Superman and throws him into a wall. Metallo grabs the fallen Superman and punches him in the chest. “It feels good to be powered, doesn’t it Metallo,” asks Parasite. “Yes it does,” says Metallo. Superman tries to get up but is powerless against the meteor rock heart. Superman gets enough strength to fly away from them but Parasite follows close behind. “You can’t run from me Superman,” says Parasite. Parasite shoots flames at Superman who doges them. Superman loops around a building and then grabs on to the back of Parasite and throws him to the floor. Superman drops down on top of him and knocks him across the face. “We are equally matched Superman. I am as strong as you, with all of your strengths and none of your weaknesses,” says Parasite with his face down against the street.

Lois is in the building trying to unchain herself while shouting out for help. The room is empty and she finds nothing that she can save herself with. Suddenly Jimmy Olsen breaks into the room. “Jimmy,” asks Lois. “You expecting someone else,” says Jimmy. “Actually yeah,” says Lois. Jimmy runs over grabs a key from the table and begins to unlock her. “What going on out there Jimmy,” asks Lois in a hurry. “There’s a super powered smack down out there. Superman doesn’t have a chance,” says Jimmy unlocking her feet. “The lets go,” says Lois running out.

Superman picks Parasite back up and throws him into a building. Metallo walks up to Superman and punches him in the face and Superman falls down weak. Parasite notices that the meteor rock in Metallo’s chest is what’s hurting Superman. “I need more power,” says Parasite. He runs up to Metallo and grabs the meteor rock in his hand, at the same moment Superman grabs a light post and smacks Parasite. The combination of the meteor rock and the electricity from the light post causes the powers of Superman to die and leaves Parasite powerless. Superman grabs a wire from the light post and shocks Parasite until he falls unconscious. “Good job Superman, you beat one of us, but you won’t beat me, I have too much to fight for,” says Metallo staring down Superman. “I didn’t do anything to you. I had to destroy you in the power plant. You were going to kill innocent people.” “THAT DOES NOT GIVE YOU THE RIGHT TO KILL ME FAMILY. YOU THINK THAT BECAUSE YOU ARE STRONGER THAN THE REST OF US THAT YOU CAN PLAY GOD.THAT YOU CAN DECIDE WHO LIVES AND WHO DIES,” yells Metallo, “just cause your stronger than us doesn’t mean you can medal in our fate.” “I didn’t kill your family, can’t you see. Lex Luthor said that so you would try and kill me. He knew it would drive you crazy, but look at you now. I’ll take you to your house and show you your family is alive,” says Superman. “I don’t believe you, Lex has always been my friend, YOU ARE MY ENEMY,” yells Metallo. He charges at Superman fists in front of him and Superman picks up a piece of medal and hurls it at Metallo. Metallo grabs it from the air and shoves it into Superman’s chest. Superman falls to the floor defeated. “Our fight is over,” says Metallo.

Police officers surround them and open fire on Metallo. He covers his meteor rock heart and charges them all. He grabs them and throws them into each other. He flips over oncoming cars hurting the passing pedestrians and other cops. He doesn’t mind the damage he causes as he lets out the heat of his anger.

Superman tries to lift himself but feels powerless. The meteor rock is still close enough to do him damage and the metal pole in his chest is holding him down. “SUPERMAN,” yells Lois running towards him. She lifts his head and places it on her chest. “Superman, get up,” says Lois eyes watering. “Lo…is,” says Superman. “Superman you have to get up,” says Lois crying, “please.” Superman begins to fade as a group of riot cops approach them. “Miss you have to get out of here,” demands one of the cops. “NO,” yells Lois as they pull her away. “SUPERMAN,” yells Lois. The cops grab Superman’s body and place it behind a fallen wall. “We’ll protect you Superman,” says a cop covering Superman. They shoot frantically at Metallo but he is able to withstand every bullet. Metallo notices that they are covering Superman. He picks up a SWAT truck and hurls it at the riot police covering Superman. Superman sees the car falling as it lands on him. Superman is blinded by the truck but can still hear the destruction around him. Suddenly he starts to grow strong again. He feels powerful. He doesn’t know what happening. He uses his x-ray vision to see through the truck, but realizes he can’t. “What is this truck made from,” asks Superman to a wounded cop under the truck. “I DON’T KNOW, metal, steel, led,” says the cop trying to get his leg out from under the truck. Superman stands up and pushes the truck into a building. He grabs the light post from his chest and throws it at Metallo. “WHY WON’T YOU DIE,” yells Metallo running at Superman. Superman rips part of the SWAT truck and places it against his chest and runs at Metallo. Superman runs into Metallo then takes him into the air. “Why aren’t you dying,” asks Metallo. “Led, it protects me from the effects of the meteor rock.” Superman continues flying higher and higher into the air, until they are miles above of the city. “What are you gonna do,” asks Metallo, “Drop me.” “No, I have to make sure you’re gone forever.” He takes the torn part from the riot truck and uses it as a glove to punch the meteor rock. “NO, WHAT ARE YOU DOING,” yells Metallo struggling to survive on the breaking meteor rock. Superman finally breaks through it and Metallo’s eyes turn from green to black. He hears the circuits of his body break until the life of Metallo has ended. Superman grabs Metallo by the arms and shoots through it with his heat vision and then throws it up into the earth’s atmosphere.

Superman touches down and a crowd of people gather around him until Superman hears the yell of Lois from the building. He flies up towards her and finds her on the roof of a building. “Superman, thank god,” says Lois. “I was foolish Lois, I though John would listen to reason. But he was gone. I was too late. Lex won. I wasn’t a hero today, I was a murderer,” says Superman. “Superman, John’s death is not your fault, don’t you even think like that. Lex tried to destroy you and you had to fight back. People will always try to strike you down but you need to stand up and save us. If you lose hope in yourself how can we hope for you? You said you wished this city would accept you, and it will. But it all won’t happen in one day,” says Lois almost at tears. She holds Superman’s head to hers and then kisses him on the lips. “I have to go Lois,” says Superman. “Where,” asks Lois. “To seek justice.”

He flies her to the Planet and then takes off towards Luthor Corp. Lex is sitting in his office watching the news report about the fight when Superman flies in knocking Lex against the wall. “Superman nice to see you again,” says Lex. Superman starts to suffer from pain and backs off. “Sorry,” says Lex opening his shirt to reveal a meteor rock tied around his chest, “just jogging your memory about earlier today. Sit down please.” Superman sits in a chair in front of Luthor’s desk. “WHY Lex,” asks Superman. “I saw someone that would stand in my way. I had to destroy him,” says Lex. “You made me kill an innocent man today Lex,” says Superman. “NO, you could have surrendered but decided not to. You DECIDED to kill an innocent man. You think what you did was justice. It was murder,” says Lex. “What about Parasite,” asks superman? “Well he was just a pawn. Like everyone else. Marty and his friend were my first move. Then the attack at the warehouse was my second, and also when you decided to play. Then I framed Winkler for being a terrorist,” says Lex chuckling at the last sentence, “him…an Iraqi terrorist hahaha. The guy’s not even brown,” chuckles Lex, “I erased Winkler from the system and created Jamal Ahmady, the son of a terrorist. Next move was making Corbin wear the Metallo suit and the final move was throwing my last two knights into the game and creating what occurred just recently,” says Lex. “So that’s it,” says Superman. “Every last move,” says Lex, “check mate.” Superman stumbles up and walks towards a window and Lex puts away the meteor rock. “You may have defeated me this time, but next time I’ll be ready. I can’t do anything to you now…but one day I will bring you down,” says Superman. “Till round two my friend,” says Lex. Superman flies out the window and Lex returns to watching the news report.

The next morning Clark walks into The Daily Planet and grabs the news paper that reads “Superman Thwarts Metallo and Parasite: Investigation on Possible connection” the article is of course written by Lois. Clark lies back in his chair and brushes his hair back with his hand. “Can you believe it,” asks Lois. “Excuse me Lois,” asks Clark. “The cops want Superman to come to their station for questioning. Turpin thinks he could have something to do with Metallo and Parasite. Also, this morning John’s wife and daughter were found dead with holes burnt into their heads. They think its Superman. Can you believe that Clark. He saved us. He’s a fucken hero,” says Lois with a burning rage. “I know Lois, but sometimes people need a little more proof then what is given,” says Clark. Clark hears something off in the distance. “Come to me Superman,” says a voice. Clark stands up and looks in the distance. “Clark…Earth to Clark,” says Lois. “I got to go for a second, cover me,” says Clark keeping his vision in the distant. Clark walks out and leaves Lois. “There goes Smallville,” says Lois to Jimmy, “good guy, a little nerdy and annoying, but still a good guy.”

Lex Luthor is making an address to the city over the TV, he looks angry. "Hello city, the news stations are finally letting my apologize for my super suite incident. But why should I apologize? It wasn't out of control. I was just showing people what it could do. Then Superman came in and BLEW IT OUT OF PROPORTION. I would also like to tell people that I am deeply sorry for the loss of John Corbin. He was a great soldier that lost his way and Superman didn't let him find it. Superman destroyed my product and my best friend. He needs to pay for the damages. If there was no Superman then there would not have been the fight in Metropolis. I SAY WE DON'T LET SUPERMAN OVER POWER US. WE DON'T LET HIM PUSH US INTO FEAR. WHO SHOULD WE HAVE TRUSTED? THE COLONEL OR THE ALIEN. CORBIN WAS A HERO AND SUPERMAN WAS THE VILLAIN. HE WAS JUST SMART. He got the most pathetic reporter to convince us that he was the hero. I cannot deny that the man is a genius. I say we bring down the evil, the diabolical destroyer, THE SUPERMAN.

Superman flies off far into a snowy plain. He looks around and continues to hear the voice. He touches down in the middle of the North Pole and looks around but finds nothing. “Why am I here,” asks Superman. “Sometimes you must look with more than your human eyes,” says the voice. Superman uses his X-ray vision and sees through a cliff and finds a fortress like structure hidden in the ice. He melts the ice around it to see an enormous ice structure before him. He walks in and finds icicles coming from the ground and multiple floors of ice above him. “What is this place,” asks Superman? “Insert a crystal here and have all your questions answered,” says the voice as a small hole in the wall illuminates. Superman grabs a crystal and sticks it into the wall. A weird writing starts to stream in front of him, different symbols scrolling up and down. “What is this,” asks Superman. “This is your Fortress of Solitude, your home away from your true home. Here you can reside without feeling hidden. Here you are protected…my son,” says the voice. The screen goes black and the credits begin to roll.

Hope you liked it. I would really like to know what you think. The last three cast picks are courtesy of LEE777
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LEEE777 - 12/28/2009, 10:50 AM
Excellent @ BATMANKNIGHT!!!

Luv it! Love how you got all them pictures too man, damn that SUPER-SUITE looks killer!

A HI 5 and thumbs up from me!

Must've taken you forever to do this dude, quality work!!
Betty - 12/28/2009, 10:55 AM
the pics are my fave.
anirudhmohan - 12/28/2009, 12:06 PM
That is nice!!!!
Batmanknight - 12/28/2009, 12:33 PM
@LEE-Thanks man. The pictures took a while to make believe it or not.

@Betty0thanks man, what do you think about the story?

@Necro-Oh i forgot to post it under fan fic. I posted it quickly this morning before going out. I'll fix that.

@anir-Thanks man
Ryden - 12/28/2009, 1:20 PM
awesome, and I really like the idea of Karl Urban as Supes..great job ;)
LEEE777 - 12/28/2009, 1:23 PM
BatmanKnight @ I believe it dude, i believe it!!

They should make photoshop etc easier lol!

Great work again!!
Diamond1995 - 12/28/2009, 2:59 PM
I do not like Karl Urban as Supes
KingoDaUndead - 12/28/2009, 3:56 PM
Nice......I like it.
Batmanknight - 12/28/2009, 4:45 PM
@necro-thanks man :)

@Ryden-Thanks it took a while to write and its always good to hear that people like it.

@LEE-Dude i know i spend so much time just trying to figure out how things work. Coloring even takes me like a while lol.

@Anil-Chopra is a really good actres. It wont be long till shes better known. I know people dont like Slater, but i think he could do it. Colm Feore would be my second coice.

@King-Cool dude thanks
DDD - 12/28/2009, 11:02 PM
Batman@ You are a braver man than me with the
photoshop! A person needs a computer pen to really
draw with it! I'm a highly-trained artist and I'm still
struggling to get use to using Adobe Photoshop for
manips! I wish I had one of those pens! Gonna get one
pretty soon!

But very good story to go along with a very good cast!
The only guy I question at all is Slater as Lex!
Lex should be played by a tall lean man with a
powerful personality! Someone like Clancy Brown but
a little younger than him.

But Christian is an
excellent actor! Check him out on the TV show
"The Forgotten" on ABC. Its the story of a private
organization that tries to find the identities of
murdered and dead people the police give up on,
deemed unsolvable! Its pretty damm good!
DDD - 12/29/2009, 3:34 AM
BatmanKnight@ you're on the right track with Karl
Urban as an older more manly looking Supes like
in the comics. I don't know why the producers
want a kid in his late 20's for Supes when
Superman is older!

I mean Christian Bale is 35. The guy I think should
Play Superman is Victor Webster from Mutant X. He's
a way better actor than Tom Welling and Brandon
Routh and he's only one year older than Bale. He's 6'3
and looks just like Superman from the comics.

Batmanknight - 12/29/2009, 10:02 AM
@DDD-I know man photoshop is so hard. Its like art for computer nerds. But it works for me cause i suck at drawing.

Maybe i need to choose a different person for Lex. I picked him cause i thought he was crazy and experienced enough. Colm Feore is my second choice.

I totally agree that Superman should be older. Not a 20 some kid that doesn't know what hes doing. Reeves was the perfect age for it and he wasnt a kid. They probably just want someone young because people like Smallville and they think they can get the same popularity from the movie.

I like your Superman pick but i think Karl is experienced enough and has the right look to be a perfect Superman.
Spooks - 12/29/2009, 1:49 PM
this is awesome, i just am not digging karl urban for superman, bro. dont get me wrong he is an incredible actor and one of my favorites but, he doesn't look anything like him to me.
Watchtower31 - 12/30/2009, 9:11 AM
Dude sweet story!!!I really like it.

The cast is a great cast for an older Superman movie.

The only problem is Christian Slater. And even hes not that bad.

Good story, cant wait for the sequel.
AGame67 - 12/30/2009, 10:56 PM
Hey Bro, nice story nice cast. Sounds too much like Hawks though. maybe you should have waited abit before reaveling this story.

I mean stealing a story from a just hospitalized man is kind of low.

Like the cast though. although Slater is like the worst Lex pick ever.
JesuCrisco - 12/31/2009, 4:47 PM
This was such a good read! Thank you for posting this.
Batmanknight - 1/2/2010, 2:06 PM
@Blur-Thanks. Sometimes I agree he doesnt look like Superman. But other times he looks exactly like him. And hes a good enough actor to do it.

@Watchtower-Thanks. I dont know if I'm going to do a sequel, but if I do it'll be a much bigger villain.

@AGame-Hey bro i didnt know you had an account here. I didnt steal his story. I had this written before HAWK posted his. They are just a bit alike. I changed the Luthor pick so maybe you like this one.

@Jesu-Thanks man
LEEE777 - 1/2/2010, 5:04 PM
BatmanKnight @ I reckon one day, you and HAWK should team up on a story, like a crossover article thats starts your end, ends his or vice versa, would be [frick]ing cool and never been done before here at CBM's!!

Again great story man!!! ; )
LEEE777 - 1/2/2010, 5:07 PM
Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyy i left a comment about DDD's MUTANT X boy as SUPES and its gone, who [frick]ing deleted it????????????

: /

Batmanknight - 1/2/2010, 5:13 PM
@LEE-Dude i would be happy to do a story with HAWK. It would be epic. Maybe you could do the cast for it.

I didn't see or delete your comment LEE. Maybe you didnt post it or maybe someone hacked and deleted it. Though i dont think anyone would care that much.
LEEE777 - 1/3/2010, 1:13 AM
Nah lol, i dont care too much either heh heh! ; D

Well cool man, you should ask HAWKIE if he's up for it sometime in the future dude!

I reckon it would be awesome if it was in two parts, like i said, you do one an hawk does da other, never been done here, be a bit like two comic book companies each doing a crossover comic with each other, ahhhh i miss them crossover books!

As for casting im sure if you two did do a project together HAWKS would wanna do the casting with you dude, he's big into them too!

Damn it would be sweet to see man, let us know if it comes about!!
vanillabear - 1/4/2010, 7:40 AM
ok that is just class
good job man:)
THEHAWK - 1/4/2010, 8:36 PM
Sorry it took me so long bro! I have been behind on everything, and I thought i left a commetn the other day, but I guess not...

Well first off, I think that this is the best thing you have written! A truely well done story. It is so good it makes me want to finish my Superman 2!

I honestly only have one problem with the story and that is Parasite. I love how you built him up, but it seems like you rushed him in at the last minute. I hope we see more of him in the future.

I must say you wrote the perfect role for Urban. I could see him delivering the lines you wrote him as Clark, and you did a great Clark. Clark is harder to write than Superman in my opinion.

My only complaint with the casting is Mercy, but she is still a good actress, so it is a small complaint.

And I think LEEE wants us to do a crossover. This is like the fifth article of ours that he has dropped that little hint in. lol

But when things calm down a bit for me, who knows. I'm game

HAWK out.
Batmanknight - 1/5/2010, 1:10 PM
Thanks a lot man. its great to hear that my story is good from the best writer on here. I also think it was my best story. I spent more time on this story then I did on any other story. The cast as well.

I'll admit that Parasite was a last minute addition. I seriously added him because I read your Superman story and I thought they were too much a like so I added him. But then when I was writing for him I found a way for him to fit in well and maybe lead into a future story if i ever write it. He was more simple in this story and I want to expand on him later.

I completely totally agree that Clark is harder than Superman. He has to be written enough as a geek while still holding the fact that he is the hero that everyone is talking about. Urban is my favorite pick I have ever made.

Mercy was from LEE and i thought it was a good idea. She only has a small part anyways. originally she was going to be bigger but I changed some of it.

I know dude I have noticed the LEE crossover idea. I would truly like to do it if you ever wanted too. But I don't want to hold you back from doing your own stories that I love to read.

And hey. You wrote great Batmans and I made Superman. Maybe we could do something with that. I have my other bad Green Arrow stories too lol. Or maybe Sinister Six since we both know a lot about them. Just spitten out ideas lol.
THEHAWK - 1/5/2010, 3:14 PM
@BatmanKnight. I think it came out well overall, a great stor. And you made the characters different enough from mine and they still came out true enough to themselves.

I tried to stay away from the Chris Reeves Clark and moved towards the late 80's clark when he was a stronger character and less clumsy. Reeves pulled off the classic Clark perfectly, but I don't think that is the direction tehy need to take him now.

I liked your GA stories, I thought they came out great.

And as fro a collaboration, I have been working with Shaman, Myth, and Joslezio on a project since late July. But if I can, i wouldn't mind doing a collab with you.

I was thinking of a crossover event. Since we have both written stories with multiple DC characters, I plan on doing a Justice League story in the furute and assume that you may as well.

What I was thinking is this. Crisis on Infinte Earths. A crossover between my DC Universe and yours. Think about it, it has never been done before.

A cosmic Earth shattering event draws both our universes together in an ultimate battel to safe the uiverse itself! our universes are already different. you have an older Superman and a Younger Green Arrow, while I have a young Superman and plan on introducing an older Green Arrow (played by Keifer Sutherland btw).

We could present our worlds as mirrors of each other, hwere things are done differently in one, while teh other is different. The only thing that has to be the same is Batman. Because Batman is Batman, lol. The only character change he has had in teh past 70 years is when he was Neutered in teh 60's. lol.

What do you think?
Batmanknight - 1/5/2010, 4:39 PM
Alright its god that you think our stories are different. I was worried that you or someone else would think I stole it from you like my bro thought I did.

I kind of wanted to make my Superman like Reeves while still giving him some balls. Kind of how he is on Smallville except less annoying and gay.

Don't get me wrong I like them but compared to this and other stories I'm writing its not as good. I think I'm going to do a lot of changes to the first one and re release it.

Damn dude I didn't know collabs took that long. But you guys all have separate lives that would distract you from focusing on it.

I actually am planning on doing a Justice League story. maybe even two where my universe comes together and one that would be a separate origin story with different actors.

Man that idea sounds sweet I'm definitely game for that. I was thinking of writing a Flash and Green Lantern story anyways.

I never noticed that our universes are kind of complementary.

Yeah we can keep the same Batman cause hes already established. But I might write one anyways if thats cool.

Just tell me when you want to do it and i'm totally game for it.
THEHAWK - 1/5/2010, 5:28 PM
Well, our collab is about 12 stories long. It is a very long series, whereas our collab owld be about two stories, or one we cowrite.

I plan on doing a Justice League story and I have actually written the sequel, even though I have not even started the first!

I also plan to write a Flash story eventually. It will feature both Barry Allen and Wally West. In it Barry dies and Walley picks up where he left off.

And you are writing a Batman? Sweet, can't wait to read it! I'd like to start writing our Colab after we both have done a Justice League story or two.
Batmanknight - 1/5/2010, 6:27 PM
maybe it should be three stoires where we both write separate ones and then the last one is a big epic rape showdown written by both of us.

How can you write the sequel without wiriting the first one? Well i kind of understand since the first one has

to be more origin like and then the second can be whatever you want.

My Flash story also has Barry getting into a sticky situation and Wally West coming in. I've written most of it but I havent done the pictures or edited it yet.

GL I'm just starting and Batman is hard to make perfect so I havent started that one yet.

Yeah after we write JL stoires will probably be good.
THEHAWK - 1/5/2010, 6:46 PM
Three stories sounds good to me! We can each do a section.

ANd I rewrote my old crappy 3 part Justice League story I never finished, and decided to make it a sequel to a story I have outlined, but not written.

I am nearly finished with my Superman 2, and am tearing through X-Men 5. It will be my greatest work yet. I mean it is truely epic!
THEHAWK - 1/5/2010, 6:47 PM
Oh and I can't wait to see your Flash story.
Batmanknight - 1/5/2010, 7:58 PM
Sounds awesome man I pumped to work with you it'll be epic.

Dude i thought that Justice League story was tight. i liked every part of it and I got bumbed that you didn't finish it.

I'm kind of the same way. I wrote 3/4 of a Justice League story and now I think I'm going to change to incorporate the Knightverse(working universe title) into.

Cant wait to read your Superman story. It was my favorite after you Batman stories that you may not think are your best, but I'm truely a DC man and liked them more than your Avengers and X-men stories. But I bet the X-men story will be sweet and completely blow me away like your other stories do.

My Flash story has been an on and off story for a while for me. I've been writing it since I was writing my Green Arrow:Savage Hunt story and I never thought it was good enough yet. I'll probably release it late January cause I'm kind of busy right now.

I think Flash is hard to write cause hes not that fantastic of a hero like Superman or Batman. Hes a real B-lister like Green Arrow and i think thats why people didnt read my Green Arrow stories cause hes not that amazing.

Seriously cant wait to do the story with you man it'll be amazing.
Batmanknight - 1/5/2010, 7:59 PM
And i guess I can narrow it down that your twelve part story isnt a Justice League story since we're going to do that.

That much closer to knowing what it is.

Any idea when those might start coming out?
THEHAWK - 1/6/2010, 6:50 AM
Thanks, I looking forward to working to.

My Justice League was a decent plot, but it was not my best work. I liked it better than my Nick Fury story, but it is still not my best work.

My personal favorite of my stories is my two part
Batman 5: Shadow of the Bat. That was the one story that I can honsetly say satisfied me when I was writing it. I got everythign I wanted in it without compromising the plot. And to me it was the most meaningful and emotional plot of all my stories.

My X-Men 5 is coming along good, I am writng it at the moment so I won't burn out before I finish
'Superman 2: The Last Kryptonian.'

I'm looking forwad to your Flash story. I have enjoyed him over the years adn am surprised that there aren't more fan fics with him in it. I plan on introducing him in my Justice League story before expanding the "HAWKverse". Flash is a hard one to write, but he does have a lot ot offer story wise. There are loads of awesome Flash stories out there.

I really want to do a Wonder Woman story, but the problem is besides her origin story there never has been that definitive Wonder Woman story. And my problem with writing a WW story is that the animated movie is basically the exact thing i had outlined to write! I waited a while after it came out before grabbing the DVD, I wnated to make sure my story was different. Well it would have looked like a clone of the animated film. I had the same Steve, I even outlined a scene with him trying to get ehr drunk and he ends up getting wasted and she doesn't feel a thing. I also had jokes about the Lasso and Steve accidentally telling the truth ebcause of it, several times.

I had planned on Ares being the villain in the first WW story and the sequel would have featured Cheetah and Giganta.

And no, my colab with them is not a Justice League story, but I still can't say what it is. I will say that it is an original story that takes an interesting look at some classic characters.

I honestly wouldn't look for it any time soon. We are all kinda behind in our work for it.

I have only finished 2 of my 4 stories and the others each have about three. then we ahve the main story which will probably be 4 stories. So we still have a while.
Batmanknight - 1/6/2010, 1:23 PM
I never actually finished your Nick Furry story, but what i read was good.

I think Shadow of the Bat or End of Days was my favorite Batman story. I think Shadow of the Bat was better. Perfect length and character development and everything was just perfect.

Flash was actually pretty hard to write. I wrote like four different versions with different villains. I think I still might go back and change some of it. Its my second hardest story I've written so far.

Its hard to make Flash a hero and a fool at the same time and then having to worry about his social life. It's kind of Spider-man like except better lol.

I was going to write Wonder Woman but your right she is hard to write and make original. She pretty much has one strict orgin story you have to abide by.

I'm going to introduce her and Martian Manhunter in the Justice League story.

Sucks the collab story wont come out for a while. It sounds awesome.

I know I ask this a lot but do you know when your next story might be coming?

My next will either be Flash or Super Max in late January early February. If i can get back to writing Super Max.
THEHAWK - 1/6/2010, 4:09 PM
Yeah, Shadow of the Bat is my favorite too. I doubt I will ever have that complex of a story.

Flash is an odd character, I have started a Spidey story and I am pretty sure Flash will be harder to write in the end.

I will introduce Matian Manhunter, Flash, Wonder WOman Green Arrow and Black Canary in my Justice League story and maybe work from there.

My next story should be X-Men 5 and it should be in the next few weeks. It will be followed shortly by Superman 2
Batmanknight - 1/6/2010, 7:32 PM
I started to write Spider-Man but then i realized that I'm a DC man and couldnt do it. I think my bro wants to write a Spider-Man one.

So does that mean your writing a Green Lantern sotry? That's tight if you are. i'm also introducing Aquaman in my Justice League story.

I made a decision to write my Green Lantern story before releasing my Flash story. I the way I ended my Flash story works better that way I think.
THEHAWK - 1/6/2010, 7:56 PM
Who is your bro on here?

No I wrote a GL story, but it got deleted when my computer got a virus on it.

Oh and I forgot that I am introducing Aquaman in my Justice League story as well.

I can't wait to read your stories man! Flash or GL.
Batmanknight - 1/6/2010, 8:02 PM
My bros new. Hes Agame67, he not on much.

That sucks dude it would have been sweet to read your GL story.

Dude I'm stoked for your X5 Batman and Superman. They're going to be amazing.
THEHAWK - 1/6/2010, 10:20 PM
Agame. Ok I've seen him on here before, he says he liked my work.

I am writng X-men right now. I burnt myself out on Supreman and I have a good X-Men idea, i want to finish it before I lose the drive ot write it.
Spectre94 - 1/9/2010, 6:36 PM
Dude, you obviously spent a lot of time at this and it comes across. Great synopsis. Not too sure about some of the cast. But thanks for your comments on my Superman idea. I can input better later but i don't have time right now. But again, good, lengthy synopsis.
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