Superman/Batman film Story Idea (Man of Tomorrow/Man of Steel 2)

Superman/Batman film Story Idea (Man of Tomorrow/Man of Steel 2)

Finally! 2015 is getting it's Superman/Batman team-up, but is Batman going to take away Superman's glory by making put this in Supe's sequel as is? Not if they do this. KEEP READING!

NOTE: This is all on my idea for a story I have came up with that I am currently trying to pitch to Zack Snyder (AND CHRISTOPHER NOLAN JUST IN CASE!), and also my background information and explanation for my choices on things and such. THERE ARE SPOILERS FROM THE LAST FILM!


Well it's official! At 2013 Comic Con event for 'Man of Steel' Zack Snyder and the rest of the team announced that the next film in the 'Man of Steel Trilogy' will introduce a brand new Batman in their universe because of the fact that Nolan's take on his Batman Trilogy was it's own separate idea from the start. This will be the first time that both of our beloved heroes, Superman and Batman themselves, will share the big screen together! What can go wrong? Well according to the fans, a lot of things but they are all reasonable issues that make sense, but at the same time have reasonable solutions that I will help discuss the solutions to in this very article.

In this article I will discuss background information regarding the recently discussed concerns/issues on this sequel, and my story that I have planned for the sequel itself. Of all seriousness, I am trying to pitch this idea of the story and the article itself to Zack Snyder and the studio. I may need your help though, so please read and spread this like wildfire. I promise you, there won't be disappointment. Now, of course the studio can take liberty with anything they like, but with issues at hand, I formed a story to resolve all of them. Let's begin...


So even though fanboys, like myself, can get pretty annoying at times, there have some points that I have came across about this movie being an issue which I have came to think about as well. So a huge one that has came across is the whole idea that well Batman is in the movie. People still however are holding onto Christian Bale's portrayal as the character because it has grossed billions of dollars in the box-office and is very very recent and fresh in everyone's mind. People don't like several things about this Batman, regardless of there being a new Batman and a new universe for him. In my eyes, he is the best and always will be. If this was a crossover, and they wanted Nolan's universe to work, I would say go for Bale over anything! But since they won't... We gotta settle for a more unrealistic Batman to help Superman out better.

I understand people being uncomfortable with ANOTHER reboot on this character, however that doesn't mean we are getting his films rebooted as well. No, we're just getting the character redone. Keep in mind that this is a sequel to the recent successful film 'Man of Steel' so this is Superman's movie which is also why in my opinion that Batman should only be a supporting character like Catwoman was in 'The Dark Knight Rises' and nothing more. Her role was very important, but she didn't take away Batman's glory. We didn't need her origin story or anything, she was just shown her importance through her actions of her role. The same has to happen for Batman in this sequel.

I get it, fans want Bale for his success and iconic take on the role, but his Batman honestly wouldn't work too well for a sequel. Yes, it's natural for the audience to have to adjust to a new fresh take only 3 years after the trilogy ended, but if you put thought into it, this isn't a crossover film, this is a stand alone Superman film in his trilogy. Would we really want Bale to take his glory? No. We just got a fresh new Superman that the audience wants more of, so we can't have DC letting Batman take up all the glory from everything. They need to expand their universe more. We have to realize that if it were a crossover, Bale would be the best choice, but that's not what this is. Also, how would they even tie in Bale's take on Batman in the Superman universe? You can't. His trilogy ended nicely. He finally retired and is living his life with Catwoman and is free. Plus we need Bruce Wayne, not Joseph Gordan-Levitt. His Batman was too realistic and very very human. What help would he be for a demigod? And since it is announced that they are fighting in the movie, how would that work? Bale wouldn't stand a chance! He's too human. He's not smart enough, strong enough, fast enough, or nearly has the skill or gadgets to hold him off. We need a Batman this is more up Superman's alley. One that in this universe is more incredibly almost inhuman as far as his skills like Batman in the comics.

Who is the perfect actor for this job? One who can make this Batman come to life that doesn't have much of a reputation to be judged upon? Ladies and gentlemen, Scott Adkins! Why him? Well in short, he's serious actor, he's in the shape for it, he actually knows over 6 martial arts in real life as is, and looks the part! He's perfect for the role! The directors have to realize that he is the perfect fit because it's bad enough to already bring a new Batman to the cinematic universe. So with this actor not being well known there's not much of a reputation to judge him on.

The best thing about this actor portraying Batman is that he does all of his stunts, and he's in his late 30s which is what the directors are looking for. He will be the first actor to truly bring Batman to life. In order to have a Batman that can be a match somehow against Superman and be a true partner is to bring him to life as much as possible through the script and the actor. This guy is the man for the job. When you play the Arkham games, what you realize is how Batman is so intelligent, strong, fierce, strong-minded and is skilled in martial arts/detective work/use of gadgets. That's what has to be brought to the big screen, because it hasn't been brought to life yet and this is the perfect way to do so. And like I said before, this is the one man to be a match against Superman in the movies. We need this first and foremost.

One of the biggest complaints is that David S. Goyer (who is writing the movie) has announced that he's planning on making this a versus movie and having that stated in the title. This is on every level so wrong... We just got a fresh take on Superman and now putting Batman in a villain like role is going to ruin both of their images in films for a long time. We just got a great trilogy, and a great reboot on Superman. This isn't 'Alien V. Predator', this is a 'Man of Steel Sequel' and Batman needs to only be a supporting character, and can't take away Superman's role from his film. I stated this before already, so this being Batman must also stay out of the title. The best title for this film would be 'Man of Tomorrow'. This title is straight to the point, and keeps the focus on Superman. BATMAN CAN'T BE A VILLAIN! This film must set the franchise just like 'The Dark Knight' did. That means we need a great Batman, a great story that focuses on Superman's mental barriers that Batman will help him through, and a great Lex Luthor like Heath Ledger's Joker almost. This has to brake the billions of dollars, and set the franchise because this is what will define the trilogy's success at this point. We need great fighting sure! But not as much as the first film! This needs to focus on Superman mentally and how Batman will help him as a supporting character. The story line is built around Superman trying to overcome these mental barriers that are holding him back.

Yes, Batman is going to beat Superman in the movie, but that doesn't mean they can't team up in the movie still. That's what this should be, a team up. It makes sense they would fight at first, I mean look at it from a logical sense. Superman broke Wayne's satellite in the first film, Batman has trust issues, Superman destroyed half the city, Batman isn't the friendliest of people, etc. It just makes sense! But he would only be able to win by cheating, because that's what Batman does! However, could we REALLY make this a movie that will be iconic like 'The Dark Knight'? No. Not with this idea. Sure, Batman is gonna beat Superman, but there's a way to do it. He has beaten Superman in the comics, but by cheating and Superman usually takes him down more often anyways. How would it be logical that Batman is that hard of any enemy, and nevertheless a villain in the movie? It doesn't! Batman wouldn't last that long. In a real fight? Superman would have more of the upper hand. This is a demigod vs a very skilled human being. This doesn't happen. Not like this anyways:

With all of this being said about Batman now, and having his character being established, we can now discuss the story of this film! SO READ BELOW FOR 'Man of Tomorrow' Story line. All establishments will be made through the story then.




A few years after the previous invasion of Zod and his fellow kryptonian army. Metropolis is still under construction from the massive damage done during the tragedy that occurred. Clark is trying to live his double life now as a reporter for the Daily Planet, and being the hero the world knows as Superman. It is a big change for him, but he knows that he always has someone there for him that can understand who he is when he is confused and feeling alienated from what he calls "home". He keeps his identity secret with his simple disguise of glasses and wimpy demeanor. No one can see him past this because there was no idea of "Clark Kent" back then. All the people knew was he was Kal-El/Superman. The alien responsible for almost the world being destroyed. No one got a clear look at his face, except those who already knew. The world now is unaware of Clark Kent and Superman being the same person. However, Clark must now hold this guilt on his shoulders. Not just about destroying his city and nearly the rest of the world, but also for taking another life. He can never do it again...

Metropolis is really starting to welcome this Kal-El and accept him into their home. Regardless of the damage he has done, the city generally respects him putting his life on the line and going against his own people, to save the people of earth instead. At this time there is a man named Lex Luthor who is running for President of the United States. He is also the CEO of his own company, "Lex Corp", which is an applied sciences and research company. He is a very-well liked
candidate for office because of his well known genius and money he is using for philanthropy. One of his acts of philanthropy at the moment is a program he calls "METROPOLIS REBORN". This project is an act of his which involves him donating his money to the city and helping reconstruct the city from the current destruction of Superman's and Zod's attacks. He hates Superman for it and his destruction on the city has led Lex to have an obsessive hatred for "interfering aliens". He also has a sub project along with this one that is called "Project D-EX" which is suppose to Lex's biggest project to recreate the city, and he is working very very hard on.

With his running for President going well, Lex often emphasizes in his speeches on how Superman is a threat to the world and has convinced many people as well that he is. He plans to take him down if things get out of the way very often in his speeches, and he states that if he doesn't back down he will take him down with Project D-EX.

Superman is usually living life as Clark Kent, and still is growing as a hero at the moment, but he's having trouble on accessing his powers as strong as before because of the recent events of Zod. While he took some his life and probably taking hundreds/thousands of others in the destruction. He is usually spending his day at the Daily Planet and spending time with Lois, who he is growing very strong feelings for, even though she is uncomfortable with dating the man responsible for Metropolis's destruction and feels embarrassed to be even around him... He does the usual catching planes out of the sky kind of thing now and then, but as far as his strength, that's the most he handles at this point because of his mental barriers he is facing. Although the city does feel safer, Superman is struggling with his powers and questioning the very question of why God created him. Is he a monster? Can he really help these people? Why is he really here? This is now his life... He feels that he is stepping on glass to keep this world safe without hurting it.

With Lex and Lex Corp being busy with their project METROPOLIS REBORN, they having trouble getting the money they need, even with Lex's billions! So it turns out that they get the help they need just in time...

The story then sets back at the Daily Planet and Clark and Lois are doing their work, when suddenly Perry White makes an announcement to the office that there will be a very important person coming by to visit today so everyone must do their best to impress him. At a glimpse of her eye, Lois catches Clark looking out the window at the destruction feeling guilty with the power he is given and goes back to work. Clark was unsure who this man that was coming was, so Lois explains that it was celebrity Bruce Wayne of Wayne Enterprises. She recently wrote an article on him, and he has planned to visit her. She wrote on his success of his company Wayne Enterprises, and how she is very impressed by his success, but also questions his constant absences at his meetings that have been discussed and his frequent party-life. Even though the article was rather insulting, Bruce told Perry that he was coming down to visit because he was still impressed and wanted to meet Ms. Lane herself.

As Bruce arrives shortly after Lois explains to Clark who he is, Bruce goes to Perry and introduces him and asks to speak to Ms. Lane. When they discuss he is told that her need to write the article was to show how even the richest people make mistakes sometimes. He is rather amused by response and tells Mr. White that he is now buying the company to make sure that they get a lot of promotion and help them to success and watch over them. Bruce continues to talk to Lois because he feels like there is some flirting in the conversation and is into it. But that's until Clark steps in to stop Bruce from giving his charm to his Lois. Bruce apologizes and introduces himself to Clark. While looking at Clark, he can see his pain and also sees something else about him that others don't see in him. Bruce then leaves the building but he suddenly runs into the construction for METROPOLIS REBORN and starts becoming curious about how the city is being rebuilt so quickly by one team.

This leads him to run into the man in charge, Lex Luthor. As he runs into him they seem to get along extremely well because of there similarities with money and philanthropy. He also recognizes him because they recently talked on the phone! Lex came to Bruce about needing support for his election and Bruce was going to do that through his funds. Bruce was a fan of his policies, and actually heard of METROPOLIS REBORN from Lex on the phone during the same conversation, and Bruce was very interested then. He tells Lex that he would like to help support his project with his funds along with his funds for his election, because of Lex Corp is running low on funds alone. On the side note, Bruce has more than enough money to help anyways. As they agree to make this a group project, Bruce signs a contract to bring Wayne Enterprises to the project and be there by the next couple days as he calls Alfred to give the plans to the board. Bruce decides to stay in Metropolis until the project is finished by the next couple of months.

Later that night Clark puts on his suit to clear his head, and flies around Metropolis thinking about his life and asking himself the same questions as usual. Superman flies around Metropolis and even tries to test his limits again and flies to the sun to recharge and think about what is keeping him from succeeding as a hero. As he tries to recharge, he feels nothing. If anything, he just feels weaker than he ever did. Superman starts to come to the conclusion that he may be becoming weaker and weaker because God doesn't want him to be a hero, he was never meant to be one maybe. As he flies back down to Metropolis he hears in a distance someone in the streets late at night when no one else is around...

He goes to check it out, and uses his telescope vision and x-ray vision to see what it is. As he gets a look, he sees a dark figure dressed as a bat wondering the streets, jumping from rooftops, and looking like he's after something. He becomes suspicious and goes to stop him. Superman tries to ask what he's doing there, but the mysterious man seems to have set this up and have a message or some kind of grudge over him. This man then takes out these electric knuckles and hits Superman. Superman was off guard and falls to the ground. They then start to fight out of confusion and tension. Superman is fighting him because he feels like this man dressed as a dark bat is a criminal off to do something. And this man is fighting him for some odd reason that he is unaware of at the moment. Now, clearly when they are fighting, even with Superman being very weak at the moment, he still has edge because the other guy is only human. He is an expert at what he does, and can hold him off well with these gadgets, but may not last very long. However, he is certainly challenging Superman, and as Superman is off to finish the battle himself, this man puts on this glowing green gauntlet (obviously kryptonite) and knocks Superman down for good. At this point the battle is over and short-lived and the stranger walks over to him.

As Superman is about to get up, the man places the same green rock near his face, as he trembles in fear of what is going on and why it hurts him. The rock is causing him to be even weaker than before and is hurting his brain and nearly causing his brain to give out on him. As this man is putting Superman in fear he looks at him and says,

"Look at you. Here you are putting the world in fear, and instead I, a man, have put you in the same spot."
Superman looks up while trembling and asks, "Who are you and what do you want from me? Why is that rock hurting me?!"
The man looks at him sternly, "Does it really matter? It just matters what I'm capable of. I want you to remember that I did this to show you to never underestimate man. You are not God Clark."
Superman looks surprised, "how did you know who I was?"
"You really think your wimpy demeanor and glasses fool me? I'm practically a mater detective. You know, I'm surprised that you didn't use that x-ray vision of your's to look under my mask and see who I am."

Superman uses ability to look under the mask and notices that it's Bruce Wayne. He now has an even bigger grudge on him for trying to hit on Lois earlier, but Bruce apologizes for the behavior and wants him to focus on what he's trying to say as the moment.

Bruce continues, "I want you to remember in times to come, when you are having trouble getting the job done, you can always count on me to help you."
"Why do you want to help me?" He says with a puzzled tone.
"Because I'm assembling a team. I've been studying you for a while Clark. I know what you're capable of. I know everything about you."
"How could you help me? You're just a man!" He says while mocking him.
"Yes, a man that just defeat you. And now, you know I can help you save these people from being hurt, because I proved myself just now that I'm fit for the job."

So it just turns out that Bruce set this up because he was teaching Clark that he is weak. He could see it in his eyes. He knows that he has a mental barrier in front of him that he must help him overcome to give this world the powerful hero the world deserves. If Bruce could trust Clark with his identity, then he could trust Bruce with helping him out. Who knows how to overcome mental barriers than a man who is able to take down a demigod? No one! Ever since Bruce has came to Metropolis he has felt that something has been going on beyond the reconstruction, so he has stayed in town to investigate for that reason. He also took the partnership with Lex Corp because he wants more answers. D-EX has been led to his worst of concerns because Lex has stated himself that he has it created to take down Superman if necessary. And with Bruce's faith in the kryptonian, it has him worried and he can't let it happen. They then agree to work together and figure out what is going on in Metropolis.

As Bruce continues to work with Luthor he starts getting very vague answers on what this D-EX is. Bruce eventually finds out that this D-EX is a thing, not an idea. Although Luthor refuses to reveal much, that doesn't stop Bruce from wanting to investigate. Even though construction is going well, Luthor is becoming curios to why Bruce isn't showing up to check up and discuss their future plans on the project, and most importantly why he isn't there to help him with his campaign. Luthor wants Bruce there for his selfish needs. Luthor is thirsting for power, and he needs Bruce's money for that.

At the mean time, the story strongly focuses on Clark. This is his story, it's about him! So that being said, Clark is living with Lois as he is deeply in love with her and is the one thing that reminds him that being a hero was worth it. If he wasn't he would never have met her. Clark from time to time is visiting his mother and helping rebuild her farm from the destruction as well. Clark opens up to his mother on how he's afraid of what he's become. He's so overwelmed because he's just getting weaker and weaker. Also this Lex Luthor guy is getting nearly everyone to reconsider who is their hero. Clark feels unwanted, but his mother reminds him that he was sent here for a reason and if anyone wanted him, it was her and her husband. She wants Clark to do what he can to be a hero. It's not his job to impress the people of earth, it's his job to protect them, even if it means giving up his life for them. That's just what it will take.

Bruce then contacts Clark and tells him that it's time to start training his mind to become the true warrior he needs to be. When they meet up, Bruce tells him that they need a place to train, so Clark then thinks of his fortress Jor-El gave him when he first arrived to earth, but was crashed down in Metropolis shortly after. So he decides to relocate it back at it's original spot. It turns out that it's there, and his father's consciousness was forever programmed in the ship and sent it back to it's designated location.

As Bruce and Clark go inside the fortress, Jor-El welcomes them and Bruce introduces himself to Jor-El and explains what has been going on with Clark. Even though Jor-El was already aware of Clark's mental barriers because the codex is in his system, Jor-El listened to hear what Bruce thought of. As Bruce explained the training he had to go through briefly, he explained it helped him overcome his mental barriers to push his body's limits as a man so he could relate, even with Clark being an orphan. He understands his pain, and Jor-El explained to Clark the feats he is capable of, and asked Bruce to help his son at this point. As they trained, Bruce put him through several training exercises, and even made him train in hard conditions. The hardest condition he had to face over and over again is able to use his powers while being surrounded by the green rock that weakens him that he is unaware of. This was the start of their relationship.

While Clark struggles most that he took someone's life, Bruce is ashamed of that action because he has a strict moral code of never killing someone. As Bruce tries to show how to not just overcome it, but to show him how wrong he is, Clark struggles to bare what he has done. Bruce now is teaching him how to be the warrior/protector he needs, but he is also reminding him of his moral code that he has been taught and holds dear to heart.

As the story continues to the specifics of Bruce helping Clark become the true kryptonian, Clark is trying to pop the big-question to Lois. It has been a couple years now since the invasion of Zod and Clark is still trying to bare that he killed someone. However when Lois is also struggling with it and Clark's depression, she is asked where they see each other in the future. She honestly on the other hand feels uncomfortable with the question and has no answer, and doesn't know what she wants anymore, because she isn't even happy with him, nor does she ever see him because he's always out training and thinking about his life. She however doesn't know where he's been and seems to not be sure if she wants this anymore.

As Clark is now feeling hopeless for asking her hand in marriage he doesn't know what is left for him besides his family. He doesn't see why earth needs him at this point, she was the reason why he even felt welcomed, now he has to bare with this too. He doesn't see the point anymore because he only feels like he screws up everything.

Things commence in the story as Bruce starts to go out and investigate on this D-EX project. As he gets into Lex Corp in his bat-suit (clearly because he's Batman), he gets into the rooms when all of a sudden, the security realizes that someone is in the building, so they find him and Bruce takes them all one by one. However, waiting on the other side is Luthor, who injects him with anesthesia and captures him.

As Bruce is waking up, Lex unmasks him and is ashamed of Bruce invading his personal space. Lex is clearly psychotic and loses it at this point. He cannot trust anyone, and couldn't believe that he is helping Superman save this city and get him strong again. Bruce becomes puzzled and doesn't understand why he doesn't want the city to be safe. That reason being is because Lex wants the glory, because it will help him with his election. Once Bruce realizes how insane he is, Lex decides to take matter into his own hands to stop matter into his own hands. So he asks Bruce he is able to keep him inline. That is all until he goes into his belt and finds the rock that harms Superman. As he sees Bruce's grief on his face, he then knows that he found his answer of stopping Superman.
Bruce is stuck there in the lab, stripped from his gadgets with no way out. All he can do is wait for Superman to come. At the meantime, in the lab Lex is studying the rock and realizing that it's biological chemistry is a radiation to Superman and it can kill him. So he decides to scan the element and find more to stop Superman. As Lex tells his company the locations and they give him the rocks, he continues to work on a weapon to stop Superman that will use these green rocks to power it...

As Clark is in the fortress learning about biology trying to figure out what he can do and trying to get over everything he has dealt with, he starts to wonder where Bruce has been for the past couple of days. He decides to leave the fortress, however Jor-El tells him he isn't ready for anything to come yet, but Superman is convinced that something has happened, and the world might need him. As he flies to go find him, he stops by at his mother's to ask what has happened. That is until, his answer literally pops up on the screen as an announcement from Lex Corp.

So Lex makes an announcement to the people that Superman is about to come to an end. He reveals that he came to this harsh conclusion through a video he found of Superman snapping Zod's neck and killing him. Regardless of Zod being the enemy, he convinces the people that they can't know for sure if he will do that to them too and conquer their world. So Lex promises that he will deal with ending him for the freedom of their world. So the world actually decides to side with him and Superman feels that his enemy is not Lex, but the people instead. Lex now has the military hunting down Superman as well. Is it worth it? At this point it isn't for him, and at this point he might Lex kill him because he thinks Lex is right because he can't forgive himself for what he did either, and he thinks the world is safe in Lex's hands. He doesn't see why he should bother... So at this point, it's Superman vs the world.

As Superman flies to Metropolis to face his blind judgement and unaware of how truly evil Lex is, the military shows up and starts firing at him as the people of Metropolis boo at him. Superman is taking the damage to his body and doing nothing about it. Although his body feels nothing, his mind is convincing him that he is. Lex then shows up and tells Superman to come with him for his judgement. Superman starts to follow him, but then he hears someone in danger yelling by his name, Clark, with his super-hearing. As Superman hears that he is ready to lift off, and the military starts to fire. Instead Superman goes for takeoff to help this person and locate them. As he is off to locate them, the military is firing missiles and chasing him down and leads to an action scene. He is trying to avoid being hit and not slow down so he can save this person. As they are after him, Superman continues to follow the voice. He knows he can't have the military chasing him, so he decides to take down their weapons but safely save them from any damage he has done to their helicopters/planes exploding. He saves all of them, but he can not be located at this point. When he finally hears the voice, he smashes through the wall and realizes it's Bruce!

Bruce is stuck strapped to this table in Lex Corp. He frees Bruce and asks for answers on what happened, but before Bruce can answer Lex comes out with his biggest weapon, his kryptonite mech-suit. As Lex is determined to finally stop Superman, Superman notices that the suit is powered by the same green rock that hurts him and drives his brain crazy. Here Superman was thinking that Lex was the hero that Metropolis needed, but it turns out that he just wants power and even locked up another human being. He was selfish and power hungry.This is the ultimate test for him to overcome his mental barriers. He won't let Lex win.

Superman goes to attack Lex, however, the green rock alone is hurting him giving Lex the edge. As Lex is beating up Superman, Bruce suits up goes over to Superman. Bruce tells Superman to power through and trust him at this point for his help. Superman can't take on Lex himself for long. With Bruce's knowledge on mechanics and sciences, he is going to help Superman defeat Lex and his mech-suit, as he examines the suit and disables it. Superman gives it all he has left to take on Lex and the green rock that's powering his suit, as Bruce is assisting to help figure out how to disable the suit help fight with his gadgets.

As they go out into the city together and fight Lex, the people still love him more and are almost rooting for him. That doesn't stop them, because towards the end of their brawl, Bruce finally learns to disable the suit and Lex is defeated as Bruce takes the green rock and puts it out of harms way. As Lex is on the ground laughing, Superman is angry at him for almost giving up his life so the people would eventually suffer under his power. He threatens to take Lex to jail for his crimes, but Lex mentions how it is no use because the world loves him, and they saw his actions as good. What Lex reveals to be his biggest grudge over Superman was that during the attack of Zod's army, the destruction of the city led to his wife and kids dying from their destruction. He was trying to rebuild the city in honor for them... Since he feels Superman is responsible, he can never forgive him, and he doesn't want the world to either. Superman didn't know what to say, but it was his first time really even using those powers that week, a lot of things went wrong! Lex then tolerates his anger and says, "What's wrong Kal-El, you going to snap my neck?" As he refers to Superman killing Zod.

However, Superman keeps his cool and Bruce is there to make sure that he does. While they think it's over Lex warns Superman that he should be more worried about the destruction outside. As Superman looks he sees a giant grey monster destroying the newly rebuilt city piece by piece on it's own. When Superman questions what he has done Lex replies, "That right there is Project D-EX, but his real name is DOOMSDAY."
He pauses and laughs more at Superman's fearful reaction expressed off his face.

"Why did you do this Lex?" Superman barks at him.
"Because, in order to recreate this city, I must first destroy it and start from scratch, and make it in my own image. They will worship me and I'll be a god to them. He was created to destroy you, and only I can stop him. Once I do, then I'll look like the hero, and you won't..."

Superman looks again and tells Bruce that he can't take on the beast. He now truly realizes how much more insane Lex Luthor is. He has no way of stop Doomsday. He has no energy left. Bruce instead tells Superman to go recharge off the sun's energy as he tries to hold him off. Superman isn't fond of the idea, but he has no choice because he's drained. So as Superman is up in space charging near the sun, Bruce is holding off Doomsday the best he can with his BatWing, BatMobile, explosives, traps, and other gadgets. However, Bruce is only a man. The question is, how long can he hold him? Will Superman be ready in time?

Bruce then runs out of tactics and is thrown across a building by Doomsday, and is about to get his face smashed in when then Superman comes down and is fully charger. He's ready to take on the monster and save this city, and save the world from Lex's reign. Superman gives it all he got and sets everything aside at this point, but he's never faced anything stronger. The world is afraid of this monster, and although they don't like Superman, he's there only hope now. Lex was suppose to make it appear that he defeat him, but his body has given out on him and he cannot move from that battle. All hope is now on Superman. He is struggling with every inch of his body to take down the monster and protect the people of earth, but it's too strong.

As Superman is doing his best to take on the monster and protect the city from being destroyed, Bruce goes back to Lex Corp and asks Luthor how to stop Doomsday.But Luthor refuses to speak because he still wants to look like the hero somehow, but when Bruce shows him it's too late and Lex knows he has to trust Bruce. He tells him about this gun he has that has a formula loaded in there. When this formula is shot, the monster will become a vegetable for a short-lived time, and it's skin and strength will be like a human's. It will become vulnerable, but he has one shot to do it.

As Lois sees the scene she runs outside and sees the attack on the city, and the struggle that Superman is going through to save them. She becomes worried and runs over, but she made a dumb choice and the monster tries to grab her. When he does, Superman knocks him down with all his strength and saves her from a terrible death. He picks him up and flies him into space, as he does so, he comes back crashing back down to earth from billions of miles away from earth's atmosphere in seconds. He makes a large crashing landing to the ground.

Superman is now covered in his blood and his body has given out on him as he gave it all he got. Lois runs up to him in tears and doesn't want him to leave. As Superman tries to say his last words, he's left breathless, dies, and here falling out of his hand was a wedding ring that he planned to give her for her hand in marriage. Doomsday is still alive only because Superman refused to kill it, and instead paralyzed the creature, but was soon regenerating and getting back up. But before it attacks Bruce comes in and fires the formula into his body and the effects happen immediately. As Bruce runs over to see Superman, he sees that he is dead, and the whole world is now in grief regardless of what Lex has taught them. Out of rage Bruce takes the beast and pierces through it's human skin with his fist and crushes his heart and kills it.

As the world watches this tragedy Bruce screams in agony of what he's done... He too has taken a life now. He now starts to understand Clark's issue before and apologizes for pushing him too hard. He feels guilty for his actions having to lead up to this. Although the world tells him that he did what he had to, he refuses to listen and still knows that taking anyone's life is not worth it...

The story then concludes as Superman is buried and Bruce nor does what the people starting referring him as, Batman, show up to the funeral. Instead, he goes back home to Gotham and is his cave with Alfred. As Alfred asks him why he isn't at the funeral, Bruce comes to realize that he isn't dead. An epilogue continues on how Superman saved the people of earth, even though they rejected him and is talking about his heroism. However, it also says how Luthor won, and it even shows that he becomes President and gets the power he wanted, but after the tragic events, he takes his position very seriously as President. Superman still failed because he died. Earth has lost their last hope.

As the epilogue continues Batman goes into his grave unnoticed and digs out the Man of Steel. With his access to the fortress his father nods his head, as he knows what Batman is up to. Superman is placed into a large test tube that he places his body under to be recharged into a healing coma. What Batman realized is how powerful Superman is during the epilogue reading his stats. Superman can't die, but he can always come back. As Batman is to leave, Jor-El asks if there is a message that he would like to leave for Clark as he wakes up. Bruce nods and gives Jor-El a card that teases the Justice League, as he was searching Clark to assemble this team all along. Jor-El thanks him, and Bruce leaves as he says he's off to find others.

The movie closes, with a close-up on a heart monitor which has a flat line. That is until, there is one heartbeat. SUPERMAN IS ALIVE.



So clearly this story was written by 100% and it could use polishing up and be made less tacky. However, what I showed you is the PERFECT way for this movie to work, and honestly show that Batman is a GOOD thing. What I did was focus on Superman and his struggles, but Batman helps him over come these struggles. Now I never said anything about his back story really because Batman should be mysterious this time, and we don't need his origin story because it's been told and this is Superman's movie. Also, the Superman I wrote may seem a little too whiny, but I was just trying to focus this story more on him mentally then through the fights, but there should be more action clearly to fill the gaps, and to develop the characters in the gaps as well too.

This is simply a pitch I almost NEED (a joke clearly but would be nice) for the studio to get to and work their story on it. As long as David S. Goyer and Jonathan/Christopher Nolan are aboard on writing, this movie will hopefully be what sets the franchise.

With the world being unaware of Superman's return in the end is what set's up the 'Justice League' so well. This is because while the world is thinking Superman is dead, he's really off in some distant space with the Justice League protecting Earth/the universe from a distance, while he deals with his worries for Earth and misses Lois. He would then come back in the third movie and the world would in shock of his surprising return, but he really has been alive for awhile, but was just doing other business with other heroes.

To me, this is the perfect set up. Yes, I wrote this. It's a bit tacky, but I hopefully cleared everything up through my story. Thanks for everything! SPREAD THE WORD IF YOU SUPPORT!!!

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MrCBM56 - 8/4/2013, 1:31 PM
MrCBM56 - 8/4/2013, 2:34 PM
Oh lol. When I read this it said in production. But now that I'm back, it's a pretty good so far.
ForeverPowerful - 8/4/2013, 8:58 PM
I don't get how someone can say Bales Batman was too weak.

The movie isn't a computer simulation or a game that you throw characters into and see if they survive.

If you write that Bale takes down Superman, people will believe it as long as you aren't going overboard with how he does it. No ones going to believe that a human can beat Superman to death.

If he fights like Faora did, and quickly counters his attacks and keeps knocking him down he could wear away at him over time.

If Bale was quick enough to move around bullets in TDKR, he's quick enough to dodge Superman's attacks.
GliderMan - 8/5/2013, 11:00 AM
I don't necessarily want Bale back, but I don't want them to reboot it. I just don't see the point of reboots. Being that Batman Vs. Superman is going to be influenced by The Dark Knight Returns, it'd be so easy for Batman to come back.

You could show that Bruce Wayne didn't really die on a news channel at the beginning. Maybe JGL was Batman for awhile before Bruce Wayne said he needs training and becomes Nightwing.

Recast the character, change up the costume a little, and keep TDK trilogy semi-canon.

But I agree that Batman should be kinda like Catwoman was. Maybe slightly more important. No matter what happens, I'm excited for this movie.
GliderMan - 8/5/2013, 11:01 AM
Also... I really think the tone of Nolan's movies matches the tone of MOS. So it's not like it wouldn't work.

I just think Warner Bros. is making a big mistake here... it'd be so easy to continue the story.
GavinGeneration - 8/6/2013, 5:59 PM
GavinGeneration - 8/6/2013, 7:43 PM
@GliderMan you're right but since they won't let it work, this is the best way. THANKS THOUGH!
GliderMan - 8/7/2013, 9:14 AM
@GavinGeneration welcome, I love this fan fic.
GavinGeneration - 8/7/2013, 11:19 AM
@GliderMan Thanks! I might give Warner Bros. A call!
serranojpablo90 - 8/7/2013, 1:48 PM
i really believe that adkins is the guy for the stunts, but a character so loved and profitable should be portrayed by a more capable actor, a guy who could make us cry and can also be a badass.
I also think that his voice should be deep and manly, that's one of the reasons i can't believe some people would like ryan gosling. Although i like reimaginations of pre-established characters (for example Bane, Ra's Al Ghul, Joker).
But i can't imagine being scared by a 13 year old voice saying "Swear to ME!!".
My pick is Richard Armitage, and i don't care if he's british, the guy could be Asian if he could pull of a great Batman.
I hope green lantern (Ryan Reynolds) is part of this universe, not because of him, but because of the cast of the other lanterns, Mark Strong was perfect for sinestro, Michael Clarke Duncan (RIP) was great too, and having Geoffrey Rush doesn't hurt the movie.
I didn't read the above, but i just wanted to say this.
Richard Armitage for Batman!

Pd: I will read it later.

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