The Batman Fan Cast

The Batman Fan Cast

Hi boy's and girl's.Here i will show you my Batman Fan Cast.


Michael Fassbender as Bruce Wayne/Batman:

John Hurt as Alfred Pennyworth:

William Hurt as Commissioner Jim Gordon:

Ian Somerhalder as Dick Grayson/Nightwing:

Logan Lerman as Tim Drake/Red Robin:

Idris Elba as Lucius Fox:


Willem Dafoe as Joker:

Gina Carano as Selina Kyle/Catwoman:

Tom Hollander as Edward Nygma/Riddler:

Emma Stone as Harley Quinn:

Bob Hoskins as Oswald Coblepott/Penguin:

Josh Brolin as Harvey Dent/Two Face:

Elena Satine as Pamela Isly/Poison Ivy:

Ben Kingsley as Victor Fries/Mr.Freeze:

Nathan Jones as Bane:

Jeff Bridges as Hugo Strange:

Adwale Akynnuoye-Agbaje as Killer Croc:

Jackie Earle Haley as Victor Zsasz:

Collin Farrell as Floyd Lawton/Deadshot:

So what you think,please comment.
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123Avengers123 - 1/19/2012, 12:28 PM
Note:I wasn't cast Bullock,Montoya and Bat-Girl because it's not a part of my movie.
LoudNoises - 1/19/2012, 1:40 PM
I like Josh Brolin as Two-Face and Willem Dafoe as joker, although he isn't the most original choice. But I have to say that I'm pretty tired of Michael Fassbender being fancast as every superhero out there. He is the perfect anyone apparently.
aNarcHy2day - 1/19/2012, 10:20 PM
Its not the most original fancast but could work. Your best pick is Josh Brolin as Two-Face and to a slightly lesser extent, JEH as Zsasz. Love those two picks!

But I can't really see the point of Emma Stone being Quinn. All the other cast is OK.

Tell me, Farrell as Deadshot? Is it because he played Bullseye?
scmittydude - 1/20/2012, 12:57 AM
this is in no way against this cast. it has its perks but you reminded me of a funny thing about some CBM casts here

guy played someone with a mustache? JIM GORDON!!!
guy played someone with a burnt face? TWO FACE!!!
guy played someone with glasses? SUPERMAN!!!
guy has creepy smile? JOKER!!!

i've been thinking of doing a "CBM stereotype cast"
with a bunch of those jokes for reasoning
123Avengers123 - 1/20/2012, 3:10 AM
Hey guys thanks for comment's.
Shadow11 - 1/21/2012, 11:14 AM
Batman/Bruce Wayne- Michael Fassbender
Alfred Pennyworth- Malcolm McDowell
I would keep William Hurt as Gordon, that is perfect casting right now
As Dick Grayson/Nightwing I would cast Ian Somerhalder
Tim Drake/Robin I would cast Logan Lerman
Joker I would cast Jonathan Rhys Meyers
Catwoman definitely Kate Beckinsale
Riddler definitely Michael C. Hall
Harley Quinn definitely Kristen Bell
Penguin definitely Bob Hoskins, I will give you that
Two Face/Harvey Dent definitely Matt Damon
Poison Ivy definitely Bryce Dallas Howard
Mr. Freeze definitely Bruce Willis
Bane I will give you that for Nathan Jones
Dr. Hugo Strange would be Ben Kingsley
Killer Croc Adwale Akynnuoye-Agbaje I will give you that one as well
Victor Zsasz Ben Foster for sure
Deadshot has got to be Vincent Cassel

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