Tips for making Guardians Of The Galaxy and not failing

Tips for making Guardians Of The Galaxy and not failing

What ClaireLannister2016(aka TheBlackWidow) feels Guardians of the Galaxy needs to do in order to become the epic sci-fi superhero film it needs to be.

Hey guys! You remember that Black Panther and Doctor Strange movie we have been waiting on for years! You're not getting it! Instead your getting a talking raccoon, Treebeard's cousin and some dude apparantly named after the male genitalia. Yes I am speaking of Guardians of the Galaxy. Marvel studios most daring and most non-Avengers related project coming out in 2014. As we all know Guardians of the Galaxy isn’t as well known as Spider man or even Thor. I didn’t even know who they were, and being a teenager I know everything. With such an unknown sci-fi superhero group we have to look back on the last sci-fi superhero film. It’s the film we all love to hate…Green lantern. Now I analyzed that film with a group of comic book nerds and we came down to a unanimous decision….that we should turn this crap off and go watch Firefly. After watching Firefly and arguing over how much we miss that show, we decided to create a list of things necessary for making Guardians of the Galaxy good. Oh and by “we” I mean my imaginary friends and I.

1). A Good Script : It’s the most important thing. If you don’t have a good script then give up now and go make another Iron man film cause you seem to only give the good scripts to him. You need a solid script or else the movie will fail. The script GOTG needs is one that can balance humor and sci-fi action in a rich and epic way. We should get great comedy from our favorite little gun-wielding Raccoon and some big scale sci fi action.

2) A director who actually cares : One of the failures of Green lantern was that the director obviously didn’t care about the movie and didn’t know anything about the genre. One of the many wonderful things about The Avengers is that the director Joss Whedon *aka Jesus according to fans here* cared a lot for the comics and fit the movie perfectly. Guardians of the Galaxy needs somebody with experience in sci-fi or at least ensemble films. The director needs to be capable of directing action, comedy and drama on a large scale. Basically we need somebody epic…and sadly Whedon is busy.

3) We all are anticipating Avengers 2 but please don’t shove it down our throats : One of the flaws of “Phase 1” was that they basically were Avengers prequels. Many characters, events and Easter eggs were thrown in just to foreshadow Avengers. While it’s not technically a bad thing, it kind of prevented the films from becoming great solo films that you can watch without thinking of Avengers. In Guardians of the Galaxy I can’t see there being many opportunities to throw in Avengers references and foreshadowing outside of Thanos. I really hope that they don’t throw in some unnecessary Stark reference *like have Star-lord work for some Stark-funded space exploration program or something*, or have some cameo by a character who we’ll later find out is in Avengers 2. In my opinion they should have Guardians of the Galaxy mostly work as a stand-alone film and have the after credit scene be the thing that leads into Avengers 2.

4) We’ve seen Earth dozens of times, give us something new : A major flaw with some of these sci-fi films is that they tend to stay on Earth too much, Case in point, Green lantern and Thor. Both films tended to focus more on Earth than the fantastical realms that are much more interesting. Whether it be budget or “wanting to play safe and relatable”, it gets old. We know what Earth is like. I hope Guardians of the Galaxy is mostly set in space and that we get to see new cool parts of the Marvel universe. Leave Earth to the Avengers, because we all know people will be asking “Where are the Avengers during all of this?”.

5) Casting is key I don’t need to speak much about this because Marvel usually does a good job at casting. My bet is that they’ll probably cast some young mid-20s-30s actor for the lead and surround him by bigger name stars. I hope that they don’t feel like since this is an unknown comic group that we need to cast all A-list stars in order to get attention. That was the same logic for Green lantern and other than for Mark Strong that didn’t work out too well. Cast actors based off how well they fit the part rather than how famous/safe they are. In fact the only well known actor I want cast is this:


Yeah that’s right…I think Kirsten Stewart would make an amazing Groot.

6) Don’t mess up the marketing : You see what John Carter and Green lantern did? Do the opposite of that. You need to hook the general audience and have them not see it as a joke. The first trailer needs to wow us completely and not have us worry about things like "The CGI looks terrible".

7) Don’t fail A lot is riding on this film. It’s a perfect chance to make a really unknown character(s) popular and give a huge middle finger to WB for getting a sci-fi superhero film right while they failed with a far more popular character. Please Marvel…give Dc the biggest middle finger ever. We all want you to.

If Marvel gets everything right we could get a pretty amazing sci-fi film that will further Marvels status as "King of the Comic book movies". Lets just pray that everything goes well and we dont end up with yet another sci-fi flop.
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ksommer - 8/17/2012, 2:30 PM
REALLY!?!?! Is that how you make movies successful??? :)
DaenerysTargaryen - 8/17/2012, 2:41 PM
Made front page. Horray :D
ComicsBornAndBred - 8/17/2012, 2:43 PM
I agree with u Claire aka Black Widow. Great tips here. I HOPE this movie does great. It could be bigger than Avengers, spectacle wise. There's such a vast story and characters to explore.
NerdyGeek - 8/17/2012, 2:43 PM
Great stuff!
superotherside - 8/17/2012, 2:46 PM
GOTG is going to be awesome! Can't wait! Great write up!
80sFace - 8/17/2012, 2:46 PM
Jon Hamm as Peter Quill
The Rock as Drax
Seth Green mo-cap for Rocket
Angelina Jolie on steroids as Gamora
Brad Pitt as voice of Groot
6of13 - 8/17/2012, 2:47 PM
A non-editor editorial.

Good stuff!
Bane2099 - 8/17/2012, 2:48 PM
I think casting Kristen Stewart as Groot would be to high for her skills to accomplish, she'd be more fitted playing a Lego block :]
SoSayethTheSpiderman - 8/17/2012, 2:49 PM
4) We’ve seen Earth dozens of times, give us something new

I laughed for an absurd amount of time at this line. I don't even know why really...
BooYah - 8/17/2012, 2:51 PM
I still rather have a Black Panther movie.
PistonSmash - 8/17/2012, 2:54 PM
You just explained the planning of every single movie in existence. Except for Bollywood, they just suck.
PsyGuy - 8/17/2012, 2:54 PM
A little obvious... but all correct !
Caveboy0 - 8/17/2012, 2:54 PM
don't fail and good script don't need to be on the list.
avenger15 - 8/17/2012, 2:58 PM
I think Ridley Scott would be an Epic choice for this sort of movie as Director
GoILL - 8/17/2012, 2:58 PM
Good article could have left out the give DC the finger bit though IMO.
Durf - 8/17/2012, 3:00 PM
Nicely done, very well written! Good work.
ralfinader - 8/17/2012, 3:00 PM
Kristen Stewart for Groot!

@Grif - someone should write a real short article praising Green Lantern!
TayDee - 8/17/2012, 3:01 PM
Besides 3 and 4 this is the basis for any movie soook yeah
ComicsBornAndBred - 8/17/2012, 3:01 PM
Durf - 8/17/2012, 3:01 PM
Oh, and here is a gift:
MarkV - 8/17/2012, 3:03 PM
the first Marvel film I won't see on opening day. Possibly the first Marvel film I will never see.
Ghostfire - 8/17/2012, 3:04 PM
Everything sounds good, except the stewart part. She needs to stay away from anything CBM. Good write up though, nice work Claire.
ComicsBornAndBred - 8/17/2012, 3:04 PM
LAXtremest - 8/17/2012, 3:05 PM
This movie shouldn't be on Earth AT ALL... Should it???
DaenerysTargaryen - 8/17/2012, 3:05 PM
I love you guys.....and the sexy pics.
MisterNiceGuy - 8/17/2012, 3:07 PM
i love how people hate on something that they didnt even know exhisted until the movie was annouced. . SMH read a [frick]ing comicbook. posers
Killuminatic - 8/17/2012, 3:07 PM
Also need a great cinematographer to work alongside the director... it'll be one hell of a spectacle. Ever wondered when seeing CGI promos/intros/cinematic trailers for games...etc, and thought wouldn't it be amazing if there were live action movies filmed like this and had action scenes similarly depicted?? Well I don't know about you but when I saw the sweeping shot from The Avengers my jaw literally dropped... It looked just like it came out of a comic book panel. Hell I had doubts about the cinematography - thinking it would have average actions scenes focusing on different heroes in each shot and maybe some team ups just like the battle of helms deep in The Two Towers (not that I was dissapointed by it), and before the avengers even came out I was imagining out that same exact sweeping shot time in and time out in my head never knowing it would actually be in the movie. My god did my dream come true once I saw it...
IIIAdamantiumIII - 8/17/2012, 3:08 PM
LOL I stopped reading after the headline, you have no control or influence on their decisions. They pick people for a reason to work on films. How about you ask mommy and daddy for 300 million and make your own film and see how well it turns out.
MisterNiceGuy - 8/17/2012, 3:10 PM
this will be epically epic
UrbanKnight - 8/17/2012, 3:16 PM
They funna come up on GL $.
Christuffer - 8/17/2012, 3:17 PM
LMFAO at grif

Did anybody notice that grif didn't post a video?

I think this movie will be epic.
And Kristen Stewart is hot, so who cares.
MisterNiceGuy - 8/17/2012, 3:18 PM
"I didn’t even know who they were, and being a teenager I know everything" [frick]ing teenagers....
95 - 8/17/2012, 3:19 PM
Groot joke, haha. Good stuff.
UrbanKnight - 8/17/2012, 3:20 PM
if they success.
HULK2099 - 8/17/2012, 3:20 PM
Well said, I hope they're in the Avengers
rocky - 8/17/2012, 3:32 PM
I'm missing the joke about the guy named after the male genitalia. Somebody help me out :)

Oh yeah I think this film will be awesome but no need to keep blasting at WB. I think MOS is gonna rock and maybe they'll get their universe in order after that. Big Snyder fan
UrbanKnight - 8/17/2012, 3:33 PM
Watts up yoss? Noticed you got a nice collection of male nudes. Lil weasel. tho not as cleaver.
Battabing - 8/17/2012, 3:33 PM
I love how people on here think they know how to make movies, yet not one studio has asked for any of our opinions.
DaenerysTargaryen - 8/17/2012, 3:34 PM
third3ye - 8/17/2012, 3:36 PM
Did a 10 YO child who failed English in elementary school write this? And btw, this is so generic, this can be ANY sci-fi movie's recipe for success. And no, the writer's attempts at humor did not work, period.
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