Ultimate Justice League Movie Poll: A Poll On All The Controversial Debates Surrounding JL 2015 Release Date.

Ultimate Justice League Movie Poll: A Poll On All The Controversial Debates Surrounding JL 2015 Release Date.

I´ve been deeply involved in all the debates surrounding The Planned Justice League Movie (2015), and I realize there is a lot of passionate opinions on everything from casting to directors to whether WB are rushing things to whether Aquaman should appear in the film or not. These debates can often get nasty, so heres your chance to vote anonymously for many of the issues and see how many people feel like you do. I will be posting results in a followup article next weekend.

The Ultimate Justice League Poll: This Where You Can Get It Out, Say What You Want, Think What You Like And Let The Poll Decide.

The Ultimate Justice League Poll: This Where You Can Get It Out, Say What You Want, Think What You Like And Let The Poll Decide.

I´ve been deeply involved in all the debates surrounding Justice League, so as the ultimate nerd foreplay before the eventual arrival of The Film, I´ve decided to compile a hopefully exhaustive list of all the issues fan boys are disagreeing on; from casting to tone of the movie, to directing, to whether its a good idea for Warner Brothers to rush into a 2015 release date or not, its all there for you to have your say.

I will give my own opinion after each poll, and two brief reasons why.

Let the fun begin:

Main Players

Should Aquaman Be In The Movie?

Personally the more I hear about Aquaman from impassioned fans, the more I´m starting to like him. I think he might suffer the same problem as some of my favorite heroes like Wonder woman and The Incredible Hulk. People aren´t exposed enough so they don´t know how cool a story the characters have, and, how really cool their powers and villains actually are. Especially with Wonder Woman.

However I´m sorry Aquaman fans, I just think he´s a little to weird for the first installment. The general public have to accept this world before characters like Aquaman can be brought in. It´s just like Ant-man; lay the ground first, then we can find out if the more obscure characters can work.

Should Lobo be in the movie?

I have a lot of work to do, so I´m going to be straight up and say no. WB´s aren´t using him because he´s a great character, it´s simply because they think mindless rebellious bad arses sell. Unfortunately they might be right.

Barry Allen (Flash) or Wally West (Flash)

Barry Allen with Wally West´s personality. It makes more sense for Flash to be the wise arse. If you think about it he is the only true average guy on the team.

He´s not an angst ridden billionaire (Batman), or an alien (Superman, Martian manhunter), or someone gifted with powers from the Gods (Wonder Woman), or a human chosen to be given powers by an alien race because he represents humanities best qualities (Green Lantern) he´s just one of us, but with amazing powers.
I think that´s a really interesting story. It also puts the audience right in the story with the hero. What would we do if we found out one day we could move at speeds up to the speed of light with all the other implications that has. Maybe in the story he does´t become a Superhero straight a way, but takes advantage of his powers. Or maybe he wants recognition, and is a bit cocky; maybe he´s more sympathetic with his villains cause he get´s what it´s like to be the struggling little guy; maybe he´s worried about all these fantastic beings appearing in the world, and the implications their power has for the world. Maybe that makes him torn between his friends in JL and a fearful humanity, which he understands?

If Barry Allen fans are so hung up on timelines, absolutely fine, but The Animated show making The Flash a bit more of a joker and average guy was a stroke of genius, because it contrasted him in a really interesting way from the Gods that surround him. A film with a more somber tone, could flesh this out even further. So what ever his name is Barry or Wally, he needs something like the personality of Wally to work.

John Stewart Vs Hal Jordon

Again I´m going to have to come down on the animated shows side with this. Not only has Hal Jordan already had a movie, which was not good, and still resonates in peoples mind; but John Stewart as a character just seems to have more potential to be relatable. Very little is actually known about John´s time in the military, the writers of JL could flash this out to make for a really cool origin story. Maybe he was in the Vietnam war and thought by his platoon to have been kidnapped by aliens. Then he returns one day as The Green Lantern. He may have been rescued by a dying Green Lantern from a P.O.W. camp, showing his will for survival. Any number of things can be done with his story. I also have to admit having a black nephew, I´d like to see John, and more black superheroes in general, as long as their not just token black, but have an actual character.

Martian Manhunter, Cyborg Or Aquaman?

I choose Martian Manhunter, really underrated as a character. His story is cool enough to make him an A-list superhero.


Replace Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynalds needs a new career as far as I´m concerned.

Superman: Henry Cavill, or Leave Cavill´s Superman in his own Universe.

I´ll have to wait and see Henry´s performance but he looks promising. They should defo keep the tone the same as The Man Of Steel though.


I used to think Michael Fassbender. And despite fanboy hate towards him, I think he´d be a terrific choice. That´s not cause I think he´s the best actor, but rather that he has the qualities to play Bruce Wayne/Batman well. Talent, raspy voice he doesn´t have to fake like Christian Bale, dark and melancholy features, he´s good at prtraying inner-rage, looks, right age to look good alongside Henry Cavill.

But as I said I´ve changed my mind recently to a relatively unknown who seems to have impressed quite a few people either in his performance in Criminal Minds or his physicallity in Hawaii 5.0. It seems clear to any who´ve watched him that Alex O’Loughlin is destined for greater things. He´s now become my number One Choice, because while Fassbender will be good, I think his take maybe to closet o Bales, as they both have very similar strengths as actors. It would be good to see someone add some sensitivity of Batman, and explore how damaged he is as an individual, which I think the Australian actor Alex O´Loughlin can do.

Wonder Woman

Ok, so the three recent choices I´ve heard are Gina Carano, Olivia Wilde or Meagan Gale. This honestly is why I hate fanboys. I don´t think anyone who has never bothered to pick up a Wonder Woman comic should at all have a vote on this or voice their opinion on playing a character they don´t know who the character is.

Gina Carano I can at least understand because she´s an amazing martial artist, so that kind of makes sense. But to be quite fair to her, unfortunately her round house kicks are far more impressive than her acting.

You can teach even a monkey martial arts, but you can´t teach it Shakespeare. Wonder Woman is a complex character you have to get just right, she warrior and princess, she is regal, graceful and beautiful, yet powerful and fierce. The most important thing for a successful rendition of Wonder Woman is Men and Women have to like her. Women won´t like some model in a WW costume and Men won´t like some muscly warrior chick. You need a balance to find a real woman that women can relate to, while being hot enough and powerful enough for men to also appreciate.

That´s why I go with Rebecca Hall, I read it in some guys article a while ago and thought it was an inspired choice, mainly because she´s an amazing actress. She´s also quite unknown. It won´t be a star playing Wonder Woman, she´s only a little more known than Henry Cavill. She would also research the hell out of the part.

I use to like Hendricks for the role, but I think proportionally she´d look quite silly in that suit, if you know what I mean. ☺ But I have high hopes Christina could play Artemis, if they ever make a movie of WW.

The Flash

The Flash I´m going with another relatively unknown fantastic actor Eddie Redmayne. I like Chris Pine for the flash as well, but I prefer a really young looking Flash. I also prefer someone not known for playing cocky roles, someone who´ll have to work hard to become the Flash.

The Green Lantern (Hal Jordon)

I honestly don´t care as long as it isn´t Ryan Reynolds.

Green Lantern John Stewart

I think any of these guys would be good. Eric King could be an especially militant version of John. A new guy though would be a better. A really great young black actor.


Not too fussed.

Martian Manhunter

Yep, Adewale would nail this role. He should have been a true star by now, because he´s an amazing actor. He was the best thing about Oz and one of the best things about Lost. He needs some more films.

About Warner Brothers Approach To The Film

I´m yet to make my mind up on this one, but my main issue is how this will affect possible solo movies. Will it make origins for certain characters impossible because of the JL universes continuity, or will it open more possibilities for a wider range audience for our most beloved characters?

Does WB really have a killer script for a JL movie or not?

I´m still leaning towards pessimism. It seems too rushed, but who knows right?

Who should get solo outings first:

Wonder Woman and The Flash.
Martian Manhunter could make a cool movie as well.

Tone of movie

A lot of people I know have said the Justice League can´t be a dark movie, or realistic movie. Only Batman can because of the tone. They´re not even sure about Man Of Steel; but they are absolutely sure that Wonder Woman or The Flash could never work in that tone. But I think they are so wrong.

Along the way, through all the excitement, people have really lost site of what Nolan´s trilogy actually achieved. It wasn´t that his Batman was realistic, he wasn´t. His antics in The Dark Knight and Batman Begins are just as crazy, if not more than Supermans. Defying physics at every corner. The truth is, if a man tried to do what Batman did in those three movies, he´d be dead, arrested or found out in less than 5 hours. The real beauty of Nolans movie was adding psychological realism to traditionally two dimensional childrens stories. He added psychological depth to the characters that inhabited the world of Batman, so everyone started confusing that with the actual world of the movies being more realistic. In this new Superman film I think the same approach is being taken, you can´t have a realistic superman, because it defies the basic laws of physics. However you could ask the question: ok suspend belief for a minute, and just imagine it was discovered a being like Clarke Kent - a Superman really existed in a world that resembled ours, how would we respond to a super powerful, but ultimately benevolent alien? would it be fear? and if so how would he feel, so different, but raised to believe in the loftiest of human values? A god raised to perceive himself human? That´s an interesting character, and that´s good writing. (Its also a story or myth that goes as far back in human history as The Ancient Greek, Roman or Egyptian myths)

But that is not realism. The approach doesn´t claim the scenario is possible or even plausible, it just lends psychological and social realism to a fantastical situation and sees how it would play out.
The only reason Nolan steeped Batman in a scientifically plausible world at first is by doing so he tricked the viewer into accepting the far more fantastical elements of Batman Begins as the film progressed.
That could be done with any of the JL team, who have equally rich stories. I especially would like that treatment given to Wonder Woman. A powerful female from a utopian society run by women, finding her self in a patriarchal world of violence, where women are considered the weaker sex. That is a compelling story and a profound one to tell for the modern world.
The Flash on the other hand is great. Here we have a simple average guy, who through some scientific accident turned into a virtual god. But unlike Dr. Manhatten, he retains his human personality. He´s not an angst ridden billionaire (Batman), or an alien (Superman, Martian manhunter), or someone gifted with powers from the Gods (Wonder Woman), or a human chosen to be given powers by an alien race because he represents humanities best qualities (Green Lantern) he´s just one of us, but with amazing powers.
I think that´s a really interesting story. It also puts the audience right in the story with the hero. What would we do if we found out one day we could move at speeds up to the speed of light with all the other implications that has. Maybe in the story he does´t become a Superhero straight a way, but takes advantage of his powers. Or maybe he wants recognition, and is a bit cocky, maybe he´s more sympathetic with his villains cause he get´s what it´s like to be the struggling little guy; maybe he´s worried about all these fantastic beings appearing in the world, and the implications their power has for the world. Maybe that makes him torn between his friends in JL and a fearful humanity, which he understands?
I was actually talking to a science geek friend of mine (she geeks on science the way we do on comics) who was absolutely fascinated by The Flash´s powers, and we together tried to work out how they could work in the real world. Of course Flash´s origin is pretty silly, and I don´t think the modern film audience would buy into a guy being struck by chemicals and lightning and therefore gaining super speed. However, that could simply be changed to he was stuck in some particle accelerator accident gone wrong. Make it some thing to do with the particle structure of lightning being fused with his DNA or something to that affect, I think people could get that. Something along the lines of what happened to Dr. Manhatten in The watchmen.
The interesting thing though is, what happens once he has this power. For instance how could the flash maintain the same mass traveling at near the speed of light? we thought perhaps, The Flash could have the ability to switch his body mass at will from particles to waves. That way he could move at the speed of light with out increasing his mass to infinity.
There´s also then the potential of bring time travel and quantum mechanics concepts into this story, and having them affect the way his powers work. So I think in brief with a good writer you can draw out some fascinating implications to the scarlet speedsters powers. But again you need the right team behind it


None of these guys, unless they approach WB with an idea they´re passionate about, and a story they wish to tell.


Not really sure. I want Braniac and Luthor in Man Of Steel 2, so I really don´t know. Since there is so many characters to introduce, maybe Doomsday is best, made by Cadmus from Supermans DNA. That way mindless villain equals more screen time for The JL team members.
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GOTG - 10/27/2012, 12:24 PM
lol you made a page devoted to how DC could copy Marvel TROLOLOL
Viltrumite - 10/27/2012, 12:35 PM
How DC could copy Marvel?
Yeah, because the Avengers were created before the Justice League.
And Marvel started making superhero films before DC.
DrDoom - 10/27/2012, 12:52 PM
There is only one Wonder Woman: Jodi Lyn O'Keefe.
EdgyOutsider - 10/27/2012, 1:38 PM
@Viltrumite: To the casual movie audience, yes they would be copying Marvel. The casual audience doesn't know Justice League and they think The Avengers came first. Sometimes you have to think as a casual audience member insted of a geek in order to understand what could and couldn't work. Darkseid is inevitable should it be a success in my opinion. We all know DC came out with the first superhero team and they started making movies first. But, Marvel has had better success and came out with more.

I don't mean to come off as bashing, but I just mean to explain.
aresww3 - 10/27/2012, 3:34 PM
@yossarin - Yeah I usually wouldn't but I thought it would be cool if everyone could get there frustrations out in one mega vote. I´m going to put up all the results in one article after and say my thoughts on them.

Its cool to get everyones ideas, I didn´t want to pretend to be impartial, but I wanted nonetheless to be shown to be wrong in some areas or my opinion unpopular. As Tainted87 has pointed out, no matter what I think, things are going ahead in a direction I don´t like, so I thought this would be a good way for everyone to get heard.

@Everyone - Thanks for your interesting comments so far, I will end votes this wednesday and post the results in a response article.
aresww3 - 10/27/2012, 4:02 PM
@deadpool - Can you explain how I´ve made a page devoted to how DC can copy Marvel?

I actually just wanted to write an article devoted to heated debates around The Justice League film. I don´t pretend I´m partisan. I have an opinion, but what I´m trying to do is find out what other people think, by allowing them to vote anonymously, so they aren´t mocked by people who disagree with them.
Darklypse - 10/27/2012, 4:16 PM
Brainiac for the first film. And my God I hope they don't [frick] up Wonder Woman, or turn her into some blood hungry man killer who enjoys it...
DrDoom - 10/27/2012, 6:00 PM
I'd say for the first Justice League, use Circe. A powerful villain that could expand Wonder Woman's mythos and challenge the entire team. Second movie feature Injustice League as a "greatest hits" of DC villains, and save Darkseid for JL3.
aresww3 - 10/27/2012, 6:40 PM
@acidheart - Good idea, I´d like to see Circe in JL.
aresww3 - 10/27/2012, 7:54 PM
@yos - that´s cool.
iuhgluiblbjjkhkjhkljh - 10/27/2012, 10:48 PM
Anti-Monitor should come first. The Avengers might fight aliens on hoverboards, but the Justice League fights universe devourers. Time to put The Avengers back in their place.
aresww3 - 10/28/2012, 12:07 AM
@lev- pissed off you didn´t think of it. ;)

By the way I don´t know what you´re talking about. None of the things you said are true. The only movie I don´t like up there is Iron Man, I hate the character. He has a weak mythology, shit villains, and it´s his supposed wit which I´m meant to find funny. Look if I wanted a series hilarious one liners, I´d go watch repeats of Friends, Chandler does a much better job. That "Shakespeare in the park" line from the Avengers was the most cringe worthy come back I´ve ever seen. I wanted Thor to throw his hammer at such velocity it popped the mouthy twits head right off his wannabe Batman shoulders.
However if I could mentally block out Iron Mans childish antics which were written to make him look cool and sell toys to 7 year olds, I quite liked the movie. (Oh and by the way the fight scene with Thor and Iron Man in the Avengers was the biggest load of bullshit) Fanboys like you are so easily satisfied, how the [frick] is Iron Man gonna do any of that shit to Thor? Thor who can take on Hulk and Superman? Getting knocked around by Iron Man, just to please movie going audiences. "oh tick we got each of the characters to fight each other when they had no real reason to, but now 12 year Ricky with the trick hip, a dribbling problem and A.D.D. will buy the Iron Man Toy, lets pat ourselves on the back" it was bullshit.

Look Avengers was fun, The Hulk was awesome in it, but let´s not blow it out of proportion, it will be forgotten eventually like Avatar, and all the other mediocre movies in past that were flavors of the month.

The Dark Knight is also overrated, but I respect it a hell of a lot more than The Avengers. At least Nolan had a vision which he wasn´t willing to compromise. And all I´ve said in past is I think Heath Ledgers performance was why it went from an average to good film, to a great one. I stand by that. I think Batman Begins was the best of the installments. But again these were real films, not Toy Commercials.

Iron Man is crap. I don´t care what anyone says. it´s my opinion and I respect other peoples, but I really don´t like it. And yes I can call my self a comic book fan, because unlike you I don´t write articles about how characters should be portrayed in movies, having never read any of their comics or the source material.

I read the source material, and I know which of their stories and which side of their characters would appeal or sell more to a general audience, so I have the right to make those comments.

I wouldn´t write an article on Hell Boy or Aquaman, telling fans what should or shoudn´t happen in movies about them. or how they should be portrayed cause I haven´t read the source material. Can´t you see how retarded that is that you do that?

If you worked for a newspaper, you´d get fired. they´ll ask you to do a piece on modern German Politics, you´d go watch a film on the Nazis and the fall of The Berlin Wall then write the article like your an expert on German culture. Obviously that´s infuriating to those who bother to actually look into current issues. Watching action films, does not make you a comic book fan. Go read these characters stories, fall in love with them like I have, then see how [frick]ing pissed off you get at the number of ludicrous things said about the character.

Like Gina Carano to play WW. WW isn´t Xena warrior princess, I mean does [frick]ing Carano look in peoples wildest dreams like she was blessed with Goddess like beauty by Aphrodite. What the [frick]?

Anyway that´s what annoys me most about you Levitikuz. just read some comics.
aresww3 - 10/28/2012, 12:25 AM
"Great editorial. I would say that Murdock, Tainted are great examples. Would also say me because I've defended Shailene as MJ, Hammer as Batman, WBs way of going JL first solo seconds, and I've called fan boys out. Hell I'm working on 3 articles that defend Spiedys 3 portrayal of Venom, and Miguel as Spidey." - Levitikuz

Do you know how full of yourself you sound when you complement yourself like that. Oh and how are you going to defend Venoms portrayal when you don´t read any comics by your own admission?

What the [frick]?
aresww3 - 10/28/2012, 12:26 AM
Anyway @Levitkuz - I look forward to that page turner. I´ll be right there to slap it down in the gutter where all your editorials belong.
evilness - 10/28/2012, 5:43 AM
nice work here man.

but i'm sorry i'm gonna have to disagree with you on the 'barry allen with wally's personality' thing. i just not down with playing switcheroo with personalities. because once you change that, it's not even the same characters anymore. and seeing these characters on the big screen (with their personalities intact) is pretty much the only reason i want to see a justice league film made in the first place.
evilness - 10/28/2012, 5:48 AM
^one example messing around with characters in that sort of way is 'john blake', who was supposed to be some compromise we got instead of dick/tim.

i have always wanted to see a proper robin (mainly dick) in a batman film. but this whole 'john blake'/'robin' mishmash nonsense really left me with no sense of satisfaction about it.

same way, i wanna see flash, mainly wally but i'd be ok with barry. but the whole kind of barry kind of wally thing, i can tell, will be just as unsatisfying.
aresww3 - 10/28/2012, 9:54 AM
@jingorot -Good to see hear from someone into the comics; I just think The Flash
wasn´t as distinguishable a character until Wally West, so if people are so wanting to be faithfull to the timeline of the comics, then really we´re going to have a less interesting dynamic in the movie. Barry Allen in many ways isn´t too different from superman in his attitude in the comics. I fear it will do less service to Flash fans if he´s depicted like that, and may hurt his chances of a future solo film.
thejon93rd - 10/28/2012, 11:23 AM
Barry Allen should be played like a scientist character in the Justice League, much like Mark Ruffalo's Bruce Banner from The Avengers.
aresww3 - 10/28/2012, 12:27 PM
@Thejon93rd - Batman should be the scientist. I´m not saying Barry shouldn´t be as well, but I don´t think he should be a brilliant one, it just detracts from Batman, and makes them too similar.

I think The Flash, should be the guy that gives the audience an in to these larger than life characters. I like how they dealt with him in the animated series, and I´ve read some runs on Wally West the have emulated that. I still think he should be somewhere between Barry Allen and that. I don´t want him as a complete clown. That would be silly, but I´d like him to have a bit of an average guy who finds through some weird accident he has amazing powers.

By the way can you recommend me any comics on Barry Allen, I´ve been reading rebirth and can´t really get into it. Have they ever done a Flash origin reboot graphic novel or something?
evilness - 10/28/2012, 11:20 PM
honestly, i just think they should go with wally. he's the cool one, and he can also be the young guy of the team (a kind of member the avengers didn't have). and whoever is green lantern, wally can be the young guy looking up to that hero. and then maybe later, when kyle rayner shows up, we can have a sort of clash between the two, where wally's unhappy with someone replacing his hero, and then they grow to respect each other. really liked that subplot in the comics.

anyways, i'm just starting to gush out with stuff now. i just hope they get the film right.

again, though. @aresww3, really good job with the article man. i killed a good 20-30 minutes going through it, and it was fun.

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