Venom in The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Venom in The Amazing Spider-Man 2

This is how I think Venom could work in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Many of you may feel it would be too early but the chances of this going any farther than a trilogy is unlikely.

Venom is arguably Spider-Man's most popular baddie of all time. Hell, Venom has always been my dad's favorite comicbook villain of them all. As with many of you, when my dad and I saw Spider-Man 3 in the theater, we were really looking forward to Venom. We were left disappointed and jaw dropped on how they handled Venom. While they did Eddie Brock just fine and Topher Grace was good in the role, Venom just never felt threatening and he wasn't even in very long at all. Now, I have expressed my severe disappointment in Electro being the villain in the sequel to The Amazing Spider-Man due to I feel that they could do better than him. Here I will explain how I think Venom could work in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, should they have chose him.

Eddie Brock

First off, we need The Daily Bugle in the film. To me, without The Daily Bugle there is no origin. Eddie Brock is portrayed as he is in the original comics. He is a muscular (not big or huge cause in my eyes, it wouldn't be convincing) man, late 20's (in my take) and he is a photographer at The Daily Bugle. The Daily Bugle wants pictures of Spider-Man and Eddie Brock isn't successful at getting the pictures but Peter does and gives them to Jameson. He likes them and hires Peter. This starts a rivalry between Peter and Eddie. Eddie eventually finds out that he has cancer and becomes a theif so he can get the money to try and cure his cancer but this is stopped when Spider-Man captures Eddie. The result in Eddie getting fired.

The Symbiote

The symbiote is created as Oscorp. I am including Dr.Ratha as I believe that his death is in a deleted scene and should not affect a return in the sequel. Dr.Ratha creates a symbiote which is meant to cure Osborn's cancer. After a worrisome Harry gets into an arguement with Dr.Ratha, Harry destroys the equipment in the room and the symbiote escapes.

Effect on Peter

Peter hears from Gwen about a rumored possibility of what happened that made Peter's parents take off (I won't be explaining Peter's parents seeing how this is how Venom could work). Peter becomes intrigued, he then goes to Oscorp for answers. This is when the symbiote finds it's host in Peter and latches itself to him but Peter doesn't notice. When he can't find any answers at Oscorp, he leaves. He becomes corrupt and starts conflicting himself as to if he should have continued searching for Uncle Ben's killer. From then on, Peter starts changing. Gwen and Aunt May don't like him snapping for nothing and he has become the school asshole (more-less). He finds Uncle Ben's killer eventually and start pummeling him. But, the local police find Spider-Man doing this and go to arrest him but he escapes as the police tend to the killer. Hearing of this, Gwen confronts Peter about it. They get in an arguement and she leaves. Peter takes off the suit and hears the word's of Uncle Ben "Not choice, responsibility". He realizes what he has become. He takes the suit and dumps it in the trash (looks like Spider-Man 2 "Spider-Man: No More" but with the black suit).

Birth of Venom

The symbiote escapes and eventually finds it's way to the local police station where it finds Eddie Brock. It bonds with Eddie, with Eddie initially fighting it off at first. But, the power overcomes Eddie and he is seen embracing it. The screen cuts to black as we hear Venom roar. Peter is seen at the pier sitting when a tendral grabs him and whips him across the inside of the pier, sending him through the table (that was seen when he was practicing swinging from chain to chain in TASM). He rolls on is back and looks up and sees a menacing look on Venom's face as he says "Hi Peter" then Venom grabs him by the throat and slams him to the wall. Once Peter lands, he tries shooting some webs at Venom but he deflects them. Venom then removes the symbiote face to reveal his true identity. Once seeing this, Peter says "Eddie, how?" Eddie replies with "Isn't it obvious, it found me." (I apologize for the bad dialogue) He continues with "We are Venom. We have all your powers, know all your secrets, loved ones and we can shut down your Spider Sense." He grabs Peter's leg and drags him towards Venom as he steps on Peter's throat. Venom: "We won't fight now but, we will in time." He steps off of Peter's throat and disappears into the night.

New hero in town

Spider-Man isn't seen for awhile cause every time Peter gets to the scene of the crime, Venom has already come and gone. People have started to mistake him for Spider-Man. Until, Venom calls for a meeting at the New York Police Station to clear some things up. The meeting is held (he never reveals his true identity) and he explains that he is Venom. He is the true protector of New York and that Spider-Man is the villain. A reporter brings up the incident with The Lizard, he explains that was a mistake that Spider-Man had to fix. That he isn't a true hero. Spider-Man appears to clear his name. He and Venom get into an arguement then eventually, Venom pulls Spider-Man to the side and whispers to him "If you don't want to reveal who you are, I suggest you get the hell out of here." Peter then apologizes to the reporters and takes off. Peter confronts Gwen about it because he doesn't know what to do now that he can't be Spider-Man because of Venom. Then Peter comes up with an idea to visit Dr.Connors to see what he knows about the symbiote. He goes to Connors cell to confront him about it but, Connors doesn't know anything and that he needs to go to Dr.Ratha if he wants any information. Peter goes to Oscorp and finds him. Dr.Ratha explains that the suit was intended to cure cancer. They were in the process of perfecting it so it can cure Norman Osborn's cancer. The only known weaknesses were sound and fire. Peter then leaves, now knowing what he must do to defeat Venom.


Peter realizes this is either life or death, he confronts Gwen about what may happen. She begs and pleads for him to not do it but he tells her there is no other choice, tears come from both of them and they kiss passionately for a short while. Once the kiss ends, Peter suits up and takes off. He finds Venom in an ally way and confronts him. Spidey: "Venom." Venom: "What you doing here, Parker?" Spider-Man: "Let's settle this at times square in an hour." Venom: "Fine."
Spider-Man then goes to the local church at the top and we hear a voiceover from Peter "If this be my final night, I pray Gwen will be alright and death will quick and welcoming." this is heard as Peter crouches on a gargoyle on the church, puts his mask on as this may be his final swing. He goes to the top of a building and looks over, trying to find Venom. Spider-Man: "Where is he?" He turns around and Venom punches him, sending Spider-Man off the building. We get a POV shot of Peter falling and shoots a web and latches it to the building. It goes back to a regular shot as we see Venom swipe the web with his claws, breaking it. Peter tries to catch himself, and is successful but releases after the first bounce. He looks up and finds Venom to be gone. He turns to the side and gets kicked into a car as Venom swings by and eventually lands in front of Spider-Man. Rain is down pouring and civilians run away as the final battle takes place. Spider-Man throws the first punch but Venom grabs his arm and elbows him in the face, leading to him flinging Spider-Man across the street, hitting a car or two. Spider-Man quickly flings himself into the air after Venom runs towards him. A car explodes, burning Venom and Venom backs off. Spider-Man crash lands in front of him. Spider-Man: "I created an explosive to go off it it was to get hit and fortunate enough, you hit it. Burns doesn't it?" Venom roars and tackles Spider-Man into an allyway, throwing him into a dumpster. Spider-Man notices the fire still behind Venom. Venom: "Peter Parker, prepare to die!" He goes to swipe Peter when Peter jumps backwards, shoots webbing at each building and slingshots himself at Venom, sending Venom backwards into the fire. Eddie Brock gets out in time to avoid death but the symbiote does not. Peter stands in front of Eddie, costume ripped and all. The film ends with Brock in jail with Peter and Gwen enjoying happiness as they graduate. The last shot in the film is Norman Osborn saying "You failed me Dr.Ratha, I must now do this myself."

Whatya think? Besides the bad dialogue. Comment below and I challenge anyone who is willing, to do a detailed comment on how they think Electro is an interesting villain and how he will be good in TASM 2.
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ellispart3 - 11/14/2012, 9:55 AM
i would save venom for another film, but set him up in asm2. the same way we see the inevitable green goblin/spidey showdown which will bring the death of gwen, they plant the seeds in the first film. they speak of norman often and they are building a relationship with gwen. he also has the dying wishes of capt stacy to keep gwen safe. all will help create an emotional final act for gwen stacy.

with venom, set up daily bugle as pete's new job and eddie as his rival. but save venom and symbiote for another film. build pete and eddie's relationship and characters a bit before venom.

but to be honest, we may not see venom at all. its hard enough for the studios to convince the public that this is a new spider-man story when we just sat through a similar origin story that is still fresh in a lot of minds from the raimi spider-man series. along with bringing in goblin (we all know it's going to happen), i don't know if we will see venom in this new series. electro is best suited for a movie appearance, then goblin, then whoever else they want. just be happy we don't have to watch a movie with the shocker in it.
EdgyOutsider - 11/14/2012, 10:00 AM
@ellispart3: I don't think Electro is suited for a movie appearance at all. I don't feel he should ever be in a Spidey movie. I sometimes wonder if Shocker would be better. But, that's just my opinion.
ellispart3 - 11/14/2012, 10:08 AM
fair enough brotha. i honestly would like to see kraven in a film, but i'm interested in what they'll do with electro. hell, i'd rather see the rhino instead of electro. but these characters can be set up quickly in one movie and still be done correctly (as could the shocker). I feel characters like green goblin, venom, even doc ock, require a grander set up. they talk about norman in ams, build up his character in ams2, and make him the big bad in ams3.
jessepostal - 11/14/2012, 10:42 AM
Set him up in the second one and make him a main character and a threat, but don't make him venom until the third. Build up some tension and emotion before they go head to head.
FirstAvenger - 11/14/2012, 10:49 AM
If they set up rhino like in the game he could be in it. But I don't want pineapple head in a movie.
EdgyOutsider - 11/14/2012, 10:50 AM
@jessepostal: My initial idea was Death of Gwen Stacy in the second with the symbiote storyline also mixed into it with Venom's origin being the last scene in the movie. But, it didn't feel like it does Gwen's death justice and didn't feel like a necessary risk
Spideyguy94 - 11/14/2012, 1:22 PM
@sotojuiceman what about the black suit? The black suit is a major part of the venom storyline, you really can't do venom without the symbiote being on peter first, because then the symbiote has no real reason for being bonded to Eddie Brock because then only Brock hates Peter/spider-man which ever one they wanna go with, where as in nearly all incarnations of venom they both hate Peter/spider-man which gives them a reason for them to be bonded. They could do a mix of ultimate and 616, they could do the whole spaceship coming back to earth and the symbiote being found on board the spaceship. Then oscorp was given the symbiote to experiment on and peter's dad worked on it. This could tie into the whole untold story aspect as well. Then when gwen dies it bond's to Peter in the movie after and brings out the worst in him, then when he nearly kills someone he gets rid of it and it bonds to Brock. Next movie venom.
Spideyguy94 - 11/14/2012, 2:28 PM
@Sotojuiceman yeah that could be great, i really like your suggestion for 2. Venom needs to be done justice after the appalling way he was treated in 3. He's a much more compelling villain then " hey Parker you stole my girlfriend that wasn't really my girlfriend, we only had one coffee. And you got me fired from the bugle when I photoshopped a pic of you as spider-man that made it look like you robbed a bank. Even though it was a picture you had took and sold to Jameson, because I just wasn't asking to be caught. Now I'm going to kill you". Yeah movie franchises usually start getting stale around 3 or 4.
DrDoom - 11/14/2012, 8:14 PM
I hope Venom doesn't show up in this lame series. Don't want him tarnished again.
Rhino4508 - 11/14/2012, 9:11 PM
I didn't read this but I have to disagree just from the first sentence in your title. VENOM REQUIRES TIME AND EFFORT TO LIVE UP TO WHAT FANS WANT TO SEE. You can't rush it. First need to get through the Goblin build up and finish. Then intro black suit. Let him wear that for a movie or two while he fights Ock and other baddies using improved power then move to Venom for the Series finish. That's how Venom should be handled.

@ AcidicHeart This series is great and your ignorant to Spidey's original lore if you think it's a lame series. Raimi's Spider-Man was a cheesy knock off Spider-Man. This Spider-Man has a great chance to be the perfect personification of Spider-Man.
shf4839 - 11/15/2012, 12:58 AM
I like venom as a character but he should be save for another movie I do have an idea for a subplot that introduces Eddie he's a crime reporter with a rivalry with another one maybe phil urich or Ned Leeds Leeds could be cool just for the goblin reference then have them looking into a new vigilante that's killing people but not leaving any evidence the cops can use to track him peter is first assigned to Brock when he is hired by the bugle he sees Brock trying to put the blame on a former mental patient who does have some information because he unknowingly shares a wall with the vigilante sin eater peter tries to show Brock that he's wrong and Brock sends him away the other reporter listens to Peters theory which comes from him running into the sin eater at the apartment and his spider sense warns him they turn his theory over to newly promoted police captain dewolf she had been getting suspicious because of the lack of evidence her instincts told her it was someone on the force with the info they give her she corners him and he kills her just as Spiderman arrives he brings sin eater down just after brocks story ran costing him his job laying the founding grudge against Spiderman.

AC1 - 11/15/2012, 3:44 AM
He finds out he has cancer so he becomes a thief to try and cure his cancer? That makes no sense, a cure for cancer isn't something you can buy, it's something that needs to be developed. And the symbiote should always be an alien IMO, not something made by Oscorp.

Nah, I think Venom could tie into Gwen Stacy's death. Peter would be vulnerable to the symbiote due to his trauma over Gwen's death, and the symbiote could corrupt him. I even had the idea that the symbiote should come to Earth attached to John Jamesons space shuttle as he returns to Earth from a mission, and that the symbiote causes it to crash in NY (maybe it attaches itself to Jameson or one of his co-pilots). Spider-Man arrives at the scene but is unable to save Jameson (which is why J.Jonah Jameson starts to hate Spider-Man and call him a menace). The symbiote attaches itself to Spidey and begins to corrupt him.

Then, if Goblin is the one to kill Gwen, I think he should escape in that film and leave Spidey mourning over Gwen. The next film would be the one with the symbiote, and Spidey starts to track down Goblin in order to get revenge. The symbiote corrupts him to the point that he allows the Goblin to die during their last fight, when he could have saved his life. He then realises that his friend Harry (assuming Harry is introduced) has been orphaned due to his lack of responsibility, and realises the symbiote is corrupting him. So, he gets rid of the suit, and it attaches itself to Eddie Brock (in this version a mix between Ultimate and Mainstream, he's an old friend of Peter turned rival at the Daily Bugle).

The following film would then be all about Venom, or rather Spider-Man trying to clear his name when various reports of sightings of the black-suited Spider-Man killing criminals and even any civilians that get in the way.
AC1 - 11/15/2012, 3:45 AM
It'd turn out that Venom is framing Spider-Man for the murders.
aresww3 - 11/15/2012, 8:22 AM
cool article, I think Venom and Carnage for the next movie.
DrDoom - 11/15/2012, 9:46 AM

Since I love the comics but hate the Raimi series too, I'm going to say that your statement rings false.
TheHawkWithin - 11/15/2012, 1:01 PM
I honestly think they will make Harry Osborn become Venom in these movies.
ellispart3 - 11/15/2012, 3:55 PM
i can't speak for everyone, but my issue with elemental villains like electro (who i don't have that much of an issue with)is that they are always defeated the same way. electro is hit with water, sandman is hit with..water, hydroman is evaporated or something like that. I personally think that a good writer can make any c or d list villain can be made a badass, but maybe that's the issue.
it makes sense to bring in a villain like electro. spidey had physically imposing villain in the first movie with the lizard. the next film should go with a villain who has a power that requires cunning and brains to defeat. regardless of the fact that id like to see kraven (or any other villain that would fight spider-man on toe to toe like doc ock, venom, or even green goblin) it would be wise to give us a different type of villain in the new film.
thebearjew - 11/15/2012, 4:25 PM
static shock is the villian in asm 2
Oh i mean black lightning no i meant dam it i know this i meant blackvulcan.......... Son of a bitch i meant electro
EdgyOutsider - 11/15/2012, 4:48 PM
@SotoJuiceMan: He is not an interesting villain to me, at all. I even put a challenge at the end of the article saying "I challenge anyone who is willing, to do a detailed comment on how they think Electro is an interesting villain and how he will be good in TASM 2."

I would love for you to do that challenge, if you want to try and convince me.
Rhino4508 - 11/15/2012, 5:22 PM

And yet despite your "love" for the comic, you deem ASM as a lame series. TASM is the more iconic Spider-Man with a good origin story. Stays true to the original comics while giving a slight style change for a new generation. It's opened up possibilities to have the proper villian build ups, lead in to Mary Jane through his first love Gwen. Introduced Curt Connors the proper way, and gave a possible Avengers tug by shrouding the deaths of Peter's parents in mystery (in comics later revealed they are secret agents). So I'm sorry if I don't take your declaration of love for Spidey very seriously due to the fact that you scoff at the first legitamate spark of hope for Spidey in years. Hopefully this new series will get Marvel to do a "New 52" for Spider-Man because from what I've seen in current issues they've ruined the character of Spider-Man through killing of Peter, bringing him back, erasing his relationship with MJ through a demonic deal, making Gwen Carnage, passing Venom to Scorpion and then to Flash, making Carnage a cyborg, etc. TASM offers a back to the basics breathe of fresh air. It is not a "lame" series.
EdgyOutsider - 11/16/2012, 5:36 AM
SotoJuiceMan: I'm still not sold on Electro. He is still not an interesting villain. Nothing about him is cool or interesting in my opinion. Also, Dr.Connors didn't go insane. Just like in the comics, The Lizard eventually developed his own personality. Sure, to a lot of people this is more imitating from the original Spider-Man, but it actually isn't. Now, I'm going to tell the truth and say that I CAN be a little bit biased when it comes to The Lizard because he is my all time favorite comicbook villain. The only thing I am biased about when it comes to The Lizard is if he was a good choice or not for the first villain for Spider-Man to fight. In my eyes yeah. The Lizard wasn't a villain he could go out in a fist fight and win, he had to use his brain. While yes, it really wasn't much to think about. He still had to use his smarts to defeat The Lizard.

Anyways, back on Electro. I see your point as far as a physical threat goes. But, unless the costume from The Gauntlet is used and the lightening bolts are face paint and he is bald with the Electro suit. I'm not sold on how he will look good without being goofy and again, he isn't interesting. There is nothing interesting about him. I really hope I end up wrong cause I really wanna like and anticipate the movie. I seriously feel that this new trilogy has potential to top the Raimi movies (for me is big cause I love the Sam Raimi trilogy) but as far as other trilogies go for comicbook movies, it'll just be an opinion war. I'll admit that I am being closed minded since Electro's announcement. I'll get over it eventually. But, I am still not sold. Hopefully, Jamie Foxx can make the character interesting and cool in my eyes.
evilness - 11/16/2012, 6:57 AM
venom needs 2 movies. and those movies should be tasm 3 & 4 at the earliest.

tasm 1 - origins
tasm 2 - regular spidey story (gwen killed)
tasm 3 - conclusion of goblin arc (symbiote adds to peter's anger, brock)
tasm 4 - venom

we need at least one full movie of regular spidey for his change under the influence of the symbiote to mean anything.

i'd say, delay the symbiote to movie 4, so there aren't direct comparisons between tasm3 and sm3
EdgyOutsider - 11/16/2012, 6:07 PM
I'll give you 5 reasons why I don't like Electro.

1: His origin. It was a coincidental accident that gave him the powers of electricity and he decides to use that and become a thief. Here is my problem with that, there is no motivation. There is never a reason why he goes that route. It makes no sense.

2: Powers. His powers suck. Yea, it's cool he can blackout an entire city but that is it. He is a living generator. His fights against Spider-Man have always been lame. There is nothing cool (in my opinion) about someone who is pure electricity.

3: Lack of defiance. He has done NOTHING in the comics to make him a memorable character or done anything to make people remember him. I'll use The Lizard as an example of someone who has. He ate HIS OWN son. That's messed up.

4: Defeat. Electro requires water and rubber gloves. That's it. There is no way to use smarts to beat him. It's pretty simple on how to defeat Electro. Element based villains have always sucked.

5: Electro is just a flat villain. There is absolutely no development to him and that goes back to reason number one. His origin sucks. He is just a simple thief. There is no beef, no flavor to the character. He's flat and bland.

I won't touch the costume because most costumes look ridiculous also, The Lizard was never a costume. He has always been a reptilian monster when under extreme stress. To you he may have looked goofy in TASM but, they stuck to the original look. The snout would not have worked.

Now, here are 5 reasons why The Lizard is my all time favorite comic book villain.

1: Sympathetic. Dr.Connors has layers to him, he has a flavor. You feel bad for the man because he lost his limb and later lost his wife to cancer and ate his own son. You really feel bad for the character.

2: He is one of the most dangerous Spider-Man foes because fighting him has brought Spidey to near death. He literally can not be beat unless (without bombs of course) there is an antidote or in extreme cold.

3: Powers. Okay, the telepathy with any reptile in a mile radius is pretty silly, but you can't expect less. But, he does have: Super strength, speed, agility, he can regenerate missing limbs, healing factor. Not to mention his own tail is a deadly weapon. Hell, he has some of the best fights against Spider-Man (the high school fight is my favorite fight in a comic book movie).

4: Dilemma. It's obviously not demonstrated in TASM but, Spider-Man is put in a dilemma where he has to stop The Lizard but doesn't want to do something horrible to Curt. It's an interesting dilemma of "How can I do one without doing the other".

5: Two different characters. Dr.Connors and The Lizard aren't one character. There is no split personality. Nobody goes crazy. They are genuinely two separate characters. Dr.Connors has genius intellect, is a family man and wants to cure the world and himself and an ally of Spider-Man. The Lizard is a merciless villain who wants to rid the world of humans and have reptiles rule again. He is a very violent creature and one of most deadly Spider-Man villains in his rogues gallery.
thejon93rd - 11/17/2012, 9:34 AM
Eddie Brock should be Peter's best friend in these movies, not Harry Osborn again. It would be great to see Venom collide with Spider-Man only for the two to team-up in a later film and finally separate their differences.
WeaponX7785 - 11/17/2012, 5:00 PM
I was suprisingl impressed with the new Spiderman movie it was very good although I will say Sally Field was an absolutely atrocious and unforgiveable casting for Aunt May. I think Electro as the main villain in#2 is lame he is a third rate villain and making him black is even dumber. I would LOVE to see Eddie Brock/Venom in a Spider man movie but maybe save him for the third or even 4th after re-introducing the Goblin and or maybe even Mysterio
SAT - 11/20/2012, 5:42 AM
I love the ideas! It would be so awesome for this to happen in a movie!

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