Repost of an earlier fan fic with more stuff added. Click and find out how some of the Justice Leaguers unwind after a big battle and discuss CBM topics.


Hello CBMers!!!
This is a more completed vision of a prior fan fic. Basic premise, after the big victory a few of our favorite superheroes gather for some drinks and a little discussion. Allowing commentary on comic book movie things and whatnot. Ok, so gathered here today we have: Atom, Zatanna, Flash, Hawkman, and Black Lightning. The second shift crew.
HAWKMAN: "Did anyone see this new 'Interstellar' trailer? I mean...damn...someone's got to tell this Nolan feller...we didn't all go to Oxford. Jeez, sit him down and show him a good John Wayne flick, now that's film making."

ZATANNA: "I'm with you Hawkman. If you're going to put Matthew McConaughey in a movie, he better be a stripper. Right? It's like making a movie with Jeff Goldblum, but he's not a scientist slash math dude."

ATOM: "The movie looks quite good actually. I hear it touches on some very interesting scientific concepts; such as wormholes and black holes."

HAWKMAN: "Ah, shut up Atom! Your moms got a wormhole, and guess what? It's near a brown hole! Right? Who's with me? *holds up hand to Black Lightning for a high five* C'mon! *high fives BL with a shock* Ow! What's eating at you?"

BLACK LIGHTNING: "Well, you talking about new trailers. Did you see this new Guardians of the Galaxy one? I mean...damn...a whole 'galaxy' of heroes. Galaxy, mind you, of heroes...damn trees, green skin females, and a freaking raccoon. Not one brother on the team."

ZATANNA: "Oh stop whining. What about us ladies? For crying out loud, there isn't even a Wonder Woman at all...I don't even think they're thinking about a female lead superhero film."

HAWKMAN: "What're you talking about? They just made a Flash tv show! *stares at Flash, who is looking at his phone and texting in super speed* C'mon man! I just insulted you. Hello!"

FLASH: "Oh, sorry. Busy doing this...thing...well, I'm trying to 'first' comment every YouTube video being uploaded. Like, all of them."

HAWKMAN: "You and this Twitter crap! You guys remember, how fast boy wouldn't shut up when he got a....what was it? A re tweet, I think...yeah, a retweet, from Katy Perry. *loud burp* Fireworks, my ass!  She needs to go back to making out with chicks on Friday nights."

ZATANNA: "You're a pig Hawkman. And you wonder why you've got no movies or shows."

HAWKMAN: "Screw Hollywood! They don't got the balls to make a 'Cawkman' movie. Just cause, you know, it would win every award known to mankind, and more money least more than Green Lantern. *everyone laughs*"

ATOM: "Guess it would be funny if Chris Nolan wanted to make a Hawkman film, then I bet you would be all for it."

HAWKMAN: "I'm telling you, only the man who made 'Flash Gordon' could make a movie awesome enough for me. Plus, he'd need John Wayne."

ATOM: "They could always cast Ryan Gosling."

HAWKMAN: "*looks around himself* Where? Where the hell did I put that mace?"

FLASH: "Hey, BL, I saw you fighting Spiderman this past weekend. Happy birthday!"

BLACK LIGHTNING: "That how it is? Just cause you see a black guy with electric powers, you assume it must be me?"

ZATANNA: "Did you guys see that picture of Batman? He looks so sad. So sad."

BLACK LIGHTNING: "I'll tell you why he looks so sad. They took that pic at the exact moment he was told they cast Jessie Eisenberg as Lex Luthor."

FLASH: "Speaking of Bats, he gave me this new sheet of protocols for you guys to integrate into League policy. *places a few pamphlets onto the table*

HAWKMAN: "You guys? What the hell? Someone's getting a little big that why your tv costume has all that forehead space?"

BLACK LIGHTNING: "Haha. I know, when I saw that, I thought...must've had Tyra Banks as the model for the cowl. What're are these new 'Protocols', Atom?"

ATOM: "Let's see...hmm...this is funny. An attack plan in case there was ever a tornado filled with sharks attacking a city."

ZANTANNA: "You're serious? Haha! The ever infamous sharknado. Oh they're real boys. I once turned down Aquaman's date request, I swear, sharknadoes became real. Haha."

FLASH: "Aquaman asked you out? That's hilarious. Under the sea coffee?"

ZATANNA: "Actually, he wanted to take me to a Nicki Manaj concert, so naturally, I never associate with Aquaman anymore. Besides, he smells."

ATOM: "Man, Batman thinks of everything...what's this at the bottom...'don't forget to watch Gotham, this fall on Fox'.....what?? Haha."

BLACK LIGHTNING: "Yeah. Another Batman thing. One of these days."

An alarm begins to sound cover the room in flashing red light.

FLASH: "Damn! After what seems like years...looks like it's time to go wrap up this Forever Evil stuff."

ZATANNA: "Whew! I thought you guys were about to break out into a 'Harlem Shake' dance."

HAWKMAN: "Get with the times Zee. Now where the hell is my mace!?"

ZATANNA: "Here it is! *lifts the mace up and notices a pouch with some folded pieces of paper inside* What's this? Are these? Oh my god! Katy Perry tickets?!?"

HAWKMAN: "*quickly grabs the mace and tickets from Zatanna* Shut up."
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Doopie - 5/20/2014, 8:35 AM
quality. nice reworking of the earlier script. it's jam-packed with jokes, that sharknado reference really cracked me up. more making fun of batman and his plans is essential i think. maybe with someone impersonating him and then him showing up behind them.

the way you write reminds me of something but i can't quite put my finger on it. like a sit-com or something.

keep up the good work buddy.
DrunkenNukem - 5/20/2014, 8:41 AM
This Hawkman it´s a dick

cipher - 5/20/2014, 8:49 AM
Hahahaha, CAWKMAN!! Awesome.

BenjiWest - 5/20/2014, 9:43 AM
@spooky - thanks!

@doop - thanks man, took some of your advice and reworked it up. Oh yea, they definitely will be having some laughs at Bat's expense.

@drunkennukem - well, he is the 'Cawkman'

@ciph - thanks so much for reading.
case - 5/20/2014, 10:08 AM
Good improvements dude! Keep it up.
BenjiWest - 5/21/2014, 6:34 AM
@case - thanks man! Truly appreciate it.

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