World's Greatest Super Villain Round 3 Results.

World's Greatest Super Villain Round 3 Results.

The Results are in, Did the Batman fan's follow the rules by explaining why Joker should have won against Lex? Find out here.

The Results are in for World's Greatest Super Villain round 3. Many of you who voted however, didn't follow the rules which applied to the Joker's battle with Lex Luthor. During the course of these battles including the Superhero battles, many Batman fans voted for Batman and his Rogues gallery simply because they're Batman fans, and when asked how they couldn't provide any reasoning. According to the rules which were originally set from round 1, you could only vote for those who you felt could actually win in a fight. Batman fans were only voting for Batman characters even though there's no way they could have won the battles. There for I had to add a rule when a battle involves Batman characters, to which they had to explain their reasoning. Even though I know that Joker could have won and was rooting for him, I had to follow the rules just like everyone else.

Therefor, by Default Lex Luthor(15) kills the Joker(16).

Magneto 39- Juggernaut 14

Onslaught 15 - DC's Horsemen 7

Vandal Savage 20- Silver Banshee 4

Zod 16- Brainiac 8

Darkseid 20- Parallax 5

Mephisto 17- Despero 4

In World's Greatest Super Villain Round 4 it'll be:

Onslaught vs Darkseid vs Mephisto

Zod vs Magneto

Vandal Savage vs Lex Luthor

Coming to CBM Monday!

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aresww3 - 10/20/2012, 3:11 PM
This is completely full of shit lance. Your taking the piss, with this Batman stuff, and I´m not a Batman fanboy.

1. I provided you with a number of ways Batman could beat Green Lantern and you ignored it.

2. Lex is human and Joker is human. How the hell, are you going to say anyone who votes for The Joker is cheating, by not explaining how he could do it? And, I swear I would vote Lex on this personally, but what your saying is purely idiotic.

3. Part of Batmans character, something that has been shown over and over again in the comics, is that Batman although human can beat super powered individuals. It´s a component of his character and he´s humanity´s greatest champion against these potential threats. So why should Batman fans have to explain themselves, if they new how a master strategist could beat someone with such powers, well they would be Batman now wouldn´t they?

If your going to play this game play it fair. If you don´t like the answers people give, then don´t do a poll, just tell us who you think the greatest hero is and be done with it.

I say this as someone who likes Batman, but still like other superheroes like Superman, Wonder woman, the incredible hulk, Martian Manhunter etc just as much.
aresww3 - 10/20/2012, 3:12 PM
Oh and don´t call it greatest. call it most powerful, maybe you´ll get the results you´ve obviously engineered.
lanternstorm - 10/20/2012, 7:04 PM
this was made by a voting system, and I posted the rules before hand... if you gave a good reason, then your vote counted that's all there is to it... doing it this way was the only way to shut the fan boys up that were saying "Stupid Batman Fanboys screwing with the results" etc. The rules were clear from the beginning Ares so quit bitchen.
aresww3 - 10/21/2012, 1:06 AM
@Magnus - you just hit the nail on the head. If Batman really existed. If Batman really existed he would have an arsenal so impressive it would practically make him superhuman and a mind that is way more advanced than geniuses such as Einstein. He´s built blood teleportation devices for god sake. that would make even Hawking´s scratch his head.

Here´s how this should be fairly played if a character has done anything in the history of his comic publication, then that means he can do it in real life. After all these characters are nothing but a collection of written stories. so if it´s said Batman can beat Superman in the comics, sorry whether you like it or believe it or not, that means Batman can beat superman.

Forgodsake i mean Batman greatest villain is a human, have you forgotten that. Lex Luthor.
aresww3 - 10/21/2012, 5:47 AM
I mean supermans

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