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<font color= blue>X-MEN</font>, Season 1

Here I cast my version of a live action television show adaptation of the X-Men. Focusing on the original five and their arch-enemies, the Brotherhood, this series would follow the mutants struggle against mankind and each other.

X-Men is a franchise that would work much more effectively and a multiple season television series. Trying to squeeze the X-Men mythos into a film series doesn't do it justice, there simply isn't enough time to portray everything that the fans long for. So here is my fancast for how I would make such a television series.

This series would portray the team of X-Men and the Brotherhood equally, giving enough time to develop the characters on both sides. The central focus of the series would be the conflict between the two teams, as well as their conflict with humanity. Three episodes of the season would break the mold of showcasing both the X-Men and the Brotherhood, and instead feature guest villains who battle the X-Man single handedly.


Character: Professor X would have formed the X-Men slightly before the start of the series. He would be fighting the political fight for Mutant equality, as opposed to being on the battlefront like the X-Men.

Casting: Charles was hard to cast, I initially had Patrick Wilson put down as Xavier. Although I still like the idea of Wilson, he didn't seem right opposite my Magneto pick, so I changed to Lincoln. Lincoln has the skill to pull off a part like this, and he could really portray a faithful Xavier, while still adding something unique we haven't seen before.

Character: Cyclops is the field leader and overall head of the team. Over the course of the season, Scott would have to overcome his shyness toward Jean, eventually confessing his feelings for her in the second half of the season.

Casting: Jake Abel is a very talented young actor who never seems to get the recognition he deserves. He has the proper look for Scott, and has the potential to nail his personality. I have faith that Abel could give us the strong, likable leader that we've all been missing for so long.

Character: Jean would spend a large portion of the season struggling with her powers. She has such potential, but has no idea how to master her abilities. Xavier would spend extra time teaching her to hone her powers, and by the last few episodes she would have developed into the most powerful member of the team.

Casting: Mia is an extremely talented and gorgeous young actress, and she can certainly pull off a character like Jean. While casting, I tried to find someone who could portray the young and pretty Jean Grey, while also having the acting ability to evolve into the Dark Phoenix in later seasons.

Character: Iceman would be the young and reckless member of the team. He is the newest to being a superhero, so he would often have to be rained in by his fellow members. He will, by the end of the season, mature into a responsible person, but still retain his fun personality.

Casting: Callan is the perfect age for Bobby in this series, and he has much potential. He has the look, and attitude, he would certainly be a great Iceman.

Character: Warren would start out with an attraction to Jean, even taking her on a few dates. Scott's jealousy would end up causing a rivalry between the two characters, to the point of verbal fighting. Warren and Scott would eventually overcome their differences, being close as brothers when the season ends.

Casting: Pettyfer may not be an original choice, but he sure is a good one. In the perfect age range and look, and well as personality, Pettyfer is a perfect Warren.

Character: Hank is the oldest and most intelligent member of the group. He would be friendly with the entire team, but as the series progresses he would become more and more secluded from them, becoming more involved with his studies and experiments. After testing a serum on himself, he becomes the classic blue Beast. This sends him into a state of depression, but he will finally learn to accept himself by the season finale.

Casting: Gjokaj is a very skilled actor who brings life to the often dull television show Dollhouse. Not only could he brilliantly bring the character of Hank to life, he also has the necessary build and look. Some CGI to enhance the size of his hands and feet, and you have a near perfect Henry McCoy.

Later Recruits:

Character: Lorna and her boyfriend Alex would appear in the third quarter of the season. Both being captured by Sentinels, they get broken out of a holding facility by the X-Men. They fight alongside the X-Men against the Brotherhood, which causes Magneto to notice the similarities between his power and hers. He kidnaps her and tries to convince her that she is his daughter, and to join him as his successor. Professor X convinces Magneto that this is not her daughter, allowing her to be freed. It is revealed, though, that Charles lied.

Casting: Mekenna has the perfect look and personality for Lorna, and she seems like a wonderful fir for the character.

Character: After being rescued by the X-Men, Scott recognizes him as his brother. Alex, being too young when they were separated to remember his long lost sibling, is very reluctant to bond with Scott, whereas Scott fully pursues a newfound, brotherly relationship. Alex learns to love his brother he barely knew.

Casting: I needed someone younger than my Cyclops pick, who also bared a slight resemblance to Abel. This person is Toby Regbo. I am not completely sold on this casting decision, but it still works.

The Brotherhood of Mutants:

Character: Magneto is the figurehead of Mutant supremacists. He is the primary villain of the X-Men, and most challenging foe of Senator Kelly. Magneto would have traveled Europe recruiting, and although many Mutants agreed with his cause, they refused to join his small army known as the Brotherhood. Two of his followers, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch, he sought out after he discovered they are his children. He withheld this information from them, for he wanted them to follow his ideas and not join him merely for the fact that he is their father. Although leading opposite sides of the Mutant debate, Erik and Charles still remain friends, and prefer trying to convince each other to switch sides rather than fighting.

Casting: Lee Pace is an absolutely exceptional actor. He would have to be aged up roughly 15 years to make his children's ages seem convincing, and he'd certainly need silver hair, but Pace has the voice, look, demeanor, and would be able to carry the same respect Magneto does. Pace is a magnificent Magneto.

Character: Quicksilver and his sister followed Magneto because they saw the human hatred toward Mutants. Quicksilver was always angry about the treatment he and his sister got at the hands of Magneto, and was infuriated when he finds out that Magneto is their father. He and his sister agree less and less with Magneto's ideals, and are disappointed that they aren't actually helping anyone. They abandon the Brotherhood in the final episode of the season.

Casting: Westwick has exactly what it takes to become Quicksilver. He also bears a slight resemblance to Pace, and I feel they could have excellent chemistry.

Character: Wanda never becomes as infuriated with Magneto as her brother, but she still finds that the Brotherhood's goals are not what she was looking for when she joined. Her and her brother decide to simultaneously leave the group.

Casting: Agron is talented and beautiful, and with brown hair, she looks just like I imagine Wanda. I could definitely see her and Westwick as siblings.

Character: Jason would be most cruel member and also most faithful to Magneto. None of the Brotherhood seems to like him, but Magneto still utilizes his abilities for the advancement of his goals.

Casting: Harrington is a fairly skilled actor with the right look. He has what is needed for this part.

Character: Toad, despite having a useful power set, is often the weakest member in battle due to his inferiority complex. He follows Magneto faithfully, believing that he truly cares for him. It becomes apparent to Toad, however, that his is nothing more that a pawn to Magneto, and Toad becomes further abused at the hands of Magneto. From being beaten, Toad realizes that the man he has so faithfully followed is not someone he wants to fight for. Toad learns to stand up for himself, and in the final episode, Toad ultimately betrays Magneto, causing his defeat.

Casting: Tom Felton is an extremely skilled young actor. He can pull Toad's look and sniveling personality, but also bring an emotional side to the character. I would love to see Tom portray Toad's transformation from lackey to a strong individual.

Guest Villains:

Character: Juggernaut would have an entire episode to himself. The story would focus on Marko's attack on the mansion and the backstory of Juggernaut and Professor X.

Casting: Nathan Jones is simply a perfect choice for Juggernaut. He has the look and demeanor...there's not many people who seem this perfect.

Character: The X-Men will have to defend the capital building from Sunfire's terrorist attack. This episode will help set up his character for a reintroduction in season two.

Casting: As much as I love the character, I can never find someone to play him. I came across Koyamada, and I have faith he would do the character justice.

Character: Similar to Sunfire, Banshee would be the primary villain of an episode, introducing his character who will again appear in season two.

Casting: Murray seems like he can play this part well. I think he could play very well off of the other X-Men.


Character: Senator Kelly would be the primary human villain, spending the entire season prosecuting Mutants.

Casting: DiCaprio may be an odd choice, but I love the idea of him being Kelly, it would bring a whole new spin on the character.

Character: Hired by Kelly to design Sentinels, Mutant hunting robots, Trask becomes the puppeteer behind one of the X-Men's most deadly enemies.

Casting: Michael C. Hall is one of my favorite actors, and I feel he could really turn this character into a relevant person of the series.


Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed. As always, sound off your thoughts below! I know some of you will disagree with my ideas and choices, just be polite when giving feedback and we can all have fun. Later!!

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