Fancast Fantastic Four
An expertly thought out casting of Fantastic Four.
8DaysAGeek.COM casts Aquaman
A serious and dark take on an Aquaman movie.
8DaysAGeek.COM casts Ghostbusters 3
I came up with a plot, story, and cast for the possible Ghostbusters 3, tell me what you think.
8 Days A Geek and All The Rage Podcasts!
Some great geek podcast by some smaller sites... casts The New Gods.
In this casting I decided I wanted to try and keep it semi realistic, affordable, and entertaining, So I casted most of the New Gods, not all but most, let's start! casts Final Fantasy 8 casts Final Fantasy VIII casts He-Man casts He-Man casts Zelda: The Legend of Link casts the Legend of Zelda movie