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The Dark Knight Rises Predicted to Beat The Avengers at Box Office
Box Office Mojo, one of the Internet’s most widely-used sites for financial information pertaining to movies, is predicting???
New TV Ads for DC 52 Collected Editions
Will the launch of these collections bring in more non comic book readers and movie fans with all the movie hype at the moment?
Zack Snyder To Talk Superman: Man Of Steel (2012) At Hero Complex Film Festival
How much will Zack Snyder reveal on the day and will he confirm a Man Of Steel Trailer before The Dark Knight Rises ?
Stan Lee Appearance in Geek and Gamer Girls Video !
This clip is for all Fan Boys out there which covers Comics, Star Wars, Toys and even a guest spot by Stan Lee and so much more! ENJOY !!!
The Dark Knight Rises Theatre Cinema Popcorn Images.
Would you like extra butter with your Dark Knight Popcorn?
Executive Producer Michael Uslan Spoils The End Of THE DARK KNIGHT RISES
During a panel at Film-Con, Uslan just comes right out with it! Be warned, if you don't want to know exactly how TDKR ends you are advised not to watch the following vid..
Five Reasons The Avengers Could Beat The Dark Knight Rises At The Box Office
Let me first say that I will be in line for the opening of both The Avengers movie and The Dark Knight Rises.
The Avengers: Should They Wear Masks?
How do you showcase your big name stars and at the same time stay true to the look of a comic book superhero?
The New 52 – You Know, For Kids!
Is the New DC 52 Here to stay for good.
Star Wars: People Still Hate the Prequels !
Last week, Spider-Man 3 actor Topher Grace screened a fan edit he made of the entire Star Wars prequel trilogy for friends and a small number of reporters in Hollywood.
COMICS: Power Girl’s New Costume Gets Tweaked Yet Again
George Perez has drawn a new version of Power Girl's New 52 Costume. Is it any better? Does it have a boob window? Find out after the jump.
15 What If Posters for Batman Films by Famous Directors
15 "What If" Posters for Batman Films by Famous Directors
Every ‘Doctor Who’ Episode (1963-2011) in 10min Video !!!
Don’t have enough time to watch 50 years of ‘Doctor Who’ episodes? A Youtube user has combined them all into one 10-minute video. 784 episodes, 226 stories, 11 Doctors… One legend...
New DOCTOR WHO Companion for 2012 !!!
Rumours are starting to circulate already...
Comic Book Writer Talks Trippy Stuff in this Video !!!
Alan Moore talks Science, Imagination and how we are all maybe just holograms...
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