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The No-Really-It's-Actually-Very-Good Super-Hero TV Show You Probably Missed
Alternatively Titled: Y'know How Iron Man 3 Had A Much Better Script Than Anyone Thought It Would? It's 'Cause They Hired The Dude Behind This Show To Write It; Or: Albie Bothers To Post Something Again.
Yet Another Early Opinion on the Justice League Movie
Alternatively Titled: Albie Wishes the Justice League Movie Would be Delayed Another 5 Years, So We Could Go One of These Routes with it
How Dredd Laid Down What SHOULD be the New Blueprints for at least Half of all Comic Book Movie Adaptations
Albie analyzes how and why the new Dredd, intentionally or not, laid down what should (but won't) be the new blueprints for the vast majority of superhero movies.
The Single Biggest Flaw with the Entire Hobbit Trilogy
Alternatively Titled: Yeah, Well... Sorry Guys, But This is Just True, and You All Know it, or: You're a Cock! You're a Cock! You're a Cock! ... Cock!
Hollywood Studios Caught Pirating Movies on BitTorrent
New data reveals employees at Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros., Disney, Sony Pictures, 20th Century Fox are openly pirating movies, games and other forms of entertainment at work.
Albie's Top 5 Way-Too-Overlooked Superhero Movies
Alternatively Titled: Yeah, it's Just a Shitty List, But it's a Short One!, or: Yes, There's Spoilers. Oooooooooohhhhhhhh...
The Batman Movie I've Been Waiting For Since I Was 10 Years Old
Alternatively Titled: The Batman Movies Christopher Nolan Should've Made Instead Of Batman Begins & Dark Knight Rises, or: The Reason Bruce Timm Needs To Get To Make A Theatrical Batman Movie Is He Always Gets It Right The First Time, Period.