Shaman revisits Zack Snyder’s SUCKER PUNCH
How does the movie fair nowadays, playing at home on the flat screen, when all the hype and tripe should be pretty much all but extinct?
CBM's Photo-Op Contest Winner Sketches!
FINALLY, Shaman brings you the ever so longly anticipated portraits of the top 3 winning superhero look-a-likes!!! Click to gawk!
CBM’s Superhero photo-op contest finalists!!!
Finally, the final finalists have been chosen! Come one, come all and vote for your very own TOP 3 contestants, as all 10 will attempt to persuade you through a week long campaign battle royale!
Editorial: Is DC ready to tackle their red speed demon, The Flash?
Can the WB successfully remove the cobwebs, dust off their shelved speedster and bring him back to the screen in our day and age?
Exclusive Pre-Order Costume revealed for Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions
A new pre-order costume is revealed, eliminating certain assumptions about the last costume/dimension that has yet to be announced!
Fan Art: Captain America’s movie costume rundown!
Plus, CBM’s own Shaman takes a stab at sketching his own version of the supposed Captain America WW2 era costume from the description given by and explains why it turned out looking a bit… well, you’ll see.
Game Review: Shaman Plays Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands!
Is it just a marketing gimmick for the upcoming motion picture or actually a great addition to the gaming franchise?
Movie Review: Shaman takes on Kick Ass with Mega Spoilers!
Friday night was the first time ever that I dragged my girlfriend to a film that made me apologise to her without her having to say a single word or even giving me any glares.
Is Captain America the biggest April’s Fools joke in the history of Hollywood?
It was brought to my attention that certain CW Easter eggs could be saying that we are all in the dark about who the real Captain America actually is!
So, was “Whip It”… good?
Shaman’s review of Drew Barrymore’s last directorial “objet d’art” as well as an advice to the last person that seems to need it; James Cameron.
Jensen Ackles: The living embodiment of Captain America!
What makes him a valid contender to begin with? Why is he the fans’ top choice? Would this be the most logical choice for Marvel’s star spangled avenger? Learn all about it here!
Space… Marvel’s Next Frontier.
With DC waiting to see if Avengers will pay off before they put the Justice League on the big screen, would Marvel do the same and wait for Green Lantern’s success before launching their own Space Crusader? And if so… which one would get the honor???
Avatar: Shaman’s Review of the Sci-fi Experience of the Decade!!!
After the over-hype, the reviews, the acclaims and the film’s fast generated numbers at the box office, what can finally be made of James Cameron’s Avatar?

Since Avatar has now beaten Titanic's record, here's a repost of my review for the people who haven't seen it yet and are now contemplating to go and find out what all the buzz is about.
Updated CBM Exclusive: Christian Storm strives to be Nightwing!
Once again, CBM’s own Shaman gets “touched by the stars” but this time, the star requests feedback from the fans in order to shine brighter!!!
Shaman's tribute to our fallen friend, TheMyth!
Shaman sketches TheMyth's favorite hero since his early childhood, portrayed by his own choice of actors, in honor and thanks for making our CBM experience an unforgettable one!
CBM Holloween Costume Contest Winning Prize Sketches!!!
Come one, come all and witness what the contest winners have requested for their customised prize sketches!
Fan Art: Saving Captain Jensen!
To be, or not to be Captain America… There's NO Question!!!
Aeon Flux X-Forced???
Come one, come all and fist your eyes on the beauty most men think of when hearing the term "handcock"!
CBM Excusive: Helena Mattsson Wants To Be The Scarlet Witch!
The Surrogates and Ironman 2 star contacted CBM’s own Shaman to be sketched as her dream role!
Jeffrey Dean Morgan is the perfect Lobo… In the flesh!!!
After the announcement of Guy Richie helming the oh so long awaited feature film of DC Entertainment’s “Main Man”, Jeffrey Dean Morgan decided to throw his name in the hat! Well I took it upon myself to prove to you all why he is THAT perfect to portray the scourge of the cosmos!!!
FAN ART: Depp is Just What the Doctor Ordered!
Winner of the CBM Fan Cast Poll for who should portray Marvel's Dr. Strange.
Knock, knock... Caaaaaaaaaable Guuyyyyyyyyyyy!!!
This underrated and under appreciated actor, also known as the "Oh yeah, that guy" from our favorite sci-fi/action films of the past, has waited long enough!!!
The Shaman Reminisces...
...on's evolution as well as my own. Let's take a stroll down memory lane, shall we?
Feeling... Lost???
Then come Quiver at my sketch, why don'tcha!!!