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Record Of Lodoss War: The Movie!!!

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Now i know i'm gonna hit a nerve with this one since not all of us are fans of the Harry Potter films and most of us don't want our favorite childhood anime series massacred on the big screen.

However, if any of you had followed the evolution of Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe as actors throughout those films, you 'd see EXACTLY where i'm going with this. Daniel has matured and came of age to be perfect for the role of Parn. And if you all remember correctly, Parn was a scrawny inexperienced son of a knight who vowed to fill his father's armor even though he had trouble lifting his sword. Well in my book, that makes Daniel even more perfect for the part. It is the tale of his initiation and the challenges that would eventualy lead him to knighthood.

As for Emma, she has displayed sturdiness, stubborness and playfulness to perfection in all Harry Potter films. Roughly translated, her character of Hermione IS Deedlit! The only slight difference is Deedlit wouldn't be caught dead falling in love with Ron. She would have followed Harry to hell and back however and i honestly feel it is a shame for the Potter films. You see Emma and Daniel have developped such a chemistry between the two that transpires through the screen. Even to an extent where i feel the movies are suffering from those two NOT being together. Maybe it didn't appear so in the books but those two actors have created a monster, and an enjoyable one at that. One that would be PERFECT for Parn and Deedlit's saga.
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