Wonder Woman Script First 30 Pages and Fan Cast
Hey CBMers, would really appreciate your feedback on first 30 or so pages of Wonder Woman Script. I also added some extra assorted scenes from later on in the script, to see what you think. It would be a great help to get your thoughts. For fun I´ve added a Fancast for all the main characters included in the script.
Wonder Woman Begins
A Wonder Woman script inspired by Batman Begins. Written in the Same tone, style, and with the same attention to psychological and social realism. I hope you enjoy.
Poll: In a Wonder Woman Movie Would You Rather Ares as Main Villain or WW´s Mentor?
In a Wonder Woman Movie Would You rather Ares as Main Villain or WW´s Mentor?
Asking because of a discussion I´m having. I just want to know what you think.
In another episode of WITH ENOUGH PREP TIME: A heart felt goodbye to the legendary late great actor Philip Seymour Hoffman, and more on the casting news of The Batman Vs Superman Movie. In this episode I go through all the castings, discussing with my guest Joeyguy, all the casting news that has come out about the movie concluding with our thoughts on Jessie Eisenberg being cast as Lex Luthor.
A rant on WB delaying Batman Vs Superman, what I think of Batman vs Superman being delayed to 2016.
Wonder Woman Screenplay With Fancast
I´m posting a Wonder Woman Script, I was writing. Hopefully it will give someone out there some joy. I should add my main influences for this screenplay was Batman Begins and Richard Donner´s original Superman. What I love about Batman Begins is the psychological realism of the story as well as the story arch of how young, lost Bruce becomes Batman. From Donner´s Superman, I felt the operatic scale of the story was amazing, its so iconic, in its treatment of the central figure. As such I was really inspired to create the Journey of Diana on an epic scale, which journeyed with Diana as she becomes Wonder Woman. This is not Wonder Woman as she´s ever been seen, yet I don´t think I could have been any more faithful to the source material than I have.
My thoughts on the rumor that Wonder Woman will be a Kryptonian in Batman Vs Superman.
What DC character do you want Dwayne Johnson to Play?
Hi just a Vlog on the news Dwayne Johnson has been cast as a DC character. Who would you like him to Play? Hope you enjoy.
Why I think Joaquin Phoenix is a great fit For Lex Luthor
I fancast Phoenix as Lex Luthor a year ago, everyone thought I was crazy! All I heard was Cranston, Cranston, Cranston. I hope my prediction is right, and here´s why...
This is a response to alot of criticism on Gal Gadot being cast as Wonder Woman. I have problems with it, but I also am not displeased. But what are my thoughts on her being too skinny or her body type, or if she can carry a Franchise? Hope you enjoy.
And the Winner is:
A question to people who thought Man Of Steel was a GOOD film. Not trying to troll or get anyone riled up. I just want your opinion.
A look at Wonder Woman´s villains, how they might really be crap, and why Gina Carano is moreso a worse idea than that of Batfleck. Who should be cast as Wonder Woman? Hit the jump and read on.
Who Should Be Cast Instead of Carano As WONDER WOMAN And Fan Made trailer Script
Hi check out my trailer script for an epic Wonder Woman, screenplay I´m writing. It´s very short honest. I´ve also provided soundtrack, director, and some of my preferred cast. I´ve put in a soundtrack, to create the ambience for you if you want to listen, while reading. Also, does anyone else hate the idea of Gina Cararno playing Wonder Woman, I have 5 better ideas. Let me know what you think. Thanks guys.
Who's A Better Representative Of Ethnic Minorities In THE JUSTICE LEAGUE? Cyborg Or Martian Manhunter?
This is a really interesting question for me, so I hope you read and enjoy as I´d love to hear your views. Please click on for my my thoughts on the matter and be sure to post your own in the usual place.
The Casting Choice That Shocked The World & Divided The CBM Community. Ares WW3
This is not going to be a criticism of Ben Affleck´s casting as Batman, nor will it be a diatribe applauding everyone involved in the movie industry for how sagacious they are, and how stupid all the people who make them rich are (fanboys). Rather in this editorial I will discuss the positions of each side and try and come to some understanding between the two factions. Each side has made very reasonable points and neither side should feel ashamed for their passion for DC comics, Batman, or movies in general. We are the ones that keep the film industry alive, we have every right to our opinion. Its time we settle things and learn how to discuss comic books and their movies with a little dignity.
Taking on Ben Affleck Batman Supporters
I crush all arguments for Ben Affleck, WB/DC, Nolan, Snyderite defenders of this stupid decision to cast Ben Affleck as Batman. YOU ARE NOT ALONE, YOU ARE NOT ALONE, YOU ARE NOT ALONE, YOU ARE NOT ALONE, YOU ARE NOT ALONE, YOU ARE NOT ALONE, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. See what I did there :)
Wonder Woman Film By Ares WW3
Meet young Diana, Princess Of The Amazons. For thousands of years she has existed on a mystical island paradise, amongst only her Amazon kin, convinced by her mother Hippolyta that Patriachs World was long destroyed by the Gods as punishment for their disobedience. Bored and born with the heart of an explorer, Diana dreams of worlds beyond Themysciras placid and peaceful shores, to see anything else, than what she has always known. A single day of danger, preferable to her than an eternity in paradise. Follow Diana as she discovers her destiny, when finally the Gods reveal to her the purpose of her birth on the Island.
Why Batman/Superman movie is rushed and I call B.S on The Flash Movie By AresWW3
I would love to see a Flash movie. He is one of my favorite superheroes, probably number 5, but I can bet my life it ain´t happening and it's just a smoke screen to appease numerous DC fans upset that once again DC/WB is falling back on Batman and Superman.
Comic Book Movies I'd Like to See Made Before I Die
ARES WW3 takes you on a journey into the possible future of comic book movies, as a comic book nerd. In the Top 10 comicbook movies I want to see before I die.
10 Must-Haves For A Wonder Woman Movie From A Wonder Woman Fan Ares WW3
In this editorial I explore themes I believe are essential to be added to a Wonder Woman Movie.
Ares WW3 Epic Plan For A Martian Manhunter Movie. Key Scenes and discussion Of The Character
Could Martian Manhunter fit into the DC Cinematic Universe? I think he could. Here's why.
An article about Wonder Woman The Unappreciated Superheroine. Formerly This Article was the first ten minutes of my Wonder Woman screenplay. However I couldn´t keep that up for too long, thanks to all who commented on it.
Man Of Steel The Good, The Bad And The Ugly And Justice Leagues Future by Aresww3
I share my thoughts on Man Of Steel: I look at the film that should have been the greatest CBM to date, but fell short and why, and also looks at what can be salvaged from the wreckage. By the way I rate this film a 75%, but to me that is not good enough for a Superman movie. Just look at Comics like Birth Right, Red Son or Earth One to see why. Also discussed is my views on why the plans for the JL movie sounds terrible.
Superhero Origins And Their Mythic Meanings: Are They Veiled Secular Parables?
Ever since ancient times, humanity has sought to use stories to explain the world in which it lives. Just as ancient man used stories of gods and monsters to explain the world, modern man uses stories of godlike heroes and monstrous villains to do the same.