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Review of the Avengers .. Earths Mightiest Heroes Indeed!
The buildup and anticipation of the Avengers proves to be very much worth the wait as Joss Whedon delivers a brilliant film that is the best comic book adaptation on film yet.
EDITORIAL: The Avengers.. How we got here and where I hope the journey continues
My thoughts on the path that led us to the Avengers, along with my hopes and expectations for the next phase of the MCU journey.
Captain America.. Our scrawniest hero reviewed.
My review of the First Avenger, Is Captain America the hero we all hope him to be?
A Man and His Hammer ... Thor Reviewed
Does the God of Thunder truly yield a big stick.. find out my thoughts in the Thor Review.
Stark Raving Mad.. The Iron Man 2 review..
Does the Iron Man 2 succeed in building on the great initial launch of his first movie as well as the beginning of the Avengers Initiative. My Review and thoughts.. next.
SMASH.. My review of The Incrdible Hulk as we prepare for The Avengers
The Incredible Hulk.. a worthy addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but does it truly hit enough high marks to be a great movie? My review.. next.
Iron Man.. My review on the start on the path to the Avengers
A look back at Iron Man, my review of the true beginning of the Avengers Initiative.