Captain America: The Winter Soldier Review
Long overdue, but better late than never. Here's my take on Captain America: The Winter Soldier.
Agent Carter: Good Idea or Not?
My thoughts on the announcement of Agent Carter being picked up by ABC. Is this the best choice for Marvel's second TV series?
My thoughts on the recent relaunches of the comic books Amazing Spider-man and Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-man. SPOILER WARNING!
Ninja Turtles Trailer Response
My thoughts on the first trailer for Ninja Turtles.
Is Marvel's debut television series shaping up to be the show we've all been waiting for or a major disappointment?
World's Finest: Is it time?
My thoughts on the announcement of DC's big crossover movie.
BIGBMH Reviews Man of Steel
I throw everything but the kitchen sink into this review/editorial/rant/analysis of Man of Steel. Some of you are not going to like what I have to say...
If I Wrote The Dark Knight Rises
In this long-overdue follow-up to TDKR: A Fitting Ending?, BIGBMH reveals his detailed proposal for an alternative 3rd film in Nolan's Batman Trilogy. Disappointed with TDKR? This may be more to your liking.
BIGBMH's Best of 2012
My take on the competition between the biggest superhero movies of 2012
Amazing Spider-man #700: Why it Disappoints
My thoughts on how this finale dropped the ball.
THE DARK KNIGHT RISES: A Fitting Conclusion?
Is the final movie of Nolan's Batman trilogy really a satisfying ending, or is it just the only ending we have? Here's my take.
Amazing Avengers Fan Poster
Many of us were disappointed in the posters for The Avengers. Here's a design that I believe would have been more satisfying.
BIGBMH Reviews The Dark Knight Rises
Does the final chapter of Christopher Nolan's Batman Trilogy live up to the high standard of the franchise? Find out in this extensive review!
BIGBMH's Amazing Spider-man Review
Is this the change we never knew we needed or the reboot that never should have happened?
Reaction to Avengers EMH Cancellation
My thoughts on the cancellation of Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes as well as their work in general over the past few years.
BIGBMH's Avengers Video/Written Review
Is it the amazing movie fans think it is or is it just Transformers with superheroes? Find out what I think in this in-depth review! (spoilers only in clearly-marked final section)
EDITORIAL: Is the plot of The Avengers too simple?
The Avengers is receiving a considerable amount of critical praise. Yet, some say that the simplicity of the film's plot holds it back. Is there validity to this claim?
Avengers Debut Trailer (fan-made)
My trailer for The Avengers, set to a song that I think works very well for the tone of the movie. Check it out to find out which song I chose!
The Dark Knight Rises Trailer 3 Analysis
My video analysis of the newest trailer for The Dark Knight Rises. I do my best to thoroughly comment on the footage as well as speculate on the implications of what is shown.
Which superhero movie won 2011?
Pretty much everyone has made their prediction for which movie will come out on top this year, but who won last year?
Avengers Trailers Get Animated!
You've probably seen every Avengers trailer several times, but you've never seen them like this! Check out these awesome fan-made animated versions!
Video Editorial: TMNT Controversy
My thoughts on the recent TMNT controversy. Could the alien origin be a good idea?
TDKR Trailer Video Analysis
I do my best to analyze the latest trailer for The Dark Knight Rises, speculating on scene context and implications.
BIGBMH's Week in Review 11/19/11
My thoughts on entertainment news from the past week. This week: Doctor Who reboot, Marvel cancellations, Pixar's "Brave" and more!
Video Review: Green Lantern Animated Series Pilot
My brief thoughts on the premiere of the new, CGI, Green Lantern Animated Series. Is it the year's second disappointing GL adaptation, or a promising beginning?