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FAN-ticizing: 15 Characters I hope To See In The AGENT CARTER TV series
After the success of the Peggy Carter short, Marvel has been working on giving Hayley Atwell her own show. Assuming the Agent Carter TV series does get picked up, here are some characters I would really like to see make appearances.
7 Things Man Of Steel 2 Will Need To Get Right!
What should be next for Superman? Now that Man Of Steel is a success at the box office and Snyder has made it clear the next project would be a sequel... What would MOS 2 need to up the ante? Find out after the jump
Marvel's Avengers Assemble Review, Discussion and Poll
Earth's Mightiest Heroes has been cancelled and it's replacement is finally arrived! Vote in my poll and share your thoughts about the pilot in the comment section.
3 Simple Ways to Radically Improve Arrow
Arrow has been getting great reviews since the shows launch even though it has some very visible flaws. Here's three simple things the show can change in order to earn it's current rating or increase it!
FAN CAST: Black Panther  - Part 1 - Nubian Prince
There's been a whole lot of talk lately about who should get the lead in Marvel's Black Panther movie. I present to you some of the best movie casting and plotting you'll ever see on this site! Check it out and leave a comment... I guarantee you won't be dissapointed!
Why Star Wars: The Clone Wars Must Go On!
Considering that the show just keeps getting better and better, is it really the right decision to make next season the last?
EDITORIAL: Is Marvel's animation really inferior to DC?
For as long as I can remember DC has outshone Marvel in animation. From Batman the animated series to Young Justice. We take a much needed look into why Marvel just isn't on par!
EDITORIAL: Marvel Animated Shorts
DC Nation will be coming out with all kinds of animated shorts to promote their characters, wouldn't you like to see Marvel do the same?
EDITORIAL: Getting The Wonder Woman TV Show Right
Why is it so damn hard to make the Amazon Princess work on screen?
What Bane Should Have Looked Like!
Which of these would you have prefered to see in The Dark Knight Rises?
Heroes For Hire FanCast
The good'ol Reverend is back with his best Fan Cast yet! Jeph Loeb let's hope you're paying attention cauz this is where you need to be taking Marvel TV...
How Much Do People Care About Luke Cage?
The Reverend is back and you won't want to miss what I've got to say this time!!!
The Future of Smallville!
How will the CW bring and end to one of their longest running and most popular TV series without loosing millions of viewers and fans? Your answer is here!!!
FAN CAST: The Legion of Superheroes by BLACKREVEREND
With Smallville running old CW is wondering what to do with all it's fans? Talk of Spin-Offs have floated around for while now. From Aquaman, to Supergirl and even a Green Arrow spin off. But have they thought of this?
What could be the greatest Sci Fi movie ever. If not... it's definitely the greatest Cast. Come on... have a peek!!
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