CBM User Emblemmaniac posted an interesting comment about the up coming Batman v Superman & Justice League movies which had some to believe that this information could be true. Hit the jump find out more...
BATMAN v SUPERMAN - Is This Our First Tease of Aquaman?
Yesterday we found out that Jason Momoa will indeed play Aquaman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, today Jason Himself teases us with a picture on Instagram. Hit the Jump to See...
Yesterday we found out that LEXCORP is going to have a new Logo.....Hit The Jump To See....
Why SUPERMAN Movie Fans Have No Need to Worry
Forbes writer, Mark Hughes explains why all Superman & DC fans should not be worried about the inclusion of other heroes in BATMAN v SUPERMAN:DOJ. Hit the Jump to see what he had to say.....
BATMAN v SUPERMAN - Getting Our First Look At Wonder Woman On Monday?
Warner Bros Tours have tweeted a few hints about the upcoming Man of Steel sequel, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Hit the jump to check them out.
Henry Cavill Talks MAN of STEEL & BATMAN v SUPERMAN
In December, WB released this interview with Henry Cavill. He was promoting the Man of Steel DVD/Blu-Ray. He chats about his first Superman film and what he hopes for in the sequel.
BEST Video Review/Criticism for MAN OF STEEL
Everyone should watch this......This is the best Video Review/Criticism for Man of Steel. Also compares the end battles of The Avengers & MOS.
Cinema Sins - BATMAN v SUPERMAN vs CAPTAIN AMERICA 3 (Profane Language Warning!!!)
We're used to seeing their "Everything Wrong With.." vids, but here Cinema Sins have posted a pretty funny video letter to Marvel Studios regarding the upcoming superhero box office smackdown that's coming our way on May 6th, 2016. Take a look after the jump.
BATMAN vs SUPERMAN - Eisenberg Explains Why He’s Playing Lex Luthor
In a Interview with MTV's Craig Flaster , Jessie Eisenberg explains why he may not walk the streets again due to him being cast as one of the biggest villain's in comic book history. Hit the Jump to find out more.....
BATMAN vs SUPERMAN - New Filming Location
With the impending release of the New BatMobile today, onlocationvacations.com have heard of a location in Michigan where filming may start.....Hit The Jump to Find Out more....
Anas Riasat has put together a wonderful piece of art containing the epic battle between DC's finest. Hit the jump to check it out....
BATMAN & SUPERMAN Fans Should Love Marvel Studio's.
Kyle K From Man of Steel Fan Page states that DC fans should bow down to the might of Marvel Studio's....Hit the Jump to find out more..
Garfield & Webb Would Welcome SPIDER-MAN/AVENGERS Crossover
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 star (Andrew Garfield) and director (Marc Webb) would love to see a Major studio crossover with Marvel's premiere superteam, The Avengers. Find out what they had to say about it after the jump.
Forbes Speculate that Batman will Direct JUSTICE LEAGUE
With all the Speculation on the Man of Steel sequel and the 10 month push back, Mark Hughes has a Logical Speculation that Ben Affleck will direct the DC's ensemble movie...Hit the Jump to find out more...