The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man

Uploaded By hawkeye07 on 1/28/2012

One of the most classic rides of all time falls into our top ten list.


andyrey2380 - 9/19/2012, 7:18 AM
The alien wins this fight.
grandizer74 - 9/19/2012, 3:47 PM
if ripley can beat the aliens, so can elektra
SkaarJones - 9/19/2012, 8:45 PM
Ripley died. When they resurrected her, she was half xenomorph.
grandizer74 - 9/20/2012, 1:00 PM
ripley died in alien 3. she beat them in the first 2 movies, with no military training and using improvised weapons in the first.
VIRILEMAN - 10/17/2012, 8:09 AM
She "won" by running from it and blowing it out of an airlock. Eletra is going to attack it and get acid all over her face. Xenomorph wins.

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