The Incredible Hulk

Uploaded By hawkeye07 on 1/28/2012

One of the quickest Roller Coasters of all time is based of of the fiercest CB characters.


nikgrid - 8/31/2011, 7:38 AM
Josh you poll seems slanted towards the negative what with the 2 negative options and the one positive option at the extreme end of the scale.
CplAmerica - 8/31/2011, 9:32 AM
I'm completely shocked by this poll. This must be the new age of the artist "image over substance" because it was very poorly written...This is my review:

This first issue felt condescending and silly. Even if your not a fan of DC or unfamiliar with comics, lines like "Batman... so your real?" and "Have you heard about this Superman guy in Metropolis" feel like a 10 year old wrote them. Each character seems to be his own unique brand of "arrogant douche", and come off as juvenile. Those who felt DC was a company for kids is now officially correct. Sorry Johns, I love your work but this book was a fail in all aspects. As for Jim Lee's work in this, it's okay but doesn't seen to have the detail, quality or cleanliness as his other books, like Hush or All-Star Batman. It scream assistant artist or bad inker. On the bright side with an assistant doing the finishing touches on his work, you can expect the book to come out on time. Glad some of you enjoyed it. Welocome to DC.
SigmaCenturion - 8/31/2011, 10:20 AM
I don't i have lost faith in this site. Really. A lot of people like shit. The new superman costume for mos, this and a lot of other things. Comics aren't what they used to be and that is a fact.
Ancar - 8/31/2011, 10:22 AM
I just finished read it. Very, very, very poorly and weak.

I just can't believe Geoff Johns written that. There's no story, just presentation plots.

I was hoping too (and I mean TOO) much.
niknik - 8/31/2011, 10:23 AM
"Meh" is not a negative option. It's indifference. You have one positive, one negative, and one indifferent for viewpoints. How many more do you need?
niknik - 8/31/2011, 10:24 AM
And for the record, it sucked. I read it at the store and am glad I am not buying any of these new reboot titles. Gonna save me a lot of money for the next year or so before they epic fail causes them to go back and undo this silly Flashpoint reality.
Forilaz - 8/31/2011, 10:30 AM
As one of the newbies, I have to say I liked the issue. It was solid enough- not groundbreaking or spectacular, just good enough to keep me going.

Read it pretty fast, not much of a dialogue, just teasing us with what is actually going on. I hope it'll be a great ride.
Batman5 - 8/31/2011, 11:11 AM
just picked this up and flashpoint #5, both are fantastic!
thatcoldblackcloud - 8/31/2011, 11:45 AM

Have all the Marvel boys been kidnapped or what?! lol

Great issue. It's cool to see the gang meeting for the fist time. I can't wait to see when Bats starts recruiting each one to take down darkseid.

@nikgrid: Dude. Josh is a MARVEL FANBOY. 'Nuff said. =P No offense JOsh. =)
cjkalel - 8/31/2011, 2:24 PM
Nice opening
cartman87 - 8/31/2011, 2:32 PM
I am a marvel boy all the way but I am looking forward to a lot of things about this new dc universe .This is not one of them.I like that the bat universe is going to stay slightly intact..Batman is the one hero marvel doesn't have he is the best thing in the dc universe.books I added to my pull list are :
Bat books
Suicide Squad
JL Dark
Demon Knights
secretasianboy - 8/31/2011, 3:19 PM
you don't give enough options!!!!
I need a "It was good, but not amazing" button
RobinNumbah6 - 8/31/2011, 6:47 PM
I loved it. I can tell from how far theyve gotten that they will make it last, but also be a good story.

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