ARROW'S Colton Haynes On Superhero Identity, TV Justice League And THE FLASH Crossover.
Roy Harper, in a lengthy interview with Digital Spy, discusses his superhero name or lack of it! He also talks about the romances in the show as well as a rivalry with Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
EDITORIAL: Five Reasons Why I Believe CONSTANTINE Won’t Get A Second Season.
Following in the footsteps of Gotham and The Flash, Constantine is the latest comic book based TV show to debut this fall. Whilst the series premiered with strong numbers, will this show stand the test of time? Or will audience interest wafer? In this editorial, I will examine the factors which may limit this show to a one season run
Ray Fisher On BATMAN v SUPERMAN And CYBORG; Didn't Know He Was Getting A Solo Movie
Fresh faced actor Ray Fisher talks here about his upcoming role in DC's superhero ensemble film, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, revealing which actors he met on set and possibly shedding some light on his scenes, The actor also insists he had no idea he was getting a solo movie...
GOTHAM: New Images Of Carol Kane As The Penguins Mother, 'Gertrude Kapelput'
Entertainment Weekly have gotten an exclusive look at new images of the Oscar nominated Carol Kane as 'Gertrude Kapelput' who is the mother of Oswald Cobblepot, better known as The Penguin.
SUPERNATURAL Season 10 Promo Features Dean Enjoying Strip Clubs And Karaoke.
Supernatural returns to The CW this fall with its' tenth season. the following promo shows Dean enjoying his new 'disease' with some karaoke whilst Sam hunts for his brother and Crowley has a plan for his 'perfect hell.'
TV BUZZ: ARROW EP On Ra’s Al Ghul’s Entrance/ Deathstroke’s Return, Two SUPERNATURAL Regulars Not Appearing In Episode 200.
TV Lines spoiler column has revealed new details on when exactly we will see Ra’s Al Ghul come face to face with Arrow, as well as whether or not Manu Bennett will return as Slade Wilson/ Deathstroke. Also, find out which two Supernatural season regulars will not be appearing in the landmark 200th episode, after the jump.
Legendary THE GODFATHER Actor Al Pacino On GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY; 'It's Amazing'
The Oscar winning actor Al Pacino (Oceans Thirteen) is currently in Venice promoting two of his upcoming films. The actor was asked to share his thoughts on the Hollywood system which lead him to praise Marvel's latest release, Guardians of the Galaxy.
EDITORIAL: Ranking The Top 10 Female Characters From MARVELS Cinematic Universe.
The Marvel Cinematic Universe might be awash with hammer wielding, shield throwing, eye patch wearing men but this world of heroes is also home to some very powerful women. Whether joining in on the action, using their superior skills or making the male heroes starry eyed, the female characters are every bit as exciting, commanding and important. In this editorial I will rank the MCUs top female characters counting down from 10.
TV Buzz: ARROW EP On Arsenal; Jed Whedon Teases Lucy Lawless's AoS Characters Past
As production begins on many of next seasons comic book based TV shows, EWs spoiler room has revealed new details on Lucy Lawless's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D character teasing her relationship with Coulson and Victoria Hand. Plus, Arrow boss Marc Guggenheim teases Roy Harpers future and position on Team Arrow.
TV Buzz: ARROW S3 EP On Friendships And Identities; GOTHAM Finds UK Home
With the summer months slowly drawing to a close, all eyes are turning to the upcoming month and the start of the new TV season. Arrow Executive Producer Marc Guggenheim talks about character identities and Laurels role in Team Arrow. Whilst in the UK, Channel 5 have secured the exclusive rights to air the Batman prequel.
EDITORIAL: The Many Faces of Lois Lane – Rating Her Live Action Portrayals!
Despite her lack of superhuman abilities, Lois Lane is up there with the most famous women in comic book history. Being the inquisitive journalist and main love interest of Superman, Lois Lane has appeared alongside Clark Kent in various adaptations of the Superman comic books on the big and small screen. In this editorial, I will take a look back at the actresses who have played the Daily Planets renowned reporter and rank them accordingly!
Community's Danny Pudi On Future MCU Appearance Following CAPTAIN AMERICA: TWS Cameo
Community star Danny Pudi has expressed interest in reappearing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe following a cameo appearance in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. In an interview with TV Line, Pudi showed a desire to guest star in Agents of SHIELD saying 'Anything is possible.'
Alfie Allen's Dad Auditions For GAMES OF THRONES Role
The Game of Thrones producers sure like to keep it in the family. Theon Greyjoy's real life sister, singer Lilly Allen, was rumoured to have been offered a role which Alfie later denied. Now, Alfie's father Keith Allen has auditioned for a role as a slave who leads a Spartacus like rebellion.
'POWERS' TV Show To Finally Debut This December On The Playstation Network
The troubled production based on Brian Michael Bendis comic book series is to air exclusively on The Playstation Network. The series was originally in production at FX but didn't make it past a pilot. Now, The PSN will broadcast the show with the first episode being free to all PS users.
THE FLASH Director David Nutter On Comics Inspiration And Casting Grant Gustin
David Nutter, director of The Flash pilot, spoke recently to CBR about the shows first episode, his love for the comic book genre and his lengthy career directing many pilots.
MARVEL'S AGENTS OF SHIELD Recieves September Season 1 Blu Ray And DVD Release
This looks set to be an expensive day for Marvel DVD collectors! Amazon is currently listing the first season of Agents of SHIELD for a September 9th DVD and Blu Ray release, the same day as Captain America: The Winter Soldier is out.
BOX OFFICE PREVIEW: Disneys MALEFICENT Expected To Open With $60 Million
Angelina Jolie's Maleficent is predicted to have a big opening weekend for Disney whilst it faces from Seth McFarlane comedy 'A Million ways To Die In the West.' DOFP, is expected to fall to second place when the numbers are in.
TV Buzz: Early News On The Flash, Arrow, Game of Thrones And Under The Dome.
With the 2013/14 TV season cooling down, thoughts turn to what's on offer this fall. Via TVLine and TVGuide's inside scoops, check out some early news from The Flash which reveals that a larger force than the meta humans are at work. Whilst in Arrow, Stephen Amell talks about the season 2 final scenes focusing on Amanda Waller.
X-MEN DAYS OF FUTURE PAST: Simon Kinberg On The Ending Scene And A 'Final Goodbye' For The Original Cast
X-Men Days of Future Past writer Simon Kinberg, in an in depth interview with THR, reveals the original plans for the films ending, working with a large cast and Wolverines more supporting role. Plus, the writer discusses the much loved Quicksilver scene, time travel and says of a Fantastic Four crossover; 'Anything is possible.'
Alfonso Cuaron Denies Directing HARRY POTTER Spinoff Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
Gravity director Alfonso Cuaron has denied that he is being lined up to direct the Harry Potter spinoff Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them since he has been named as a hot favourite since he directed The Prisoner of Azkaban.
SONY CEO On Hands On Approach And The Studios Future
SONY CEO Kaz Hirai recently held a strategy meeting where he talked about his hands on approach and the companies future in the movie production business insisting 'we're not getting out of movie production.'
BATMAN 75: Interactive Image Of 9 BATMAN Actors From TV, Film And Animation.
Batman celebrates 75 years of crime fighting goodness this year and to celebrate this, Digital Spy has put together an interactive image detailing 9 'Batmen' across different mediums of entertainment including Adam West, Kevin Conroy and Ben Affleck.
Laura Vandervoort's BITTEN Renewed For Second Season
Canadian channel Space has renewed the werewolf show 'Bitten' for a second season. The show stars Smallville's Laura Vadnervoort as a werewolf torn between family life and her duties as a werewolf. Plus, CTV acquires Flash, Gotham and Agent Carter
EDITORIAL: Five X-Men I Would Like To See Appear In Future Installments Of The Franchise
Days Of Future Past has opened up a whole new world of possibilities for the X-Men franchise. Here is a list of five X-Men members who have yet to feature in an X-men film and the movies I think they should appear in.
James McAvoy Reignites AVENGERS VS X-MEN Debate; 'Hey Robert Downey Jr., There's Your Ass'
James McAvoy has been jokingly vocal, if not a little bias, on the debate who would win in a fight between The Avengers and The X-Men. Whilst promoting the latest instalment in the X-Men franchise, McAvoy again weighs in on the debate.