Jeffrey Tambor Briefly Talks HELLBOY 3 Status
"There's no..such thing!" Ever since Guillermo Del Toro seemingly confirmed that a third Hellboy film wasn't going to happen, fans have lost hope. However, actor Jeffrey Tambor (who portrayed Tom Manning in the films) recently revealed that the project may not be as dead as we think.
Latest WALKING DEAD Still Features A Stone-Faced Rick Grimes
While not offering anything entirely new, the latest still from season 5 of AMC's The Walking Dead features Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes attempting to stare a hole through your soul beyond some shattered glass. Check it out...
EDITORIAL: My Top 5 Favorite ROCKSTAR Games
I have to admit, I have never played a game published by Rockstar that I didn't like, and have been enjoying their titles since my youth. From the classic Max Payne to the spectacular Grand Theft Auto V, Rockstar still has not managed to disappoint me. Hit the jump to see my five favorite titles in order.
Well known for her appearance as 'Ada Wong' in Resident Evil: Retribution, actress Li Bingbing sat down with the guys over at Collider discussing what it was like working with director Michael Bay, how she felt during the action sequences, deleted scenes, being in the next RE film and more.
Tilda Swinton On Her Role As 'Minister Mason' In SNOWPIERCER
The actress, known for her roles in The Chronicles of Narnia and Constantine, recently held an interview with the guys over at Collider to discuss her next film Snowpiercer which is adapted from the french graphic novel "Le Transperceneige".
Frank Grillo Cautiously Optimistic About Returning In CAPTAIN AMERICA 3
During a little sit down with the guys over at Collider, the man who would be Crossbones got the chance to discuss his villainous role in Captain America: The Winter Soldier and where he believes the future of the character will go. Check it out!
Sigourney Weaver To Return As A Fresh Character In AVATAR Sequel
Although Grace Augustine died in the first movie, James Cameron confirmed that Sigourney Weaver (Alien, Paul) will return for the second installment in his Avatar franchise as a completely new character. Hit the jump for more...
Mark Wahlberg Narrates New TV Spot For TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION (Low-Res)
Posted via Youtube (and in not so good quality), this spot is unofficially titled 'Judgement Day' due to Marky Mark's dramatic voice over within it. Watch the new spot after the jump!
TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION: Sweet New Bumblebee Character Render Revealed
Hit the jump to get a great look at the new version of Bumblebee that will feature in Michael Bay's next Transformers flick. Visit our Transformers hub for more news on your favorite robots in disguise.
Andy Serkis Talks DAWN OF THE PLANET OF THE APES; We're Trying To Push The Boundaries
Serkis, who has famously performed motion capture for the likes of King Kong, The Lord of the Rings, and Rise of the planet of Apes, recently held a Q&A sharing some great bits about the upcoming sequel as well as introducing some cool new BTS/film footage.
Watch Stephen Amell Get Back Into The Swing Of Things For Season 3 Of ARROW
Amell, who portrays Green Arrow of DC Comics Fame in the CW's Arrow, recently posted a new training video of himself via Facebook performing his style of acrobatics that are seen in the hit show. Check it out!
In a fairly lengthy interview with XboxAchievements, the producer discusses the relevance of the title 'Beyond Gotham', the importance of consumer feedback, the addition of new characters and gameplay mechanics, and the challenge of producing fresh material after previous LEGO installments.
New EXPENDABLES 3 TV Spot Surfaces
Hit the jump to check out the latest TV spot for the testosterone-filled third installment of The Expendables featuring Sylvester Stallone (Judge Dredd) and Kelsey Grammar (Frasier, X-Men: The Last Stand).
Peter Cullen, The famed voice behind Optimus Prime, narrates an all-new featurette concerning plot details of the game as well as showcasing some awesome new video game footage. Hit the jump for more...
Skrillex Working On Sound Design For TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION
The fourth installment is getting even edgier thanks to the edition of Skrillex and his work in the upcoming film starring Mark Wahlberg. During a recent interview with, the musician reveals that he will be contributing his own unique style to the sound design of the movie.
Mark Wahlberg On TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION; It's A little Bit More Believeable
Marky Mark recently sat down for an interview with IGN Regarding Michael Bay's latest Transformers flick in which he stars in. The actor shares his expectations of the film and gives some insight on the recruitment of the Dinobots in the Autobot team.
Latest Set Photo From JURASSIC WORLD Teases Park Veterinarians
MY T-REX IS SICK DOC! Officially revealed via director Colin Trevorro's Twitter account, the photo reveals the logo patch of the veterinarians that look after our beloved dinosaurs within the park. Check it out...
New Trailers And Images From Guillermo Del Toro's THE STRAIN Surface
Creepiness awaits in three brief new teaser spots for Guillermo Del Toro's comic adaptation The Strain, as well as three new stills featuring Sean Astin, Corey Stoll, and Mia Meastro. Check it out...
EDITORIAL: My Top 5 Favorite Movie-Based Video Games
It is a simple fact of life that video games based upon upcoming films tend to suck big time. However, there are that select few that shine above those shitty cash-grabs and sometimes are as good if not better than the films they are based upon. Hit the jump for my favorite games based off of films.
New Casting Call For STAR WARS EPISODE VII Announced
Disney has issued another casting call for J.J. Abrams's latest installment in the Star wars franchise. Check out the requirements and what they are looking for after the jump. May the 4th be with you!
RESIDENT EVIL: RISING To Definitely Be In 3D States Director
No surprise there! While at the Bejing International Film Festival, director Paul W.S. Anderson(Event Horizon, Resident Evil) revealed that along with the last two installments, the upcoming sequel will yet again feature 3D format. Check it out after the jump.
When I was a kid I used to watch T2 almost every day and Arnold was my hero, then I discovered The Terminator and it scared the shit out of me. The third and fourth weren't as good and the impact the first two had were gone. Can Genesis resurrect the shock and awe the first two films held?
Did this highly anticipated sequel live up to all of it's marketing and hype, or did the film fall too short? Hit the jump for my take on Chris Evans' third big-screen outing as the patriotic Captain America. NOTE: Mild SPOILERS ahead...
Robert Downey Jr. Invites A Number Of Kids To Watch CAPTAIN AMERICA Sequel On His Birthday!
What to do when a fellow colleague's film is released on the same day as your birthday besides watch it? Invite a bunch of kids to come watch it with you! Check out a cool pic of Robert and friends at the screening after the jump!
Mark Guggenheim Talks ARROW
Having a little sit-down with the guys over at Collider, series producer Mark Guggenheim shares a great many things about the show regarding the secretive alter ego of Oliver Queen and where it stands, using Batman characters, Deathstroke's mental stability in the show and more. Check it out!