When I was a kid I used to watch T2 almost every day and Arnold was my hero, then I discovered The Terminator and it scared the shit out of me. The third and fourth weren't as good and the impact the first two had were gone. Can Genesis resurrect the shock and awe the first two films held?
Did this highly anticipated sequel live up to all of it's marketing and hype, or did the film fall too short? Hit the jump for my take on Chris Evans' third big-screen outing as the patriotic Captain America. NOTE: Mild SPOILERS ahead...
Robert Downey Jr. Invites A Number Of Kids To Watch CAPTAIN AMERICA Sequel On His Birthday!
What to do when a fellow colleague's film is released on the same day as your birthday besides watch it? Invite a bunch of kids to come watch it with you! Check out a cool pic of Robert and friends at the screening after the jump!
Mark Guggenheim Talks ARROW
Having a little sit-down with the guys over at Collider, series producer Mark Guggenheim shares a great many things about the show regarding the secretive alter ego of Oliver Queen and where it stands, using Batman characters, Deathstroke's mental stability in the show and more. Check it out!
Anthony Mackie Talks Portraying The Falcon, Human Torch Casting, And More
Cast as the falcon in this year's Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Mackie recently spoke to The Huffington Post about portraying a superhero, as well as his opinion on the casting of Michael B. Jordan (Chronicle) as The Human Torch. Hit the jump for more.
Clark Gregg On AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D.; It Really Focuses On The Humans
During this year's Saturn awards, Coulson himself confirms that he has no idea where the plot for Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. is heading. He also discusses the usage of ordinary humans to drive the show, coming back from the dead and more. Watch the interview after the jump!
More From Director Shane Black On DOC SAVAGE
Signing up to direct the upcoming Doc Savage adaptation after the highly successful Iron Man 3, Shane Black recently spoke to Collider about the 1930's setting in which the film will take place, and what the character means to him. Check it out!
Gale Anne Hurd Talks THE WALKING DEAD, PUNISHER Film Rights And More
At the Saturn awards, the producer sheds some light on where The Walking Dead stands, film rights for The Punisher, the upcoming Gaiking project, and plenty more. Watch the interview after the jump!
Director Noam Murro On 300: RISE OF AN EMPIRE's Similarities/Differences From The First Film
Following the trailer for the sequel to Zack Snyder's lavishly directed 300, MTV got on the phone with director Noam Murro to discuss the details of what's going on with Rise Of An Empire. Hit the jump to check it out!
KICK-ASS 2: Chloe Grace Moretz On Hit-Girl's Profanity Usage
The actress, who will be portraying Hit-Girl again in the upcoming sequel to Kick-Ass, states that her character Mindy only uses her potty mouth when donning the mask of her alter-ego. Hit the jump for more...
More From Henry Cavill On MAN OF STEEL And Finally Getting To Be Superman
Man Of Steel actor Henry Cavill shared a few words with The Telegraph concerning his role in Zack Snyder's latest superhero film. Hit the jump for more as he gives his thoughts on his journey in the film industry, and wanting to play Kal-El since Superman Returns.
Producer Charles Roven Discusses MAN OF STEEL
During a press junket for Zack Snyder's latest flick, Collider caught up with producer Charles Roven, getting the chance to talk about the film's script, how it compares with other blockbusters, as well as the upcoming World of Warcraft film to which he is also producing. Check it out!
VIDEO GAMES: Sony Reveals New PS4 Design
After the jump, check out the sleek new model that will re-define the gaming industry once again for a new generation. Also, see a brief but funny video on how to 'share' your used games in response to one of Microsoft's complicated Xbox One drawbacks.
Chris Pine And Zachary Quinto Discuss STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS
Sitting down to have a chat with the guys over at Collider, Kirk and Spock themselves got the chance to talk about the fan community and how that commuinty feels towards them, and the challenges they faced while working in the film. Check it out!
Bryan Singer Shooting X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST In Simul-Cam And 3D
It has been known for some time that Bryan Singer's next X-film will be in 3D, but now he reveals that he will also be shooting the film in 'Simul-Cam', which mixes live-action and CGI. Visit our X-Men Hub for more news.
Patrick Fischler On Working With Denzel Washington In 2 GUNS; It Was So Much Fun!
Set to take part in the upcoming adaptation of Steven Grant's graphic novel published by Boom! Studios, Fischler sat down with Collider to talk about his upcoming projects such as 2 Guns, as well as what it was like working with Denzel Washington. Check it out!
Another New TV Spot For STAR TREK: INTO DARKNESS Hits The Web
The guys over at TrekMovie have unearthed a new TV spot for J.J. Abrams' Star Trek Into Darkness, entitled "Run" containing some cool new snippets of footage. Visit our Star Trek hub for more news.
IRON MAN 3: Guy Pierce And Rebecca Hall Interview
Two of the stars from the Shane Black-directed film had a sit down with Collider to discuss working with Black, script changes, family reactions upon being cast and more. Watch the interview after the jump!
Screenwriters Matt Manfredi And Phil Hay Discuss R.I.P.D.
After the jump, check out what the screenwriters had to say about R.I.P.D. sequels, transitioning moments from graphic novel to film, working with Jeff Bridges, the possibility of a franchise and more. Visit our R.I.P.D. section for more news.
Sir Ben Kingsley Talks IRON MAN 3 And ENDER'S GAME
After the jump, check out a cool interview in which veteran actor Ben Kingsley discusses earning the part of the villainous 'Mandarin', preparing for the role, whether he got to keep the ten rings or not, and more. Check out our Iron Man section for more news on the Armored Avenger.
Ray Liotta Briefly Comments On His Role In SIN CITY: A DAME TO KILL FOR
During a lengthy interview with Collider concerning his upcoming films, Ray Liotta talked a little bit about his part in the upcoming sequel to Frank Miller's Sin City. Hit the jump to check it out. Be sure to visit our Sin City hub for more news.
MAN OF STEEL: Henry Cavill States That The Money Matters; Recalls Initial Audition
The British actor revealed that he truly cares about the green during a recent interview in the latest issue of GQ magazine. Additionally he also talks about how he felt when first auditioning for Superman. Hit the jump for the details!
POLL: Which Baddie From Magneto's Brotherhood Of Mutants Is Your Favorite?
From Magneto to Toad to Mystique, all have given our favorite heroes a run for their money at some point in the stories. Which brotherhood member do you like to see wreak havoc upon the X-Men the most? Hit the jump to vote!
Michael Bay On TRANSFORMERS 4; There's Some Really Cool Sh*t In It
Pain and Gain director Michael Bay recently got the chance to discuss a little bit about his next installment in the hugely successful Transformers franchise, during an interview with the guys over at Moviefone. Be sure to visit our Transformers Hub for more news.
Producer Neal Moritz Gives Updates On THE BOYS And PREACHER Adaptations
After the jump, check out what producer Neal Moritz (R.I.P.D., The Green Hornet) had to say about the upcoming film adaptations of The Boys and Preacher during a little chat with the guys over at Collider.