Fantastic 4 (IF they were Black) by the SoulEater
Allot of hubbubs been aroused concerning whether or not Susan Storm and Johnny Storm specifically should be African American. While I see NO reason for this to happen personally, I've compiled who would be good should this happen.
Fantastic 4 FANCAST (By the SoulEater)
I've had this cast stewing around for a while so now I'll unveil it.
The Fantastic Four reboot(Revised) by the soul eater)
I changed only ONE of the fan casts out of this whole thing, other wise its still the Fan Cast/and or pitch from before
Fantastic Four Reboot (By the SoulEater) revised
My take at how a successful reboot of the fantastic four will go, if mingled with the great elements from the classic and ultimate version...(with character cast edit)
Fantastic Four: Doomsday Parody!
Dr. Doom has returned from the other side, and wants revenge... And Jessica Alba. To aid him, he summons versions of himself from alternate universes. Now the Fantastic Four are in a race against time to win the day... And Jessica Alba.
Fantastic Four: Return of the Sub Mariner.
The theoretical pitch of how the SUB Mariner could feature in the F4
Why was Dr. Doom in the movies Doomed?
Again, my 2 cents. Lets face it, Doom sucked in the movies. HOW could he be portrayed better?
Fantastic Four: From Live Action to Cartoon Movie
Acording to Chris Evans, Fantastic Four 3 is a non possiblity. However there are scores of fans who STILL feel jipped out of a satisfying F4 experience. Could the answere be in an animation?