Superman Game by Rocksteady
With the Arkham franchise coming to a close for Rocksteady, here are my ideas for a Superman game developed by them.
FAN MADE: Brandon Routh as 90's Cyclops
I took the liberty in creating a manip of Brandon Routh as Cyclops in the 90's Cyclops suit.
JDUKE25's Batman suit design for Justice League Movie/Batman reboot
Here are a few designs I did for a new Batsuit I want to see on the big screen.
Man of Steel Wallpapers: Fan Made
Man of Steel wallpapers made with the teaser poster and footage from Superman's flight in the teaser trailer.
The Dark Knight Rises Alfred Poster: FAN MADE
Poster of Alfred from The Dark Knight Rises.
FAN MADE: New DC Comics Logo video WATCHMEN
How the new logo will appear on film. CHECK IT OUT.
FAN MADE: New DC Comics Opening Credits Logo GREEN LANTERN
My take on how the new logo will be seen in movies. This is the one for a Green Lantern movie.
FAN ART: Superman Digital Painting
Here's a digital painting I did of Superman. It's very Jim Lee inspired.
FAN MADE: 2 Incredible Manips of Henry Cavill as the Man of Steel
Here are two amazing manips of Henry Cavill as Superman done by ifriedrice from the SHH boards. These are some of the best manips I've seen on the web thus far. When I saw these I had to share them with y'all.
Top 10 Superheroes
My top 10 superheroes and reasoning behind it.
Man of Steel Poster: FAN MADE
Movie poster for Man of Steel.
DCUO Fight for the Light release date announced.
"Fight for the Light" DLC release date revealed and special announcement for current DCUO subscribers.
New Full Shot of Henry Cavill in the Superman Suit!
Check out this new pic of Henry Cavill in the Superman costume, on set, up close, without his cape.
Superman Spotted In More Photos From The 'Kent Farm' Set Of Man Of Steel
Seemingly showing that Superman doesn't have trunks, and may have the "curl," more images from the 'Kent Farm' set of Zack Snyder's Man Of Steel!
Line up of what DC movies to make in the next few years to bring in a Justice League movie. UPDATED WITH AQUAMAN
Henry Cavill Superman Black Suit
Black Superman Suit with new "Man of Steel" S.
Updated manips I did of Henry Cavill as Superman.
Henry Cavill Superman
A few more manips I did of Henry Cavill as Superman.
Manip of Henry Cavill as Superman.
Man of Steel Poster fan made
Man of Steel Poster I did.
Henry Cavill briefly comments on preparation for Man of Steel
Henry Cavill tells how he's prepared for "Man of Steel" and how "Immortals" has helped with the process.
New Pics of Henry Cavill
More pictures of Henry Cavill from Comic Con
Immortals cast interview
The "Immortals" cast sits down for an interview at Comic Con '11 in the EW Lounge.
Details of The Amazing Spider-man movie
Video review from a youtuber that was at "The Amazing Spider-man" panel at Comic Con '11
First Look At The Tumbler & Batpod On The Set Of The Dark Knight Rises
Click here to check out our first look at the Batpod and the Tumbler arriving on the set of Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises...