Comics:Preview of Red Lanterns #1
Although this issue comes out on Wednesday, DC has unveiled a new six page preview of the new Red Lanterns #1. And we find out never mess with Atrocitus cat. Hit the jump button.
REVIEW: Batgirl #1
The new 52 is still rolling in strong with the release of Gail Simone's "Batgirl" #1. Does Barbra Gordon still have what it takes to be Batman's star pupil? Hit the jump button to find out.
REVIEW: DC Flashpont #5
I know this review is coming a bit late. But with the new 52 rolling out, its better late than never. How does the old DC universe end? Did it go out in a bang. Hit the jump button to find out.
REVIEW: Justice League #1
The time has finally arrived, the new Justice League #1 is here. But does it live up to its reputation or just further proves DC relaunch is needless. Hit the jump button.
COMICS: Two New X-Men: Regenesis Teasers
Marvel has released two new teasers to the new X-Men Regenesis saga. Check it out!
EDITORIAL: The Dark Knight Rises Fan Outrage!
With all the rampant news coming from the "The Dark Knight Rises", there are many people who are outraged with Christopher Nolans take of the Batman mythology. But is this rage justified? Hit the jump button.
COMICS: New Preview of Marvel's Spider Island Issue Two
Check out the new Spider-Girl in the continuing saga of Marvel's Spider Island saga.
COMICS: New Sneak Peek of The Punisher #3
Frank Castle goes airborne in another one of his adventures in The Punisher #3. Hit the jump button to check it out.