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The Game Of Thrones in IMAX!!!
My experience in seeing Game Of Thrones in IMAX!
Vin Diesel Takes Crazy To A Whole Other Level In FURIOUS 7 Super Bowl TV Spot
The second teaser trailer for Furious 7 is here featuring more crazy fast and more ridiculously furious stunts from Guardians of the Galaxy's Vin Diesel and the future Black Adam, Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson. Come check it out!
Since the cast o Marvel's Ant Man was announced many people have speculated on the whereabouts of Janet Van-Dyne (A.K.A The Wasp). If you want to see another speculative article about that subject then this is the editorial for you!
COMICS: The Wolverines Team Up With The Team From Paradise In This Preview Of WOLVERINES #5
Wolverine is dead, but his legacy will remain. In this new preview of Charles Soule's Wolverines #5, The team from Paradise and the Wolverines team up to take down Mr. Sinister! Will they achieve victory? Or die as Logan did? Hit the jump to check it out!
The Truth About CBM
I have learned the truth about and all of it's users. I even have a way to fix some of the criticisms. Click to find out the TRUTH.
RUMOR: Marvel Has Short List OF THOR: RAGNAROK Directors
A supposed intern from Marvel who was let go has taken to Reddit to list some information regarding the third Thor film, a short list of directors for the film, as well as information regarding Avengers: Infinity War. Read on for more details.
DC Young Justice FanCast
This is the my DC fan cast with Young Justice and Teen Titan members. My last fan cast got mixed or negative comments from CBM users due to me using actors from the movie and TV universes or not being well laid out. I'm one of the few that feel both universes should co exist along with creating my own format. I respect users rights to their opinion so please be kind in the comments.
STAR WARS REBELS : Season 2 To Be Twice As Long As Season 1
With New Episodes Of The Hit Disney Show Airing We Have Some Interesting News From None Other Then Kanen Himself Hit The Jump For More.
A fanmade Theatrical Sheet of Zack Snyder's BATMAN V SUPERMAN: Dawn of Justice i made a while ago. To shorten the waiting for the Trailer. Check it out.
COSPLAY : JinxKittieCosplay As Daenerys Targaryen in Qarth
With Season 5 Due To Air In A Few Months And The Trailer Popping Up In HD Yesterday Take A Look At JinxKittieCosplay As Daenerys Targaryen.
The Tale of The Intergalactic Octopus and his Bleeding Koala
My original story of the adventures of an intergalactic octopus and his best friend the bleeding koala.
FAN-FIC: Marvel Studios' SPIDER-MAN - Franchise
"With great power, comes great responsibility." For years, that quote has meant to much, but it appears that we have lost all that. DaveAriKhanlark gives you his entire franchise, and cast, for Marvel Studios' potential take on the wall-crawler.
Man 3D prints functional Iron Man Hulkbuster armor
Man 3D prints functional Iron Man Hulkbuster armor,
is generally awesome, James Bruton has begun a Hulk-sized undertaking check out!
CONSTANTINE Producer Discusses Why There Were No Plans For Swamp Thing And More
In a recent interview with Constantine producer, Daniel Cerone touched on how the show found it's stride, why there were no Plans for Swamp Thing, and more.
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