COMICS: Marvel's AvX Holds Tight to #1
For the second month in a row, Marvel's epic event comic tops the sales charts!
VIDEO GAMES: Halo 4 Gets A Web Series!
Microsoft announces tie-in series for the franchise continuation. Hit the jump to find out more!
Disney's The Graveyard Book Gets A Director!
Disney's planned adaptation of Gaiman's Award winning children's novel gets one step closer to the big screen!
Disney to adapt The Graveyard Book
Neil Gaiman's Award Winning youth novel will get the silver screen treatment!
Comics: New Buffy Miniseries In The Works!
Dark Horse Comics will unleash two brand new "Buffyverse" later this year. Hit the jump to find out what...
VIDEO GAMES: Details on the failed Halo film Adaptation
Ever wonder what happened to that epic film adaptation of the "Halo" game franchise? Hit the jump to find out...
Christopher Nolan discusses 'The Dark Knight Rises' Filming Process
In an interview with the Director's Guild of America famed Batman Director Christopher Nolan opens up about The Dark Knight Rises, IMAX and more!
COMICS: Ultimate Captain America Set To Return This Summer
The First Avenger will make his reappearance in Marvel's Ultimate imprint!
Retro Review: Green Lantern Takes Flight!
With the summer film season almost upon us, I decided to go back and take a look at one of last summer's most anticipated CBM's!
Comics: AvX makes Marvel #1 for March Sales
For months DC has dominated the charts with the top-selling comics, but AvX has led to Marvel to the top once again!
*Updated* Poll: Which 'Avenger' are you most excited for?
The countdown to Marvel's "The Avengers" is going and the film will be here before we know. Hit the jump choose which hero you think will steal the show!
Leprechaun Reboot Receives Title and Release Date!
WWE has released new information on their reboot of the classic horror franchise.
TV Ratings: Game of Thrones Dominates
The second season of HBO's epic fantasy starts off strong.
The recently announced reboot of the 90's horror series may have already found its leading man!
Judge Dredd will premiere with a brand new publishing company!
WWE Studios and Lionsgate reach for the gold with Leprechaun!
Summer will be here before you know it! What CBM has you excited?
A cumulative history of the nominations of comic book movies at the Academy Awards.
Has the sequel surpassed the original, or was that first fiery ride with Hell's best bounty hunter just a little better?