DC, Justice League and everything inbetween
Let's have a quick chat about the big leagues.
Ant-Man Fancast
I give my take on the scientist supreme with his head not screwed on too clean.
Ms. Marvel Fancast and a few ideas.
Okay guys so this is my second go at a fancast, got some good feedback on my Black Panther one and I’ve decided on another fan favourite that more than deserves the big picture treatment, Carol Danvers herself, Ms. Marvel
Black Panther Fancast
Myself like many fans were a bit disappointed when we heard that Black Panther wasn't in the line up for Phase 2 of the MCU I would love to see T'challa go toe to toe against Thanos (or The Masters of Evil as some are speculating) in the next Avengers movie. Alas here's a little fancast I've put together if Mr. Feige cares to take a look at it.