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Check out this slender, but hot Vampirella cosplayer from Wizard World Portland 2013
Remember Lois and Clark, AKA Teri and Dean?
Remember Dean Cain and Teri Hatcher? You know, the most recent versions of Clark and Lois? Well, here they are again...
ComicsHistory Movie Review: The Amazing Spider-Man (Spiders, and Lizards, and Uncle Ben, Oh My!)
The reboot of the Spider-Man movie franchise turns out to be pretty darn good! Spider-Man fights The Lizard, and Martin Sheen steals the movie with a great performance as the iconic Uncle Ben. And Stan Lee's cameo is a belly-laugher!
ComicsHistory Movie Review: Bad Guy Boss Aliens, Avengers Food, and Loki's Army Explained
Explanation, with SPOILERS, of the two extra scenes in the
Avengers Movie
, with background from the original "source code"
of the actual Marvel Comics. Plus, who exactly forms Loki's
Comic History Review: Avengers #1: The Origin of the Avengers
With the upcoming Avengers
, interest in the origin of the superhero team known as The
Avengers is at an all-time high. Here is a review and a look at the
very first appearance of the Avengers as a team of heroes in Avengers
#1, from Marvel Comics.
POLL: Are you avoiding the Avengers Movie Reviews from the early overseas Avengers screenings?
Reviews of the Avengers Movie are posting fast and furiously from the overseas showings of the film. Are you reading those reviews, or waiting to see the movie when it has the North American opening? Take the Poll!
POLL: Who is the Sexiest Member of the Avengers? Take the Poll!
Who is hotter: Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow, or Chris Evans as Captain America? Or do you think Agent Coulson is the real hottie? Make your voice heard in this new Avengers Poll "Who is the Sexiest Avenger?"
POLL: What Other Superheroes Should Have Been in The Avengers Movie?
The Avengers Movie contains several of the original Avengers. But leaves out several key characters. Who else should have been in the Avengers Movie? Take the Poll.
John Carter, Dejah Thoris, Woola the Martian "Dog." There are just SO many cool characters in the John Carter movie that I cannot decide. What do YOU think? Take the John Carter of Mars Character Movie Poll.
ComicsHistory Movie Review: John Carter of Mars Is More Fun Than a Barrel of Tharks
For fans of the original Edgar Rice Burroughs Mars books, the new John Carter movie hews enough to the literary source code to satisfy. And the fight scenes are cool!
ComicsHistory Poll: What Marvel Teams Should Get the Movie Treatment Next?
Everyone knows about the Avengers, the Fantastic Four, and the X-Men. Ho-Hum. What OTHER Marvel Superhero teams should get the chance to entertain us on the silver screen? See the super-group options, and take the ComicsHistory Poll...
ComicsHistory Review: Detective Comics #1--It Is The New 52, And The Joker Is A Real Cut-Up!
Detective Comics #1 in the New 52 is a lot like the old Batman, with a healthy dose of Joker gruesomeness and homocidal insanity. But what else is new?
ComicsHistory Review: Action Comics #1: The New 52 Take on Superman as an Homage to the Original Action Comics
The DC Universe and the New 52 Restart the Superman Mythos with an Action Comics #1 that is flavored with a strong dose of the original 1930s Superman character and attitude.
ComicsHistory Review: Justice League #1 Review: DC Starts Up The New 52
As DC reboots its superhero universe, Justice League #1 opens as the flagship book of this New 52 reality. Is this new Justice League worth reading? And will this new series help get a Justice League Movie off the ground?
ComicsHistory Movie Review: Conan the Barbarian--So Easy to Like, a Barbarian Could Do It!
Conan the Barbarian is a fun romp through the bowels of barbarism, sword-based revenge, and blood-sacrifice sorcery.
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