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Zoe Saldana Talks About Upcoming AVATAR Sequels
Click the jump to checkout what actress Zoe Saldana said about her upcoming 'Avatar' films. She talks where the will be filmed, and when they could possibly be finished.
Guardians of the Galaxy Might Be Chris Hemsworth Favorite Marvel Movie
Avengers: Age of Ultron's Chris Hemsworth: "Guardians of the Galaxy Might Be My Favorite Marvel Film".
He also talks about Age Of Ultron.
Hit the jump to know more.
U.L.T.R.O.N Part 1
In another universe, the world is protected by an artificial intelligence created by Tony Stark. People are told it's sole purpose is to protect, but when it becomes self-aware, chaos ensues.
FAKE behind the scenes Vision leak is an edited version of Snake Eyes from GI Joe
Due to the fact that this "behind-the-scenes exclusive" has been "leaked" a total of fifteen mother[frick]ing times on this website, I've decided to make an editorial dedicated to debunking this image and putting to bed any rumors that it is in any way real or exclusive. I'll use little to no words so it is easy for your tiny brain to digest.
New Picture Of Twelfth DOCTOR (WHO) Peter Capaldi
Empire have released a new picture of the Time Lord's twelfth incarnation. Unlike his slightly goofy predecessor (Matt Smith), Capaldi looks like he means business. Hit the jump to see.
Video: Batman Gone BATMETAL
Watch as Batman goes Death metal in this hilarious fan made "BATMETAL" animated music video.
Hit the jump to go full metal.
Deacon Askani makes his mission statement.
FAN ART: Avengers And Guardians Silhouette Posters
Check out these awesome silhouette posters which see the Guardians and the Avengers teams lined up side by side.
Tweaked Age of Ultron Ultron Drones vs. Avengers Artwork
I saw this on Reddit and thought it was pretty cool. It's the same artwork from Comic Con, but with Falcon and War Machine added, and Iron Man's colours adjusted to black and gold.
SDCC '14 - DC TV Stars Respond To BATMAN V SUPERMAN Wonder Woman Costume
The stars of DC TV shows like ARROW and THE FLASH respond to the first official image of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman in BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE. Check it out!
Why I Am More Worried Than Ever That Batman V Superman Will Disappoint.
My Article on why I feel that Warner Brothers is once again setting us all up for disappointment with Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.
SPOILER !!! Guardians Of The Galaxy Mid-Credit Scene Revealed.
Guardians Of The Galaxy Mid-Credit Scene Is Finally Revealed .
Guillermo Del Torro Gives Update On JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK
While speaking to IGN, Guillermo Del Torro was asked about the Justice League Dark film he has been working on for a while. Hit the jump to hear what he had to say!
COMICS: Dan Abnett Talks About His Upcoming GUARDIANS 3000 Series
A while back we learned that the original Guardians of the Galaxy would be receiving their own series in October of this year. Come see what legendary comic scribe Dan Abnett has to say about his series after the jump!
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