New AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 TV Spot Hints At Gwen's Fate.
A new television spot for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 has appeared online via the film's official facebook page. Plenty of new footage is shown so if you want to see it come take a look.
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Soundtrack Leaks
The soundtrack for the amazing spider-man 2 doesn't come for a few more weeks, looks like christmas has come early and tracks 1-20 have leaked online courtesy of a youtuber by the name of Peter Parker. Come give the tracks a listen.
Story treatment for The Spectacular Spider-Man
Well i got something nice here, something you all may enjoy, the basic story of the first film in a trilogy of spider-man films. The first one called The Spectacular Spider-Man.Please give it a read, and tell me what you think in the comments.
Sony Releases New THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 Promo Image
Courtesy to the findings of we now have a new image from the hight anticipated The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Hit the jump to check it out!
Costume Change For The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Explained....In Comic Form
Well guys you wanted an explanation as to why Peter changes his suit in The Amazing Spider-Man 2? Well you got it.
The Full Amazing Spider-Man 2 Website Theme Revealed.
Here we go, we now have the full theme for the amazing spider-man 2 website. Interested to hear how it sounds? Then come on down and see what we got.
FAN MADE: Spider-Man Easter Eggs In THE AVENGERS
Well a fan did it, he actually did it, he stuck Spider-Man easter eggs in a couple of scenes from Marvel's The Avengers. Check this out, it's pretty damn funny.
Top 5 Favorite Superhero Themes
I have a couple of favorite superhero themes, some of my favorites may surprise you. come see what they are.
Preview page of superior spider-man 25 shows peter fighting for control.
Leaked from the Amazing Web Heads fan page on facebook this page from the upcoming issue shows venom may be the one in charge of getting peter back to his old self, come in and see for yourself.
Could we get Ultimate and 616 Green Goblin in the Amazing Spider-Man series?
Is it possible that we could get both versions of the green goblin on the screen in the same series? Come read the article to see my theory.
Star Trek Into Darkness Final Fan Trailer
Well guys, since im back posting stuff here is a trailer i recently made for star trek into darkness, since it has been posted about on here before, come see and i hope you enjoy
FAN-tcizing: A New Riddler For A New Age
How I feel the riddler should be made if he were to be put back into film. Come over join me, See my thoughts and tell me what you think.
Is Colm Feore Playing Robbie Robertson In The Amazing Spider-Man 2?
Yes it sounds crazy, but at least read the article, hear me out. I may be a nut, but it's still fun to speculate right?
Spider-Man (2002) Vs The Amazing Spider-Man (2012)
Here is one of the only episodes of childhood throwback that I will put on here, A comparison of the Amazing Spider-man vs Spider-Man. I hope you enjoy.
Preview Pages Of Superior Spider-Man #1
Looks like we get to see some of the art of the superior Spider-Man, Come on take a look and see
Tribute Music Video To The Amazing Spider-Man
To Celebrate Thanksgiving here is a tribute to a movie im very thankful to have seen.
Ninja Turtle Script Leaked, Not Well Recieved
Turns out micheal bays "Ninja Turtles" had all fans worse fears realised, come check out what has been said about it
Peter Parker/Spider-Man (FAN FIC STORY)
i remember a while ago i gave an article stating how i would make the pefect spider-man movie for me, well he it is in full, at least how i can describe it best.
VIDEO GAMES: Classic Sam Raimi Suit Playable In THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN
It looks like the people got their wish, although it may not be the original comic suit, the classic costume from Sam Raimi's trilogy seems like a good enough substitute! Hit the jump to check it out.
New The Amazing Spider-Man Extended Fan Tv Spot
My Final Tv Spot before the movie comes out, i hope you guys enjoy it, come see after the jump
THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN to Debut Footage in Wal-Mart Stores
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment plans to debut a new scene from its upcoming action adventure “The Amazing Spider-Man” not on the Internet.
UPDATE: Mr Freeze gets his own Dark Knight Rises Fan Poster; Plus Cast Banner
In the vein of all of the recent fan poster of the dark knight rises, it seems Mr Freeze has gotten one of his own. Update: new "unofficial" cast banner.
The Ðark Knight Rises Fan Trailer- Gothams Reckoning
This is the final comic book movie of the year, so i gotta make a trailer for it to do it justice, come on in see what you think
The Amazing Spider-Man Fan Trailer
Here is my next fan trailer, i hope you enjoy
How I Would Make A Spider-Man Movie
Since The Amazing Spider-Man Is coming closer and closer to release, I thought I would give me 2 cents on how I would make it