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New Photos From The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Show Never Before Seen Deleted Scene.
Well, it looks like there is a scene we never knew about from The Amazing Spider-Man 2, courtesy of Niko Tavernise. Do you want to see what we shown in these pictures? Well come take a look and find out.
Oh Bother! Disney Developing Live Action Winnie The Pooh.
Well it seems Disney is in full force when it comes to these live action remakes. Cause now it seems that disney is giving the go ahead on a live action film based on everyone's favorite resident of the hundred acre wood. Do you want to see who Disney got to develop it? Come take a look.
New Image From Yu-Gi-Oh King? Shows New Designs For Blue Eyes White Dragon And Dark Magician
Well now we have some official images (for real this time) from the upcoming film to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Yu-Gi-Oh Franchise. Do you want to see these new designs? Well you can come in and see what we got.
Sony Teases Sinister Six Plans On Thier Portuguese Facebook Page
You remember a while ago when that rumor came that Spidey was going back to Marvel? Well it seems Sony really wants to prove that previously reported rumor wrong. You want to see what they have posted? Then come and take a look.
4 Reasons Why I'm Worried About The Russos And The Marvel Cinematic Universe.
Yes i know this may be a bit of a controversial thing, but i've been thinking this for a while and i just want to get my worries off my chest. If you want to see my ramblings then click away.
Official HD Images From Yu-Gi-Oh King Released.
Well the countdown is officially over. We now have some official images of the new movie in the yu-gi-oh franchise. We now have our first images of 2 characters in the film. Want to see what we have? Come and take a look.
Leaked: Yu-Gi-Oh King To Take Place After The Original Series. Release Date In Japan Confirmed For 2016.
Well this is a surprise, 3 days before the we were supposed to be getting news on the new Yu-Gi-Oh film we get some nice info early on. Want to see some other surprises we have? Come take a look.
New Yu-Gi-Oh Movie To Star Original Series Characters.
When it was announced a few months back that a new film in the Yu-Gi-Oh franchise was in development fans of the series went insane. Well after rumors of what the plot would be we finally have some info on this new film. Want to see what we have? Come take a look.
Sonic The Hedgehog Movie Targeting PG-13 Rating
You guys thought we would be getting a kid friendly Sonic The Hedgehog movie? Well guess again. We finally have some new info on this Sonic film. You want to find out more? Come in and take a look.
Toy Story 4 In Development. Set For 2017 Release Date.
Surprise! You thought Pixar was done with this franchise? Well you thought wrong, if you want to find out the director of this sequel you can come in and take a look.
5 Reasons Why I Like GREEN LANTERN (2011)
Yeah, I like a movie many people called "the death of the comic book movie" when it came out, Warner Bros' much maligned Green Lantern. I swear I'm not insane, and if you'd like to know my reasoning, Come take a look!
Rumor: New Yu-Gi-Oh Film To Be Based On Arc V Series. Plot Synopsis Revealed?
It appears is that the people who wanted a new film based solely on the original cast will be dissapointed. But there is more to the story. Come take a look, see what it has in store.
Marc Webb Confirms Mysterio And Kraven As Sinister Six In The Credits Of THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN2.
Fans have speculated who exactly were the credits of the amazing spider-man 2 hinting towards. While most of them have been figured out, it appears the rest has been revealed by director Marc Webb
Why The Daredevil Directors Cut Should Be Seen As One Of The Comic Book Movie Greats.
I know this may be a controversial opinion, but its something i feel needs to be addressed. So if you want to see my reasoning for this belief, please come give this a read.
Mrcools Top 10 Tracks From Superhero Movie Scores.
Well i did my top 5 of my favorite superhero themes, its time for me to go for individual tracks. You want to see what they are? Come take a look.
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