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5 Reasons Why I Like GREEN LANTERN (2011)
Yeah, I like a movie many people called "the death of the comic book movie" when it came out, Warner Bros' much maligned Green Lantern. I swear I'm not insane, and if you'd like to know my reasoning, Come take a look!
Rumor: New Yu-Gi-Oh Film To Be Based On Arc V Series. Plot Synopsis Revealed?
It appears is that the people who wanted a new film based solely on the original cast will be dissapointed. But there is more to the story. Come take a look, see what it has in store.
Marc Webb Confirms Mysterio And Kraven As Sinister Six In The Credits Of THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN2.
Fans have speculated who exactly were the credits of the amazing spider-man 2 hinting towards. While most of them have been figured out, it appears the rest has been revealed by director Marc Webb
Why The Daredevil Directors Cut Should Be Seen As One Of The Comic Book Movie Greats.
I know this may be a controversial opinion, but its something i feel needs to be addressed. So if you want to see my reasoning for this belief, please come give this a read.
Mrcools Top 10 Tracks From Superhero Movie Scores.
Well i did my top 5 of my favorite superhero themes, its time for me to go for individual tracks. You want to see what they are? Come take a look.
New Yu-Gi-Oh Film In Development.
That's right, for people who still remember this show a new film is currently in development. If you want to find out more come on in and see.
Amazing Spider-Man 2 Blu Ray/DVD Covers Revealed
Revealed by we now have the covers for the dvd and blu ray releases of The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Due out by September 4th. Come check out and see how they look.
Marc Webb Interested In Kraven The Hunter As A Villain For A Future Spider-Man Film
Marc Webb recently had an interview with Come see what he has to say about Kraven and some other Villains
Mrcools Spoiler Review Of THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2
I have just seen The Amazing Spider-Man 2. A film i have been waiting to see for a very long time. My most anticipated film of this year. Was it any good? Lets find out.
More New Footage Shown In New Amazing Spider-Man 2 Television Spot.
Well it seems that sony wants the US to see everything from there new movie at this point, because despite the television spot being only 15 seconds there is plenty of new footage. You want to see it? come take a look.
Why Terry Mcginnis Is My Favorite Batman.
I know this may be a controversial opinion, but i got to tell the truth. So to celebrate Batmans 75th Anniversary im going to explain why i feel the way i do about this Batman. Do you want to know why i feel this? Come take a read.
New AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 TV Spot Hints At Gwen's Fate.
A new television spot for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 has appeared online via the film's official facebook page. Plenty of new footage is shown so if you want to see it come take a look.
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Soundtrack Leaks
The soundtrack for the amazing spider-man 2 doesn't come for a few more weeks, looks like christmas has come early and tracks 1-20 have leaked online courtesy of a youtuber by the name of Peter Parker. Come give the tracks a listen.
Story treatment for The Spectacular Spider-Man
Well i got something nice here, something you all may enjoy, the basic story of the first film in a trilogy of spider-man films. The first one called The Spectacular Spider-Man.Please give it a read, and tell me what you think in the comments.
Sony Releases New THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 Promo Image
Courtesy to the findings of we now have a new image from the hight anticipated The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Hit the jump to check it out!
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